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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, I have all the necessary ROMs for the latest version of MAME and should have setup MAME properly through the GameEX Wizard. When I'm updating the list in the GameEX software, not every ROM is being shown in the list. Mainly only light gun games instead of all the ROMs that I should have in my list. Any help please? I'm completely lost. Thanks
  2. Hello I am having a problem trying to download pinball x front end. There is no download link - it says sorry you don't have permission to download this file. I have not downloaded anything from this site so I know I have not taken more than my allotted amount. Am I missing something here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I'm having a strange issue….When scrolling through frontend games collection, at first it looks like its working as it should. When choosing a game and press start, i can see the loading screen. After a few seconds it fades back to the frontend, but short after it also snaps to the loaded game. When playing the game i noticed that when i was using the flipper buttons, i was also skipping trough my games in the frontend (heard the sound in the background). So they are both working? Did the alt+tab test to see what was going on: Saw that the backglass was loaded serveral times (see picture enclosed). My DMD clip also keeps playing when a game is loaded. For some reason PBX doesn't quit when loading a game. My DMD clip doesn't quit and my backglass is loaded 2 or more times. I enclosed my files. Someone with same experience or any ideas how to fix? [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini ScreenRes.txt
  4. Hello, how are you? it is possible to use roms merged in gameex evolution as it is used in gamex? Since I have many set of roms grouped inside a zip and I can't make gameex evolutions let me select the different roms when I enter the game screen as in gameex. I attach some images. Thanks much , regards
  5. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to add custom systems to gamex evolution as it can be done in gameex, for example ps3 or different emulator features, etc. if it's not I would like to know if it is contemplated for future deliveries Thanks much , regards
  6. Hi so I just started in on building a vp cab. So far its went pretty well. However I need some help I just started to set up my pinball X and am hitting a problem I’m not sure how to fix. I've searched the FAQ and may be missing the answer, but here is my issue. I’ve provided pictures of my setup and setting. Here is the problem. I cannot get my back glass to show up on the appropriate monitor in Pinballx and for whatever reason the only way to have both my dmd and back glass show up at all is if they are both set to show on display 2 in setting on pinballx, and you can see the result both need to be on the opposite screen. Any help would be appreciated. (Other information that might be help full in solving this is that my play field and back glass are getting their information from the same graphics card a gtx 1060 3gb and the dmd is into the motherboards display output) haven't found a way to change the numbering on the monitors but display 2 is the default main monitor in the 1st position, monitor 3 is in second which should be the back glass and 1 is obviously last. am I missing a step on monitor config? Also so far visual pin has recognized this config. all tables seem to play and display fine. thanks for your help.
  7. 110 Arcade Games


    Hello can anyone advise me were to get advice about game EX I want to use it and pay the license. Bit I have some issues. wrote to 2 persons on here and posted a topic but got no response.
  8. I've been using a gaming loptop for about 9 years now. A SSD and RAM upgrade have allowed me to stretch out it's use, but I think it's time to break open the wallet and go back to a desktop build. I put together a build on PCPartsPicker. I've probably built or rebuilt about 20 PCs in total, but it has been a good 5 or 6 years since doing my last build (a i3 MediaPC). I feel pretty a little out of touch with some of the tech and could use some feedback if someone knowledgeable is willing to look this over my part list. I chose a MicroATX setup to keep the build a little smaller. It will be used for office work, some AAA gaming (FPS, RPGs, but very little competative), and possibly video rendering for some of the girlfriend's projects. I don't care much about bling, sparkles or flashies. A plain-looking PC is fine. I plan to do two monitors, but probably no larger than 1080p. I don't usually go bleeding edge, instead choosing a combo of good value and good quality. I don't do overclocking and don't plan to get a second GPU. My concerns are these: Windows 7 vs Windows 10 (I only have Windows 7 on three PCs right now; guessing it's time for Win10) I chose a i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core CPU and it feels pricey, but important for video rendering and gaming Paying $400 or $500 for a video card seams like so much; is a GTX1060 weak? I chose a 120mmx240mm CPU Block radiant cooler setup to vent out the top of the case, but it's my first time using liquid. Looks pretty straight forward though. Anything I should know? Worried about missing any bottlenecks in the system. I have checked video card size against case space, power supply venting directionality, the number of 4-pin fan headers on the mobo (4), m.2 placement, and cable management in the case. Can't think of anyhting else. Original Build (10/4/2017): https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zzD4HN Lower Watt Build (10/6/2017): https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fYH3LD As always, thanks.
  9. Hello, I'm Brazilian, please forgive my English, I'm using The Pinball Arcade in the cabinet, I can launch and close the table normally, but when the game finishes and displays the "Final Score" screen, FreeCamMod narrows the screen, the mouse cursor does not stay above the button to restart the game, to play again I need to go out to the frontend and select the table again, is there any way to play the table again without having to leave and go back to the table?
  10. Hello people. How do i setup this GAME EX?tried for 3 times but i can't play any single games.Try to play the mjolnir also no luck.Can anyone point me to help for a proper instructions?How do this system works?
  11. Does anyone happen to have an OfflineData.m0d file for Free Cam Mod for Pinball Arcade. It just updated yesterday and messed up a bunch of my cab tables and I didn't know to make an offline data file. If anyone has one I'd be ultra grateful.
  12. Hello Everyone! I am pleased to see that we have added many new users to the GameEx and PinballX communities! Welcome to the best emulation frontends bar none! In order for us to help you with any issues that may arise as you are setting up and adding emulators, please read and follow the steps outlined in the GameEx How to Ask for Help or PinballX How to Ask for Help guides. To expedite your assistance requests, be sure to provide the following information: - In the Topic Title of your post, indicate your current GameEx/PinballX Version, and, if an emulator issue, the emulator name & version, and the error encountered. - Detail the error you are encountering and provide copies of your gameex.ini or pinballx.ini, log.txt and, if applicable, your emulator config and runitgame.bat results following the instructions in the How to Ask for Help guides linked above. - If you require assistance or having problems with the behavior of a theme, please provide the 1.) the name of the theme if you obtained it here and 2.) a copy of the theme.ini file. - If you are encountering several issues that are not related, please open a separate thread and provide the required information as noted in the steps above. This will help us help you to resolve each issue without something falling through the cracks. - If you should happen to resolve the issue yourself, please note this in your thread and the steps you took to resolve the error. This helps us as well as someone else that might experience the same error! Play it forward! Also, we have a GameEx Forums Index and PinballX Sub Forums Index to guide you on where to post what or locate specific areas of information. Again, welcome to our communities!
  13. I'm a new GameEx member, just getting started with this utility. I've spent several hours knocking my head against the configuration wizard, and I'm *almost* there - just a few weird issues: 1) I'm using a custom menu, and of all the many options available in the GameExMenuEditor, the one option I can't find is probably the most basic: Update List. It's just totally not there, and I've found that the only way I can update the list is to turn custom menus *off*, restart GameEx, access "Update List" from the default menu, and then turn custom menus back on. There's gotta be an easier way... right? 2) I'm in the process of downloading GameBase64, and in the meantime, I've created a custom list entry for CCS64. Right next to it is my custom list entry for NES, which is working great. However - all of the entries for the NES are also appearing in CCS64. So I'm stuck with double entries for all of the NES games. (Yes, I've verified through the Setup Wizard that the CCS64 emulator is supposed to be using the Gamebase database, and not the NES database.) 3) I've got just a few SNES games included, and for some reason, all of the titles show up in lowercase. 4) My custom menus only have about six options in one top-level menu - but GameEx inisists on sticking a bunch of additional options after those that I don't want and can't remove: By Name, By Category, By Publisher, By Developer, By Year, Back (which is nonsensical since there's only one menu), and Home (same). Any way that I can get rid of those? 5) I've got logos assigned to all of my menu options, but they don't usually show up - GameEx just uses the default "GamEx" logo for every option. GameEx.ini attached. Thanks in advance! GameEx.ini
  14. I installed Game Ex 14.31 and decided I don't want it. But I can't uninstall it. I've tried using the UninstallDeleteGameEx file in the Game Ex folder, and also the uninstall function of Windows. In both cases, an icon appears in the taskbar at the bottom of my screen for about 1 second and disappears, and then nothing else happens. The icon looks like a box with a disc in front of it. Help! How do I get rid of this program? Thanks.
  15. Sorry to bother everyone, love gamex and hope to continue using it, but i've ran into a small problem. My question is about the Rom directory for PSX emulator. It creates a directory in roms\sony playstation\roms\, but when the "roms" i have are in a folder and contain 3 files; a .img, a .ccd, and another .ccd. If i leave them in a folder for each game, the games show up in the list in gamex but won't open in the emulator, but if I put the raw files in that directory, They open in the emulator but have 3 copies of each game. What is the proper way of putting these files, or do i need them in a different format? I really like this emulator because it's compatibility is good without alot of setup (usually), but i'm stuck.
  16. Hello all! I'm new to the forum here, yet have been working on my GameEx setup for some time now. I must say it is quite the awesome FE! I have the registered version and was having some troubles with Steam games. For pretty much any Steam game (like Geometry Wars:RE), what happens is this: I click the game on the GameEx Steam page The screen goes dark The Steam login page shows up (I have auto-logon set to on) The offline prompt comes up (I'm running my setup offline since I don't have a WLAN card for it) I hit the play offline button The game boots up for a split second The game quits and steam says "Waiting for <game name> to shut down" Then I'm back at the GameEx screen. I'm running Steam in big picture mode also (just to make it a bit more cab-friendly if I ever need to navigate the menus, so I'm not sure if that's a problem there. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading! Sebastian1314
  17. Welcome to the PinballX forums! If you were sent to this page, you are probably fairly new to PinballX, and have asked for help. Please do not be insulted that we referred you to this page, we are happy to help in any way that we can, but we need you to know a few things first, to help us serve you better. We cannot stress this enough, the more information you give usthe faster we can pinpoint the issue you are having. Starting a thread that says PinballX doesnt start? HELP!!!! really doesnt give us a whole lot to go on. If you take the time to write a clear and concise post on the problem, more people will take the time to read it and help. Searching the forums and viewing the PinballX documentation will usually solve 90% of the problems people experience with a new setup. Documentation: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13736-pinballx-documentation/ PinballX Forums: http://www.gameex.info/forums/forum/30-pinballx/ A few guidelines that will make our job easier: 1. If you have an issue following an update, please start a new thread and do not respond in the NEWS thread announcing the update. If the issue you are experiencing appears that it may be a result of a recent update, indicate the PinballX version in the Topic Title along with the issue encountered. 2. If your issue has been resolved (with assistance of a mod or admin or you just figured it out for yourself), you can edit the topic title if you are the creator and note [RESOLVED] at the beginning of the title. If you are uncertain how to do this, we can do it for you. Also, if you figured it out for yourself a brief summary of how you did so is also appreciated. By doing so, you may be helping the next person that comes behind you, or maybe even identify a bug if the solution is something that can be fixed with a future update. 3. If you have a Feature Request, please post it in the appropriate thread under the Pinned and Hot Topics forum! 4. If the issue or information you are sharing is not directly related to PinballX functionality, please utilize the Social Club forum. Help us help you: The first thing we will need to know, is do you have your emulator (Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2, Pinball Arcade, etc) working outside of PinballX. By this I mean that you can open the emulator in Windows, and you can select/run a game. If not, we will still try to help, but please take a few minutes to look around on the emulators homepage to see if they have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section, or other information to help you. If you still can't get your emulator working, dont bother to read the rest of this, go ahead and ask for help! If you have your emulator working outside of PinballX, but don't know how to set it up in PinballX, you may want to take a look at the PinballX Documentation at: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13736-pinballx-documentation/ 1. Post Your PinballX.ini If you are having a problem with starting a emulator, image issues or some other "built-in" feature of PinballX, we may want to take a look at your PinballX.ini, which can be found in this folder: X:\PinballX\Config\ If Windows wants to know what program to use to open the file, Choose "Select a Program From a List of Installed Programs" Choose "Notepad" from the list. (You may want to make sure that "Use This Program Everytime" is checked.) Copy and paste the text from Notepad into your next post, by using the keys:Ctrl + "A" (select all)Ctrl + "C" (copy)Ctrl + "V" (paste) Please attach your documents (simple drag and drop into the bottom of your post in the thread to attach them) or put the contents of your PinballX.ini, log.txt, and .xml files in Spoiler tags. It is difficult for mobile users to read the forums without them. - Click on the spoiler button, which is the "Eye" in the toolbar. - Paste the contents of your support files in the window and click OK to save.2. Post your Log IF PinballX "Crashes", There is an error log that may help you find out why. To view it, Go to: X:\PinballX\Log and open the log.txt file in notepad.Take a look at the log file and see if anything jumps out at you.it could be as simple as a space in the path of your emulator.Example:23:45:12.1 1/26/2014: Started23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Launch System23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Waiting for threads23:45:21.4 1/26/2014: Disposing display23:45:23.4 1/26/2014: D:\VPinball\V Pinball.exe /play -"D:\VPinball\Tables\Attack from Mars (Bally 1995) Night.vpt"23:45:23.4 1/26/2014: Cant find D:\VPinball\V Pinball please check your path is correct.23:45:23.5 1/26/2014: D:\PinballX\vpauto.exe23:45:36.0 1/26/2014: Found PinMAME ROM: afm_113b.nvSee how it says that it can't find " D:\VPinball\V Pinball "? Someone accidentally added a space in the VPinball executable If it's all Greek to you, (Or whatever language is foreign to you ), copy and paste the text from Notepad into your next post, by using the keys:Ctrl + "A" (select all)Ctrl + "C" (copy)Ctrl + "V" (paste)Please put the contents of your log file in Spoiler tags. It is difficult for mobile users to read the forums without them. - Click on the spoiler button, which is the "Eye" in the toolbar. - Paste the contents of your support files in the window and click OK to save. Thanks for reading this... you did read the whole thing, Right? Updated PinballX v1.06 also attached. PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 1.06.docx.zip PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 1.06.pdf
  18. Hi Everyone I have been having a few problems getting PinballX running but I'm glad to say that I am almost there I have come across what I think is the last hurdle which is proving to be a hard nut to crack. When I load a table in PinballX / Visual Pinball the DMD loads on the second screen but is then hidden behind the backglass image. I am able to get the DMD to the front by alt / tab, However the DMD will not remain in that position after I close and reopen the table. I have tried moving the DMD after bringing it to the front then clicking on the playfield and then back on the DMD before closing the table as suggested in another post but that did not work either. Please if anyone has any ideas on how I could approach the issue your input would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Witse
  19. Hi Everyone I am really excited to check out PinballX after using Hyperpin for some time. Today I have downloaded the latest version and installed and configured it with visual pinball (to the correct folders, exe etc) but whenever i try to load a table it jumps back to the table selection screen. It seems to try and load visual pinball but can't? I have had a similar error with hyperpin before with an error in the database that I found and fixed, The database file I am using now works without any problems in hyperpin and have copy and pasted it into the PinballX Visual Pinball DB folder. Please could anyone suggest anything that could cause PinballX to behave this way or any ideas on how to rectify the problem? Kind Regards Witse
  20. So I started out trying some new NES emulators because mine was kind of old and couldn't even play some games. So I got Nestopia and it was awesome. After noticeing the fullscreen mode I tried it out because I'v been wating to play in fullscreen, however it when from this (not full screen) to this (full screen) where a lot screen has black bars around it. In the video settings I have the resolution set to 1920x1080, I can't find any "change aspect ratio" option or a "stretch to fit" option. I really would like to play my NES games in full screen, so you could help me that would be awesome.
  21. Hey guys! On what appears to be near the end of the setup so I can play some games! Have two quick questions: Question 1: Bought an Emumovies account, for some reason GameEX will only download some of the gameplay movies. Any ideas as to why? Typically the first few of the day I scan over that don't have them. Question 2: What theme would be easiest to read on a CRT screen? I have tried the 640x480 and its ROUGH on the eyes, and nearly impossible to read. Can't afford any "fancy" monitors yet Thanks for the help guys!
  22. I really like this plugin and it works correctly in sense that for all my emulators it does it's job. It hides my cursor. Also it works to turn it off for some PC games I have setup. However, it does not have an option to turn it off for Steam and this makes it kind of difficult for some of the games. Besides not using it, does anyone have a solution to this ? Thank you in advance.
  23. I have been using GameEx for years but I got a new pc and just downloaded and installed GameEx from the website. I cannot even get it to run to the title screen. Here is my error log: Any help would be greatly appreciated. 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Opening Configuration File 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: GameEx: Version 12.78: Starting Log 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Operating System Platform: Win32NT 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Operating System Name: Windows 7 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Operating System Version: 6.1.7601 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Aero NOT running 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Initializing Vista/Windows 7 volume control 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Getting CPU and RAM info 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 6124MB 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: 3.29Ghz - 4 Cores or CPU's 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Running Randomize() 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Loading PlugIns 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Checking for applications to Launch On Startup 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Running Misc startup tasks 14:41:07.8 8/7/2012: Setting Menu types 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: Getting Configuration Values 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: --**-- 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.a(Boolean A_0, String A_1, Boolean A_2) 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform..ctor() 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: Disposing Plugins 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: GameEx is exiting with errors 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: Deleting search cache 14:41:07.9 8/7/2012: ERRORS DETECTED: EXITING 14:41:08.0 8/7/2012: Bye Again this is a brand new install and I can't get past this when I try to launch.
  24. I'm trying to play Ocarina of Time, and I would like to know the best configuration for my controller(specified above) Thankss Oh BTW the Profiler didn't include the one for Zelda. :/ Please help ASAP
  25. Hi Guys, I am sadly new to this. I been using XBMC for my Xbox but my Xboxs are getting old and dont play over 720 Which chugs along on certain movies. Are there walk throughs on stream lining the emulators to have a max screen. How to set up Mutiple controller profiles depending on the emulator. I have actual N64 controllers i use for N64 and Sega Saturns for most my arcade stuff. Can these controllers all be configured on 1 app instead of changing all the options inside the emulator. My goal is to figure this stuff all out then someday buy an actual arcade cabinet and make it all work with the coin slots and everything. Pretty sure a lot of people here want that. I dont need like special hand holding methods here. I was wondering if there is just a walk through I can read and ask about all the other stuff I dont understand. Other than that this platform looks perfect and what i pretty much need to take it to the next step.
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