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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! Im almost all set with finish up my first VP! But ran into some strange problems i just can´t solve.. ;/ First of all when starting PinballX , ALL the backglasses for FX3 and FUTURE PINBALL showes as "preview" when toggling throgh all games, except for like 80% av all Visual Pinball tables. I have tried everything now for 2 days and hopfully some nice person can tell me whats going on. I have reinstalled , Vpinmame, B2S server, everything. The backglass for the choosen table is SHOWING when starting the game but not before! If i upload tablename_backglass.mp4 it DON`T show up either on the choosen table in pinballX so that isnt the problem. Here is also some other questions if someone know how i can fix it THANX in advance! 1. How can i get Backglass preview on ALL visual tables in PinballX? (Above) 2. Now i have to press YES on that ROM question on EVERY table since re-install in VP and VPX, is there anyway i can "not do" that on every table? 3. HOW to KILL PINUP PLAYER WINDOWS when closing a table whith PUP packs, so it does not show all the time after playing a PUP game. 4. PUP Pack for ALIENS (FX3) Don´t start when i launch the game, "every visual pinball games" does! Is there something special i need to put in as code in pinball x!? 5. DMD position in Visual Pinball, changes all the time, i have set up exakt in DmdDevice.ini + in windows registry, the correct position. And also did DEFAULT in windows registry under / Visual PinMame / but it keeps on REset all the time for me, so the dmd goes down some positions instead ;/ totaly annoying , how to SET this DMD once and for all? This are the settings that works in DmdDevice.ini ; x-axis of the window position left = 3285 ; y-axis of the window position top = 200 ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels width = 1368 ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels height = 364 IN Windows registry sometimes for inctanse X changes to the value 3544161651 instead of 3285 ;/ that i put in from the beginning. Yes, i have checked all Terry Red legendary tutorials and others but i can´t figure out this problems. Pinballx.ini + screenres.txt is included ScreenRes.txt PinballX.ini log.txt
  2. Hi, I uploaded DMD videos for Star Wars - Episode VII The Force Awakens and Star Wars - Might of the First Order. FTP under Media\PinballFX2\DMD Videos Also, I generated new DMD videos for Marvel - Ant-Man and the Balls of Glory pack. FTP under Other Uploads\Carny\PinballFX2\DMD Videos. These do not have the screen door effect (interference patterns). Everything else up through Portal I used the NukeLauncher FX media pack. It's good stuff, but it doesn't look like the author has updated in a while. Before anyone asks, I don't have Alien videos. I have not bought the pack yet. Enjoy.
  3. Unzel

    Dmd not showing

    Good evening everybody, have a strange problem . dmd is not showing anymore on display 3 i have 3 screen setup. playfield, and backglass work perfect. tried switching cables, en monitor setup in Windows. Strange thing: when i enable topper on 3d screen, then this Will show Perfectly on screen 3 but no dmd.. when i start the tablets in vp, they all work flawless. what am i doing wrong? it's driving me nuts. i Will post my pinballx.ini, and log tomorrow. but perhaps someone can put me in the right direction thanks i.a rob W
  4. I have a 3 screen cab and I just switched to Pinballx. So far I am really happy I switched to this front end. I am currently having one issue. I was trying to use dmd videos, but apparently Pinballx does not allow audio on dmd videos? The videos play fine with audio outside of Pinballx. If I play the videos as a table video the audio works, so this seems like it is a dmd video/audio limitation in Pinballx. I thought it would be cool to have dmd videos with audio playing for each table when looking through tables in the wheel. Can anyone confirm this is or is not currently possible? Maybe this can be considered as a future update? Thanks.
  5. Hello! I'll start by saying I'm sorry if this question is already on the forum; I've spent days scouring over the different posts and cannot find an answer. Overall I've got my pinball cabinet completely setup and working with PinballX except one issue. For Pinball Arcade; running the Camera Mod (which is working fantastically) I can't seem to turn off the playfield DMD without turning off my third monitors DMD as well. I've seen videos online where people have three screens (backglass, playfield and DMD) and the DMD is working perfectly and it's turned off from the playfield. For my setup it seems that whenever I turn off the DMD on the playfield (so I get the entire table) the magnified version also turns off. How are others doing this? Again I've scoured the forum and search on Google / other Pinball Arcade forums and connate for the life of me get this configured. With that being said the Camera Mod does work fantastically! Any help and guidance would be VERY much appreciated.
  6. about 70% of the time I quit a table back to the front end, my real pindmd3 stays blank. Can you help me troubleshoot? - this happens with every emulator: VP, FP, FX2, FX3, pro pinball, Slamit - even when the dmd stops working within the front end, I can start another table, in any emu, and the dmd fires up again - restarting PBX only resolves the problem sometimes - trying to "reset" the dmd using dmdext.exe after quiting the emu does not help - I cannot find a pattern to replicate the problem at will, but happens more often than not - I use both real color dmd videos and images. when the dmd stops working, it stops showing either - when working, I see a "Real DMD Initiated" in teh log. that entry is missing when it does not (I guess it makes sense) the second uploaded log is for a new session (pinballx started form desktop) where the DMD did not start. I exited, restarted pinballx, and the dmd started working (third log). Logs from v2.41. Since then, I upgraded to 2.5 with same results. PinballX.ini log.txt log.txt log.txt
  7. Hi there. First of all: I love PinballX. I just have one issue/suggestion: The problem is that the DMD-Videos aren't displayed on the correct monitor. I have the dropdown in the setup listing 5 monitors (even though I only have three) but all of them seem to put the DMD videos on the right corner of Monitor 1. No matter what I configure (including the manual position options) Being a coder myself I tried to simply find the PinballX-Thread, collect the windows-handle from the DMD-Video and move/resize the window to the correct position. Sadly, this did not work, cause the videos do not seem to adjust their zoom level when changing the DMD-Window-size. To shorten this up: It would be VERY helpful (and hopefully not too complicated) if I could add a location for an external application in the config file that is called automatically with the filename from the correct DMD-Video. (just like the external applications on different other config sections) Then I could write a tool to display (and position) the DMD the way I want. I think, others might benefit from such a feature, too. I will happily provide that program for the community, just like I did with the VPinMame-Mover (which does what I described in the first passage, but within Visual Pinball) [Just search for "PinMameMover" on Github)
  8. devorian

    Admin icon ??

    I thought this was originally an issue with my PC but it seems to only occur when tables are played through Pinball X front end? When a table starts the admin icon will appear in the top left of my DMD (Monitor 1) . If I close Pinball X and press start from the task bar the icon will disappear? I'm curious to why this should be when using Pinball X. If I launch the game using the game manager it doesn't happen neither does it happen if I launch a table in VP mame? Any idea why it's happening and secondly how I make it stop? https://ibb.co/jdFRRk
  9. Hi, I have had PinballX working fine with Visual Pinball 10.3.1 and Pinball FX2. Today I noticed that the VPX ROM videos play fine in pinballX , but the default "No Real DMD" video has stopped playing . I have read through forum posts and cannot figure out what maybe causing it not to not play the video. I have tried to assign videos for the PinballFx2 tables, but none of them play. I am running the following: Windows 10 Pin2DMD (real DMD) which works fine in for PinballFx2 and VPX, just not in PinballX PinballX 2.36 Any help would be appreciated.
  10. In the lower right of the DMD video (the standard PinballX DMD video NOT a PINDMD) – I suddenly have an icon – looks like 2 white arrows chasing each other in a circle (like the Convert–it icon rotated 90 degrees clockwise) in the lower right of the DMD video playback. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did to make this appear (or maybe PinballX is just possessed). I’m running v2.36 (latest version) – clean Win10 (64bit) install. Just for giggles – I replaced the “No DMD.mp4” with the DMD file from South Park (first thing that came to mind) and that video ALSO shows the icon. So it’s definitely something with PinballX. Everything seems to work (still setting up emulators – so haven’t launched an actual game yet). The icon isn’t in the video played via VLC – only when PinballX displays it. I’ve tried moving it – resizing it – no joy. Right now – I have it at 1024×256 which is 1:1 and it’s at 0,0 on Display 3 (the Topper displays just fine – but it’s static, not video) It was working great a couple days ago – this happened suddenly. Since I’m still getting everything set up – I don’t really know what I may have changed right before it started – but the options for DMD are pretty limited (display, X, Y, H, W). There are no errors in the PinballX log.
  11. I did not see these anywhere on the FTP site, and the only Aliens related DMD video all seemed to be in some other language. There are 2 versions of each. 780x204 and 1260x450 Forgive me if these are not standard resolutions, new to this and captured these at the resolution I used on my LCD for DMD, they look fine on my cabinet. /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/bduncan/ Edit: Just realized I probably should have uploaded them into more specifically named sub directories in case I contribute other media. If someone could move them into /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/bduncan//Pinball FX2/DMD Videos/ please.
  12. Hi there, Is there a way to rotate the DMD 90 or 270 degrees in PinballX Frontend? My 3rd screen in my cabinet is rotated 90 degrees and I can't find a way to rotate the dmd, like I did in visual pinball successfully. Many thanks for your help.
  13. After having issues with the built in PinballX Video DMD not staying on top with certain Visual Pinball tables (For the record this was not PinpallX’s fault but the fault of the tables and Windows 10), we decided to make a quick App (ViDMD) that displays any Windows Media compatible video and keeps it always on top. The App has no borders and can be set to any size with a simple XML change. The location of the App on your monitor (works with multiple monitors) can also be changed along with the local video URL (This will not play a web video). The App is set to loop all videos. This is handy for those like me that use a dual screen setup with the Backglass, DMD, and 2nd DMD with a looping video all on one screen. Version 1.1: Added ability to turn Always On Top on or off Closes when PinballX closes Version 1.0: Ability to change location of App on screen Ability to change size of window Ability to play any local WMP compatible video Always on top Loop videos Planned Future Improvements: Ability to turn loop on or off Download: http://projectnetb.com/index.php/2016/10/12/vidmd-a-free-video-player-for-pincabs/
  14. I searched for a DMD Video for Timeshock! with no luck so I've knocked one up, here it is hope it's useful for Timeshock! fans. Timeshock.mp4
  15. Hello, I've added some Pinball FX2 tables to PinballX in a 2 monitor setup. I'm using the backglass videos (with grill) found on ftp server. Everything is working fine so far. I can launch Pinball FX2 tables & DMD during gameplay is on correct position on backgklass. But when I browse through the tables in PinballX, there is no DMD displayed. I'm not sure if this is correct, because, when I exit PinballX (ALT+F4), there is a DMD displayed for a short time after exiting the programm completely. It looks like it was hidden behind the table picture on main monitor the whole time. Am I correct? Should there be a DMD showed in PinballX for Pinball FX2 tables? In settings, I have "Show DMD = Yes" on monitor1 (as the backlight) Thanks, g.
  16. hello, I recently installed pinballx and have gotten several tables to run properly along with the active backglass. running windows 7 64, 3 monitors. this was how I had my displays setup and numbered main -3 bg - 2 dmd - 1 I was trying to find a b2s bg for a certain table and it was only available for UVP. If I read the directions correctly it said that UVP bg will auto display on monitor 3 so I tried redoing the cables on my graphics card so that my bg was monitor 3. and redoing the setting to correspond to my new windows settings. in doing so it caused the pinballx menu to display the dmd and bg on the same monitor new setup main - 1 bg - 3 dmd - 2 when loading the actual table through the menu it worked fine, but in the actual menu the bg and dmd shared the same space. I tried doing everything that other similar forum topics said like running in admin, setting compatibility settings for win 5 nt. I don't have a second video card nor onboard. and I'd rather not purchase one. I went ahead and moved everything back to the way it was. guess another solution would to be to figure out how to create a new dbs for that table. if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it
  17. I have a three monitor setup and working on custom DMD screen for my cabinet. The video file is running but is stuck behind the playfield. When you ALT Tab you can see it breifly and goes away when other program is select. Pinball.ini is correct setting this has been attached. Any insight would be great. Thanks in advanced. PinballX.ini
  18. Hey guys, Trying to get the .\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\DMD Videos to work properly on a 3rd PC monitor. I should be able to drop a video into this directory and have it play on my 3rd monitor, right? TABLE is named "AttachFromMars_FS_B2S" so I have a file there called "AttachFromMars_FS_B2S.mp4". If I drop this mp4 file into the .\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\Backglass Videos folder, it works just fine, albeit on my 2nd monitor instead. I have tried ALT-TAB to see if it was running on the 3rd monitor when I have it in the DMD Videos folder, but nothing is running in the background/hidden. I have also tried using the .\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\Real DMD Videos folder, and it also does not work. Any suggestions to get this puppy to run on a 3rd monitor? David
  19. First off, I'd like to say hello to all. I'm extremely new to the virtual pinball scene but I'm just about ready to jump headlong into it. I showed my mother-in-law a video of a virtual pinball machine as they are currently in the process of building on a game room on their house. She was so enthralled with this concept that she has commissioned me to build her one (I'm quite PC savvy). I'm trying to get everything ready so that I can get an itemized list of the things she'll need to buy. So far I've got this for the PC: Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor Asus Z87-A ATX LGA1150 Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive As far as the displays are concerned, this is where I'm having trouble. I think she wants a play field around 42"-46" and maybe a 27-32" backboard, but for the DMD - i'm confused. I like the look of the 3rd LCD monitor rather than the original DMD looks. Mostly because the animations are more smooth, and they are in color. I understand the "originality" factor in all of this - and I'm sure I'll probably get shot down as it seems most every thread I've read they say that the Vishay's are superior to a plain old monitor. Is there any reason, besides making it look as close to original as possible, that one would pick a Real DMD over a monitor that is in place of a DMD? Any and all criticisms are welcome - as I stated I'm a complete newbie and could use the guidance.
  20. Hi Everyone I have been having a few problems getting PinballX running but I'm glad to say that I am almost there I have come across what I think is the last hurdle which is proving to be a hard nut to crack. When I load a table in PinballX / Visual Pinball the DMD loads on the second screen but is then hidden behind the backglass image. I am able to get the DMD to the front by alt / tab, However the DMD will not remain in that position after I close and reopen the table. I have tried moving the DMD after bringing it to the front then clicking on the playfield and then back on the DMD before closing the table as suggested in another post but that did not work either. Please if anyone has any ideas on how I could approach the issue your input would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Witse
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