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Found 35 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    GameEx Arcade Draconus Theme. Create and Unzip to \GameEx Arcade Edition\Themes\Draconus folder. You will need to manually edit your gameex.ini file within the \GameEx Arcade Edition\CONFIG\ folder. Once you have the .ini open, hit CTRL+F and type Theme and change the line Theme=Default to Theme=Draconus. Enjoy!
  2. I have done a few searches and either I am not looking in the right place, I'm not scrolling down far enough, or I have something that is not working correctly. I have been running Gameex for a little while and am now beginning to customize the front end system but I can't figure out why I can't seem to find the "download theme" area in the "setup". I know it is SIMPLE, but I have spent hours looking and have finally given up. I'm SURE it's going to be one of those... "if it were a snake it would have bit me" types of things. Please help THANK YOU!
  3. This is my first theme for GameEx (or for anything else for that matter). When I first started making the theme, I did not expect it to be anything special, but at some point I really thought it started looking pretty good. After all the positive feedback and great suggestions from everyone who took the time to take a look at my work, I am ready to release it. The idea of the Sidebar theme is to give the GameEx user the feeling of looking at the box or jewel case that games might come in. It is fairly simple and minimalistic, but when combined with title/snap shots or videos, it looks nice. Hopefully someone else out there there in GameEx-land will enjoy it as well. Most assets have been altered or changed including: - 45+ Backgrounds (including optional alternate backgrounds) - 90+ Logos to match the backgrounds or game consoles - Update and Loading screen assets - Sound assets Here are some snaps of the theme in action: RELEASE: http://www.gameex.info/forums/files/file/529-sidebar-1920x1080/ ...and a big thanks to everyone who took part in this thread over the last few weeks. === 7-20-2016 === - Added Wii logo and background
  4. After sticking by the Blue Neon them for roughly the past 2 years, I decided to switch things up and revert back to the default GameEx theme on my main gaming pc. I'm a little baffled as the video background (blue/light blue spheres dancing around) isn't working and I'm just left with a solid blue background. I have GameEx installed on my pc in the den and I get the animated background when using this theme. Tried debugging the issue myself by reinstalling the theme and installing LAV filters but no luck yet. Any help would be great. Thanks! GameEx.ini log.txt
  5. I've made a video to show the problem i encounter. See Below. I explain. My game list view display artwork background for each game. I've set up a custom background wich is the gamecube image that appears when "Nintendo Gamecube" is selected. The same image is set as "no snap" image. When i enter in the Gamecube Game list, game artwork is displayed in background ( i think it's searching matching file in this order : background->Box->snap). But when a game has no artwork and gameex can't find a suitable one, the background is black as you can see in the video. I want to display the "custom background image" when Gameex doesn't find a suitable artwork. Is it possible or is it a non implemented feature ? Better than words, see the video below, the problem appears when i go above the most played games list, when there is an empty line ->black background, and it's the same if it can't find a suitable artwork : Black_Background_Problem.mkv EDIT : Adultery has answered he can reproduce the problem so it appears it's a bug. Can it be fixed in a future update ? Thanks for your work
  6. RedDog

    Sidebar 1920x1080

    Version v1.7


    A theme inspired by game box art from favorite retro consoles.. Thank you for checking out my theme for GameEx. Hopefully you like what you see. The focus of the theme is mostly on console systems and the box art that was used (although backgrounds and logos for most other features are included as well). I have included assets for many of the most common systems. Keep in mind that this theme really looks nice when title and snap shots are available for each game. If you note any errors, please message me through the GameEx forums so I can take a look. Thank you. RedDog
  7. Does anyone else have the issue where occasionally when you exit GameEx it appears that the windows hider is still kind of working? My computer will occasionally be missing the Background and Icons on the desktop. The bottom taskbar is there but the desktop is hidden. I have to restart the computer and reset the background to get everything back. This happened on Windows 7, 8, and 10 over the past couple of years. Really starting to bother me now.
  8. Draco1962


    Version 1.0


    This Version 4 theme is based upon the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. GIMP .xcf and Adobe Photoshop .psd files provided for the users should they wish to modify the backgrounds of the Tab and S5 images to better suit their systems. The circle logos can be downloaded from the GameEx forum and each pack has corresponding .xcf and .psd files for modification as well. *Acknowledgments & Thanks* As always, thanks to Tom Spiers for creating and always supporting this great HTPC/Cabinet Front End! Special thanks to my buds Adultery, nullPointer, Headkaze, and KRC for their efforts and to make our community the greatest amongst the retro-gaming FE communities. Also thanks to the forum members for providing input & encouragement in the development of this theme.
  9. I am in the process of modding a Windows Media Center theme and calling it "GoogleNow." However, I can't figure out what controls the second font. The overall Theme Editor font menu controls the white text in objects like "List". The font inside Menu, Select Line 1, Select Line 2, and List Num are using a slightly grey font. This causes problems with my background and the objects are unreadable. Any ideas? EDIT: I learned how to do screenshots (GameEx has to be ran in Windowed Mode). I've added two attachments
  10. Draco1962

    Smoked Glass

    Version 1.0


    "Smoked Glass" Theme (V4 1920 x 1080) by Draco1962 This is a Version 4 theme. GIMP .xcf and Adobe Photoshop .psd files provided for the users should they wish to modify the backgrounds of the Tab and S5 images to better suit their systems. The Mega Dockelet logos contained are a small part of a larger collection that is forthcoming. GIMP .xcf and Photoshop .psd files are enclosed so that the end-user can create their own custom Mega Docklet logos to further customize their setup. *Acknowledgments & Thanks* As always, thanks to Tom Spiers for creating and always supporting this great HTPC/Cabinet Front End! Special thanks to my buds Adultery, nullPointer, Headkaze, and tthurman for their efforts and to make our community the greatest amongst the retro-gaming FE communities. Also thanks to the forum members for providing input & encouragement in the development of this theme.
  11. I have tinkered around with the theme editor enough to be able to modify an existing theme to my liking, but I have run into a few things I could use help with in trying to make Theme #2. Question#1 When starting a new theme, What is Version 2 and Version 4? Question#2 I started a new theme using the Default-Default Theme as a base. My intention was to use a different background for each of the different areas (Start, each emulator, news, etc). When I ran my first test, I found that for the emulators, the background would change to the boxart image of the currently highlighted rom and I have not been able to figure out to switch that option off. I checked the Theme Editor config and could not find an option related to this. In the GameEx Setup Wizard, Background Mode is set to 'Display Black Background'. For each emulator, the Custom Background setting is set to the custom png file I created. If it matters, I do have custom menus enabled (ie, I am using GameExMenuEditor.exe). Question#3 I assume there is a theme editing tutorial somewhere on the forums, but I have not found it yet. Can someone point me to it? Thanks to anyone that can offer some help.
  12. I don't think I am going to get too involved in the theme creating right now, due to the impending release of evolution. I'd like to wait until that comes out to venture into it further. However, I was dabbling around with an Atari 2600 theme. I love krakerman's one, so I am not sure if I'll even use this. I just thought I'd make something that seems to look like 1977. The video snaps would show up on the old school TV on the right, the game list would be over the dated Atari poster and the game box art (title) would be located in the lunch pail lying on the floor. Anyone know of anything else that I should add. I put some star wars figures on the TV as the 2600 and star wars were released in the same time frame. I am thinking I would put the menu across the top and the high score scroll along the bottom.
  13. *** Before I continue I must Acknowledge Krakerman's incredible GameRoomEX v2 as the inspiration and source for this theme. This theme is simply a port with my own artistic interpretation added. I take no credit for the original design and encourage you to check out his amazing work here. Please do not enter this theme into any competition, as it uses ideas, templates, and artwork from Krakerman's GameroomEX v2. *** Introduction: A few years back I decided to incorporate a vertical/portrait mounted monitor in an arcade cabinet build.This is a great way to view vertically scrolling shooters like 1941, while maintaining the real estate for 4:3 aspect games. It also works well as a pinballX/hyperpin setup. Unfortunately that left me with few options as far as themes were concerned. No longer!!! If you are interested in making a vertical setup there are a few things to consider first. I have included the following links to topics/problems I have run into. I present to you GameRoomEX v2 (Vertscreen): This theme features System specific themes for the following systems (see attached thumbnails for a sample). Installation Instructions: Download the theme here [1080x1920 or 768x1366] and extract it. Place the folder named "GameroomEX 2.0 ([version], Vertscreen)" into the "THEMES" folder within the GameEX folder. So you should have something like this: "C:\GameEx\THEMES\GameroomEX 2.0 (1080x1920, Vertscreen)". In the GameEX Setup Wizard, select the theme. Still in the GameEX setup wizard navigate to the "Emulator Setup" page and change the "Title Snap Path" to point at your emumovies Boxart folder (not 3d boxart) for the following systems: Still in the GameEX setup wizard navigate to the "MAME Settings" page and change the "Marquee Path" to point at your Flyers Folder. Set your OS to rotate your screen appropriately and display at the same resolution as the theme you downloaded. That's it, your ready to start GameEX and enjoy! Please Note: To get the best experience out of this theme you will want emumovies boxart, titles, and video previews for your games. The layout of this theme is specificly designed to fit their artwork's aspect ratio. Other artwork sources will work, but may not fit exactly as intended. You don't need a membership to download these, however the membership makes it MUCH EASIER AND FASTER. You may need to rename your emulator's "start page name" to match the config in the theme's main folder. Otherwise, the theme will display the default background. This theme is available in two sizes, 1080x1920 and 768x1366. Please use the one that matches your screen resolution as closely as possable. If you can, It would be best to match your Operating System's Resolution to the theme's resolution. This will prevent crashes due to GameEX re-sizing images as you navigate the menus.
  14. hello there is a big bug in the wizard install when you choose a theme, if it is not already download, you have a error windows. The pbm is after that it is impossible to choose another theme, everytime i m going back to the wizard and try to choose a theme (not the download page, the page after) i have the same error, so impossible to change the theme... only think i can do is to reinstall everything I'm sorry but i cannot give you the exact error but I have it everytime... running win7 64b and gameex 13.20 (paid version)
  15. Hi there! Finally I found out why I had problems uploading my theme. The name was "Helpman's Arcade Classics", and I guess that (') was messing it all... Now it's available for everybody http://www.gameex.com/themes/Helpman%20Arcade%20Classics%20v2.zip
  16. Hi there. New user here hoping for some help. I've installed on two separate machines. One is my arcade cabinet, C2D, ati X1300 graphics, with an svideo display. The other an i7 laptop with nvidia quadro graphics. Both run Windows 7 64bit. On both systems I am unable to pick anything but the MCE theme. If I try to change themes within gamex, I get a crash with an output ending with: If I change the theme from the setup wizard, I get an unhandled exception error with this in the body: Aside from a fresh install of gameex, these machines have nothing in common besides running 64bit Windows 7 Once its crashed, gameex will not launch again. I have to hack the theme out of the .ini before it will run again. Samples of the log and .ini are attached. GameEx.ini log.txt
  17. Version v1.1


    Take your GameEx on a journey...through time! With the TIME MACHINE! I made this to go with my custom cab at home and it will be a nice addition to the overall feel of my cabinet. With that I thought other might enjoy it for a bit of variety with their home setups as well. Check it out and let me know what you think and if anything is broken. As time permits I would like to keep improving the theme so all recommendations are welcome. thanks, Rich
  18. Is there any plans on having a 2013 or 2014 theme competiton? I would like to see what some people come up with.
  19. Hey guys! On what appears to be near the end of the setup so I can play some games! Have two quick questions: Question 1: Bought an Emumovies account, for some reason GameEX will only download some of the gameplay movies. Any ideas as to why? Typically the first few of the day I scan over that don't have them. Question 2: What theme would be easiest to read on a CRT screen? I have tried the 640x480 and its ROUGH on the eyes, and nearly impossible to read. Can't afford any "fancy" monitors yet Thanks for the help guys!
  20. XBOX Theme for GameEx - 19210x1080 I know I have a few other themes also WIP and they should be released soon. This is actually a theme that I had "in the pipe" from a few years ago. I have always liked my first XBox best. It was Microsoft's first and, to this day, best IMO. Even though I had one of the Pong clones as a kid, and an N64 that was given to me by a friend, the original Xbox was my first console that I purchased myself and enjoy even to this day. It is my hope that this theme will capture the essence of the original Xbox and do it justice. Unfortunately, there is no way to replicate the GUI, so I will have to be satisfied with the colors and background images.
  21. Hello, Working on making my own skin to match my cabinet theme. Question: How do I make the menu size different than the rest. It seems to be global. In the ini I changed "MenuFontSameSize=false" however nothing changed. It still changes to the same global font size as list, menu, etc.. Cheers, Captain Picard
  22. Hey All You guessed it, I've done another basic dark theme which is kind of the sequal to 'The Darkness'. It only took about a day to complete and I think it has a roomy feel to it. All the themes I have done over the past months have led me to this one and it felt natural from start to finish. Here are the pics I've also been messing about with my mame title snaps to give them the 3D treatment for this theme which is promising so far, but still needs tweaking (Can be seen in the mame pic above). I havent seen any snaps that arent flat images so I thought I'd have a go. A monster task with over 9000 images if you were to do them individually, so I batch processed the lot which only took about 5 hours. A positive for the time taken but not exactly the turn out I was hoping for, regardless a good starting point. I tried to make them look like a sort of CD cover. I'll make them all available to anyone who is interested and maybe we can put together a full set of decent snaps. Here are some examples On a final note, someone please stop me from theming, its becoming a habit
  23. Hello I am using the default, just installed free version of Game Ex on a Win7 64 bit Toshiba Sat. Whenever I open the Config Wizard and get to the theme selection, I get the following error (here is a link if my image doesnt load) http://imgur.com/QWERybF It's an "unhandled exception" I looked around and couldn't find where anyone else has this error, do any of you veterans have an idea? thanks -boon
  24. I was wondering...: A lot of the themes created now are made for a 1920x1080 HD setup. Those are great but...: when building a Cab a 4:3 (non-wide)screen is still the most common to use, right? So why are there less themes created for arcade cabs? I presume a lot of you guys use GameEx because of having (future) plans to build a cab or maybe already have one. 4:3 themes do fit the bill better in that scenario right? Love to hear the communities reaction on this Thanks, GC
  25. Hey all, Here's a taster of the project KRC and myself are working on.... still lots of work to do but this screeny should wet your appetite To be continued ........
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