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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have some issues with setting up my backglass in pinball x correctly and it is driving me mad. I have a two screen setup with a pindmd3 dot matrix. I only have installed vpx tables I use PBX version 3.28 and setup wizard 3.2.9 Visual Pinball.xml SetupWizard.xml log.txt [SETTINGS].log PinballX.ini The issue is that only one table (tommy) is showing a back glass when browsing through the tables. For the others the screen remains black. For thIS table showing a back glass i also see the dmd double and the speaker grill? For those not showing a back glass; once I launch the table (i added example pictures for IJ) I see suddenly a back glass (with a grill) which disappears and finally the table loads with the normal back glass. Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong? I have attached the ini, xml and log files.
  2. Phantom

    Custom Databases

    Hi, I'm trying to reorganize my Cab, and im at my Karaoke section right now. I use a MAP file to show a clean list in GameEx but I would really love to use a Database file so people could sort by Song Title or by Artist my files are named like this; [email protected]^Category.zip I use the @ and the ^ symbols so I can keep a clean list in an EXCEL file, that can do things like make my MAP file. My Map File looks like this; [email protected]^Category.zip|SongTitle by Artist I've tried many times to make a Database File (mdb) but I can't seem to make it work. i put the FILENAME in the NAME column and in the GOODNAME column, the ARTIST in DEVELOPERS COLUMN and the CATEGORY in CATEGORY column, but in GameEX I still get the name in the MAP file. I see the options for DELVELOPER, CATEGORY, YEAR etc but when I select any, the list is empty. Im using Microsoft Access and have tried MDBPLUS, but if there is a better solution, please point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help
  3. Welcome to the PinballX forums! If you were sent to this page, you are probably fairly new to PinballX, and have asked for help. Please do not be insulted that we referred you to this page, we are happy to help in any way that we can, but we need you to know a few things first, to help us serve you better. We cannot stress this enough, the more information you give usthe faster we can pinpoint the issue you are having. Starting a thread that says PinballX doesnt start? HELP!!!! really doesnt give us a whole lot to go on. If you take the time to write a clear and concise post on the problem, more people will take the time to read it and help. Searching the forums and viewing the PinballX documentation will usually solve 90% of the problems people experience with a new setup. Documentation: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13736-pinballx-documentation/ PinballX Forums: http://www.gameex.info/forums/forum/30-pinballx/ A few guidelines that will make our job easier: 1. If you have an issue following an update, please start a new thread and do not respond in the NEWS thread announcing the update. If the issue you are experiencing appears that it may be a result of a recent update, indicate the PinballX version in the Topic Title along with the issue encountered. 2. If your issue has been resolved (with assistance of a mod or admin or you just figured it out for yourself), you can edit the topic title if you are the creator and note [RESOLVED] at the beginning of the title. If you are uncertain how to do this, we can do it for you. Also, if you figured it out for yourself a brief summary of how you did so is also appreciated. By doing so, you may be helping the next person that comes behind you, or maybe even identify a bug if the solution is something that can be fixed with a future update. 3. If you have a Feature Request, please post it in the appropriate thread under the Pinned and Hot Topics forum! 4. If the issue or information you are sharing is not directly related to PinballX functionality, please utilize the Social Club forum. Help us help you: The first thing we will need to know, is do you have your emulator (Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2, Pinball Arcade, etc) working outside of PinballX. By this I mean that you can open the emulator in Windows, and you can select/run a game. If not, we will still try to help, but please take a few minutes to look around on the emulators homepage to see if they have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section, or other information to help you. If you still can't get your emulator working, dont bother to read the rest of this, go ahead and ask for help! If you have your emulator working outside of PinballX, but don't know how to set it up in PinballX, you may want to take a look at the PinballX Documentation at: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13736-pinballx-documentation/ 1. Post Your PinballX.ini If you are having a problem with starting a emulator, image issues or some other "built-in" feature of PinballX, we may want to take a look at your PinballX.ini, which can be found in this folder: X:\PinballX\Config\ If Windows wants to know what program to use to open the file, Choose "Select a Program From a List of Installed Programs" Choose "Notepad" from the list. (You may want to make sure that "Use This Program Everytime" is checked.) Copy and paste the text from Notepad into your next post, by using the keys:Ctrl + "A" (select all)Ctrl + "C" (copy)Ctrl + "V" (paste) Please attach your documents (simple drag and drop into the bottom of your post in the thread to attach them) or put the contents of your PinballX.ini, log.txt, and .xml files in Spoiler tags. It is difficult for mobile users to read the forums without them. - Click on the spoiler button, which is the "Eye" in the toolbar. - Paste the contents of your support files in the window and click OK to save.2. Post your Log IF PinballX "Crashes", There is an error log that may help you find out why. To view it, Go to: X:\PinballX\Log and open the log.txt file in notepad.Take a look at the log file and see if anything jumps out at you.it could be as simple as a space in the path of your emulator.Example:23:45:12.1 1/26/2014: Started23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Launch System23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Waiting for threads23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Disposing display23:45:23.4 1/26/2014: D:\VPinball\V Pinball.exe /play -"D:\VPinball\Tables\Attack from Mars (Bally 1995) Night.vpt"23:45:23.4 1/26/2014: Cant find D:\VPinball\V Pinball please check your path is correct.23:45:23.5 1/26/2014: D:\PinballX\vpauto.exe23:45:36.0 1/26/2014: Found PinMAME ROM: afm_113b.nvSee how it says that it can't find " D:\VPinball\V Pinball "? Someone accidentally added a space in the VPinball executable If it's all Greek to you, (Or whatever language is foreign to you ), copy and paste the text from Notepad into your next post, by using the keys:Ctrl + "A" (select all)Ctrl + "C" (copy)Ctrl + "V" (paste)Please put the contents of your log file in Spoiler tags. It is difficult for mobile users to read the forums without them. - Click on the spoiler button, which is the "Eye" in the toolbar. - Paste the contents of your support files in the window and click OK to save. Thanks for reading this... you did read the whole thing, Right? Updated PinballX v1.06 also attached. PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 1.06.docx.zip PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 1.06.pdf
  4. Some of you may already be aware of the challenge thrown down in the PinballX forums to document setups for that frontend (Thanks to Zeenon - a great GameEx and PinballX member and recent PinballX Elite Member recipient for his efforts in documenting PinballX setup in addition to the help & support given since he joined the forums there). I am issuing the same challenge here. Please review the Start to Finish GameEx Documentation thread for basic instructions if you are interested in contributing. There is a fantastic template (.docx format) created by nullPointer that we would like to be used to help maintain consistency. There is a submission by myonions for setting up GamebaseST. It is an excellent example to follow. Some topic suggestions: - Setting up Daphne, Zinc, MAME, Steam (using built-in support) - Karaoke - Jukebox - Any of the various system emulators - How to create custom menus (already done, still relevant, and I may tackle the conversion to the template time permitting) - Theme Editor and Theme Creation - Any of the various support applications and plugins "How to" documentation Some time in the foreseeable future, we will be looking into establishing a Wiki to house these various documents, FAQs, etc. In the mean time, we will be reviewing submissions here and, once a draft has been finalized, convert to .pdf format. Thanks in advance for your efforts and contributions to the best gaming frontend community! We look forward to your submissions!
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