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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm refreshing my system (Again) and got some new Commercials or Advert videos I'd like to use in my Attract Mode Screensaver. The problem is that I've got a bit of Data OCD and like to keep things organized in folders but the GameEX screensaver doesn't seem to like that. Not a huge deal that needs any reprogramming by Tom, but is this really the case? Does the GameEX screensaver not scan subfolders or am I just doing something wrong. Thanks for any info. Nelson
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm still alive and kicking lol. I know during the past year or two, I've been off and on here not as much. Atop of a new job, kids getting older, and have been working towards getting certified for A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, and CCNP, things have been really hectic. I'm not sure if anyone had reported this (or if it's just my setup lol) but since the most recent update, the screensaver (when it's configured for "play only videos") is a black screen. I've reverted to an earlier version via backup, and that seems to fix the issue...so I can only think that it might have something to do with the new version? Is anyone else experiencing this? I hope everyone is doing well, and I've missed y'all!
  3. I have a self-buildt cocktail table running GameEx with Mame only. When playing games i use cocktail mode (mirroring) when playing horizontal games. But i would like the screensaver to use horizontal mode instead of cocktail(mirror) mode. I am thinking that if i could set a different command line for starting mame in screensaver mode i could use a command line option to rotate the screen to my liking. Is there a way to set a different command line for screensaver in GameEx?
  4. Hello all! Hope you are guys are having an awesome day. I have a question on the GameEx screensaver: is there any way to limit it to one game, or a small list of games that would not be the Favorites list? I haven't seen the Setup Wizard for a while now, so I think there was an option to restrict it to only Favorites there, but not a single game or a list... Anyways, any help would be much appreciated! Cheers! Sebastian1314
  5. Is it possible to make make the screensaver audio files loop and repeat? I have added full length song that is perfect for pinball (you have 3 guesses) and while it plays fine, I would like it to keep repeating itself. Better still, is it possible to have multiple files in the screensaver audio folder and have PinballX play them one after the other (pref in a random order) while in attract mode? It would be awesome to have like a few hours worth of mp3 files in there and just let it play while the screen scrolls the tables. Cheers Rusty
  6. I searched around the forum but didn't see that anyone has had this issue. When I select a game from attract mode by selecting the coin button, it lets me play the game just fine. But now if I try to exit the game by hitting escape it does not let me exit the game. When I hit alt + tab on the keyboard I notice that GameEx does not show up. Only the game that is running in Mame and the GameEx hide OS show up. Now if I end task on the game then GameEx comes back up just fine. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks
  7. Hello. Im Running Gameex and everytime my gameex goes into screensaver mode (To play demo videos randomly) i get a crash error. i have my k-lite mega codec pack installed and quicktime. also i have direct x installed and i updated the video drivers. the arcade plays the games just fine but the frontend crashes as soon as the screen saver starts. plz help
  8. Hello, I recently upgraded my arcade cabinet with a now extra copy of Vista-x64. Everything is working great, however I am unable to exit attract mode via an "Any" key-press: ESC will exit (Exit Combo does not exit)Mouse clicks will exitGame-pad will exitI have GameEx set to play only videos during attract mode right now to rule out emulators. Additionally, I made a test install on a Win7 64bit machine (which works as expected) then copied it over to the Vista machine (then does not work as expected). The Vista machine simply seems to ignore key-strokes. Has anyone ran across this before? Please see attached logs/configs. The exit on keystroke is me pressing the ESC key, it will not recognize any other key. log.txt GameEx.ini Best Regards, -John [solution:1.10.13] Root Cause: COMODO Internet Security 2013 Back Story: After deciding to upgrade to Win8 and move a copy of Win7x64bit to the Arcade, the problem reappeared. I did not notice this on my earlier tests as the Win7 computer had "COMODO Internet Security 2012" and '12 does not seem to cause this issue. (I do recall 2013 working with WinXP though) -John
  9. Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening to all! To anyone experiencing any "blackout" problems with using videos for the screensaver (please refer to this link for example: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/11456-resolved-has-anyone-else-had-this-problem/'>http://www.gameex.in...d-this-problem/), I think I may have found a possible fix for it, or at least made a huge step forward toward fixing the problem. The main problem was that, after leaving the screensaver running overnight (and I use the .mp4 video snaps from emumovies), I would find a black screen in the morning, with music still continuing to play. And when I try to "wake" up the system, an error would occur which would sometimes shutdown GameEx. (When using .avi files, it would do the same thing but instead, it would not go into an error - just returns to GameEx and it would seem like there is some kind of performance issues until you exit and return to GameEx.) I'm not sure which one of the following fixed the "blackout" issue, but after making a few adjustments and leaving my cab in screensaver all night - I returned to it this morning, and there was no black screen. 1) Under the Display Settings in the Setup Wizard, I chose to set the resolution below to the same resolution of the video snaps - which was 320x240. 2) In HTPC/Multimedia Settings in the Setup Wizard, I set both "Change Display Frequency" and "Change Display Resolution" to "Yes". The reason why I said it was a possible fix, or at least a big step forward, because in the log file, there were several errors that still matched the errors that would occur before - only this time, there was no screen "blackout". In the log file, the error looked somewhat like this: 23:35:35.0 11/5/2012: Playing: H:\Users\BoxOAwesome\Documents\Screensavervids\Solitaire Funpak (USA, Europe).mp4 23:36:08.1 11/5/2012: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 23:36:08.1 11/5/2012: Failed Opening Video: h:\users\boxoawesome\documents\screensavervids\cachat.mp4 23:36:08.1 11/5/2012: Error playing attract mode video 23:36:11.7 11/5/2012: Returning From Attract Mode 23:40:14.8 11/5/2012: Starting Attract Mode 23:40:15.0 11/5/2012: Shutting down display 23:40:15.8 11/5/2012: Playing: H:\Users\BoxOAwesome\Documents\Screensavervids\Power Drive (E) (M5) [!].mp4 There were several of these errors like this, but luckily this time there was no screen blackout after making those adjustments. The question that I have, is that what does it mean by "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"? Thanks! LC Oh, and I'm attaching the log file and GameEx.ini file just in case. log.txt GameEx.ini
  10. Hello and Good Morning/Afternoon to all! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if so, how to fix this. *When I leave GameEx on overnight, and its on the screensaver/attract mode, when I return in the morning the screen will be blank, but the music from my media will continue to play. When I press a button to try to wake it up, it exits GameEx and leaves me with an error. I checked my computer's settings to make sure that the power save is off. Attached is the log file. Thanks in advance!! LC log.txt GameEx.ini
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