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Found 15 results

  1. Recently, I downloaded Game EX Evolution on another computer, and I did it mainly so I could play many racing games with my Logitech G29 Driving Force steering wheel, however I seem to be having a few issues with the Frontend. First off, after I configured a few controls, I can't scroll through the available emulators using the D-pad on the steering wheel, and pressing Circle or Triangle just instantly goes to either the right side or the left side of the menu. Also, I tried to change the description of one emulator a little bit, but I'm not seeing the changes. Also, sometimes when I press right on the D-Pad, the Frontend thinks that I've selected the current emulator. I can use the keyboard OK, but not my steering wheel. Can anyone help me out? I'm very, very new to this, so I'd really appreciate if someone can help me with getting started.
  2. Hello. I didn' find a section for a first post / presentation of myself, so I will do it within this post, better thant nothing I hope. I built my own arcade cabinet last year, with an LCD, Raspberry Pi3, and an IPAC. I first used Retropie, but after months, decided to put a PC inside, in order to have more power and be able to run more recent PC games also. I first tryed Hyperspin (HyperFreeSpin in fact), but spent too many days working on it, reading forums, and it was so a hard work, with mixed results, that I decided to give up last week-end. It was the 3rd complete week-end of work, added to every evenings during the last 3 weeks... I then discovered GameEx, and I found it to be very nice, well developped, and the concept seemed very pleasant. I choosed a complete lifetime pass, in order to be able to use everything, and started to install and configure. But I'm stuck, in the middle of nowhere. I found a few posts/topics, concerning the IPAC (which I know is a keyboard encoder). I know also that we must replace the firmware of the newer versions (post 2015) with a special one which makes the gamepad function inactive (which helped a lot on Retropie and other distributions). I followed the entire advanced wizard, and saw where to assign keys (generated by the IPAC) in order to control the GameEx interface, but I can't find where to remap keys emulator by emulator for game controls using a GUI. It seems there isn't any GUI for that, inside GameEx. I saw the "advanced config" exe, which seems to help remapping keys, but I'm not sure I must use it. I searched also in the different ini files, but never found a simple, comprehensive section in these files, where I can see : - Coin 1= -Coin 2= - Start 1= - Start 2= - button A= - button B= - button X= - button Y= - button L = button R= ... and so on, as in any other frontend I tryed in the past. I only found sections with button 1, 2, 3... 15 as I can remember, but how to make the relation between these numbers and the usual controls (A, B, X, Y, L, R, coin 1/2, start 1/2) ? Must I do it all manually, using the virtual key codes (I saw that in a few posts), corresponding to keyboard inputs, and assign them to the different buttons numbers ? but how to know how to map them ? Also, tell me if it's better replacing the original keys generated by the IPAC 2, with letters only, instead of "tab", ctrl", etc... This is important, as these keys are originally choosed because they are the keys used as standard in Mame... (even if I know it can be reconfigured later in Mame, for all games, or game by game). (For information, I attached the IPAC default keys) And what about the other emulators ? Is it like in other frontends, for which you must configure control keys for each emulator ? So as you can understand, it's very disappointing (maybe it's not the right word, sorry, I'm french), because I'm lost. I thought GameEx was a big GUI, nearly plug and play (as Retropie), compared to Hyperspin, but in my case, with an IPAC, it seems it's not... I'm very sorry if I seem like "another newbie"... but I've searched and read a lot in this forum, without success... maybe i missed something... not sure... Thank you for your help. Stephane. IPAC2 keys.pdf
  3. CPWizBiz is a multi-system game info and controls generator. Use it to display the controls for any game on any system. It also creates dynamic layouts, leveraging media such as images, video, flash, youtube, gifs and scrollers. More Details and Download Here: www.magoarcade.com/software/cpwizbiz
  4. Can anybody direct me to where the controls are stored ( the one that shows the buttons and what it does ? ) as when i click view controls threw Gameex it shows the cabinet, i dont want the actual control panel picture but the one enclosed ( see file ) .
  5. Don't know if any of you use Controller Remap. This is add-on GUI to hopefully cut out the need to delve into xml files. Should make the whole process a little easier. Basically, it solves the issue of when you swap USB devices and Mame looses the controls due to random enumeration. Screens: Video: Hope it helps someone.
  6. UPDATE: I've since made a GUI for ControllerRemap which should ease its use a bit more. You can snaffle it here: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/16298-app-controllerremapgui/?p=142778 Original Post: ControllerRemap solves the problem of changing USB device numbers with your Mame setup. You can get it here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,108767.0.html So - I've been battling with ControllerRemap for days. Finally licked it, but appears that quite a few have had problems understanding the documentation and getting it to work. So I made a simple ABC guide with a few tools to assist. You can get it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15144043/ControllerRemapGuide/ControllerRemapGuide.zip or here: https://sites.google.com/site/alienarcade74/sub-projects/software-setups/mame-setup#TOC-ControllerRemap Cheers
  7. Hi all!! I'm trying to configure Meka as my Colecovion emulator. The problem is that i can't configure correctly the controls. I have 2 xbox pads for my emulators, when i try to configure the second pad on Meka, i not recognize it. I'm trying to map the keyboard keys for this emulator, but i don't know what keys i need to map. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi folks, I'm in the middle of a new project. It's basically a multi-emulator launcher for psx games. The end product will: - Boot psx roms from zipped folders containing varying formats (ecm,ccd,cue,iso,mdb etc) - Create a 'quicklaunch' version of the game so you don't have to unzip it every time you play (optional) - Auto-launch the quicklaunch version if detected. (optional) - Select which default emulator to set against which game (as some work better on diff emus) - Per-emulator launch settings - Grab each games settings from registry and any ini files and autoload them when boot the game next time (e.g. in pcsxr) - preventing setting up game each time you play - Have an admin mode so you can set all of the above - either boot launcher into admin mode via gameex, of use launcher stand-alone to setup games and then use game-ex as final launcher. Also, in terms of integrating into GameEx, I've managed to use this approach alongside "Emulator Groups" function in GE to produce a single list of all psx games under Emulators, with links under each game to either other emulators or to a "Quicklaunch" version of the game. So select games, then select system to method to launch it. Lot tidier. Of course - this in no way is meant to be used instead of GameEx. However, a launcher has proved useful to me in the past when setting up other systems, such as PS2 and Demul - importantly allowing you to save per-game settings. It started with this script, on the first point: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13871-multiformat-universal-playstationpsx-rom-loader-deals-with-zipped-and-ecm-roms/ Started this here so get what would be helpful to people whilst I'm knocking it together, rather than just a blind release. At the moment, I'm just designing this for epsxe and pcsxr as these are the two on my system (got xebra as well, so might add that). However - I need your help!!!! It would be helpful to know which PSX emulators people are using so I can include these in the launcher too. Poll included or post below... I'll obviously post it here once get it to a shareable state. Probably with it just supporting a few emulators to start with. Cheers!
  9. Mornin. So - I have a custom graphic that shows my cab control panel with the functions of each button. Wanting to display this whilst users are navigating around the main GE screen. However, can't find a way to do this. Running two monitors and have GameExtender running too. Have custom graphics selected in GExt and each emulator setup pointing towards the relevant graphic for those. But can't find any equivalent for the main GE interface. Any ideas?
  10. Wondering which console and handheld games play well on a cab or using an arcade stick? Want to know what type of arcade controls can be used with each game? Want to browse or contribute setup notes for games? This is a small project I've set up to try and collate peoples' experience with setting up console games on arcade cabs. Users can contribute games onto this 'database' and share with others their ratings for ease-of-setup and a game's suitability for a cab. I found myself in the position of finishing (ish!?) my cab, but then found I wasn't sure which were the best games to put onto it. Peoples' recommendations were dotted all over forums, so thought I'd invite the marvelous cab + arcade building community to contribute to this centralized repository. Features: Star ratings for various featuresSort games by various columnsFilter results by platform, game type, type of cab controls etc.Links to more detailed setup notes such as plugin settings for the game etc....Screenshot: I'll be contributing as I go along, finding games that play well on my cab. Would be great if others could add their recommendations too. Click this link here to go to the page: https://sites.google.com/site/alienarcade74/top-console-to-cab-games Click this link to go direct to the contribution form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hIFwO3gF3ekK-heudoEAZhq5Q_bCOgxEh0aJ3qMIlj8/viewform?entry.2133690561=magomame&entry.1202225771&entry.362976823&entry.1053481385&entry.774449246&entry.2013513245&entry.283837065 I'll also be posting in this initial post the Top 10 Games for cabs as the database changes. Hope you guys can help out!!! Oh and feedback welcome!!! Top 10 Games for Arcade Cabinets To follow when got 10 games on the list!!
  11. I want to start setting up commodore 64 and intellivision on my cabinet. I think I should be able to get it working just fine, my problem has always been the compatibility with those systems when taking into account the fact you'd be playing them on a 4 player pushbutton style cabinet control panel, not a computer or the intellivision dial deal. The control mapping always seems daunting and I just shy away from it. I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a control file or link for either system that would assist in the control mapping process to have it accurately play the game by way of an arcade control panel. If that is out there. I think I will use WinVice for commodore and Nostalgia for Intellivision.
  12. Scenario - You're booting Dreamcast games from GameEx via NullDC. However, you have to set up the game settings each time. Some games require change of graphics/sound settings and key mappings to your cab controls are very different across games. Solution: This approach saves the configs for each game when you exit Demul. Use: Run game. Set up controls via NullDC menu. Exit Game. Next time you load that game, the controls will be recalled. How to: 1. Make a folder somewhere for your individual game controls 2. Copy this text and make a bat file: 3. Change the User Variables Section to match your system. Save it as a batch file (use notepad - put .bat at end of filename) 4. In your command line for GameEx, enter the following: {Path and bat} "[ROM]" "[ROMPATH]" "[ROMFILE]" For e.g.: C:\GameEx\AHKS_BATS\nulldc_game_settings.bat "[ROM]" "[ROMPATH]" "[ROMFILE]" 5. Copy text below into notepad and save as "[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) - NullDC.ini" in C:\GameEx\CONFIG\EMULATORS
  13. Scenario - You're booting Atomiswave/Naomi/Dreamcast games from GameEx via Demul. However, you have to set up the controls each time. Solution: This approach saves the key configs for each game when you exit Demul. Use: Run game. Set up controls via Demul menu. Exit Game. Next time you load that game, the controls will be recalled. How to: Make a folder somewhere for your individual game controls Copy this text and make a bat file: Change the User Variables Section to match your system. Save it as a batch file (use notepad - put .bat at end of filename) In your command line for GameEx, enter the following: {Path and bat} "[ROM]" "{system name}" For e.g.: C:\GameEx\AHKS_BATS\Demul_load_save_controls.bat "[ROM]" "naomi" Copy text below into notepad and save as "[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) - Demul.ini" in C:\GameEx\CONFIG\EMULATORS Finally, under Advanced config, select this file: Hope this helps and let me know if buggy!
  14. Hi folks, MId-build + also on-the-fly modifications! Have a space below the monitor bezel (about 5" deep) just asking to be filled with a small LCD to display things on. Seen another guy put a small LCD on his CP to display game controls. So.... assembling cab this weekend - last minute advice required!!! My thinking: This small lcd could show button controls/configurations. Building a modular unit with multiple emulators, so whole range of permutations - light guns, trackball, steering wheel etc. Be nice on game boot for the relevant controls to come up. Also, they will vary game to game within each emultor... So - any way to achieve this? Seen CPWiz talked about and also MameHooker?? GPU has two outputs. Would GameEx support this? Recc'd plugins/software? Cheers chaps!
  15. Hi all, I just got an HP Envy x2 Netbook/tablet hybrid with full version of Windows 8 Version 6.2 Build 9200. The log file is attached. I was unable to find an .ini file. I am running the version of MAME downloaded with the latest version of GameEx. I downloaded your software and all of the emulators that I think I would like to use and they play perfectly fine with the actual keyboard, but I am unable to get a virtual controller to pop up on the touchscreen or control a game at all with the touchscreen. I configured to allow touchscreen and mouse and tried different pairings of mouse on/off, controller on/off to no avail. Am I using the wrong version of MAME? Is there no touchscreen support for MAME? I tried the original NBA JAM, Ms.PAC Man, MK2. I really like the software and would be more than willing to make the donation if I could get the virtual controls on to work on the touchscreen. Please advise. Cheers! log.txt
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