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Found 8 results

  1. After sticking by the Blue Neon them for roughly the past 2 years, I decided to switch things up and revert back to the default GameEx theme on my main gaming pc. I'm a little baffled as the video background (blue/light blue spheres dancing around) isn't working and I'm just left with a solid blue background. I have GameEx installed on my pc in the den and I get the animated background when using this theme. Tried debugging the issue myself by reinstalling the theme and installing LAV filters but no luck yet. Any help would be great. Thanks! GameEx.ini log.txt
  2. rosic1

    Audio question

    Hi All, I'm brand new to vpin and I'm setting up my first system. I've got a situation that I'm hoping that somebody can help me with or tell me that what I'm experiencing is normal. I'm using visual pinball to play the table and PinballX as a front end. I've used the PinballX game manager to download a couple of tables and the tables play fine, but... On tables like AC/DC and ST:TNG I'm not hearing any background audio. I hear table sounds fine, the ball rolling, bumper being hit, etc. But no music or other game sounds. Am I missing something in my vpin config? are there copyright issues so they can't play the music? Thanks for any help you can give me guys.
  3. I've made a video to show the problem i encounter. See Below. I explain. My game list view display artwork background for each game. I've set up a custom background wich is the gamecube image that appears when "Nintendo Gamecube" is selected. The same image is set as "no snap" image. When i enter in the Gamecube Game list, game artwork is displayed in background ( i think it's searching matching file in this order : background->Box->snap). But when a game has no artwork and gameex can't find a suitable one, the background is black as you can see in the video. I want to display the "custom background image" when Gameex doesn't find a suitable artwork. Is it possible or is it a non implemented feature ? Better than words, see the video below, the problem appears when i go above the most played games list, when there is an empty line ->black background, and it's the same if it can't find a suitable artwork : Black_Background_Problem.mkv EDIT : Adultery has answered he can reproduce the problem so it appears it's a bug. Can it be fixed in a future update ? Thanks for your work
  4. Does anyone else have the issue where occasionally when you exit GameEx it appears that the windows hider is still kind of working? My computer will occasionally be missing the Background and Icons on the desktop. The bottom taskbar is there but the desktop is hidden. I have to restart the computer and reset the background to get everything back. This happened on Windows 7, 8, and 10 over the past couple of years. Really starting to bother me now.
  5. I have tinkered around with the theme editor enough to be able to modify an existing theme to my liking, but I have run into a few things I could use help with in trying to make Theme #2. Question#1 When starting a new theme, What is Version 2 and Version 4? Question#2 I started a new theme using the Default-Default Theme as a base. My intention was to use a different background for each of the different areas (Start, each emulator, news, etc). When I ran my first test, I found that for the emulators, the background would change to the boxart image of the currently highlighted rom and I have not been able to figure out to switch that option off. I checked the Theme Editor config and could not find an option related to this. In the GameEx Setup Wizard, Background Mode is set to 'Display Black Background'. For each emulator, the Custom Background setting is set to the custom png file I created. If it matters, I do have custom menus enabled (ie, I am using GameExMenuEditor.exe). Question#3 I assume there is a theme editing tutorial somewhere on the forums, but I have not found it yet. Can someone point me to it? Thanks to anyone that can offer some help.
  6. I'm fairly new to GameEx and have been trying to figure out an issue I've been having. I'm sure others have seen this, but I have not been able to find reference on it. The problem I have is when I switch between games, if the two games I am switching between both have their own background file, during the switch between games I see the theme background flash momentarily before the background for the next game comes up. Any ideas? I've tried this on 3 different computers, one of which is a Core i7 with 6GB of RAM. Am I missing a setting in GameEX somewhere or is this a known issue? Thanks!
  7. I love this theme. I recently grabbed a gigantic bit of media from EmuMovies.com and loaded it into the MAME directories for bezels, marquees, etc... When I use the Retro Arcade theme, all of the background and media conflicts with the arcade machine. I would love the marquees to show up on the marquee part of the arcade. Which they do, but then all of the MAME artwork starts conflicting with the theme. Basically I lose all of the arcade cabinet and it just shows the artwork with the marquee mixed in. Any ideas?
  8. Certain MAME games utilize or even require a background image while playing. I am referring to the artwork that is displayed beneath the computer generated graphics of some games. It was used to enhance the look of the game by providing an interesting background image that didn't need to be rendered by the computer. I think Asteroids was a game that used one. Warriors is an example of one that is "required" because without it you cannot see the pits of the game playfield that you need to avoid. I asked over at EmuMovies where to download these backgrounds and I was told that it is contained in the "artwork" packages. However, I'm unclear where I need to put these files in order for GameEx to utilize them. It setup under Mame Settings there is a place to put in the path for the "artwork preview", but not for the normal Artwork. I can't seem to find a setting for that. Anyone know how to handle these files? Thanks.
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