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Found 4 results

  1. January 2015 GOTM Winner: Yung-Jedi - 113,900 (link) Strider Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Yung-Jedi 113,900 2 ExedExes 64,200 3 Mame Offender 58,050 4 jedah 53,000 5 hansolo77 36.400 6 GimmeClassics 20,100 7 helpman 19,850 8 millerbrad 18,950 9 Luigimaker 18,250 10 wolfman24 17,900 Last Updated by hansolo77: 02-05-2018 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Strider: ROMSet: strider Difficulty: 4 [Normal] Lives: 2 Bonus Life: 30K, 50K then every 70k Internal Diff. on Life Loss: Default Service Mode: Off Unused: Off Free Play: Off Freeze: Off Flip Screen: Off Demo Sounds: On Allow Continue: No Game Mode: Game Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed! NOTE: * Make sure to change the Lives, Bonus Life and Allow Continue settings. The green coloured default values match the Twin Galaxies settings. * The Difficulty setting may need changed. In some cases it's already default on 4, but sometimes it might be different (such as 2). Countdown Link Please submit your hi-score before the deadline to have a shot at winning this month's title and be awarded with a champion banner to add to your signature * * After each month the previous "Game of the Month" will become a regular hi-score game and can be played constantly and will still earn you points for our Leaderboard ! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score:
  2. I have started a PinballX Steam Community Group for those that are interested in joining. It is my hope that we can try to schedule some competitions for Pinball FX2, TPA, Zaccaria Pinball and more between members of our community. Of course, the PinballX Steam Community will be for much more than competitions. This is open to all members of the PinballX and GameEx forum community with Steam accounts. Any competitions will require an active Steam Account and games running via Steam for high score validation for game competitions. I hope to see you there!
  3. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Internet Gaming Bash of the Year July 1st - August 5th 1. Contest rules 2. Submitting your score 3. Scoreboard (explanation) 4. Games 5. Teams --------------------------------------------- 1. Contest rules a. All 24 games will be played for the entire five week period. You can pick any of the 24 games. The best 5 hi-scores of your Team (best score per player) will count for the general leaderboard. b. Please submit early and often and do not hold on to scores. Submissions are for games played within the contest time frame. Please submit early and often so we may maintain an up to date, live as possible scoreboard. Please do not hold on to scores. If you have any score related problems, please contact Wolf c. All games must be completed and submissions received no later than 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on August 5th. Any scores submitted after this time will not be valid. Again, submit early and often. d. Adjudication Players may play on MAME, stream from arcade cabinets, or play on the RU site (using score mode and submitting completed games). Saving your INP or recording your game is encouraged but screenshots* are acceptable. Disputes with game play (if any) will be handled on a case by case basis and reviewed by all sites. Let’s make every effort to avoid disputes for everyone’s sake. * It is up to the player or individual team to manage their screenshots or files. Please do not send these files to us unless requested e. Joining this contest Players not already registered on a site are no longer eligible to play. Existing site members may join IGB Contest Revision: As of July 8th (one week into a five week contest) no new player additions will be added for any team. This is a revision from "existing site members" may join at any time. this was supposed to be a rule but we never caught during review As a reminder, this is an honor system tournament. Play accordingly and with generally acceptable rules in mind. If in doubt as to what is and is not legal, ask. Sites are encouraged to ensure that their player submissions are in line with player capabilities. 2. Submitting your score Players should submit their scores via this Google Form. [GameEx form] Players will need to submit scores via this form for the score to be validated, otherwise expect a day turn-around to see the score updated. Please submit early and often so we may maintain an up to date, live as possible scoreboard. Please do not hold on to scores. All games must be completed and submissions received no later than 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on August 5th. 3. Scoreboard (explanation) Your Team's top five high scores (best score per player) on each game will earn you points for the contest Leaderboard. These top five qualifying scores are now ranked against the other sites top five high scores. Team score is based on a rank tally with the lowest score tally earning your team the best Leaderboard position. Should a team fail to submit five scores on particular game, missing submissions will automatically receive last place rank. Last place rank with three teams would be 15. *** Contest Scoreboard - please click here *** [we thank TodayIsForgotten for this amazing scoreboard !] Example - 19XX: 1 point - 2,000,000 - submission 1 site a 2 points - 1,800,000 - sub 1 site c 3 points - 1,700,000 - sub 2 site a 4 points - 1,600,000 - sub 3 site a 5 points - 1,500,000 - sub 4 site a 6 points - 600,000 - sub 5 site a 7 points - 550,000 - sub 2 site c 8 points - 500,000 - sub 3 site c 9 points - 450,000 - sub 1 site b 10 points - 400,000 - sub 4 site c 11 points - 350,000 - sub 5 site c 12 points - 300,000 - sub 2 site b 13 points - 250,000 - sub 3 site b 14 points - 200,000 - sub 4 site b 15 points- 150,000 - sub 5 site b Site A received points for 1st place, 3, 4, 5 and 6th place for a total of 19 points. Site B received points for 9th place, 12, 13, 14 and 15th place for a total of 63 points. Site C received points for 2nd place, 7, 8, 10 and 11th place for a total of 38 points. Overall team scores for 19XX: Site A - 19 Site C - 38 Site B - 63 4. Games and settings For game settings (default dip switches) and ROMsets please refer to this thread Note: play Do! Run Run with 5 lives instead of the default 3 lives. Team GameEx Games Mr. Do! Bank Panic Anteater Raiden Team Aussie Arcade Games Bomb Jack Burning Rubber Road Fighter Pooyan Team Donkey Kong Forums Games Donkey Kong Bubbles Moon Patrol Elevator Action Team Atariage/Highscore Games Kung Fu Master New Rally X Frogger Do! Run Run Team Epigroove Games Splatterhouse Sonic Wings Magic Sword Super Spacefortress Macross Team Retrouprising Games Pepper 2 19xx Nitroball Pinball Action 5. Teams Retrouprising - 37 players alexgunslinger cam3ron36 d.b cooper demon mask djwheels dre day dudebro elrod21 enemy ace fudgydrs giga cufflings infraredux innuendo jack bando jig josephjo kiwi kun kong lastexposfan Maxh nick666101 OmegaShadow Permafrostrick QAOP Spaceman revj sabby sawys seahawk starfoxfan2009 stevencassidy13 Stink Buttercrotch teddy loc tenser TodayIsForgotten twinchargers Vendetta Wolfman Donkey Kong Forums - 26 players marky_d cheetah32p chrisp(dkf) crazykongfan d3scride dalar Danman123456 Drunkguy89 ebinsugewa Estel F_symbols Fliplismc fly Fruitygayspaghetti gstrain homerwannabee lakeman421 Milehighdt Monstabonza Paolo Colman Pwnasaurus Shnypz syscrusher tilt von Xelnia GameEx - 15 players Adultery Cynicaster dazzle hp ExedExes georget GimmeClassics hansolo77 KRC Mame Offender MNMax21 rtkiii smario Stephen uberpubert69 Yung-Jedi Aussie Arcade - 13 players brad chrisbo dkong foot john73 kane Mameshane mark68 moat pash rat RMacauley rusty dagger Atariage/Highscore - 17 players BarryBloso boot-error dave1 douglie007 Frankie Gredler keilbaca kernzy LarcenTyler lenny2571 MattDonaldson MegaRetroMan patrick RichyS S.Baz Sixx withinterest Good luck to everyone ! Any questions, write [email protected]
  4. Hi everybody, we would like to welcome you to our new GameEx Hi-Score Competition ! We are very happy the Admins / Mods have given us a dedicated Hi-Score subforum This gave us the possibility to create an even more interesting competition Do you love to play Arcade / Mame games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede and Mario Bros.? You're more than welcome to join our competition ! # New Hi-Score games Because we would like to add games to our hi-score competition - which YOU love to play - we kindly ask you to cast your vote in our Polls. Game of the Month Poll Each month we have a Game of the Month Poll. The most voted game will become "Game of the Month" and will be added to our hi-score competition. You can still cast your vote for "Game of the Month - June" > link Extra Games Poll We also create additional polls to add new games to our competition. In this poll everyone can choose their 5 favorite games and the top 5 voted games will be added to our hi-score competition. Please follow this link to cast your vote. # Hi-Score Leaderboard Your hi-score position on each game will earn you points for our newly created Leaderboard. You can now choose to not only compete for one specific game but you can also try to become our best Hi-Score player A newcomer to our competition has the same chances for a good leaderboard-position as someone already playing our Hi-score competition for a while. Each hi-score game can be played constantly and your hi-score position on each game determines your Leaderboard total. A Hi-Score Game of the Month has the same rules and points scoring system as any hi-score game. However, after each month the results will be published in our Game of the Month Winners thread and the winner will also be rewarded with a 'champion banner' to add to their signature. After each month the previous "Game of the Month" will become a regular hi-score game and can be played constantly. You can check - at any moment - your leaderboard total by simply adding up the individual points of your current hi-score game positions. # Joining our Hi-Score Competition When you want to join our competition and submit a hi-score we kindly ask you to use our default game-settings (see post #1 of each game-thread), only use 1 credit per game and submit a screenshot of your hi-score screen. And of course: be honorable and play with no cheats or hacks Helpfull links / guides: * Rules & settings thread; this includes a short walk-through for submitting you hi-score * Making sure Mame is using the correct game settings * Making a print screen of your Mame Hi-score screen Please leave a reply if you have any questions Happy Hi-Scoring, GC and Han
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