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Found 103 results

  1. Good people ....... I decided to use the mapping of keyboard and mouse buttons, the so-called "antimicro". I have already done the mapping and the files with the controls settings are ready. But I have no idea what command line to use to get the antimicro program started with the proper configuration for the video game I chose to play. Could you tell me how to do this? Ps. I've tried XPADDER but it just does not work on my computer. I already had what I could, even trigger the developer of the program. My current choice is for "antimicro".
  2. After the updates Xpadder plugin has stopped working properly. Until about three weeks ago everything worked perfectly. I noticed that when I start a game Xpadder plugin is open but to push the buttons mapped to the joystick they do not turn on the light. To keep clicking on the tab of the first and second player the xpadder begins to respond to commands. Then I go back to the emulator and the controls will function. With the game already started and without the controls work I press the windows key. After that I go on the icon Xpadder which is open to check it is working. Tightening the buttons but the lights that show the keys are being pressed not light. So I'm browsing the various tabs representing each joyticks connected in xpadder. Doing it xpadder starts to work, and shall be response of buttons pressed. Xpadder updated the program yet nothing has changed. I added the "neogeo" files and "super Nintendo", as are examples of emulators that I'm not working correctly with more xpadder. ps.I'm not really lucky. Every update something stops working. log.txt NEO-GEO.ini NINTENDO (16 Bits-2 Players).ini xpadder.log GameEx.ini
  3. Good day guuys! Pleasure to see you all again. I hope some of you guys liked or in some cases mind me making a video helping new people joining the fold around here. Many un-answered questions from users who was interested but daunted on how to get themselves setup with a bit of GameEx goodness. I hope this video helped out those put of by switching or starting a front end Now I know this was basic, maybe not as fluent in the actual setup as some of you pros, but I hope it got many new users on board to join this great Front End. So thank you guys for making this place just as good as the FE it supports! Well now we need to take it to the next stage. I have shown people how to get it setup and get them on the merry road. But now what I need to do is show them what can be done. Show them what a completed GameEx setup can do. Show them how you guys and how they can make it their own. So no better way of doing that than seeing what you guys have come up with. that way it encourages others to push what can be done and maybe bring some new ideas. So if you could help out that will be great. I will be modifying my setup to give it a bit of WOW factor and showcasing it in a vid to show how and what can be done now that you are setup. But i would be great if I can showcase some of your setups too so people can see even more ideas, possibilities and of course just show off your work. If you got any nice builds, custom themes, ideas, remakes or anything that can help out that would be great! I will help out in any way I can to help you do this as I know you all may not have any means to record themes etc. PLEASE can share files, pictures, videos or anything it would be a massive help for me and an even bigger help for the community! Then.... well we are getting stuck into Evolution!
  4. I've been using GameEx for some time now and have 23 emulators set up in the GameEx setup wizard. Everything was fine and working. I went to set up a 24th emulator in the setup wizard, it wasn't working as I liked so I tried to replace it with another (which ive done successfully in the past) and now all by emulators have the correct name in the first line, but everything else after that is referring to Visual Pinball including paths for each of my emulators assets and roms. Visual Pinball is the first emulator listed as number 1. When I go to GameEx the emulators work fine and I am able to load the games at this point. I am working on GameEx trying to get all the emulators that I would like working, but now I am afraid to do anything until this problem is resolved. Does anyone have any ideas. Is there a file that may have become corrupt, that should be deleted or replaced? There was an update to GameEx earlier today, could the update be buggy? Please help. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Been searching around the forum but can't find an issue that is similar enough to ours; When loading into the Gameex system and viewing "all games" not all of the ROMs that are shown as available in MAME can be viewed or played. We've been looking into this issue for the best part of the day, we also tried changing the ROM path but the same 160 games (which stop after A in the directory) showed. I've attached the gameex.ini and log.txt from our machine, any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Michael at 3GiTech GameEx.ini log.txt
  6. I just got a Lifetime Sub after using GameEx since early 2000's. Sounds dumb, but I can't even sit down I'm so excited !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Tom for years and years and years of supporting and updating this!
  7. Hi there! I'm trying to load basic gameex from a backup small hard drive I had, so I just installed it fresh, no older settings, nothing at all. When I try to launch it, it crashes with an error of non valid characters. My log in spanish... the only spanish text is the 4th line, "Error: non valid characters on access path" verified the setup with the setup wizard, and the only invalid paths reported are from default setups that I don't use (videos, jukebox, daphne...) all of them disabled. what can it be?
  8. Hi everyone, I am new to GameEx (used to use Mala 174). I am using the setup wizard, but I can't seem to get just the Mame roms that I have to display. GameEx is continuously pulling a gigantic list. How can I get just the roms that I have on my drive to show, and not what is available online? Thanks!
  9. Any chance to get the old .mdb databases ? I've just found that many of the new .db3 databases are not full ( for example Master System has only 15 entries ) If i remember well the .mdb was full As .mdbs are still allowed in Gammex, can we download them somewhere or someone using an old version have them ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I have several computers with GameEx on it. One of these old computers goes into a black screen when I try to run GameEx on it. The mouse dissapears for a few seconds while it's black and then pops into view. I can't get out of the black screen until the mouse shows up, then I just press the ESC key and I return to the desktop. I just installed GameEx on it. The Operating System is Windows XP. The computer is old, but still works. What could be the problem?
  11. Hello, I am using an old PC that has Windows XP on it. I installed GameEx but it starts up with an error when I try to run it. It tells me that I should try turning off my advanced graphics and try using 16 bit color mode. I tried googling this and didn't find anything. I also looked in the setup wizard under display options but didn't find anything either. How do I accomplish this?
  12. Hello I am a newbie to Gameex and I am trying to get daphne working. I am using version 14.54 and have configured Mame successfully and I believe that I have Daphne configured correctly using the Advanced configuration. My issue is that I cannot get Daphne to show up in the Menu when I start Gameex. Is this because I have not paid for Gameex and therefore do not receive the customized Menu option? I have used the custom menus under Gameex and added Daphne but it still does not show up when I start Gameex. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you, Paul
  13. Could anyone tell me the command line to the CEMU emulator running through GameEx?
  14. I took a little look about GameEx evolution, but still can not understand what your proposal? Watch the video promoting GameEx evolution really noticed some things in it that does not exist in the normal GameEx. What I could not understand was why create a new version rather than simply updating the old GameEx? Why create this new GameEx? There will be things that GameEx evolution will be able to do the old GameEx will not be? Or vice versa? Why create this new GameEx not simply add their resources in the old GameEx? This would not be possible? Ps. I do not want to create personal polemics. They are sincere doubts I have and would like to hear the answer. Thank you very much.
  15. Currently I use the "Virtual Drive Loader" plugin in the following systems: FM TOWNS MARTY (UNZ) SEGA SATURN (SSF) TURBO GRAFX 16 CD (MAGIC ENGINE) Command lines that used were these: Mounting CD: -mount scsi, G, "[RomPathFull]" Dismantling CD: unmount G Everything worked perfectly. But after I formatted the computer such command lines no longer work. When I try to run any of these systems comes this message: "syntax error in parameter mount". I already checked in Daemon Tools program and associations with the files were made. When I click on cd image it is mounted. The conclusion I draw is that there's something wrong with the command line used in the plugin Virtual Drive Loader. In summary: I think with the update Daemon Tools perhaps the command line has changed. Could someone tell me which command lines could work? because with the current command line virtual drive can not be created. FM TOWNS MARTY.ini GameEx.ini log.txt SATURNO.ini TURBO GRAFX CD.ini
  16. hi there i seem to have troubles setting top my gameex/ledblinky system. i managed to get it working almost perfectly, but now i'm stuck at 'almost' which kind of drives me crazy. problem is the 'preview layout / control panel' function: it works perfectly on MAME games but not so on other systems (like commodore amiga / c64..): whenever i select a game it shows the correct led colors for the corresponding control panel and then reverts to the color- scheme of the frontend as intended. however, selecting non- MAME games previews all led's as 'off'. starting the game *will correctly load the default layout for that emulator*, so gameex seems to send the correct game/system info to ledblinky when starting a game, but not when previewing it. so, to me, it looks more like a gameex- issue than a ledblinky one, which is the reason why i post here. any help would be greatly appreciated. my system: windows 7 on a 'bootcamped' mac mini, gameex/ledblinky in their newest versions, a control panel with a howler arcade controller (which by the way works perfectly for me but is the reason why i can't use gameex's led- plugin as -in my understanding- it does not support that controller).
  17. Not listing New Steam Game Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate edition. Log say invalid or filtered path. Tried to add it manually in the steam config. Cannot get it to list it in GameEx. Thanks for your help in advance. GameEx.ini log.txt steamdata.ini
  18. Hello Everyone! I'm still alive and kicking lol. I know during the past year or two, I've been off and on here not as much. Atop of a new job, kids getting older, and have been working towards getting certified for A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, and CCNP, things have been really hectic. I'm not sure if anyone had reported this (or if it's just my setup lol) but since the most recent update, the screensaver (when it's configured for "play only videos") is a black screen. I've reverted to an earlier version via backup, and that seems to fix the I can only think that it might have something to do with the new version? Is anyone else experiencing this? I hope everyone is doing well, and I've missed y'all!
  19. Pinball FX 2 added the ability to launch tables individually from command line, which is great for people with cabinets. I'm trying to get it to work and can't figure out a working solution. Tables can be launched from command line as follows: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 226980 [TABLENAME] e.g "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 226980 Western - succesfully launches the Wild West Rampage table. I've tried creating my own setup by modifying the Visual Pinball emulator through the setup wizard, I've googled and I've searched the forums for solutions about how best to implement this with GameEx, but I haven't come across anything that's helped. Has someone been able to implement this correctly? My cabinet is an upright 2 player mame cab, and I'd prefer not using something exclusive for pinball sims like PinballX. Thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  20. So I spent the better part of tonight making an application as a go-between for GameEX and Steam. The idea is that it can be run standalone and get all the required information/media for your game and then it can be run with command line parameters to use the steam protocol (steam://run/appid) to launch games (even non-steam games that you added to Steam). When the game closes, my app does as well meaning GameEX immediately grabs focus again. It also downloads Movies, Title Images and Screenshots for snaps. This means even if you already have Steam setup in GameEX (or any frontend, for that matter), you could use it to get this media. Anyway I'm still working on it but I'm excited enough and tired enough to share this video and hope that maybe someone out there will want to use it soon! BTW, it's rough right now but I think it shows the software off pretty well. 1:25 to see how to use it to setup a game 3:18 to see how it grabs/previews media 5:00 to see it run from command line 5:54 to see how to set it up in GameEX 8:00 to see it working in GameEX (goes into game at 8:20, goes back to GameEX at 8:40)
  21. .................The Christmas Comp 2015 ran from December 1st until December 31st................. We congratulate ExedExes for winning The Christmass Comp 2015 !! and Rtkiii for claiming second place and Millerbrad winning the bronze medal Thank you all for participating and we hope to see you back next Christmass..!! Overall High Score LeaderboardPOSITIONUSER NAMETOTAL SCORE1ExedExes6002rtkiii1803millerbrad90Last Updated: 12-31-2015 * All 6 Mame games can be played during the entire month of December ! * Play your game and submit a screenshot of your hi-score screen as a reply to this thread * All submissions must be received no later than 11:59PM on December 31st || Countdown link * You're allowed to submit as many hi-scores as you want. Your personal best score on each game will be shown in the individual Hi-Score Tables (scroll down below and click on the individual game marquees). You can check - at any moment - your leaderboard total by simply adding up the individual points of your current hi-score game positions (10th place = 10 points followed by increments of 10 points // 1st place = 100 points) * For game settings please scroll down below and click on the game marquee. * Be honorable and play with no cheats or hacks !! Click on the individual game marquees for the (dip-switch) settings you have to use when you sumbit your hi-score and to jump to the games' hi-score table ! " Hohoho...Santa Claus is coming to GameEx !! "
  22. Version 1.0.3


    Launcher-X is a simple EXE that is made to be launched instead of GameEx or PinballX on Windows startup for folks that don't use Instant Sheller and still use their dedicated gaming machine as a PC from time to time. There are some customizable features, you can launch setup apps from within it, and it supports some command line arguments. You can find more information about it in the GameEx forum.
  23. November 2015 GOTM Winner: millerbrad - 223,520 (link) Circus Charlie LeaderboardPOSITIONUSER NAMETOTAL SCORE1millerbrad223,520 2GimmeClassics204,580 3ExedExes151,190 4Cynicaster139,730 5Mame Offender116,240 6rtkiii54,020 7hansolo7731,840 8wolfman2431,000 Last Updated: 11-30-2015 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Circus Charlie: ROMSet: CircusC Lives: 3 Cabinet: Upright Difficulty: Normal Unknown: Off Bonus Life: 20000 70000 (20K 90K 70K+) Special Rules: You may freely choose the order of stages to complete. NOTE: The green coloured default values match the Twin Galaxies settings. No settings have to be changed. # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score:
  24. I started using the mame as neogeo emulator instead of WinKawaks. But I can not help the stretched screen with command lines that I found on the Internet. Everything I've tried so far seems to be ignored at the time of execution of the MAME emulator. Basically I want two things: 1) Knowing which command line is needed to make the mame stretch the screen. 2) What command line I can use to make the colors more vivid in mame? I ask this because when using and enjoying the WinKawaks emulator, I realize that the colors are much stronger. When using and enjoying the mame colors seem more erased. GameEx.ini NEO-GEO.ini
  25. There is a command line so I do epsxe emulator enable multi-tap user function when it is started? I searched the Internet and found several command lines this emulator, but none of that solves this problem of mine. reason: When the game is over 2 player multi-tap must be enabled. And when the game is up to 2 players the multi-tap needs to be disabled. If you are unlike those settings do not work the controls. I wanted to create two folders epsxe emulator, and within GameEx, I would add the command to multi-tap activation in one of two command lines. This is originally my plan. GameEx.ini PLAYSTATION (4 JOGADORES).ini