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Found 12 results

  1. stigzler


    Version 1.4.23


    MarqueeMasher For: Displaying Marquees or other single image stuff on displays additional to your main display. Install: Download. Unzip. Put the file in your GameEx/Plugins folder. Configure it and boom. Use: Searches for image in folders 1-4 (1 being prioritised) for both primary and secondary displays. Searches for image matching Gamename or Romname in jpg or png format. Options: Area: constrain image to a specified specified area on the display. Area Offset: Use image at specified co-ordinates relative to 0,0 of the display.
  2. Here we start a community project for creating GAME ICONS that can be eventually used by GameEx in a variety of places. SITUATION GameEx already uses game icons for MAME only, and a complete set of icons for all MAME games already exist and can be downloaded from here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/icons/ In GameEx, you can enable MAME icons from the SetupWizard by simply going to the MAME Settings page and define a value for ICON path, that matches to your local folder containing MAME icons. These icons will then automatically be shown in the GameEx MAME menus along with the game title. There is currently no support yet in GameEx for game icons for emulators other than MAME, but a feature request has been created. So in a sense this community project is a bit looking into the future PURPOSE The objective of this community project is to create as many non-MAME game icons as possible for a variety of retrogaming systems. The ultimate target would be one day to have an icon for each game, but given the unbearable number of games in every possible systems, this is not a target achievable in a reasonable time, and therefore it is not really on the table. More modestly, the general purpose will be broken down in smaller targets, which can be undertaken by project participants on a voluntary basis. A reasonable target might be for example the complete set of game icons for a single system of choice. REQUIREMENTS These are the project requirements in a nutshell: 1) One icon per game. If the game exists in multiple variants, one icon per variant would be best (this is the approach chosen by the MAME icons project), but this can be deferred to a later time. 2) Icon files must be of the appropriate .ico type. 3) Icons must be of a resolution supported by Windows. The MAME icons project uses only 32x32 icons, but for many game systems this is too small to get a nice-looking icon. Conversely, larger resolutions are useless for the oldest game systems. In addition, the largest format 256x256 results in excessively large files. We can discuss together if we should stick to one default size for all icons or if we can allow ourselves some flexibility, but my personal preference would be to always create either 32x32 or 64x64 icons (maybe even 48x48 can be allowed). 4) The image used for the icon must come from the actual game graphics. It can be a screenshot of the player's character, or any other sprite or part of the screen that looks very recognizable (or should I say "iconic"?) with relation to the game in question. 5) Icons look best when transparency is used, although not all MAME icons used it. This is mostly up to you to decide, depending on the result. SUGGESTED PROCEDURE Making an icon shouldn't take more than a bunch of minutes, but sometimes it can of course take much longer if you want to do some fine-tuning in order to get a perfect result. Nevertheless the core procedure is truly simple. Here is a breakdown list of how I created the first few sample icons: 1) Start the game in your emulator of choice, pause it at a good point to capture the sprite or image you intend to. Take a screenshot. 2) In basic MS Paint or any other image processor, paste the screenshot, and crop/resize* down to the wanted size. Delete the background around your wanted sprite (for best transparency results, make the whole background a funky color that is not already used by any of the pixels in the sprite). Save as .png. 3) If your image processor doesn't itself support transparencies, there are many online tools to make the background transparent in a matter of second. For instance I have been using http://www190.lunapic.com/editor/ which allows you to "pick" a color by clicking on the background area, and will automatically turn all pixels of that color into transparent. 4) Convert the .png file into a valid .ico file. Again this can easily be done with online tools such as http://www.aconvert.com/icon/ * WARNING: resizing usually distorts the image. So rather than resize, I suggest you only ever crop, see how large is your cropped picture, and based on that decide what icon size to use. If it's still smaller than 32x32, try retaking the screenshot while running the emulator in windowed mode; if larger than 64x64, then try taking the screenshot in fullscreen mode. Here attached are a few samples for games from different systems. defender_of_the_crown64.ico ik+64.ico rick_dangerous48.ico space_taxi.ico spy_vs_spy.ico agent_usa.ico bc's_quest_for_tires.ico boulderdash.ico bruce_lee.ico keen4_64.ico gobliiins64.ico
  3. Is it possible at all in GameEx to enable game ICONS (those that show up besides the game name in menus) for emulated systems other than MAME? For MAME, you just need to define a path for your icons files in Setup Wizard, but can the same be done for other systems? It wouldn't seem to require anything different than from MAME, since this is a feature that depends only on GameEx, and not the actual emulators, right?
  4. I've made a video to show the problem i encounter. See Below. I explain. My game list view display artwork background for each game. I've set up a custom background wich is the gamecube image that appears when "Nintendo Gamecube" is selected. The same image is set as "no snap" image. When i enter in the Gamecube Game list, game artwork is displayed in background ( i think it's searching matching file in this order : background->Box->snap). But when a game has no artwork and gameex can't find a suitable one, the background is black as you can see in the video. I want to display the "custom background image" when Gameex doesn't find a suitable artwork. Is it possible or is it a non implemented feature ? Better than words, see the video below, the problem appears when i go above the most played games list, when there is an empty line ->black background, and it's the same if it can't find a suitable artwork : Black_Background_Problem.mkv EDIT : Adultery has answered he can reproduce the problem so it appears it's a bug. Can it be fixed in a future update ? Thanks for your work
  5. An application to manage game related image sets. Specifically designed for collaborative efforts via cloud services, but can also be used individually with local folders only. Basically, it parses info from any game .dat/.xml/.db3 files, pulls a specified field for game/image names in your assets folder then presents a GUI to compare and move around images matched to the games between 3 folders Screenshots Video Download https://gamesetmatch.codeplex.com/ Hoping it makes the whole business of image sets a bit more manageable. Tthurman, dude - hopefully the end of messing about with that horrendous spreadsheet! We should just plug in Flash's list and should be golden Just gotta bug-shoot GE db3 files now. Reading them fine on my local machine, but something gets lost in deployment. Sure it won't be a biggie... Hope of use....
  6. Hello everybody, I'm a new user and I'm already experiencing a bad headache with "automated artwork download" feature. Gameex 14,44 on Windows 10. In settings, automatic download from Emuview is active. Username and password for login are OK. But actually nothing is downloaded to snaps folders. At the moment I configured 2 emulators (MAME and Snes9X) with about 20 roms each, and none of them receive any artwork. Please note that: 1) If I manually put snaps in the dedicated folders, they correctly appear into Gameex front-end 2) If I try to download artwork with "Download Service Utility.exe", it works fine (emuviews login OK, systems list downloaded, roms recognized and artwork downloaded OK). 3) I can't find any message/warning/errors about downloading anything from emuviews, in LOG file I couldn't find anything similar in the forum nor with Google so now I'm stuck and doesn't know what should I do to get this feature working. Thanks for your help. log.txt GameEx.ini
  7. I've been digging around the site but, I haven't come across a clear solution on how to load up the "extras" for emulators. Let's just start out with the first one, NES emulator Nestopia. Everything is running fine in GameEx but, I have downloaded boxes, titles, videos, etc.. to preview but, I can't seem to get it to work. In the setupconfiguration, for the NES emulator, I've set my paths to all of the folders containing the info. I've downloaded vlc, quicktime, Sharks codec pack and tested the videos and images outside of GameEx and they all work fine. What am I missing?? Is there a tutorial somewhere?? Thanks! Edit: I figured it out. The files that I was using were not matching up with my existing rom names. I used the FatMatch program to match the names up and everything is happy now.
  8. I was just wondering what the difference between all the folders are? In the MAME folder I have artwork, snaps, etc...but I also have a lot of the same folders located in C:\Assets Which folder do I put the files in? Or does it even matter as long as I'm pointing to the one I'm using during the setup? Or do the folders do different things? I hope that makes sense.
  9. I seem to having some sort of issue with my artwork and the direct link to downloading from emu movies. Some of my backgrounds and videos are off for certain games. I never had an issue before, but all of sudden some of the games are off. I don't think it would be a name issue for the rom.... I'm wondering if anyone can help or has had this problem. GameEx.ini
  10. Hello and Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon! There are several people, software, and websites that I am very greatful to have come across (and learn from) since I started this "adventure" in building my own arcade cabinet (dub name "Box O' Awesome ) - this site, the members here, and GameEx take a big part of that pie. As a show of appriciation for all the hard work, sweat, and hours that has been put into GameEx and this forum from both Tom Speirs, as well as many other admins, moderators, and members, I would love to contribute any services that may be needed to help continue making GameEx the best front end software to date! I'm still in the process of learning as much as I can, and hopefully more, about GameEx and any troubleshooting tips. As I learn more, I will help the people who begin using this software more. And hopefully, with Tom's permission, one day I can help create software that will work hand in hand with GameEx. Until that day comes, all I can do now is request to help out with smaller issue. One thing that I have in mind is this: Emumovies is a great website, and I have to give credit where credit is due - if it wasn't for that website, I would have spent long hours manually gathering all artwork needed, making video and image snaps, etc. If anyone here has any difficulty finding or gathering any type of artwork that they need from EmuMovies, please send me a message here including the name of the game, version, platform, and rom name, and I will do my very best to find the artwork for you, or make it, and I will send it to you (as well as upload it to EmuMovies, if they will allow me to). Please let me know what you think . LC
  11. MNMax21


    I wanted to give props to this site and Tom.. I recently built an arcade cabinet and use GameEx as my front end. I am still a complete noob to the whole thing and it can seem daunting at times. I had some buddies over and we were playing all the classics. One of my friends had seen a system with snaps, icons, manuals, marquees, bezels, etc. They asked why I didn't have that. It bummed me out slightly, because I had put a ton of time into the controls... panel..... cabinet... etc. However, I must admit. The reason I did not have them was laziness. I could only find sites with an option to download one thing at a time. That seemed so daunting and time consuming. I really just wanted to play the games. I then stumbled upon Emumovies.com. The site is awesome and has pretty much everything you need. I was worried about the video snaps, due to an onboard video card. However, they even have low res video snaps... I'd recommend this to anyone. I paid the $60 to get unlimited access and it was well worth it. If you really want to make GameEx pop with some media, emumovies.com is where it's at. I just wanted to post this with some tags, in hopes lazy noobs like me could find this information through the associated tags. I have no affiliation with emumovies or gameex. I just thought they deserved some props!! THANKS FOR MAKING THE EXPERIENCE SWEET!
  12. Certain MAME games utilize or even require a background image while playing. I am referring to the artwork that is displayed beneath the computer generated graphics of some games. It was used to enhance the look of the game by providing an interesting background image that didn't need to be rendered by the computer. I think Asteroids was a game that used one. Warriors is an example of one that is "required" because without it you cannot see the pits of the game playfield that you need to avoid. I asked over at EmuMovies where to download these backgrounds and I was told that it is contained in the "artwork" packages. However, I'm unclear where I need to put these files in order for GameEx to utilize them. It setup under Mame Settings there is a place to put in the path for the "artwork preview", but not for the normal Artwork. I can't seem to find a setting for that. Anyone know how to handle these files? Thanks.
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