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Found 20 results

  1. Kato 101

    Black screen

    I am a noob and need help. All my tables are working fine within Pinball X, but when I exit my Future Pinball tables both my backglass and playfield go black. I am only using the 2 displays. I have to ctrl alt del and kill 2 pinball x and 1 backglass apps to get out. This goes out to my desktop. All other VP9 tables exit to the PBX wheels with no issue. I am currently running Windows 7 and Future Pinball is running Bam through fploader (in compatibility mode to see load screens). I tried without Bam and with compatibility mode turned off with same results. Any ideas much appreciated! TY.
  2. When I leave the tables of the future pinball the pinballx minimizes making it difficult to use in gabinet mode. How can I solve ?
  3. I made this reply to another thread and figured it would be better served as it's own Topic. How Future Pinball "should" be setup with a new clean install for a cabinet: -install Future Pinball from the setup file you get from the Future Pinball site -copy your FP tables (*.fpt) to the Tables folder (NOT in their own self-named sub folders!) -if your table needs a different version of physics (2.4,2.5,2.6,2.7, Zed, Custom, etc), then just copy the needed .XML (*.zip for Zed) to your Tables folder and rename it the same as your table -copy any table Library files (*.fpl) to the Libraries folder -install BAM (Better Arcade Mode), it should be in the "Future Pinball \ BAM" folder -don't change or rename any files in BAM folder! -you can replace the Future Pinball.exe in the "Future Pinball" folder with another version if you want. I use SLAMT1LT's version from his site as it does default to 2.7 physics and has no watermark. Keep the original for backup. -unblock ALL *.exe and *.DLL files within Future Pinball, BAM, and Pinball X (Win 8 , Win 10) -Future Pinball.exe and FPLoader.exe are: set to "Run as Administrator", and "disable DPI scaling" -launch your FP tables with FPLoader.exe in the BAM folder -setup Pinball X to launch FP tables with FPLoader.exe Configure Future Pinball with these settings. This is a MUST, for complete compatibility with all tables and BAM / Cabinet use! Use these EXACT settings. (You can your change screen resolution and anti-aliasing if you want, and rotation to 0 if you have your playfield screen set to Portrait in Windows.) Also don't forget to set your Backbox resolution. FP doesn't really correctly enable vsync, so if you want you can disable that IF you enable it in your graphic card's driver settings for Future Pinball. -make sure you have "Load Image Into Table Editor" disabled (unchecked) in the "Preferences \ Editor Options" menu. This is important as you will get crashes and other strange things happen when you launch some tables! -when running a table from the FP Editor directly (no frontend), ALWAYS load only one table at a time, and ALWAYS close FP and re-open it after exiting a table! This won't be an issue when launching a table from a frontend like Pinball X. By doing the above, you will have Pinball X use BAM to launch your FP tables, and BAM will use the appropriate physics file for your table if there is one...otherwise BAM will default to whatever the "Future Pinball.exe" uses (in my case, SLAMT1LT's 2.7 physics). Then when the table loads, press "Q" and you can adjust the size, layout, render type, etc of each table to your liking. BAM is simply amazing! BAM notes: -New Renderer (Light System) is the nicest looking for lighting, etc....but is also more graphically demanding. Change to "FP Original" if a table runs slow for you -new version of BAM fixed reflection limitations with FP, but also makes the ball look wierd with "FP Original" when in a rotated "cabinet" view. It looks fine in desktop view though. -ambient occlusion can really kill your fps. You're probably better off disabling it. ======================================= DOFLinx: (Future Pinball specific stuff) My setup for my cabinet with DOFLinx: -install the VPX all in one installer. (Installs the B2S server and all needed files. Yes it installs Visual Pinball 10 too, but you don't have to use it. This saves you some work) -install DOF R3 and confirm it's working -I install DOFLinx in the DirectOuput folder. This will allow DOFLinx to see DOFLinx.ini automatically. You can install to a different location, but you must configure DOFLinx to see where your DOFLinx.ini is located,etc... -copy the DOFLinx.vbs file to the "Future Pinball \ Scripts" folder. Create one if doesn't exist. -configure the DOFLinx.ini for your cabinet setup! (consult the DOFLinx guide for more info) -unblock ALL *.exe and *.DLL files within the DirectOutput folder or wherever you installed DOFLinx (Win 8 , Win 10) -all *.exe files are set to "Run as Administrator" within the DirectOuput folder, and all DOFLinx *.exe files as well -I have DOFLinx always running in the background with the startup of Pinball X. I HIGHLY recommend that you do this as it's how DOFLinx was designed to run, and it will save you alot of headaches. You have been warned! ===================================== DOFLinx.ini : (This is updated as of version 5.0) Sections of interest (in the DOFLinx.ini file) for Future Pinball tables modded to work with full cabinet support. (Consult the DOFLinx guide to configure your entire DOFLinx.ini file! Not just these sections) FP_LINK_WAIT_TIME=50000 - add this "FP_LINK_WAIT_TIME=50000" if it's not there. This is the max time DOFLinx tries to establish a link (FP Link) with your FP DOFLinx modded table, before it defaults to its "key to output" type function. You change the time to a higher value if your computer takes longer to load some tables. FP_ATTEMPT_LINK=1 -this is needed if you want DOFLinx to attempt to establish the FP Link with FP DOFLinx modded tables Cabinet Toys: The following is your cabinet toys setup. Anything with a # in front of it will be ignored. Make sure you put a # in front of any device you don't have in your cabinet. (I don't have a shaker or gear motor) Consult the DOFLinx guide for more info on how to configure this section. These are the solenoids for flippers, bumpers, etc. Make sure they are configured for your particular setup, device, ports, etc. LINK_LF=101,25,8000,255 LINK_RF=102,25,8000,255 LINK_LS=103,75,1000,255 LINK_RS=104,75,1000,255 LINK_ML=105,75,1000,255 LINK_MC=106,75,1000,255 LINK_MR=107,75,1000,255 LINK_BL=108,75,1000,255 LINK_BC=106,75,1000,255 LINK_BR=110,75,1000,255 This is the blower fan, shaker, and gear motor. (Note, I don't have a shaker or gear motor) LINK_FN=111,75,9999,255 #LINK_SH=111,75,9999,255 #LINK_GR=111,75,9999,255 Strobes and Beacon LINK_SR=116,ON,0 LINK_BK=132,ON,0 Start, Launch, Fire button (you can add coin, exit, etc) LINK_ST=114 LINK_LB=115 LINK_FR=113 RGB Flashers. These are configured with the Red port of each RGB flasher. LINK_FLOL=129 LINK_FLIL=126 LINK_FLCN=123 LINK_FLIR=120 LINK_FLOR=117 This section deals with RGB_OUTPUT devices. As far as Future Pinball DOFLinx modded tables are concerned, this is the RGB under cabinet lighting. Note: if you have any RGB_OUTPUT device configured the same as a RGB flasher, then the RGB flasher will be used when a FP DOFLinx modded table is launched! RGB_OUTPUT=117,120,123,126,129 -I use my flashers for other programs, not just Future Pinball and Pinball FX2, so that's why my RGB_OUTPUTS are configured the same as my RGB flasher ports. -RGB_STYLE, RGB_TRIGGER, RGB_MIN_TIME all effect the RGB_OUTPUT....but for FP DOFLinx modded tables this will only have any effect if the table modder chose to use these features. All of the above cabinet toys settings are also used for the Pinball FX 2 full cabinet support features of DOFLinx as well (correct me if I'm wrong DDH69!). That about wraps it up as far as DOFLinx and Future Pinball modded tables are concerned. This doesn't cover the other sections of the DOFLinx.ini, or all the other numerous features that DOFLinx has.... but it should help to answer A LOT of the questions I get.
  4. Future Pinball MegaDocklets Pack 2 View File Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball. Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 07/22/2016 Category Wheel Images  
  5. Hello everyone, i just want to say thanks for the help in advance, and i'll get to it. My setup: 2 screens, 8 buttons connected with a usb board. It's my friend's cabinet, he had it built and installed by someone, and it was working but then stopped the controls did not move anything in game, so he brought it to me. a bit about me, i'm no stranger to emulators, and worked as a pc tech for over 10 years, that why he brought this to me. now i've been at it for a week or more, here' what i found out: the version that was installed had fx2 and pinball arcade, fx2 was a cracked version with all tables unlocked, and it went to the tables from the pinballx menu. pinball arcade never worked. what i did: removed the pirated version and removed all left over software and started from scratch, clean installed Pinballx, created a steam account for my friend and downloaded FX3 and Arcade from steam, configed pinballX with the controller and the displays, and figured out how to use the game manager. so far so good, but right now i have 2 tables one that comes free with Arcade and one i downloaded for future pinball. the arcade one does not respond to the controls i set in pinballx and requires a mouse to navigate the menus, the Future one launches from PBX but again controls don't move anything, i tried launching FB separately and testing it there, some of them work but i never got the game to start. So this is where i'm stuck, i searched everywhere for a tutorial on how to get started and setup proper, i looked at the wiki for the config, but that only says what options are available, and not when you should use them. FX3 doesn't work because he has an older card which he will replace as soon as i get one game to actually play, he doesn't want to invest hundreds of dollars of software before he knows that the machine works. That's where i'm at right now, i need to get this cabinet to work with no mouse or keyboard input, launch to PBX on windows start and just play. i forgot to mention it's a WIN10 home with amd 9750 quad core cpu and 8gb of ram. i would appreciate any links or tips on how to get this started, have a great day! log.txt PinballX.ini SetupWizard.xml
  6. Hi guys hoping you can help me with some final tweaking on my pinball cab. I have a 3 screen setup and running custom videos on my third monitor DMD screen whilst browsing FP tables in PinballX, they are movie trailers or cut scenes to match the table. This is working fine, my issue is that when I launch a FP table the videos freezes and just displays a black screen for the DMD for the whole time the table is running. I want the video to continue playing the looping video whilst the table is running if possible, can this be done? I`m not using Future DMD at all, do I need to run the videos through Future DMD or something? I have "hide DMD" un-checked in PinballX table manager which I thought allowed DMD/Backglass videos to continue playing on table launch. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!!!
  7. I am currently using the following Future Pinball (BAM) launch parameters in my 3-screen cabinet. [FuturePinball] WorkingPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\BAM TablePath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Tables Executable=FPLoader.exe Parameters=/open "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" /play /exit /arcaderender /STAYINRAM FPRAMPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\fpRAM LaunchBeforeEnabled=False LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeParameters= LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchAfterExecutable= LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False I am successful in launching my FP table, but when I press the button assigned to exit the table and return to the PBX menu, nothing happens. When I press the Escape key, I am brought back to the Windows 10 desktop, but PBX is not longer running. I tested to see what happens to PBX after I launch Future Pinball by selecting the Task manager while Future Pinball is running. From here I can see that PBX is not running any more. It seems as though launching Future Pinball from within PBX totally kills PBX . I have read several other threads and do not see this issue reported else where. Is there something special that we need to do in Future Pinball to map exit buttons etc? System: Win10 64Bit All programs setup to run as Admin. PinballX.ini log.txt
  8. Add somewhere in the Game description field an entry displayed in the Releases that indicates what emulator and version(s) of VP or Future Pinball support the given table. This will help those new to the scene identify what versions they need to have installed in order to properly play the table. Also, have similar sort and filter options.
  9. Now with DOFLinx becoming the new standard for Future Pinball cabinet support, I suppose it would be a good idea to help newcomers when it comes to modding a table to support DOFLinx. I decided, since I'm doing another DOFLinx mod of a Future Pinball table...why not record myself doing some of it and make a multi-part video tutorial from it. The table I'm modding is Jaws (Ultimate Edition). This is a complete video series, showing how to mod a Future Pinball table to give it full DOFLinx cabinet support for feedback, lighting, and cabinet toys. Part 1: Initial Setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSlzcTtjxbY Part 2: Flippers and Slingshots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsctKDBIFoc Part 3: Bumpers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJZZ5S2D9WM Part 4: Kickers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94jKnJnCDNs Part 5: Drop Targets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqbSONi ... e=youtu.be Part 6: First Cabinet Test - Solenoids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufFURD03HwM Part 7: RGB Flashers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LpLHnt ... e=youtu.be Part 8: First RGB Flashers test in a cabinet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX5HAEw ... e=youtu.be Part 9: Animated RGB Flasher Effects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDA_ZMey97s Part 10: Animated RGB Flasher Effects, Cabinet Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-_1iKC ... e=youtu.be Part 11: Button Lights (Start, Coin, Launch) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU8oh5t ... e=youtu.be Part 12: TILT, RGB UnderCabinet Lighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5C7jVk ... e=youtu.be Part 13: Shaker, Gear Motor, Blower Fan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThjaCme ... e=youtu.be Part 14: Strobes and Beacons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji_lPI6 ... e=youtu.be Part 15: Finishing Touches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShCX5r5NUwk ... and ALL DONE! There you have it.... a complete video tutorial series that shows me modding the Future Pinball table "Jaws (Ultimate Edition 1.05)" for DOFLinx cabinet support. I hope that you find this helpful and I also hope others will realize that adding DOFlinx support to a Future Pinball is much easier than you think.
  10. Hello everyone. I have read for hours and tried multiple times, but I cannot get PinballX to launch a future pinball table using BAM. I've typed out the pinballx ini file exactly like I've seen posted. I've used the STAYINRAM both at the beginning and the end of the parameter line. I've tried under the future pinball setup and using custom system in pinball. Here is what is happening. I click to load a table from pinballx. Then the screen flashes and goes into windows7 and there is a window of future pinball up. No table is loaded. In the start bar, pinball x is minimized. I then can close future pinball and reopen pinball x as if nothing happens. For some reason, it is executing the FPloader.exe but is not selecting a table. Any ideas?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm sorry this has probably been asked a million times but I'm not actually hitting anything specific to my issue / issues. OK so I have a pile of parts and getting ready to start building a wide-body Future Pinball cabinet using this amazing software PinballX. But...I'm having a couple problems getting BAM's menu to even show up. #1. When I fire up PBX and load a table I'm hitting either the ~ key or q to bring up the BAM menu but nothing happens. I'm at a loss so I've taken a bunch of screenshots and I'll add my config file. #2. As you can see in the screenshot of the ACDC table running I have a grey DMD screen in the upper left corner but the table shows it as the familiar reddish orange. I plan on adding a 3rd monitor for the DMD display so I'm trying to nip that one in the bud in advance. The version of PinballX shows as 2.04 in the log txt which I know needs to be updated because when I fire up PBX while online it tells me so. I'm running in desktop mode for now simply because I'm setting up as much as I can in advance to help with a smoother transition to the cab. I know I'll NEED that BAM menu to scale the tables to the 42" led playfield when ready. Not to mention going to try to take full advantage of the head tracking or IR tracking for the 3D effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks much ! Dave My system specs are: Intel i7 2600K OC'ed @ 4.4ghz CPU Nvidia ( MSI ) GTX680 4gb GPU 32gb 1800mhz RAM ASUS Maximus ExtremeIV motherboard 256 GB SSD hdd / 1 tb hdd Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate Future Pinball Folder: PinballX Folder: PinballX settings: And obviously the ini :-) PinballX.ini log.txt
  13. For some reason when I load tables up via PinballX the BAM settings aren't being used. Once the table is loaded up the table is pushed to the upper left part of the table and not in the default size/position that BAM usually displays the table in. I can run BAM outside of PinballX just fine via FPLoader.exe, load up a table and press Q to get to the BAM settings menu, by default BAM displays the table in the middle of the screen. What it seems like is PinballX isn't even running FPLoader and is just calling Future Pinball.exe essentially not loading any part of BAM or its settings. I did notice something odd though, when I remove /STAYINRAM from the parameters that PinballX will actually load the BAM settings just like if I ran FPLoader outside of PinballX, but PinballX crashes to the task bar and or exits essentially making me have to reload the pinballX application again. So something funky must be going on with the /STAYINRAM but I'm not entirely sure at this point. Future Pinball, FPLoader, and PinBallX are all set to run as Administrator I attached 2 screen shots, my PinballX.ini, and log.txt files. Screen 1 - FP+BAM outside of PinballX: Shows how the table looks and loads up when I run FPLoader outside of Pinballx Screen Shot 2 - FP+BAM inside PinballX: Shows how the table loads up when I run FPLoader in PinballX FP+BAM settings are under [system_2] PinballX.ini: PinballX.ini Log File: log.txt Thanks for any and all help, I have been trying to get this to work for a few weeks and have been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work correcty. BONUS Screenshots of my cab, I am a newb and just got into the hobby about 5 months ago.
  14. sorry guys it happens again! copy/paste issue open pinballx, select FP table (ac/dc ledwiz supported) loading table... during loading some windows of FP appears after that start FP loading table page everything fine, table loaded but pinballx is over FP and controls don't work, work only Pinballx controls so: i've to press Alt+Tab to swap FP window and after FP controls works post config.ini and log.ini any ideas? thanks PinballX.ini log.txt
  15. hi guys, little problem with FP... open pinballx, select FP table (ac/dc ledwiz supported) loading table... during loading some windows of FP appears after that start FP loading table page everything fine, table loaded but pinballx is over FP and controls don't work, work only Pinballx controls so: i've to press Alt+Tab to swap FP window and after FP controls works PinballX.ini
  16. If you haven't tried BAM for Future Pinball, you should. It works well in PinballX. Below is what is in my PinballX.ini file. I have BAM installed in C:\GAMES\Future Pinball\BAM. Your top level directory could be different. PinballX works perfectly for this. [FuturePinball] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball TablePath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Tables Executable=BAM\FPLoader.exe Parameters=RunWait, /STAYINRAM /open "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" /play /exit /arcaderender,,hide UseErrorLevel LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable= LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True MouseClickFocus=True FPRAMPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\fpRAM For several months I have had BAM installed in my cabinet and there is no reason why not to and here is why: The physics in any pinball table may not be correct and it doesn't matter what version of FP you are running or even if you are running the correct version. You may install a table and then you notice that the bumpers, slingshots, nudging, gravity, dampening, FPS, ball mass, flippers, plunger, kicker, etc. may not be accurate. Maybe you watched a real pinball game on Youtube and you see how the ball is moving as it strikes objects and it what direction. Now I don't know about you, but I just hate having to go back into the editor on a table and start messing with all the powers that be. I would much rather tweak an XML file and have BAM's fploader inject into the default FP executable and now the game plays entirely different. This is what I call "real" customized control. You could have custom physics for every table and never have to deal with "one size fits all" ever again. Below is a snippet from the flipper settings in one my ZED XML files for FP. Normally, all the settings for the flippers that end in "Xoff" or Zoff", are set to "0". It is this way in every version of FP as well. I have been experimenting by setting these to "2". This makes your flippers slightly less rigid on their pivots and gives them a little bit of "play" which is kind of like holding a baseball bat in your hands loosely instead of tightly. Now test this out yourself and compare. Does it seem like when the ball is in motion that you are able to absorb the ball's energy and direct it in the right direction more times then not? Maybe you notice that when the flipper is slightly loose, it is a little easier to direct the ball far right or left. I was working on a particular table that was giving me very poor right/left shots. I didn't want to mess with changing the angle of the flippers. I changed these settings below, and instantly I was able to aim to extreme right or left without messing with the editor. Test this out and see what you think. Modify Xoff and Zoff. <flipper mass="99999.0" omega="45.0" moeMethod="0" leftXoff="2" leftYoff="1500" leftZoff="2" rightXoff="2" rightYoff="1500" rightZoff="2"></flipper>
  17. Hey guys, I'm having an issue where Pinball X fquits whenever I launch a Future Pinball table from it. Has anyone else see this issue, and if so, how did you fix it? Here's my steps to reproduce.... 1. Launch PinballX. 2. Select any Future Pinball table. 3. Hit the "Play Game" menu item/button. 4. "Loading" appears on the screen. 5. For a quick moment I see the Future Pinball editor UI appear on my screen. 6. Then I see the FP table's loading screen. 7. Table launches successfully. 8. Hit the ESC key to exit Future Pinball table. RESULT: I'm brought to my Windows desktop, and Pinball X is no longer launched/opened. Interestingly enough, when I looked at my Pinballx.ini file, it doesn't even recognize that my last pinball that I attempted to launch was a Future Pinball table. Instead it shows the last Visual Pinball table I opened. EXPECTED RESULT: I should be brought back to Pinball X. It looks like whenever I launch a Future Pinball table, Pinball X either quits or is crashing. This DOES NOT occur when launching a Visual Pinball table. Hitting escape from a Visual Pinball table brings me back to Pinball X. OS: Win8.1 64-bit Pinball X 1.91 Future Pinball 1.9 Phys Mod 2.5 Thanks y'all! PinballX.ini log.txt
  18. So I switched to PinballX a few months ago and I swear future pinball was working in earlier versions otherwise i probably wouldn't have switched. I must have changed a setting somewhere. Currently I have no way around making my play field (HDMI) monitor 2 and backglass (DVI) monitor 1. When I run FP alone, the tables load right up and no problems. When I load through PinballX the play field shows the loading screen then when it is all loaded up goes black. I can still hear the table running, the backglass shows up. I can use the buttons. Not sure what to do about this. I changed the settings for display in the PinballX settings and playfield goes to the backglass but is usable, main screen stays black.
  19. I can successfully load a FuturePinball table through PinballX but upon launching a ball and hitting the flippers a few times it quits back to PinballX. Anybody having similar problems? (log to come)
  20. I'm trying to setup Future Pinball in GameEx. I checked the database file in the Data\Emulators folder for Future Pinball, but it seems to be empty? I've tried downloading the DB again from the GameEx website but that DB also seems to be empty? Am I missing something? Thanks
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