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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Previous to 2016, I believe that the default behavior would have been that: any audio present in a video snap would always play when browsing ROMs in an emulator folder, regardless of the presence of any other audio within GameEx. For years, I had been wondering what changed in my system that could have interrupted this expectation. But, after finally trying to figure it out and dig around, I found this post, semi-confirming my suspicions that a change to the build of GameEx must have occurred around this time: ...Anyways, although some may argue that simultaneous overlap of game "snap / preview" audio on-top-of background "music / jukebox" audio may be cacophonous, I'd rather prefer it. 1. is this possible in GameEx's current (05/15/2018) build, and if so, how? 2. in the very least, is it possible for game snap / preview audio to be played INSTEAD-OF or otherwise cross-faded-over (thereby selectively muting the background music as long as the cursor is on a snap'd game) without first having to cease playback of background music?* *presently, this is the only way that I am able to hear game "snap / preview" audio. Unless I first completely stop a background music track, snap audio will not play (even if the background music volume is at 0). ps. I currently have LAV Video Codecs 0.71 installed, though I can confirm that the symptoms were identical in LAV 0.68 as well. log.txt GameEx.ini
  2. I have a 3 screen cab and I just switched to Pinballx. So far I am really happy I switched to this front end. I am currently having one issue. I was trying to use dmd videos, but apparently Pinballx does not allow audio on dmd videos? The videos play fine with audio outside of Pinballx. If I play the videos as a table video the audio works, so this seems like it is a dmd video/audio limitation in Pinballx. I thought it would be cool to have dmd videos with audio playing for each table when looking through tables in the wheel. Can anyone confirm this is or is not currently possible? Maybe this can be considered as a future update? Thanks.
  3. rosic1

    Audio question

    Hi All, I'm brand new to vpin and I'm setting up my first system. I've got a situation that I'm hoping that somebody can help me with or tell me that what I'm experiencing is normal. I'm using visual pinball to play the table and PinballX as a front end. I've used the PinballX game manager to download a couple of tables and the tables play fine, but... On tables like AC/DC and ST:TNG I'm not hearing any background audio. I hear table sounds fine, the ball rolling, bumper being hit, etc. But no music or other game sounds. Am I missing something in my vpin config? are there copyright issues so they can't play the music? Thanks for any help you can give me guys.
  4. Hi Folks, Got an interesting and frustrating bug. Sometimes my table audio will glitch. Either while browsing through the wheel, or during attract mode. after a while , or a few scrolls through my modest 40 tables. I get the glitch. The table audio will begin playing for the currently highlighted table, and then it will skip and repeat the first .5 of a second of the table audio file. Forever. If you then scroll to another table it will change audio file, but still be skipping/repeating the first .5 second of the new Table Audio file. It will do this untill you exit and restart PinballX. Loading a table, and then exiting back out to pinballX doesn't fix it. The glitch will persist. At first I thought, "It seems to be happening at a particular point in the wheel, somewhere around M-P in the alphabet." So I re encoded the audio files in the problem zone to .wavs and re imported them. No improvement. I then thought. Maybe its some kind of bug as it loads and closes video codecs. I only have a few videos in my media , so I deleted all videos and run with JUST .png files for table, dmd, and backglass on all tables. ( no b2s being used at all ) No improvement. I also triggered the glitch by selecting "Bally/Williams" category. Just now. So I'm stumped. Seems to appear randomly now. As far as I know I'm running the latest PinballX And it seems to be something to do with loading and playing a Table audio file. But no particular one. System Specs: Q9505 4 gig DDR 2 Samsung pro SSD 256gig Gtx 760 3 screen Pinball Cab. Realtek motherboard audio chip. Please help , loosing my mind.
  5. Is it possible to make make the screensaver audio files loop and repeat? I have added full length song that is perfect for pinball (you have 3 guesses) and while it plays fine, I would like it to keep repeating itself. Better still, is it possible to have multiple files in the screensaver audio folder and have PinballX play them one after the other (pref in a random order) while in attract mode? It would be awesome to have like a few hours worth of mp3 files in there and just let it play while the screen scrolls the tables. Cheers Rusty
  6. Hello and good day to all! I'm having a bit of some trouble involving album art - I'm using WMP to tag the audio, and have updated all the album art within it. I've also got META data using GameEx. (when I tried to figure out how to fix this issue) For some reason, the playlist will play correctly, but the album art never changes - always stays on one album. I've tried deleting all the album art in the GameEx foulder, and re downloaded everything, but it did basically the same - showed a different album cover instead, but does not change when a new song starts playing. Any help will be greatly appricated, and thank you in advance for all your hard work so far!!
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