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Found 10 results

  1. Some might prefer the excellent table audio files from gStAv https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13893-table-sound-when-browsing-tables in both PinballX Wheel & Attract modes, but if you want to additionaly / optionally play a selection of music files and/or videos in the PinballX front end then read on as this plugin might be for you.. What Does It Do Using Windows Media Player (WMP) the plugin will let you play media files from a specified folder whilst in PinballX. It will pause playback when tables are selected and then resume on table exit, or just on entry and exit of Attract Mode. Although originally intended as a music only player, it uses WMP and as that can also can also play videos i added an optional visible WMP window. The default mode is audio only, but if displaying a WMP window then that is hidden when playback is paused. So is it a Jukebox? V1 No - but if want to play random media (music or video) when you wander away from the cabinet for a few minutes (i.e. PinballX Attract Mode starts) then you can, or you can have them playing all the time whilst in wheel mode. V2 In PinballX Attract Mode? - Pretty much yes (depending on your definition), same as V1 outside PinballX Attract Mode. To Use The Plugin 1/ download the attached zip and extract the files into your PinballX\Plugins\ folder (use PBXMediaPlayerV2_1.zip for pinballx v3.47 and later) 2/ Unblock the files if required (https://www.limilabs.com/blog/unblock-dll-file) 3/ Open PinballX\PluginManager.exe, enable the Media Player plugin. 4/ Still in PluginManager, Select the Media Player plugin and click Configure. You'll get a message first time while an ini file is created for the plugin (in the Plugins folder). 5/ Optional - If you intend to use a visible player then you may also want to install the BackGlass Skin.zip (see https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=187793) After this the plugin is enabled and will be configured with default values as screenshot below. If you want to view / change the configuration information, go through PluginManager Configure again. The screen below should show. Hopefully the options are fairly self-explanatory, but a brief description follows.. Media Location - Click the ... button to browse and select a media folder Include Sub Folders - Checkbox, check if your media is nested in sub folders under the main location Volume - Slider bar. Exit Table / Enter Attract Mode Behaviour - Resume last file from where it was left on table selection, or start next Shuffle - Checkbox, select to play media in random order Attract Mode Only Playback = Checkbox, check to disable playback in manual wheel navigation Launch Visible Media Player Player opens in own window - Checkbox, if not checked the plugin will play audio only regardless of content. Check this box if you want a visible window displayed in 'Now Playing' view. Fullscreen - Checkbox, select if you want windows media player to open in fullscreen mode Tips PinballX Audio For Attract Mode only media playback try muting PinballX in Attract Mode (PinballX Settings -> Attract Mode -> Mute Audio = Yes). If you're not running the plugin in Attract Mode only (so always on when in the PinballX Wheel) you may want to back up and then remove normal PinballX audio files, like Startup Sounds & Table Audio to avoid multiple sounds playing over each other. Audio Volume If playing with no visible WMP window then this will control all PinballX volume as the plugin is using an internal player, however if using a visible window it will control the volume of the media you're playing only (PinballX audio level will not be affected) Visible Player Best suited for cab owners with > 1 screen Open Windows Media Player on its own first, switch to the Now Playing view (bottom right of screen) then move / position & resize the player on to the screen you'll want it visible on. Right click on it and select Always Show Now Playing On Top. Right Click again and select the view you want for music files (if not playing video) visualisations etc. Close the player and it should default to those settings when opened by the plugin, although the window may resize automatically for video playback if fullscreen is not selected. Visible player is not compatible with PinballX Fullscreen exclusive, in PinballX display settings set Full Screen Windowed = Yes Additional Notes For Version 2 (Requires PinballX V3.47 or later) Adds Attract Mode media navigation for skipping tracks, playback modes and playlists. New functions are available ONLY if PinballX is in Attract Mode. Navigation Button / Keys used (as mapped in pinballx settings) left - skip back right - skip forward page/nudge left - change playback mode page/nudge right - skip to next in mode, or if in Play All mode toggle shuffle on/off (overriding default shuffle mode in plugin config) instructions - if using visible player (via plugin config) switch in and out of full screen for videos etc. Any other button / key - exit attract mode (disabling media player navigation until pinballx reenters into attract mode) Navigation button presses are accompanied by either a beep (skip) or a voice detailing current mode or selection. Player Modes Loop All (start) → Artist → Album ↑ ↓ Playlist ← Decade ← Genre During attract mode if the page/nudge left button/key (usually left magna save) is pressed the player mode will be changed as shown in the loop above based on mp3 / wma ID3 tag values, if the current track doesn't have a specific tag for the file then that mode will be unavailbale and the player will skip to the next valid mode. Likewise, if no playlists are found then that mode will skipped. During playback modes other than All the page/nudge right button/key (usually right magna save) can be used to skip to the next value found for that mode, i.e. next artist, next album, next playlist etc. Playlists Playlists for the media player are simple text files, to use them create a MediaPlayerPlayLists folder under \Pinballx\Plugins\ and then create playlist.txt files (the playlist file names can be whatever you want, they just have to be txt files). Add playlist entries to the txt file(s) as file paths, e.g. C:\Pinball Vids\Metallica Pinball from Stern.mp4 C:\Pinball Vids\Kiss Pinball 2015.mp4 etc.. Note that for playlists the location of the files does not have to be under the plugins main media folder they can be anywhere with a valid path. On my system i have the plugin config pointing at C:\Music\ and subfolders, but then use C:\Pinball Vids\ for a video playlist. To create large playlists i'd recommend using FileListCreator to save time, it's free and allows you to easily drag and drop files or folders to build a list which can be copied to clipboard or saved as a playlist. Note, if you do use this tool that you'll need to change the default format, basically uncheck all boxes under the Columns drop downs on the right hand side so the output preview is just file path & name. See also https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=188275 for settings you can just load. Other Stuff No changes to ini file or plugin config in V2 so just copy over V1 if you have that or install as in original notes above. If you have thousands of media files the plugin may slow down pinballx startup when first run as it reads mp3 tag data. To improve this a cache file of media data is created under the plugins folder by the plugin, that file is used on following starts to remove the delay and will be recreated if you add more media files. Notes The plugin was built and tested on Win10 I think i got all the main media formats covered that windows media player can play back, but i may have missed some. If the player doesn't find some of your files (and they work in windows media player) then please let me know. Any issues Please have a look at \Pinballx\Plugins\PBXMediaPlayer_log.txt, if it's something obvious the detail should be in there. If an error has occurred playing a specific file then confirm it can be opened in Windows Media Player (if you can't play a file in WMP then the plugin can't either). Otherwise, please reply attaching your PBXMediaPlayer_log.txt, PBXMediaPlayer.ini, Pinballx.ini & log.txt files as well as the issue description. Thanks To @wrd1972 & @simbamame for help testing the plugin on their systems. Also thanks to @Tom Speirsand @Adultery for pinballx and the plugin template used, and Perry Butler for the excellent mp3 tag reader library i used in Version 2 16/06/2019 Update - Attached Backglass Skin.zip This is a skin for windows media player that is more in keeping with a pinball theme than the default media player. Use of this with the plugin is entirely optional and is intended mainly for users playing audio only files who want track information to be displayed on a backglass screen over the backglass video. More information https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=187793. To install you'll need to unzip the 'Backglass Skin.zip' file and then install the Digir___0.ttf font file (used by the skin) - double click that and then click install. Next step is to install the Windows Media Player (WMP) skin by double clicking the PBX Backglass.wmz file, that should bring up a View Now option which will open WMP and allow you to position the track info on screen by dragging it to position. Close WMP and then select to use a visible player in the plugin via plugin manager. 29/06/2019 Update - Plugin Version 2 attached. Requires PinballX V3.47 or later. Notes updated. Version 1 left as attachment for anyone who doesn't want the new features or for whatever reason doesn't want to update PinballX. See https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=188154 for quick demo. 12/09/2019 Update - Plugin Version 2.1 attached Allows disabling of media navigation keys/buttons via config/ini. Enabled by default. PBXMediaPlayer.zip Backglass Skin.zip PBXMediaPlayerV2_1.zip
  2. Hello! Previous to 2016, I believe that the default behavior would have been that: any audio present in a video snap would always play when browsing ROMs in an emulator folder, regardless of the presence of any other audio within GameEx. For years, I had been wondering what changed in my system that could have interrupted this expectation. But, after finally trying to figure it out and dig around, I found this post, semi-confirming my suspicions that a change to the build of GameEx must have occurred around this time: ...Anyways, although some may argue that simultaneous overlap of game "snap / preview" audio on-top-of background "music / jukebox" audio may be cacophonous, I'd rather prefer it. 1. is this possible in GameEx's current (05/15/2018) build, and if so, how? 2. in the very least, is it possible for game snap / preview audio to be played INSTEAD-OF or otherwise cross-faded-over (thereby selectively muting the background music as long as the cursor is on a snap'd game) without first having to cease playback of background music?* *presently, this is the only way that I am able to hear game "snap / preview" audio. Unless I first completely stop a background music track, snap audio will not play (even if the background music volume is at 0). ps. I currently have LAV Video Codecs 0.71 installed, though I can confirm that the symptoms were identical in LAV 0.68 as well. log.txt GameEx.ini
  3. rosic1

    Audio question

    Hi All, I'm brand new to vpin and I'm setting up my first system. I've got a situation that I'm hoping that somebody can help me with or tell me that what I'm experiencing is normal. I'm using visual pinball to play the table and PinballX as a front end. I've used the PinballX game manager to download a couple of tables and the tables play fine, but... On tables like AC/DC and ST:TNG I'm not hearing any background audio. I hear table sounds fine, the ball rolling, bumper being hit, etc. But no music or other game sounds. Am I missing something in my vpin config? are there copyright issues so they can't play the music? Thanks for any help you can give me guys.
  4. i have over 500 songs in my list and they show up in the jukebox section of gameex. i have it set to shuffle but, i always hear the same songs (20 or 30) everytime. i tried the options in the gameex jukebox but i rarely hear a new song in the list. i press next track like 40 times and i still hear a song i just heard a sec ago. what do i have to do to hear the others?
  5. I've set up a user group on Soundcloud (Music file sharing network) So others if they wish can download MP3 files to add into their PinballX music folders. I've only uploaded few so far and I'm already limited to what space Soundcloud has remaining. I think I have something like 15 minutes of space left, so unfortunately I will be deleting some files every now and again to upload new ones. I would just like to stress that I don't own any of the rights to the material submitted within the group, but they are readily available for download. the link is here https://soundcloud.c...llx-sound-files Take a look it may not be to everyone's tastes, feel free to submit any of your own MP3's to the group including alternatives of existing tables. Hopefully if it takes off it could be a resourceful database of MP3 files? Keep up the good work and enjoy!
  6. Hello all, I recently discovered GameEx, and i'll buy the full version very soon I've got a question about GameEx's features. Do you plan to integrate the spotify music player ? Thank you again for your great work. garig0
  7. Hello to all! This might be a very small contributation (so far), but I hope that some of you will think that it's as cool as I think it is I added this to my cab last night - It's an .asx file I created which opens Windows Media Player and starts streaming music videos from the 1990s 24 hours a day/7 days a week (big thanks to www.rocktelevision.com! ) If you would like the file, please send me an IM and I will send it to ya (won't let me attach it here). Just download the .asx file, create an .lnk shortcut and set it up in the Emulator Setup section of the Setup Wizard (Don't forget to get GameEx to "listen" to WIndows Media Player in the Advance Config ) and relive the 1990s - so put on your snap braclets and wind breaker pants while you dance arcoss your living room like Vanilla Ice! lol 1990videos.rar
  8. I'm a HUGE Muse fan! For a little while though, I was a little out of the loop when it comes to the progress the band is making on their new album "2nd Law". I found out the other day that the Album will be released in October, with their first single, "Survival" being released in the next few days or so (it's out already on youtube I think lol)... So what do you think? Excited as I am?? lol
  9. Allo Allo to all!! I have a quick question - I noticed something that I'm not sure if its something on my Computer, or a potential bug in 12.77... I have been updating the album art for a portion of my music tracks in Windows Media, and I noticed that any change I do in the album art does not reflect when running GameEx. I am attaching my GameEx.ini in case any of you need it. Thanks in advance!!! GameEx.ini
  10. If I play a radio station manually, use GameEx for a while then exit. Restart GameEx later, the radio station doesn't play again - even though it says the radio station is loading in the top menu bar and in the log. I have the setting to play music/radio on startup enabled. Any way to fix this, is this a known issue or expected behavior? log:
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