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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everybody, As suggested by DazzleHP, I am creating now a specific thread for hi2txt utility. I started back in 2014 from the hashes of HiToText brilliant utility, providing full flexibility to describe how to extract hiscores without hard-coding anything in the program itself. Everything is here: http://greatstone.fr...txt/hi2txt.html Feedback is welcome as well as game support request or help Last release: v1.10 (2019-09-08) [Overview][Command-Line usage][XML format][All supported games] Cheers! GreatStone
  2. Gauntlet Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Luigimaker 33,525 2 ExedExes 32,303 3 wolfman24 24,805 4 patrickfx 21,690 5 millerbrad 15,070 6 Floyd Turbo 13,340 7 rtkiii 13,170 8 Yung-Jedi 12,375 9 garetmax 11,720 10 Cynicaster 8,030 Last Updated by hansolo77: 04-25-2019 GimmeClassics - 5,705 (link) Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Gauntlet: ROMSet: gauntlet Service Mode: Off Multiplier: 1 Bonus Adder: None Game Difficulty: 4 - Moderate Health Per Coin: 700 Coins to Start: 1 Disable Speech: No Reduce Text: No The above are the default internal settings for this title and need not be changed. *IMPORTANT* You must use revision 14 of the game (Gauntlet [rev 14]) as this version is different to previous versions. This is a Single Player, Single Credit ONLY Variation! You may freely choose your character. Continues are NOT allowed! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score:
  3. Donkey Kong Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Cynicaster 348,100 2 Mame Offender 321,400 3 smario 180,300 4 KRC 178,900 5 GimmeClassics 172,300 6 GeorgeT 124,800 7 Luigimaker 122,700 8 ehuonder 119,300 9 BrainBug 94,700 10 wolfman24 86,300 Last Updated by hansolo77: 02-15-2018 Adultery - 85,900 (link) ExedExes - 81,300 (link) be77amy - 73,000 (link) rtkiii - 40,800 (link) ClassicGMR - 35,400 (link) celly - 17,600 points (link) helpman - 11,800 points (link) hansolo77 - 8,100 points (link) Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Donkey Kong: ROM-set: dkong / Donkey Kong [uS Set 1] Lives: 3 Bonus Life: 7,000 Special rules: none # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide > link # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide > link # general rules for submitting you hi-score > link # the above settings are the default Twin Galaxies settings > link Good luck and have fun! GC
  4. 1943: The Battle of Midway Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Mame Offender 2,490,810 2 Cynicaster 690,230 3 ExedExes 564,700 4 Yung-Jedi 354,810 5 DazzleHP 315,470 6 hansolo77 249,060 7 wolfman24 221,830 8 Floyd Turbo 174,200 9 rtkiii 165,670 10 millerbrad 161,200 Last Updated by hansolo77: 01-28-2019 Luigimaker - 156,360 (link) GimmeClassics - 150,500 (link) garetmax - 66,900 (link) murve33 - 43,000 (link) Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for 1943: The Battle of Midway: ROMSet: 1943 Difficulty: 8 [Normal] Flip screen: Off Freeze: Off Allow Continue: No Special Rules: This is a Single Player ONLY Variation! Continues are NOT allowed! The green coloured default values match the Twin Galaxies settings. The red coloured values need to be changed! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score: # the above settings are the default Twin Galaxies settings > pending
  5. Version 1.0.9


    What is it? It's a plugin to take official snapshots of your MAME hi-scores for the GameEx Hi-Score Competition. This tool saves some leg work of having to type the same data everytime, and overlays some information and artwork to make it harder to fake. The overlay contains your username, initials used, MAME version, GameEx version, ROM name, and Override Mode (if used). Just take the snap and upload it to the game's competition thread. How do I use it? The configuration is really simple, just type in your user name and initials. Everything else is automatic. This plugin downloads and uses a centralized gameslist which is updated with the Hi-Score Database. As long as you have an active internet connection, you will always have the latest game list available. Offline users can download the gameslist.txt from here and place it in the GameEx>Plugins>HiScore Snapper directory. The plugin only enables itself for games that are in the database, so there's no effect on your MAME games at all. Just take a snap of your high score by holding [sHIFT+HOME] (I have a hotkey set up for this in Xpadder and it's working great! You can take many pictures in a row in the case of blinking hi-scores). I also added a camera shutter sound effect that plays when the snap is taken, so you know you got it. The snap is then overlaid with the artwork and information in the picture, and you can come upload it to the thread when you're done. You can set several options from the Configuration screen, including: User Name This is the username you use for all your leaderboard entries. The global leaderboard depends on this! Initials The initials you type into the game for your hi-score Snap Directory All your snapshots will be saved into this directory. By default, they are saved in the plugin's configuration folder located in GameEx>Plugins>HiScore Snapper Image Size Specify the height and width of the snap with these values. By default the size is 1024x768 Image Type Choose to save your images as JPEG, PNG, or GIF The images are saved in the root folder specified, with a subfolder for the game name. The physical file name is generated based on a time stamp of when it was taken. To view the last game snap you took using the plugin, click on the preview image in the lower right corner to open a viewer window. There is also a status strip at the bottom of the configuration form that will show what version of MAME you currently have set up in GameEx. There's a small catch though. Here's the rub... I can't seem to get pictures from D3D without a great deal of extra work (the snaps all come out black). So unfortunately I have decided that the only way I can support D3D snapshots is by having the user compile their own version with DirectInput enabled. The process really isn't that difficult, and helps with adding support for things like Xpadder compatibility to your build. UPDATE: As of 1.0.3, you no longer need to worry about renderer changes. MAME Mode supports all renderers that MAME supports instead of forcing DirectDraw. I found a bug! What do I do about it? If you have questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please direct them here. Thank you for your support!
  6. Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening! I recently updated my cab and instead of using pre-compiled versions of mame (mame32), I decided to compile my own version of Mame UI with hiscore support. I used Headkaze's MameCompiler64, and compiled Mame 136 with no errors. I couldn't find any of the update patches, but after googling around for awhile, I heard that the source code I downloaded from the MameDev website had the updates worked in. I also applied the hiscore.diff patch for 136 with no errors, and with using hiscore.dat, everything is working as it should...except for one thing - I cannot...for the life of me...get GameEx to show the High Scores within the game's menu. I enabled the high score support in the Mame Advance Config section using the Setup Wizard. The "High Score" section still does not appear within the game's info section (I tried Donkey Kong, Pacman, etc) and sometimes, HiToText seems to crash. Lol, I would normally upload my config ini and log files, but presently away from the cab at the moment and won't be able to return for another 8 or so hours. But, off the top of your heads, is there a step that I'm skipping somewhere?...does anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance! LC
  7. I recently refurbished an X-Men Children of the Atom cabinet for a friend. We started picking random games to have friendly hi score competitions. Currently, we are attacking Mario Bros. I know there was the online gameplay deal setup through Gameex a little while back. I'm wondering if anyone has ever thought of having a friendly hi score competition. Maybe pick a different game every month and post pics of our hi scores. I find that this little friendly competition makes me enjoy my cabinet even more. I used to love it a ton mostly when friends were over.
  8. So for your earlier feature request Draco, I went ahead and added the RSS Feed Editor to the Database Manager. If anyone would like to plug the feed into GameEx's already available RSS Reader, here's the URL: http://gameinfo.hfc-essentials.com/hiscore/HiScore.rss All that needs to be done to update this is to hit the UPDATE FEED button when the database is updated. Those fortunate enough to have access upload the new RSS feed in a few seconds (everything is generated in code). Now everyone can see the score table no matter what they're using. I hope people find it useful. Enjoy!
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