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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i wonder what is PinballX doing after start. I've setup PinballX.exe as my Win7 Shell program so it's loading instead of explorer, hiding all unwanted stuff in cabinet mode. It's working but PinballX is doing something after start and it's minimized by itself after few seconds after startup. I've also tried PinballX.bat for shell and it's doing exactly the same thing, starting up PBX and after 2-3 seconds minimized itself so i need to Alt-Tab. Of course i can run AHK after PBX start and do the Alt-Tab automatically but i don't want to since i'm not using AHK at all. Any help will be appreciated, have a nice day guys.
  2. Does anyone else have the issue where occasionally when you exit GameEx it appears that the windows hider is still kind of working? My computer will occasionally be missing the Background and Icons on the desktop. The bottom taskbar is there but the desktop is hidden. I have to restart the computer and reset the background to get everything back. This happened on Windows 7, 8, and 10 over the past couple of years. Really starting to bother me now.
  3. Hi all!! Today testing Visual Pinball and Future Pinball emulators I've noticed that xppader does not open automatically when launch that emulators. The plugin is properly configured and enabled in the setup wizard. Xpadder runs and works fine if I open it manually. Any suggestions?GameEx.ini log.txt
  4. in the last days I've added some videos, wheels and pf-image with the gamemanager.exe and suddenly PinballX doesn't start anymore withi windows7. Things I've done: Uninstalled PinballX (1.80) Uninstalled and Reinstalled Sharks Codec Reinstalled PinballX with the latest version (1.83) in another path Started once PinballX as administrator Restarted (nothing's changed) Deleted all the media files in the media folders (table videos, screengrabs, etc etc) this is my log: and this is my pinballx config if started manually PinballX works perfectly My pc is: intel Q6600, 4GB, Geforce8600Gt 512mb,Windows 7 X64 Ultimate
  5. Allo Allo! Gotta quick question...well two of them. 1. Is it possible to boot GameEx directly into a page other than the start page? (Like maybe an emulator page perhaps? ) 2. General question...actually was a bit of a brain fart: If a joystick can be configured to emulate a mouse, and a 360 degree steering wheel works basically off a spinner (which is somewhat mouse related in the eyes of windows), would it be possible to take a steering wheel like a logitech G25/27, and make it emulate a spinner device? Lol, I know this probably sounds like a noob question, but it's one that kinda makes sense in a way...need some enlightenment on this subject lol. Thanks! LC
  6. Hello, I thought I would share this with y'all: I was having a bit of a problem before when it came to windows changing my USB device IDs after reboot. Plugged into my cab, I have a regular mouse, a trackball (Ultimarc's Utrak), and two lightguns from ArcadeGuns.Com (which uses AimTrak technology). After rebooting, I would have to reconfigure all of the trackball and lightgun games, as their device IDs would change via Windows. After many hours searching for a fix to this problem, and much trial and error, I think I came up with a good solution to this problem - it's a small fix, and so far, I had no troubles since then. - Oh, and if you have more than two lightguns, a trackball, and a mouse hooked up; or if you constantly plug and unplug different types of devices that windows looks at as mice, than this may not work for you. I would suggest downloading "ControllerRemap". It's as simple as this: If you set the lightgun's Device IDs using the AimTrak software (from Ultimarc) to "Device 3" and "Device 4" right before shelling GameEx (or any type of front end), you will never have to reconfigure anytype of lightgun or trackball game in Mame - you can even plug and unplug the devices, as long as the computer is shut down when ya do, and as long as you plug the devices in the exact same USB ports, and windows will keep the same Device IDs. I've tried this on my cab for the past couple of days (shutting down, unplugging everything, replugging everything, powering up), and so far, everything worked seamless, every single time. This should also work if you are using a USB hub - I have my trackball hooked up to the hub, and never had to reconfigure any trackball games since. I hope this will help some of you, who may be stumbling on this issue when building your cab! LC
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