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Found 25 results

  1. Here are the some backglass images for a 2 monitor cabinet setup that I'm currently making. It's a slow process, but it's a start.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I found a backglass for Pinball FX2 forum Zen Studios have liked enough, it is that there were some generic, the same for several tables. I also saw on the website of PinballX one Speaker Panel with the logo of ZEN, I searched many times the Speaker Panel Williams or Bally to make backglass, but what he found were pictures that could not be used and why did the Custom Speaker Panel. In the download you will find three folders, one for three monitors with backglass downloaded more than others I've used in the past to complete, another with generics, if you prefer to use those to tables separately (do not think is the case ) and another folder for two monitors I've done with those backglass and the Speaker Panel. They have names for those directly read the game. ------------------------- He encontrado unos backglass para Pinball FX2 en el foro de Zen Studios que me han gustado bastante, la pena es que había algunos genéricos, el mismo para varias mesas. También vi en la web de PinballX un Speaker Panel con el logo de ZEN, he buscado muchas veces el Speaker Panel de Williams o de Bally para hacer los backglass, pero lo que encontraba eran fotos que no podía utilizar y por eso hice los Custom Speaker Panel. En la descarga encontrarás tres carpetas, una para tres monitores con los backglass descargados más otros que he usado de los anteriores para completarlo, otra con los genéricos, por si prefieres usar esos a los de las mesas por separado (no creo que sea el caso) y otra carpeta para dos monitores con los que he hecho con esos Backglass y ese Speaker Panel. Tienen los nombres para que los lea directamente el juego.
  3. Hi When I run the table, on the playfield I have a beautiful loading image, but bad things happen on the backlass. The backglass gets black until the game is loaded, when it starts B2S. What to do to keep the backglass video until it is replaced by the B2S screen? Besides, the VPX window still runs on backglass, although I regularly drag it on playfield, it returns to backglass. Then it looks terrible on backglass when loading the game. What to do?
  4. Hi all, I have some issues with setting up my backglass in pinball x correctly and it is driving me mad. I have a two screen setup with a pindmd3 dot matrix. I only have installed vpx tables I use PBX version 3.28 and setup wizard 3.2.9 Visual Pinball.xml SetupWizard.xml log.txt [SETTINGS].log PinballX.ini The issue is that only one table (tommy) is showing a back glass when browsing through the tables. For the others the screen remains black. For thIS table showing a back glass i also see the dmd double and the speaker grill? For those not showing a back glass; once I launch the table (i added example pictures for IJ) I see suddenly a back glass (with a grill) which disappears and finally the table loads with the normal back glass. Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong? I have attached the ini, xml and log files.
  5. This may have been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. After updating to the later versions of PinballX (currently 3.29) my directB2S backglasses no longer display in attract mode. I get just a blank black screen on VP games while I get the default PinballX screen with Future Pinball (which makes since on FP). Any ideas? I have never used recorded videos for VP always relied on the backglass files. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I come from release 2.79 ( but i do not remember well ) and I installed the 3.05. I need to resize the backglass but with new release it seem not work. Backglass images are not resized to the values entered in the configuration but only adapted to the screen size. Previous release 2.79, work for me with the same configs. Thanks for your help. Regards.
  7. Ciao, ho messo dei video backglass su secondo monitor e topper video su terzo monitor. Durante la scelta dei tavoli in pinballx si vedono entrambi i video, ma quando lancio un tavolo di pinballfx3 ,il topper resta nero e il video backglass sparisce lasciando l'immagine statica del gioco originale pinball fx3. Non ho ancora capito se c'e' un modo per vederli entrambi durante il gioco pinballfx3 o sarà funzionale nelle nuove versioni di pinballx. attendo info grazie
  8. Hello, Not too sure what Ive changed but out of nowhere by fx2 backglass videos no longer show during gameplay.No issue in pinballx wheel, they show up normal. When I pick a table it loads andthen an all black sceen. The dmd shows on my 3rd display and table plays fine. I have tried both checked and unchecked in game manager. My other cab has hidebackglass checked yet it still shows them so I'm very confused. I read another post but was resolved without pointing out what was fixed. In said post it mentioned something about disabling a native fx2 backglass. If anyone can further explain this id be interested to know. Any help is appreciated attached is my ini (EDIT: The time frame at 11 seconds o 20 hasn't changed and just realized I never put that back after trying it) PinballX.ini
  9. Hello everyone, It's hard to find a good back glass for Pinball FX2 so i decided to create them, this is my first contribution. Enjoy, More backglass coming soon, stay tuned. Namsan, - #30s~ #1080 #mp4 #44mo~ ---- Star Wars - Darth vader All medias can be found on the FTP or Link DL : http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=10357 ------- Plant VS Zombie https://1fichier.com/?yqaifojjao ----- The Invincible Iron Man https://1fichier.com/?a6pay45nx0 ----- The Guardian of the Galaxy https://1fichier.com/?ekr35d9czr ----- Fantastic Four https://1fichier.com/?df3n0b3tdk ----- The Walking Dead https://1fichier.com/?6j24wwgd78 ----- Venom https://1fichier.com/?r17gwe35zh ----- South Park : Super Sweet Pinball https://1fichier.com/?rltezdxp0x
  10. /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/HeelerKY/PinballFX2/AltBackglass I've started to make new backglass images 1920x1080 for my 3 monitor cabinet. Uploaded to FTP Feel free to use them if you wish, I'm uploading as I get them done in my spare time. Attached the Archer backglass as an example, thanks for looking.
  11. I have one table that will not load the B2S backglass inside PinballX when browsing through tables, but it will when launched from Visual Pinball. Furthermore, once the table is launched from PinballX, it will display the B2S. I do have the option enabled to show the B2S backglass as the backblass image. The table in question is "The Walking Dead (Stern 2013)", a physmod5 table running the Visual Pinball Physmod5 exe that I have added as "Other Systems" in the settings. All tables reside in c:\visual pinball\tables. The .exe resides in c:\Visual Pinball and coexists with other VP9 versions and VP10. The log says that it created a backglass, just like it does with other tables that do work. Here's the configuration of the table under C:\PinballX\Databases\Visual Pinball Physmod5\Visual Pinball Physmod5.xml <menu> <game name="VP99_The Walking Dead (Stern 2014)"> <description>The Walking Dead (Stern 2014)</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer>Stern</manufacturer> <year>2014</year> <type>Pinball SS</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>False</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>4</rating> </game> </menu> I have attached: - Table and B2S names - "Other Systems" configuration - Visual Pinball Configuration - Display B2S backglass setting in config - PinballX.ini file Thanks! PinballX.ini
  12. Pinball FX2 refuses to display backglasses when browsing tables PinballX (but will display the backglass inside the Pinball FX2 application). PinballX has no trouble displaying Pinball FX2 playfield images, wheel images, and playing launch sounds and table sounds... Example entry in my c:\pinballX\databases\Pinball FX2\Pinball FX2.xml: <menu> <game name="Western"> <description>Wild West Rampage</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer>Zen Studios</manufacturer> <year>2015</year> <type>Pinball OG</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>False</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>5</rating> </game> </menu> I have an image named "Western.png" in c:\pinballX\media\Pinball FX2\Backglass Images\ Heck, I have actually even tried having several files with different possible names and extensions: Western.jpg Wild West Rampage.png Wild West Rampage.jpg I have checked the folder permissions and they match exactly those of the rest of media folders. I read something about PBFX2 having trouble displaying a backglass if the size of the backglass was different to the backglass screen resolution. My Backglass monitor is a TV and at 1920 x 1080 it was overscanning, therefore I was tweaking the resolution in the NVidia Control Panel to make the backglass images work. Today I set the TV to "PC Mode", which provides a native 1920 x 1080 resolution and removed the scaling options from the driver settings, but it still can't display Backglasses inside PinballX! Remember that PBFX itself can display backglasses; also, the three versions of VP that I have installed can show backglasses in PinballX!!! I am not sure what could be going wrong Here are copies of the config.ini, pinball fx2.xml and log.txt. log.txt Pinball FX2.xml PinballX.ini
  13. 2 questions What does the full screen window setting in pinballX have to do with the back glass videos showing up? when I set it to NO the back glass videos do not play When I run pinball FX2 through pinballX the videos on the back glass freeze when I'm running the game But when I back out of the game the video starts running again Is there a way to solve this? 21:43:02.7 9/28/2016: PinballX - Version 2.27 21:43:02.7 9/28/2016: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (7.8GB) 21:43:02.7 9/28/2016: Loading Settings 21:43:02.7 9/28/2016: Initialize Component 21:43:02.8 9/28/2016: Initialize Display 21:43:03.9 9/28/2016: Loading PlugIns 21:43:03.9 9/28/2016: Loaded Plugin:"DirectOutput PinballX Plugin" Version 1 By Swisslizard 21:43:04.5 9/28/2016: PlugIn: "DirectOutput PinballX Plugin" Initialized OK 21:43:04.5 9/28/2016: Using Plugin System Version: 1 21:43:04.5 9/28/2016: Loaded Plugin:"FutureDMD PinballX Stats" Version 1 By GauntletLover 21:43:04.5 9/28/2016: PlugIn: "FutureDMD PinballX Stats" Initialized OK 21:43:04.5 9/28/2016: Using Plugin System Version: 1 21:43:04.6 9/28/2016: Created DirectX BackGlass Window 21:43:04.9 9/28/2016: Hiding Cursor 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Hiding Taskbar 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: GPU 1: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: GPU 2: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Displays: 3 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Load Game List 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: Future Pinball 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: Visual Pinball 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: PinballFX2 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: Visual Pinball 921 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: VP physmod5 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: Trapshoot_b6 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Database: Visual Pinball 10 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: Future Pinball - 21:43:05.0 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: Visual Pinball - 21:43:05.1 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: pinballfx2 - 21:43:05.1 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: Visual Pinball 921 - 21:43:05.1 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: VP Physmod5 - 21:43:05.1 9/28/2016: Loading Custom Database: Visual Pinball 10 - 21:43:05.1 9/28/2016: Finding and matching artwork and videos 21:43:07.3 9/28/2016: Loading Game Statistics and Scores 21:43:07.5 9/28/2016: Loading Surfaces 21:43:07.6 9/28/2016: Finished Loading Surfaces 21:43:07.6 9/28/2016: Initialize Audio 21:43:07.6 9/28/2016: Set Keyboard Controls 21:43:07.6 9/28/2016: Initialize Joystick 21:43:07.8 9/28/2016: 1 Joystick Attached 21:43:07.8 9/28/2016: Started 21:43:14.2 9/28/2016: Exiting 21:43:14.4 9/28/2016: Showing Taskbar 21:43:14.5 9/28/2016: Unhiding Mouse Cursor 21:43:14.5 9/28/2016: Disposing Plugins 21:43:14.5 9/28/2016: Saving Settings 21:43:14.5 9/28/2016: Bye
  14. So new issue when pinballx loads the backglass shows different game then imported. example terminator selected and tron backglass shows. When the game is loaded the backglass corrects itself. Then switches back when entering pinballx front end. I have found and deleted all png image files of the one showing in pinballx still continues to remain. Is there a location where that file is cached or stored. I have imported it from the FTP and selected manually. Also deleted it in game list manager and readded. Just reinserts it. Any insight would be great. Tks in advanced.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    I'm using the backglass of TerryRed for MAME pack that I have integrated into PinballX. I made some new ones that were not. I have also modified other I did not like the Neo-Geo all because I do not like your marquee and other personal preferences. (46 in total) Pongo here I have done or changed, the rest already on the FTP uploaded by TerryRed. ----------------------------------------- Estoy usando los backglass de TerryRed para el pack de MAME que tengo integrado en PinballX. He hecho algunos nuevos que no estaban. También he modificado otros que no me gustaban, las de Neo-Geo todas ya que no me gusta su marquesina y otras por preferencias personales. (46 en total) Pongo aquí las que yo he hecho o modificado, el resto ya están en el FTP subidas por TerryRed.
  16. Hello community! Is there a way to show the backglass Images without grill for my 3screen setup in PinballX? If not - is there a source where to get them? Many thanks in advance!
  17. hello, I recently installed pinballx and have gotten several tables to run properly along with the active backglass. running windows 7 64, 3 monitors. this was how I had my displays setup and numbered main -3 bg - 2 dmd - 1 I was trying to find a b2s bg for a certain table and it was only available for UVP. If I read the directions correctly it said that UVP bg will auto display on monitor 3 so I tried redoing the cables on my graphics card so that my bg was monitor 3. and redoing the setting to correspond to my new windows settings. in doing so it caused the pinballx menu to display the dmd and bg on the same monitor new setup main - 1 bg - 3 dmd - 2 when loading the actual table through the menu it worked fine, but in the actual menu the bg and dmd shared the same space. I tried doing everything that other similar forum topics said like running in admin, setting compatibility settings for win 5 nt. I don't have a second video card nor onboard. and I'd rather not purchase one. I went ahead and moved everything back to the way it was. guess another solution would to be to figure out how to create a new dbs for that table. if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it
  18. Hello everybody, does somebody know what are the requirements of PinballX? ...and maybe also the requirements of PinballXLite? I´m asking because I have an issue which has been tracked down to the hardware, but I don´t know exactly which component. I´ve issued this topic already in another thread and "mace" gave his best to help, but now I´ve heard in another Forum (flippermarkt.de) that another guy has identical problems and therefore I would like to summarize the topic: - some days ago I´ve installed DOF (I´m using a PinControl1 with a connected RGB-Strip). - most tables are working fine and even DOF is working - but there are few tables which show me an error "C:\...\.directb2s" cannot be found..." on launching the table (in this case the table starts, DOF starts, DMD starts, just the Backglass remains black) By the way: the table isn´t named in this error message! It only says "\.directb2s" cannot be found! Maybe the name of the table won´t correctly be forwarded?! This is only if I start the table out of PinballX (after I installed DOF - previously they all worked fine!). If I start the tables directly out of Visual Pinball they also work fine without any error. I will attach a screenshot of my error-message, my DOF-Settings and my PinballX-Settings. - the used backglasses are *.directb2s files. Names are exactly the same (If I start the tables directly out of Visual Pinball everything works perfect with current settings). - before I´ve installed DOF everything was working fine. - if I start my tables directly out of VP9.9.0 or VP(PM5) everything works fine: -> Backglass will be loaded, DOF starts, no problems - if I start my tables out of PinballX (that´s what I used to do): I get an error message (as stated before) -> DOF starts, Backglass Monitor gets dark, Playfield will be shown with mentioned error - This happens only with following tables: a ) Indiana Jones VP920 MOD 2.0 FS (ij_l7) b ) Indiana Jones MOD 2.5 FS PHYSMOD5_NM (ij_l7) c ) STTNG_VP990_HD_GI_MOD_1.3_Physmod_FOM (sttng_x7) d ) Jurassic Park (Data East 1993) UW_LW_dark-Javier_PM5_1.1 (jupk_513) - those mentioned tables are not all the same VP-Version. The error happens with VP9.9.0 as well as PM5 - I´ve already tried to rename one of my tables to a little easier naming "NightMod.vpt" and "NightMod.directb2s", but this changed nothing. - I´ve also tried to use a backglass, which is working fine on another table. But this changes also nothing and will end up in an error message exactly the same way as before with the other BG. - Taking out the error selection via the Directb2s menu This helps to prevent the interupting error message. Table starts and is playable but indeed without the Backglass (so it´s only half way through...). - Then I tried to use different ROM-files (which changed nothing) ...but by accident I found out that if I load the table in VP (I´ve NOT started it - just loaded), then I start PinballX and launch one of those tables: everything works perfect. - It seems to be a Timing issue at any stage, but I don´t know in which Programm/Software/script. - I found out that if I decrease Graphics Settings in VP, I get STTNG and Jurassic Park running in PinballX. Seems to be that VP + B2S + PinballX needs too much memory... Still I don't know exactly what the problem is: RAM, GraphicsRAM, CPU... My System: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor (4x 3200 MHz) RAM: 4 GB (DDR2-1066 Kit) GPU: MSI - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 - 2 GB OS: Windows 7 - 64bit Another user´s system with identical issue: CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 4 x 3 GHz RAM: 4 GB RAM 666 MHz GPU: AMD Radeon 6670 512MB OS: Windows 7 - 64bit Maybe some of you know the requirements or have another idea. Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Jannek DOF.zip PinballX.zip
  19. Here's an odd one, my cabinet has been running perfectly for some months now, all my VP tables have directb2s backglasses and they are named the same as the tables - and they did all work! I added a ledwiz and the DOF config tool recently and followed the setup to the letter, now however when I load up my tables in PinballX the static backglass image from the main table selection screens remains on view - the ledwiz and effects all work just fine but you can't see the directb2s backglass. I've tried shifting focus with ALT- Tab but that makes no difference. If I run VP outside of PinballX it works perfectly, in PinballX if I uncheck the 'use plugins' box on the DirectB2s server setting it works fine again with backglasses loading and animating happily but of course that stops the ledwiz effects. The folder locations and link shortcuts are right, the dll's are all unblocked and the b2s sever is properly registered - I'm stumped! The only thing I can think of is the server has a 'locate vp.xml' button but I didn't think that was necessary from the set up to work. I'm running a Intel 4570 with 8Gig of 1600 Ram and a Nvidea 680GTX, it makes no odds if I use Visual Pinball 921/991/P5 as soon as I activate the b2s plugin the backglasses stop appearing? Help me Obi Wan Spiers you're my only hope etc etc....
  20. The Visual Pinball works. When I start PinballX I do get the playfiled image and menus on screen 1. On screen 2 I can see the backglass. When I select "start game" the text loading is shown and the backglass is still visible. Then Visual Pinball ask permission to start (that is not preferable) and the backglass goes away at the same time. I have set the exe-file to run in admin mode (Win 7). If I give Visual Pinball permission to start the selected game starts but without any backglass shown. The DMD is shown at the top of the playfield, I plan to move it later. When I press esc to quit the game and go back to PinballX I get the Visual Pinball selection to Resume, Debug or Quit. After selecting Quit I amback with the PinballX. I have no clue what is wrong so I send with the log- and ini-files. log.txt PinballX.ini
  21. For the FX2 in Pinballx I have still Images they stay up on the backglass the whole time you play the game.. If I use a video for the back glass it goes blank when you go into the game... Is there a way to keep the video playing during the game
  22. After updating to 1.75 i have the problem with the Backglass Images. it needs 10 x 'mo Times than before with 1.74 . The BAckglass display on my screen but i've to wait 10 seconds or it shows me the backglass Image 10 tables later. The PLayfield works well... so ,,,? i need to fix this... so where can i DOWNLOAD 1.74 or how can i roll it back?
  23. The following information resolves two problems in Pinball Cabinet configurations and one of them is caused by the Game Manager that comes with Pinballx and the other is caused by Pinballx not closing out servers upon exit from the game. Problem 1: UltraVPServer and B2SBackglassServerEXE have been observed to be running in the Task Manager even after a VP game is closed and you exit back to the menu in Pinballx. Solution to this is as follows: Create a batch file called “killbackglass.bat” containing two entries. Use your systems DOS task kill command. In XP it is "tskill”. Place entries tskill UltraVPServer and tskill B2SBackglassServerEXE each on their own line. Use a program like Jitbits BatToExe to convert the batch file into an executable. You will then have “killbackglass.exe”. Execute the Pinballx “Settings” manager to call this program in Virtual Pinball to Launch After when a table exits. Problem 2: Why is the UltraVPServer not working in PinballX to display the backglass? Why is the back box black? Why does the server menu pop up when a table runs and not the back glass? Make sure all of your table game files have the same name. UltraVPServer and the home directory folder that you used to store your finalized UVP files must remain in the Hyperpin folder like “C:\Hyperpin\UltraVP” or whatever. Don't try to move any of this over to Pinballx because it won't work. When you install a table using a UVP back glass you can store the original back glass file and the uvp file in the appropriate \Pinballx\Media\Visual Pinball\ sub-folders, but once you execute UltraVPServer and read in the back glass and uvp file, you must save it in its home Hyperpin folder. For example on my installation it is at “C:\Hyperpin\UltraVP” UltraVPServer must see that your newly installed table is present in the database “Visual Pinball.xml”. There is a bug with this that I have discovered. If you executed “Game Manager” that came with Pinballx, made a change and saved the file, you now have created an xml file with additional lines that UltraVPServer does not understand. This will cause your UVP file not to be found and the UltraVPServer menu will pop up instead of the back glass. If you are transitioning from Hyperpin to Pinballx and moved your xml file over, it originally did not have these extra lines so all the uvp's installed prior to the installation will work even if you did execute “Game Manager” and messed up your xml later adding lines with: <hidedmd>, <hidebackglass>, </enabled>, </rating> This is because UltraVPServer only needs to find itself one time but now you start to install more tables with new UVP's and your xml file is all messed up and the server can't find the new table. What can you do? There are only two solutions to this problem. One is to manually change the Visual Pinball.xml file back to the way it was in Hyperpin with extra lines removed. I don't like this idea because for some of my VP tables, I don't even use a back glass server but only the back glass image displayed with the DMD running in the right place. <hidebackglass> as FALSE is a good feature for this and reduces stuttering. Server's can sometimes slow games down on older machines. The other is to temporarily hide the complete Visual Pinball.xml file (move it somewhere else), then create a new file with only the one game you are trying to install and after you run the game one time, UltraVPServer finds the installed UVP and you can put the original Visual Pinball.xml file back to where it was and install the new game inside of it. Once the server finds it in the xml, it doesn't care that the xml that came later has additional lines it because the Game Manager messed with it. VP cabinets running UVP presents a major problem in that everyone has a different back monitor screen size so if you download UVP for a particular table, you may find that the back glass does not have the proper size for your monitor and the UVP overlay that goes over it combined with the back glass being the wrong size too, can't stretch it to your back monitor and you get the black screen. You will have to use an image editor to resize a new back glass to fit your monitor. Create the UVP that originally came with your installation saving it with its original wrong sized back glass. Now open it back up and drag all overlays containing scoring, lighting, digits, away from the edges of the display and place them more towards the center of the screen and remember their original positions and save this UVP somewhere. Now run the UltraVPServer, read in the newly sized back glass, read in the wrong sized original UVP file that you saved earlier, and move the overlayed UVP items to their correct positions. Remember that UVP overlays can't stretch so when you try to transpose them on a newly sized back glass image, much of the data will be lost on the bottom edge so this is the reason you have to create a dummied up UVP and drag the elements away from edges where they can be lost. Then when you run the server, read in the new back glass, and the dummied up UVP, you can then drag elements back into their positions.
  24. Hi Everyone I have been having a few problems getting PinballX running but I'm glad to say that I am almost there I have come across what I think is the last hurdle which is proving to be a hard nut to crack. When I load a table in PinballX / Visual Pinball the DMD loads on the second screen but is then hidden behind the backglass image. I am able to get the DMD to the front by alt / tab, However the DMD will not remain in that position after I close and reopen the table. I have tried moving the DMD after bringing it to the front then clicking on the playfield and then back on the DMD before closing the table as suggested in another post but that did not work either. Please if anyone has any ideas on how I could approach the issue your input would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Witse
  25. Hi Everyone I can't seem to resize the "No backglass" image on the PinballX table selection screen. The default size only just covers the top left corner of the screen, All other db2s backglasses appear the correct size when tables are loaded. Please could someone tell me the process of resizing so that the " no backglass" image fits the screen in table selection mode? Kind regards Witse
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