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Found 13 results

  1. For those who may not know, there is a large collection of beautifully simulated bingo pinball machines at http://bingo.joopriem.nl/ The author included settings that enable their use in a two-screen virtual pinball setup. I would love to integrate this collection into my PinballX setup, which has enough keys to accommodate these rather complex games, but I’m a complete illiterate when it comes to PBX settings, particularly parameters. Does anyone out there know how to get these games to work with PBX? i contacted the author, but he hasn’t yet had the chance to check out PBX, and though the question was raised a few years ago on this this forum, the topic was closed without anyone providing an answer regarding parameters.
  2. Did the report I think is a bug in GameEx. When I walk in the MAME configuration options (Setup Wizard), in the "MAME settings", I activate the option "Show game 4 players," but it does not appear when I enter the GameEx. Other options are activated and they appear. Please look for a long time the answer but so far not found: 1) I am setting up the layout GameEx. But I did not find a way to edit the "MENU" option. Is this possible? This option shows more things than I wanted. I would like to edit it, and in some cases remove it. 2)Within "MAME settings" can not find the option to remove the option to display that appears when we entered the mame through GameEx, "Update List". You can do it? 3) Another thing I wanted to edit is a possibility to remove the "Image" and "Image 2" on some systems. Could anyone help me?GameEx.ini
  3. Evening. As part of another project, I needed a GUI ini/cfg editor in which you could use standard windows type controls (dropdowns, colour pickers etc) to set key values. Not many out there, so had to make one. This allows you to view and edit ini/cfg files more easily than using notepad etc. It also allows you to construct schema/template files for inis. Full command line support - so people developing their own apps can integrate it. Dunno if it may prove useful to anyone. On the advice of the wise, bit the bullet and plunged into Visual Basic. My first forray, so likely some runtime bugs. Just post any bugs on the codeplex site and I shall endeavor to correct... Some screenies: To get a feel for the basic utilization, just drag and drop any emulator ini's or cfg's onto the IniRedit.exe. You can download it here: https://iniredit.codeplex.com/
  4. Hi folks, I'm in the middle of a new project. It's basically a multi-emulator launcher for psx games. The end product will: - Boot psx roms from zipped folders containing varying formats (ecm,ccd,cue,iso,mdb etc) - Create a 'quicklaunch' version of the game so you don't have to unzip it every time you play (optional) - Auto-launch the quicklaunch version if detected. (optional) - Select which default emulator to set against which game (as some work better on diff emus) - Per-emulator launch settings - Grab each games settings from registry and any ini files and autoload them when boot the game next time (e.g. in pcsxr) - preventing setting up game each time you play - Have an admin mode so you can set all of the above - either boot launcher into admin mode via gameex, of use launcher stand-alone to setup games and then use game-ex as final launcher. Also, in terms of integrating into GameEx, I've managed to use this approach alongside "Emulator Groups" function in GE to produce a single list of all psx games under Emulators, with links under each game to either other emulators or to a "Quicklaunch" version of the game. So select games, then select system to method to launch it. Lot tidier. Of course - this in no way is meant to be used instead of GameEx. However, a launcher has proved useful to me in the past when setting up other systems, such as PS2 and Demul - importantly allowing you to save per-game settings. It started with this script, on the first point: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13871-multiformat-universal-playstationpsx-rom-loader-deals-with-zipped-and-ecm-roms/ Started this here so get what would be helpful to people whilst I'm knocking it together, rather than just a blind release. At the moment, I'm just designing this for epsxe and pcsxr as these are the two on my system (got xebra as well, so might add that). However - I need your help!!!! It would be helpful to know which PSX emulators people are using so I can include these in the launcher too. Poll included or post below... I'll obviously post it here once get it to a shareable state. Probably with it just supporting a few emulators to start with. Cheers!
  5. Hello! I figured out something interesting last night and thought I would share this bit of information. I'm sure that some of you already know how to do this, but for the one's who find themselves in a "pickle", I hope this will help any. I was having an issue with the Demul emulator, specifically NAOMI regarding the regions bios. Since I live in the United States, I wanted each game that I had to be the US version, rather than Jap or Export. If I set it to Auto, all of the games would be the Jap versions. By deselecting "Auto" and selecting the US bios in NAOMI, this gave me the US version for most games, except one - "House of the Dead 2", which used it's own region bios. This created a problem when trying to launch the game via GameEx, as well as through Demul - If I set the bios to the US version and ran the game House of the Dead 2, there would be an error that the system board was not able to run the game. (Alternately, running all other games through the House of the Dead 2 bios would cause the same error). If you are having this issue, or you would like to customize each game's settings (video resolution, key mappings, bio regions, etc) this tutorial is for you! :-) First things first, you will have to have a little "know how" on creating batch files and would also have to have a little patience because this can be time consuming, depending on how many games you have for the emulator. For the tutorial, I will be using basic, simple paths (e.g. "C:\Demul"), but these paths will represent the paths for your emulators. For this tutorial, and as an example, we will just be having GameEx change the regions bios during the launch of a game through Demul. We will also assume that you have the emulator working correctly outside of GameEx, as well as having having GameEx configured to launching the game. Lets get started :-) 1.) Create a sub-folder inside the root of your emulator's path, and name it whatever you want. (e.g. "C:\Demul\regions and settings" 2.) Create another sub-folder inside the sub-folder you had just created and name it whatever you want. You will want to create additional sub-folders, one each per setting file. (e.g. C:\Demul\regions and settings\USA Bios ... C:\Demul\regions and settings\HOTD2 ...etc) 3.) Open the emulator, Demul for example, and make any changes you want in the settings. Close out the emulator and copy the *.ini file of the emulator (e.g. Demul.ini) and place the copy of the *.ini file inside the very last sub-folder(s) you created accordingly. (e.g. - the ini file for House of the Dead 2 bios inside of C:\Demul\regions and settings\HOTD2). Repeat this step for every changes you would like to make. 4). Create a batch file with the following command line: (again, we will be using a basic path for example, but customize the paths to reflect where your emulator is located) @echo off xcopy /Y "C:\Demul\regions and settings\HOTD2\Demul.ini" "C:\Demul\Demul.ini Exit 5.) Create additional batch files, one "template" per "setting group" or a game's settings. Have the first path in the batch files reflect where the *.ini file of the different settings is located at, and the second path to the emulator's root folder. 6.) Place each batch file inside the emulator's root folder, and name each batch file the exact same name as your rom accordingly. (e.g. the batch file for changing the region bios for House of the Dead 2 will be named hotd2.bat and placed inside of C:\Demul) 7.) Open GameEx Setup Wizard, and goto the Advanced Emulator Settings for the particular emulator (e.g. Demul). In the "Launch Before" field, type the following in (and again, the paths I type here are only examples, use the paths that reflect the location of the newly created batch files inside the root folder of your emulator): Start "" "C:\Demul\[ROM].bat" Make sure you keep "[ROM]" the way it is. In a nutshell, what this process does is - GameEx, before launching the game, will launch the batch file, which will copy and automatically replace the existing *.ini file inside the root folder of the emulator with the one located inside the proper sub-folder. When the game launches, the *.ini file inside the root folder of the emulator has already been overwritten, and the settings have already been changed. There is one "con" to doing this - If you decide to do this, this is an "ALL OR NOTHING" type of process - this means that you will have to create a batch file for every rom that you have for that emulator. If you have hundreds of roms for that emulator, this can be timely (unless you make copies of the batch files, which still can be time consuming considering that they would still have to be renamed to the proper rom name) I hope this helps, and if you have any questions about this, please feel free to comment, or send me a pm. LC
  6. Hey all, Awhile back I changed my MAME video setting to stretch the bezels and fill my entire screen. I use a 32" LCD TV in my cab and before I did this I always had the annoying black bars on the sides. I found settings on a link and was able to accomplish this. However, it's an unfortunate compromise due to the fact that I can now only see about 20% of the artwork for the bezel. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge on a patch or settings that would make the bezel fill the outer area of the screen? Is there a way I could create my own bezel with a specific resolution that may fill the entire screen? I like the way it is if that's the only option. The playing area is not stretched or distorted, just the bezel seems to almost be maximized. It would be awesome to see the entire piece of artwork though.
  7. Scenario - You're booting Dreamcast games from GameEx via NullDC. However, you have to set up the game settings each time. Some games require change of graphics/sound settings and key mappings to your cab controls are very different across games. Solution: This approach saves the configs for each game when you exit Demul. Use: Run game. Set up controls via NullDC menu. Exit Game. Next time you load that game, the controls will be recalled. How to: 1. Make a folder somewhere for your individual game controls 2. Copy this text and make a bat file: 3. Change the User Variables Section to match your system. Save it as a batch file (use notepad - put .bat at end of filename) 4. In your command line for GameEx, enter the following: {Path and bat} "[ROM]" "[ROMPATH]" "[ROMFILE]" For e.g.: C:\GameEx\AHKS_BATS\nulldc_game_settings.bat "[ROM]" "[ROMPATH]" "[ROMFILE]" 5. Copy text below into notepad and save as "[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) - NullDC.ini" in C:\GameEx\CONFIG\EMULATORS
  8. Scenario - You're booting Atomiswave/Naomi/Dreamcast games from GameEx via Demul. However, you have to set up the controls each time. Solution: This approach saves the key configs for each game when you exit Demul. Use: Run game. Set up controls via Demul menu. Exit Game. Next time you load that game, the controls will be recalled. How to: Make a folder somewhere for your individual game controls Copy this text and make a bat file: Change the User Variables Section to match your system. Save it as a batch file (use notepad - put .bat at end of filename) In your command line for GameEx, enter the following: {Path and bat} "[ROM]" "{system name}" For e.g.: C:\GameEx\AHKS_BATS\Demul_load_save_controls.bat "[ROM]" "naomi" Copy text below into notepad and save as "[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) - Demul.ini" in C:\GameEx\CONFIG\EMULATORS Finally, under Advanced config, select this file: Hope this helps and let me know if buggy!
  9. Another share, given found a simple way to achieve this. May save someone some time... Scenario: A lot of PS2 games require different settings from each other to run properly (e.g. different graphics settings; speedhacks and shaders). Thus - need a way to boot each game from gameex with individual settings. Solution: Download and install PCSX2. Download and place PCSX2Lunch (a launcher) into your PCSX2 folder: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PS2Lunch-a-simple-launcher-for-PCSX2 TIP: Set all your default settings in the default profile before adding isos to PCSX2Lunch (e.g. - set your screen resolution in the GDSX plugin and configure your controls) Add your games to PCSX2 Lunch: It will provide you with a serial number (in column serial) Rename your roms to include the serial number enclosed in square brackets. Doesn't matter where in filename. This must be in the format: [AAAA-00000] - don't forget the dash! E.g.: At this point, you may have to re-link your files to the PCSX2Lunch launcher (you'll click Normal Start or Config Start on a game - it'll prompt you for the file location - just locate and it'll be fine the next time) Create this Batch file, edit the file locations to match your own and save in PCSX2 folder as "PCSX2_LUNCH_LAUNCH.bat": In your PS2 GameEx setup, do the following: Obviously, changing you paths/filenames to those relevant to your setup. And that's it. Basically, the batch file extracts the serial number from the filename and this is sent to PCSXLunch, which in turn, applies the individual settings for the game and launches it. Hope this helps someone.
  10. I'm assuming there settings in the wizard that affect the way themes display. I'm having trouble getting some themes from displaying correctly, or even displaying at all. What settings need to be enabled to allow greatest compatibility? I wanted to try the 4th place winner Dark Champion - Carbon 720p. However I've downloaded it 3 times already and it just goes back to the theme chooser without changing the theme or even showing that the theme downloaded. I tried the 2nd place winner Paper Mario and it does not display correctly at all, the menu options are at the bottom of the screen and the artwork/background don't display. Same with the 1st place winner After Darkness. Pure GameEx works but I don't get the tiles to select from. At least it looks like there are supposed to be Wii like tiles to choose games from.
  11. Hello! I'm having a bit of trouble trying to remap some keys using the mapping feature in the Advanced Config Editor. Currently, I have a black pushbutton that I use for MAME and a couple of emulators as a "kill switch" - to exit out of the emulator and return to GameEx. This pushbutton has been configured as "S" in the iPac. What I am trying to do is to remap the "Escape" button to "S" in the advanced config editor for the emulators that I am not able to configure to exit upon "S" in the configuration of the emulator itself. After I attempted to do this, what happens is I am unable to exit the game when pressing the "kill button", "S", or "Escape" - I would have to Ctrl Alt Delete it and end the process via task manager. Is it possible to remap the Escape button to another button by using this feature? If so, how can it be set up? Thanks! LC
  12. How can I set the secondary image (the bottom one) to a certain type of artwork for MAME? I'm using the Mediacenter default theme. I have all the types of artwork setup in GameEX for MAME which I would like to keep, but I want the secondary image set to titles and the top set to snaps. The only way I have been able to do this is by not adding any artwork other than snaps and titles in my config. Thanks for the help.
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