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Found 9 results

  1. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] CustomLists

    Build and use custom game lists in GameEx. Videos Use 1. Enable Custom Menus and Setup your usual menus (Mame, Emulators etc) 2. Set-up your lists and select "Build Lists" 3. Add any games you want to include in your lists as favourites in GameEx 4. Select the games you want for each list in CustomLists and "Add Selected" Tips For obscure Rom names, try "Lookup Game" You can delete games to reset their Times + Last played status etc Download here Screenies Warning: This Plugin manipulates your GameEx favourites list to construct custom, dynamic lists. If you want to preserve your pre-existing favourites list: Go to Settings select "Show Favourites column" make a new list; select all the games with a "1" in the favourites column then transfer them to your new list.
  2. stigzler

    Custom Lists

    Version 1.3


    Use custom game lists within GameEx. Download, unzip and put files in the GameEx>Plugins Folder. Vid: More Details here:
  3. mgede

    Favorites Snaps not showing

    I recently switched to custom menus and I noticed that favorites and most played games aren't showing any snap / videos on home menu. If I disable custom menus, they will load again when hovering on the menu item (fav, most). How can they show even in custom menus? Also, I've noticed a new shaking effect while scrolling the gamelist up and down on last gameex, is there a way to disable this?
  4. Adultery

    GameEx Favorites Exporter

    Version 1.0.1


    What is it? It's a simple app to build ROM repositories off your GameEx favorites list. You can also build a repo of games you've played. How does it work? Point the app at GameEx.exe and select the emulator. Next, set your source and destination folders. Hit "go". Done. You can also hit "stop" if you don't wanna wait anymore and it'll stop. Features: GameEx ROM path support Generate miss lists if you're missing ROMs MAME *.zip and *.7z support Build ROM sets off your favorites or previously played ROMs Questions or comments? Please share. Changelog: 1.0.1 Minor bug fixes Added MAME 7-zip support Added ability to abort process Cosmetic changes 1.0.0 Initial Release
  5. is there a way to just clear favorites so i can add the new working roms to the list?
  6. I have tried searching through the forums on this, and from what I have read, it seems that this is currently not possible, so it may be a feature request, but I wanted to make sure. Is there a way to select a random game only from your favorites list? I know the screensaver has this functionality, but the issue is that you then cannot go in and play the game. I have not found a way to get 'random' to do this, and if there is a workaround of some sort, I have not come across it yet. Thanks so much!
  7. I am not sure how recent this issue is, as I have not updated my version of GameEx for about a year. But I noticed that with the latest version, I cannot have per-user favorites. I have: 1) Installed GameEx 13.10 2) Run GameEx Setup Wizard and setup emulators and MAME 3) Opened up GameEx to ensure it was working properly, not creating any favorites or playing any games 4) Closed GameEx 5) Run Login and created 2 users, let's call them User1 and User2 6) While still in Login, I logged in as User1, which boots into GameEx, I then set a few games as Favorites and run a game (so it will show in Recently Played) 7) Closed out of GameEx 8) Run Login and logged in as User2, which boots into GameEx, there should be no Favorites saved for this user or Recently Played games, but User2 has the same Favorites and Recently Played lists as User1. 9) I removed 2 of the Favorites as User2 10) Closed GameEx 11) Run Login and logged in as User1, which boots into GameEx, and now User1 also has those two Favorites removed In the previous version of GameEx I used, from maybe about a year ago, I was able to setup Favorite lists per user, and also the Recently Played and Most Played lists would be unique to the user logged in. Please advise, thank you!
  8. torbenb

    Cannot add games to Favorites list

    I cannot add MAME games to the Favorites list. I start the game, press F10 and choose Add to favorites and press Enter to add. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Also, pressing F10 in MAME speeds up the emulation, so I have to press it twice to return to normal speed. Any way to avoid that? And another thing: When GameEx is updated it doesn't remember my language settings but reverts to the OS language settings. Anyway to make GameEx remember?
  9. Hi I would know how to reset most played, last played and favourites I think the informations are stored in the file data.db3 in the data folder of Gamex If i delete it, then gameex crash If i edit it to keep only the header of the database, Gameex crashes too.. Is it possible to have a clean data.db3 file without any entry in it ?? Thanks