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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there, I'm adding arcade systems to my pinball cab to play vertical games on the the big tv screen. I'm running into a strange issue when trying to run the Demul emulator (for Sega Naomi). I'm starting games by running AutoHotkey scripts that in turn start the emulator. Everything is working perfectly. Stange this is, I'm getting no sound when starting from PinballX. When I use the exact same AutoHotkey scripts outside of PinballX, changing nothing, the sound is there. Anyone any idea why this would happen only when starting from PinballX?
  2. Hello, I´m not sure what´s the best way (or maybe just my preferred settings) to include playfield previews in Pinballx . Therefore I would like to know how you handle your playfield previews. 1. What kind of media do you prefer (Images / Videos)? ...and why? (e.g. performance, optics, storage...) 2. If you use Videos: 2.1 Do you use Videos with integrated Sound? 2.2 Do you use Videos without Sound? 3. Do you integrate Sound to your "Images" / "Videos without sounds" via separated Audio files? I´m asking, because normally I would prefer to use Videos with included Audio. But there are table where such files are not available. So I went for the solution to add just for those Videos separated Audio files. But I´ve encountered that if PinballX is starting at a table where I did so, the Opening Audio file of PinballX will be delayed until the separated Audio file of that specific table has ended or until I switch to another table with integrated Audio. (I think if the Video uses integrated Audio the different Audio files may be overlayed while different separated Audio files can´t). But on the other side I´ve encountered another effect: While for Videos with integrated Sound the Sound stops as soon as I start one of those tables... Those tables with separated Sound files play their Sound even during the Loading Screen of PinballX. So currently I´m not really sure what is my preferred solution (and I don´t like mixing solutions anyway)... How do you do your setup regarding the preview Videos? Many thanks in advance for your suggestions! Kind regards, Jannek
  3. I would like to change my gameex sound when i start up any game if possible to this is there anyway i can do that ? and if so what other cool audio are out there like that one for game start up playgame.wav
  4. I've set up a user group on Soundcloud (Music file sharing network) So others if they wish can download MP3 files to add into their PinballX music folders. I've only uploaded few so far and I'm already limited to what space Soundcloud has remaining. I think I have something like 15 minutes of space left, so unfortunately I will be deleting some files every now and again to upload new ones. I would just like to stress that I don't own any of the rights to the material submitted within the group, but they are readily available for download. the link is here https://soundcloud.c...llx-sound-files Take a look it may not be to everyone's tastes, feel free to submit any of your own MP3's to the group including alternatives of existing tables. Hopefully if it takes off it could be a resourceful database of MP3 files? Keep up the good work and enjoy!
  5. Hi guys, I think this is more of a MAME question, but hoping you guys can answer: I had to hard reboot my system after an unrelated program froze on me. When I restared Gameex, I noticed that the sound in my games no longer works. The sound in GameEx (menu sounds etc) work fine though. I went through configuration editor and made sure the volume was set to 100, but no luck. Anyone know why this would have happened? The sounds were fine before the reboot, but now, not a peep. It's also possible I hit some kind of keyboard combo that muted them??? I guess??? Not sure about that. Anyway, any insight would be appreciated. Any ideas how I can fix this? -D
  6. Hi Guys, Almost got the beast working at 100%, I've noticed a few games that don't come up with error flags are stuttering when it comes to audio (ie batrider as an example). Some however run no issues. I have scoured the net with countless posts of similar issues, confirmed I dont have -tripplebuffering enabled on the command line but still have issues. I thought the pc I bought should be able to handle it no problem (specs below) running mame 146 Any ideas? Model: Veriton 5700GX The Veriton 5700GX series is the ultimate high-performance desktop PC, handing its users a combination of speedy processing and graphics power in one easily managed network-capable system. Based on the Intel 915G chipset, providing a platform for 800MHz FSB Intel Pentium 4 processors (up to 2MB L2 cache), the Veriton 5700GX offers customers 10/100/1000 LAN as well as the choice of either integrated Intel graphics or PCI Express graphics card. Furthermore, advanced cable management and a robust, tool-less desktop housing design provides excellent serviceability for technicians through an easy-access chassis. The Veriton 5700GX reliability will prove itself to be an asset to your site. Product Specification Processor - Intel Celeron (533 MHz FSB) or Pentium 4 processor (533 / 800 MHz FSB) with 775pin Operating System - Genuine Windows XP Home Edition or Genuine Windows XP Professional Cache - Primary cache - 32 on-chipSecondary cache - ; 1MB (Pentium 4) on-die pipeline burst SRAM BIOS - Acer PnP BIOS and FLASH BIOS Flash ROM - 256 KB for system and VGA BIOS Architecture - PCI Express (PCI-e) Memory - Standard: 256 MB PC4300 DDR2-SDRAM Maximum: 4096 MB PC4300 DDR2-SDRAM Number of Slots: 4 x 240 pin DIMM slots (I have 512) Video - Embedded Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (up to 128MB VGA performance equivalent)plus PCI-ex16 slot (onboard video) Disk Controller - 4xSerial ATA (ATA 150) (with support for Ultra DMA 100 / ATA 100) Hard Drive - From 80 GB 7200 RPM S-ATA (500 gb) CD-ROM - Choice of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD combo and DVD Dual Layer Burner drives (optional) Floppy Drive Controller - Supports one 1.2 MB / 1.44MB / 2.88MB drive Floppy Drive - 1 x 1.44 MB (if chosen) Network Interface - Integrated Broadcom 4401 / 5751 10/100/1000 controller and LAN chip Power Management - ACPI 2.0 compliant I/O Interface - 1 x 16550 serial port, 1 x enhanced parallel port, EPP/ECP, 8 x USB 2.0 ports (4 front; 4 rear), 1 x VGA port, 1 x Line-in / Line-out port (rear), 2 x Microphone-in jack (1 front:; 1 rear), 1 x Headphones jack (front), 2 x PS/2 keyboard / mouse ports 1 x RJ-45 (LAN) port Expansion Slots - 1x PCI-e x16 slot, 1x PCI-e x1, 2 x PCI slots Housing - Lock pad and intrusion alarm detector Storage Bays - 2 x 5.25” external / 1 x 3.5” external (1 x floppy drive installed) 2 x 3.5” internal (1 x hard drive installed) Power Supply - 300W Switching Power Supply Dimensions - 435mm(D) x 370mm(W) x 130.2mm(H) Compliance - PC2001, NSTL Y2K, ENERGY STAR, FCC, CE, C-tick, Nemko Software - Norton (trial version), Acer LANScope 6.3 Thankyou V
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