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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. I want to add a jukebox to my pincab. Is there any pincab friendly software to use with PinballX? I've used DWJukebox in the past but it no longer works with my new installation. Thanks in advance
  2. Adultery

    Game Info

    Version 1.3.6


    Here's a list of features so far: The plugin keeps track of total time played for that game, and session time played. The timer view alternates every 60 seconds. There are two main views which rotate every 5 minutes. The first displays the following Game Title Snap Game Name (or ROM name if you don't use a database for said system or no entry is found) System Name (your emulator's Title Text setting) Developer and [YEAR] Category If either of the previous two is unavailable, Number of Players is displayed The second display includes Game Name and System Name in addition to the following: In Game Snap Last Played Data (This is the last time you played the game with the plugin enabled) and [Overall Play Count] Game Description if available The current time is displayed in the lower right corner Text now is measured against screen length and scrolls to accommodate long info (No more auto ellipse!) Custom user-defined images for Game Mode and Attract Mode Screensaver mode that prevents screen burn-in while Game Extender is running Attract Mode popup shows game info when the game changes Dialog forms that display on certain functions Update notification if a newer version of Game Info is available (disabled by default) Jukebox Mode that displays "Now Playing" data (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Jukebox integration for the screen saver (album art displayed in the logo field) (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Dialog form shows brief info about the game you select before you even start it up! Plugin update notification lets you know if a new version of the plugin is available when you launch GameEx Custom themeing/skinnig If you wanted to disable it for a certain emulator, just add [NOGAMEINFO] or [NOINFO] to the emulator's command line. To hide/show the Game Info while in a game or hide/show the jukebox info, press SHIFT+TAB To refresh or force update the jukebox info, press SHIFT+SPACE Integrated support for GameEx *.db3 and *.mdb files to keep better track of play times Supports GameEx's Hi-Score competition directly *Online only feature! Custom text for labels via the Plugin configuration Replaces GameExtender Viewer in some situations with a more customized image viewer Add sound effects to specific actions in the plugin's theme Visit the official RELEASE THREAD for further details and a complete changelog, or for bug reporting and feature requesting. You can also download new themes for Game Info here (if you don't want to use the downloader that is baked into the config) and get the Last.FM patch from here to enable the Last.FM integration for your jukebox.
  3. I am using the arcade addition and see there is no option for jukebox like in the regular edition? How might I go about adding this so I can play music with windows media player of a jukebox like app? Thanks!
  4. 110 Arcade Games


    So sorry to trouble you. I want to use Game Ex for a jukebox only. Is there a suitable skin I can use and will I be able to arrange for only game ex to show when I boot up, using a PC with windows 10. Thanks. Also Is the subscription for one PC only?
  5. Hi, everybody I am using gameex vor several years now and really like it. I have been able solve practically all my issues so far. That said, there’s one remaining: For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to start the jukebox with a button on my control panel. All other jukebox controls are fine once I started the jukebox in the menu (including play/stop). Also, if I configure gameex to start playing music after startup it does so as expected. I just don’t want it to pay music every time it starts. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance
  6. I have just installed KODI (formerly XBMC) as my Jukebox solution under PinballX, by adding it in the "other systems". Previous threads have shown XBMC installations, however they were a little difficult to follow for most, as special actions were required to send XBMC to the backglass. Additional mods where also required to present something other than the WIndoze desktop on the table screen. But with the later versions of Kodi, things aren't so hard. For instance, there is now a screen option in the menu to send KODI to the backglass. One click and it's done! There is also a menu option to blank other screens. This turns the playfield monitor to black. OK so nothing is happening there, but it's so much better than seeing the windoze destop. If you do want something on the playfield, it is possible (still with some work) to display visualisations there. But for me, I went the easy way and created a Jukebox slide show in irfanview. I saved this as an exe and I get PBX to launch it for me when it launches KODI as a table and I use PBX's 'launch after' to execute a .bat that kills the slide show when exiting the table. (KODI lives on it's own 'other system', so the 'lunch after' is actually operating after the system close). The slide show can contain as many images as you like or just the one. I went for 2 images. Both of the same Jukebox, but one with lights dull and the second with the lights bright. I set each image duration to .8 of a second and result is I have a Jukebox with flashing lights filling the table screen. Mapping keys is easy too, once the 'Key Mapping' add-on is installed in KODI. But whether you have enough buttons to be able to effectively navigate KODI will depend on your cab. My locking plate has a joystick and 4 buttons for MAME gameplay, so I have easy operation from the cab. But if you are short of buttons, KODI allows heaps of options for access control from keyboards, game station remotes etc. Better still, just bang KODI's remote control app on your phone and you will have full functionality, so all you really need the cab to do is open and close KODI for you. I hope this helps someone who is looking for a Jukebox solution. Cheers, Rusty. Oh btw... KODI is skinable and highly configurable. So it's very easy to make it suit your cab and look pretty.
  7. I was able to install dwjukebox in my Pincab running Pinballx. Attached is a complete installation PDF guide for installing it. There are about 16 steps you have to take to get this working, including compiling several small programs and a lot of configuration. I decided to create a complete graphical guide as there is a lot to do to make this work. Just take one step at a time and walk through it and it should work. I installed it on an XP machine so there maybe a few quirks for your own system but I think this will bring you close enough to the solution that you will be able to get it going. The solution was to configure it the exact same way that Future Pinball or Visual Pinball is configured to operate in their Games folders while at the same time, configuring PinballX so it has additional folders for Jukebox just like it does for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball. Other features have to be added like shutting down the jukebox when exiting and eliminating a few other things that happen in PinballX like closing servers that don't close when exiting a Visual Pinball game, or eliminating the problem of the visual pinball editor popping up on top of a table if the table's resources are so large that loading it causes a delay and the wrong window ends up on top. What is in this guide will solve these problems too even though they don't relate to the jukebox, they are part of the full installation. I realized after uploading this guide that there is an error in PART TWO that describes the folder name for the xml file. below is the correction. PART TWO – CREATING THE PINBALLX FOLDER STRUCTURE AND PROGRAMS 1. Create a folder “C:\PinballX\Databases\Jukebox” and 2. Create a file “Jukebox.xml” inside of folder “C:\PinballX\Databases\Jukebox” and place this single entry in it: <menu> <game name="jukebox"> <description>jukebox</description> <manufacturer>dwjukebox</manufacturer> <year>2013</year> <type>SS</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>False</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> </game> </menu> Jukebox.pdf
  8. I would like to add DWJukebox (jukebox simulator) to PinballX to play some music from my pinball cabinet but cant get it to start. http://dwjukebox.com/ i added the .exe file in settings --) other systems and enabled it. Also tried to add the PinjukeLaunch.exe Have attached a screenshot. Is there anyone out there who succesfully added this jukebox program to Pinballx? Thanks in advance Slash
  9. every since the new update when my gameex menu is up and it goes to play videos with music in the background the track keeps changing every 20 seconds or so. sometimes not even that long. it does nt do it as often until the videos start playin. ive kept this machine on for hours and it never did this until the update. i deleted the jukebox dat files and made them blank and started over again and its still doing it. plz help
  10. Guess what everyone, Im back which means my cabinet is finished! Pics coming soon. My computer isnt the best which is why I had to get rid of the 3D cabs so the menus would run smoother. So I think it would help if I could disable the mini visualization that shows next to the cover art when a song is playing. Is there a way to do that? If so I cant find it. Thanks.
  11. Hey crew! Here's a zip with new visualizations for GameEx. They're completely free (public domain), so if Tom were so inclined to include these in his GameEx install he could do so. NEW_VISUALIZATIONS.rar There are six in the pack: Beano, ChaosWave, Factree, LightMagick, Marbles, and Spectralite. All six have been tested by me and work on my machine, and don't bleed my resources. Enjoy!
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