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Found 14 results

  1. Just updated to Gameex 15.68 and after running I noticed my Pinball FX3 games would not run. Checking I found that part of the Command Line entry in the Emulator setup tab had changed from "Pinball Fx3.exe" to "PinballFx3.exe". Changed it back, closed and checked the config.ini and all was well however after running Gameex once again my Pinball FX3 games would not run. Checked the config.ini again and it had dropped the space and reverted from "Pinball Fx3.exe" to "PinballFx3.exe" again. @Tom Speirs I noticed that you mentioned that there have been some changes (performance improvements) to ini file processing so I am guessing that the space stripping may be something to do with that.
  2. If anyone can help me, I have been fighting this for two days now I had a working cabinet perfect in fact but we had a tremendous storm which took my hard drive and back up server I have tried to rebuild and fx was kind enough to give me all my games back but it simply will not load in pinball x no matter what I try Now I see fx3 has come out with full cabinet support so I upgraded to that I still have all 69 games but I still cannot load them unless sepreately through steam and thats no good. PinballX.ini log.txt
  3. When I try to run a game on Steam through PinballX I get a warning error saying "Allow game launch?" which is hidden behind other windows. It does this because PinballX attempts to launch a Steam file with specific launch options parameters in order to load a specific table. Is there any way to disable this and always allow the game to launch? I've tried what I've found online including changing compatibility properties to have it always run as an Admin, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Steam, and more. Nothing has worked though. Any idea what to do?
  4. So, in trying to get CPWizard to work I think I discovered a bug in GameEx. In short, it won't start in windowed mode. And it doesn't seem to want to set a resolution. The windowed mode I've tested more extensively. Basically, if I go into the SetupWizard OR manually change my .ini so it should start windowed mode, and then start GameEx, it starts up fullscreen as usual and changes the setting in the ini back to fullscreen mode. I've confirmed the change is made in the ini and it's running GameEx that switches it back. This happens with or without 'use fullscreen window' on or off. Not really certain what's going on. I can upload a log if desired, but it doesn't show much - just normal loading. Let me know if you'd like me to do a certain series of things to generate a useful log - can do that as well.
  5. It seems rules/instruction cards are not displaying correctly (for me) when in-game. I can bring them up normally in the PinballX menu, but if I want to view them while playing a game - by going to the exit menu and selecting "Intructions" - nothing is displayed. I do hear the sound that normally plays when displaying the instruction card, though. So maybe they're actually displayed behind the backglass or something... I'm using swf instruction cards.
  6. piggei

    LED plugin bug?

    Hi guys, finally I found why my pinballx freeze when it starts the attract mode: I think there's a problem in the Led plugin and the loop command. If I end the sequence wit a loop the pinballx freeze in attract mode after the first loop... If I remove the command, all works OK... This is the portion of the ini for my attract mode... [Commands_Select_Attract_1]device=0cmd=2ports=wait=0[Commands_Select_Attract_2]device=0cmd=0ports=0;1;16wait=80[Commands_Select_Attract_3]device=0cmd=1ports=0;16wait=0[Commands_Select_Attract_4]device=0cmd=0ports=2;19;20;22;23wait=80[Commands_Select_Attract_5]device=0cmd=1ports=1;2;19;20;22;23wait=0[Commands_Select_Attract_6]device=0cmd=0ports=3;16wait=80[Commands_Select_Attract_7]device=0cmd=1ports=3;16wait=0[Commands_Select_Attract_8]device=0cmd=0ports=2;19;20;22;23wait=80[Commands_Select_Attract_9]device=0cmd=1ports=2;19;20;22;23wait=0[Commands_Select_Attract_10]device=0cmd=1ports=wait=0
  7. With the lastest update (1.97 v2) I get the windows tasbar showing whe starting a table and the Loading screen is up.
  8. Hi, After installing the 1.70 update the intermittent visibility of the windows desktop seems to be back. When starting a table (both VP and FP) the "Loading" appears for a short while. After that the windows desktop becomes visible with transparent windows (like when you press Alt+Tab). After that the tables start normally. Bringing up the table menu and exiting tables also works as normal. This issue used to be gone some updates ago, but (for me at least) was reintroduced with 1.70
  9. PinballX was crashing frequently and noticed it was scrolling around the same game... Since the log wasn't particularly helpful, I pulled out sysinternals process monitor to figure out what it was doing. I eventually discovered that a wheel (playfield/bg) image that was properly named but had a size of zero bytes was the culprit to the crashing. I re-downloaded the image file and put it and place and PinballX no longer crashed. FYI: This zero sized image file was also causing issues with the GameEditor
  10. Hi, I have just installed the PinballX and I will start by saying it is awesome! So much better than HyperPin (Win7). Problem: But it randomly stops playing videos and there will only be a black playfield. It will only come back if I quit and start PinballX again. I have also tried to wait on attractmode and after some min the playfield turns black and it will not show videos any more.
  11. This happens when: 1) You use a theme with foreground images. 2) You change to use the view where all the icons are displayed across the middle. 3) You change to a page with a foreground image. What you see is the foreground image displaying for a split second, and then disappearing when the icons are rendered. It's quite jarring. I made a YouTube video of the problem: GameEx.ini log.txt
  12. Hello! I just discovered a bug in the way themes are handled. When using Custom Module Layouts without using Custom Emulator Layouts each emulator screen uses the Emulator Select Layout, not the Emulator Layout (in other words, it uses emulatorselect_module.ini instead of emu_module.ini). This is problematic for me, since I want to always display videos in a specific place, and the emulator select screen puts videos in the Image2 position whereas emulators put the video in the Image position. I've attached my Theme.ini in case it is useful.
  13. This is the error i'am getting: 11:21:45.3 23-6-2012: Opening Configuration File 11:21:45.3 23-6-2012: GameEx: Version 12.68: Starting Log 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Operating System Platform: Win32NT 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Operating System Name: Windows 7 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Operating System Version: 6.1.7601 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Aero running 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Initializing Vista/Windows 7 volume control 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz, 3318MB 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: 2,83Ghz - 4 Cores or CPU's 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Running Randomize() 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Loading PlugIns 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Checking for applications to Launch On Startup 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Running Misc startup tasks 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Setting Menu types 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Getting Configuration Values 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Using Theme: Default - Media Center 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Checking for alternate Image Directory for Theme: Default - Media Center 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Using Images from theme: Default - Media Center V1\MEDIA\ 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Launching HideOS.exe 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Initialising Video/MNG DLL's 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: GameEx will check for media insertion (may affect performance) 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Hiding Taskbar 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Is Media Center running? 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Checking/Creating LCD Registry values 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Media Center Mode 2 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Custom Game Device Input enabled: Getting custom codes 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Snap Delay set to: 2 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Get other settings 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Desktop set to Hide ICONS and set Background to Black 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Start work for Form 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Getting Original Screen Size 11:21:45.4 23-6-2012: Opening Database Connection 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Initializing Component 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: MAME Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: MAME EXE file is: Mame32.exe 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: ROM Path is: S:\Emulator\MAME\Roms 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Catver.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\catver.ini 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: controls.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\controls.ini 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: History.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\history.dat 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: nplayers.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\nplayers.ini 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: command.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\command.dat 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: MAMEinfo.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\mameinfo.dat 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Loading Controls.ini map file 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Snap Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\snap 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Background Snap Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: AVI Snap Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Flyer Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\flyers 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Cabinet Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\cabinets 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Cabinet 3D Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Title Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\titles 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: PCB Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Artwork Preview Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Panel Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\cpanel 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Manual Path: Not Found 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Icon Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\icons 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Marquee Path is: C:\Emulators\MAME32\marquees 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Applying Language/Text 11:21:45.5 23-6-2012: Text/Language: English 11:21:45.6 23-6-2012: Loading Custom Emulators 11:21:45.6 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 1: [Console] Nintendo NES (Nestopia) 11:21:45.6 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 3: [Console] Nintendo N64 (1964) 11:21:45.6 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 4: [PC] Commodore 64 (WinVice) 11:21:45.6 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 5: [PC] Microsoft MSX (blueMSX) 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 9: [Console] Nintendo SNES (Snes9x) 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 13: [Console] Atari 2600 (Stella) 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Loading Emulator 14: [Console] Commodore Amiga CD32 (WinUAE) 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Using Version 3 Themes Animations 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Retrieving resolution setting 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Using General Font: Trebuchet MS 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: Using Title Font: Trebuchet MS 11:21:45.7 23-6-2012: GameEx will try to reduce CPU usage 11:21:49.2 23-6-2012: Initialising Direct3D 11:21:49.3 23-6-2012: Applying GameEx is Loading Image 11:21:49.3 23-6-2012: Setting Resolution to 1360x768 32 bit color 11:21:49.3 23-6-2012: Creating Surfaces 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Creating Primary Surface - Full Screen Mode 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Creating Back Buffer 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Loading graphic Surfaces 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Display is running at: 1360x768 32bit color, 60hz 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Adapter: Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Max texture size: 2048x2048 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Available texture memory: 244MB 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Initialising Bass Audio Library 11:21:49.5 23-6-2012: Creating Surfaces Misc and Dialogs 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: --**-- 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: Error: Parameter is not valid. 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(String filename) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at Direct2D.Direct2d.Surface.a(String A_0, Device A_1) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at Direct2D.Direct2d.Surface..ctor(String Filename, Device Device) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.e(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, Boolean A_2) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.a(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, Boolean A_2, Boolean A_3, Int32 A_4, Int32 A_5, Int32 A_6, Boolean A_7, Boolean A_8) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.a(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, Boolean A_2, Boolean A_3, Int32 A_4, Int32 A_5, Int32 A_6, Boolean A_7) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.a(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, Boolean A_2, Boolean A_3, Int32 A_4, Int32 A_5, Int32 A_6) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.f(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, Boolean A_2) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform.a(Boolean A_0, String A_1, Boolean A_2) 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: at GameEx.GameEx.mainform..ctor() 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: Closing database connection 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: Disposing Plugins 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: GameEx is exiting with errors 11:21:49.6 23-6-2012: Deleting search cache 11:21:49.9 23-6-2012: ERRORS DETECTED: EXITING 11:21:49.9 23-6-2012: Bye
  14. I just wanted to report a small bug with the default settings of the Fusion emulator, specifically when playing a 32X game. The default command line includes the term "-scd". I believe this is in reference to Sega CD. When trying to run a game it gives an error. This term should be replaced with "32x" and games should now run fine. I was wondering why games worked when running them using the Fusion interface but didn't work under GameEx, that was my answer.
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