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Found 3 results

  1. I just recorded a batch of videos (in both formats,MP4 and FFV, to check) using PBX Recorder for Visual Pinball. The videos went to the correct folders in Media/Visual Pinball and play fine on their own. I've installed LAV Filters and VLC Player. The problem is they no longer play in Pinball X. Ones that were downloaded by the Game Manager still work and I recorded one with Game Manager and it worked. The PBX Recorder is just so easy to use for all the tables (set and let it run) that I'm wondering what the problem could be? Thanks for any help,
  2. Hello, I recently upgraded to the latest version of PinballX (v4.06). Historically, I've used PBXRecorder to record all my videos after I add a new table to my system. It is an fantastic tool and has been working great for years. But since upgrading to v4.06, PBXRecorder the playfield video capture is not working correctly. It does capture a video of the playfield monitor, but instead of capturing the actual pinball playfield, it is capture the desktop "behind" the playfield, and it's rotated 180 degrees (aka upside down). The only change I am aware that I did, was since upgrading my machine was running certain VPX tables a little sluggish, so I configured VPX to work in full screen exclusive mode. Thinking this might be the problem, I turned the setting in the Settings.exe app to full screen exclusive mode, but it didn't make a difference. Has anyone seen this problem before? I'm sure it's just a setting I have wrong in my system. On a side note, I tried using the video capture feature now built into the Game Manager, but I got the same result...it recorded the desktop of my playfield monitor and it was 180 rotated same as if I used PBXRecorder. The game I added to my system was "Bally Game Show" so you will see that in the attached settings files I have included. Can someone help look into this for me? Bally Game Show.mp4 PinballX.ini log.txt PBXrecorder.log
  3. Hello everybody, I´ve recently updated my PBXRecorder from version 1.3 to 1.5. And I´ve also upgraded my VPinMAME SAM build to Version 2.9 beta. Now I´m encountering that I cannot record SAM tables anymore. VPX starts, the table will be initialized, but it does not start attract mode and VPX closes just before the recording begins. I´ve switched back to my former versions (SAM build 2.8b and PBXR 1.3), but still the same behavior. All other tables will be recorded fine - so, PBXR settings seem to be ok. Maybe I have to unblock a specific file, which I haven´t unblocked yet? Does anybody have an idea or hint for me? Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Jannek
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