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Found 105 results

  1. Success! - I have Zaccaria tables launching from PinballX. I have tested about 20 different tables and things are working great for me. I will probably do some more cleanup and improvements down the road but for now I am content. My sample shows how to launch a table from each Zaccaria pinball table type. They have EM, SS, Retro, Remake and Award. I still need to go through and confirm all the table names for each and every table but I wanted to get this script out there for others to test so please as you add to PBX lets keep a running list of all the table names with the "group" they are under. The key to using the script is in game manager make sure to put the correct table name in and most importantly the Type. My scripts looks for EM,SS,RT,RM and AW. The script will exit if you do not put the type in Game manager correctly. ( I am converting the case to upper so EM, em, Em, eM are all valid) EM=Electro Mag, SS=Solid State, RT=Retro, RM=Remake, AW=Award Update: 12/1/18 - There is a optional change you can make to your script if you normally leave your playfield in landscape mode and then rotate to portrait when playing Zacarria. If your playfield is already in portrait then you will not need to modify this. There is a parameter to Zaccaria to automatically rotate the screen. (Stopping the need to rotate it via a launch before/after script) Original line: Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 444930 Change to: Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 444930 -rotate right (Or -rotate left depending on your configuration) Note: There will be one thing that needs to be changed in the LaunchZaccaria.ahk script. On Line 17 you will need to update the directory/filename of your Zaccaria PBX database file. Make sure to save your changes and compile again. Line to edit: FileRead, xmldata, C:\Pinball\PinballX\Databases\Zaccaria\Zaccaria.xml ;change to your zaccaria PBX database PBX config for Zaccaria: A single table from each "group" configured. LaunchZaccaria.ahk
  2. This may have been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. After updating to the later versions of PinballX (currently 3.29) my directB2S backglasses no longer display in attract mode. I get just a blank black screen on VP games while I get the default PinballX screen with Future Pinball (which makes since on FP). Any ideas? I have never used recorded videos for VP always relied on the backglass files. Thanks.
  3. Welcom the the Pinball Sound Archive your sound archive taken from virtual pinball tables for you to enjoy in your pinball front-end or just listening to as is. Recorded in WavePad Sound Editor ME and has been normalized to -1.5dB with a fade out in the end with a lenght around 35 sec. The files is uploaded on the FTP - Other Uploads > gStAv > Table Audio <<< NOW ALL TABLE AUDIO FREE FOR EVERYONE >>> copy all files to your ...\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Audio\ folder !!! BE SURE TO RENAME THE FILES TO MATCH YOUR DATABASE !!! Latest update, 2018-09-30, 1 TABLE If you hear any crackling sound or other error, please report this to me, and I will try to replace the audio for that table. Updated tables is named tablename_v2.mp3 in FTP as I can't replace files. Feel free to reqest the sound to any virtual table not listed below and I see what I can do!
  4. PcTeknic

    MAME MegaDocklets

    MAME MegaDocklets View File I have integrated 200 games in MAME PinballX on this page I was able to download about 230 vertical MegaDocklets MAME games, but there was none horizontally and I have built many horizontal. To my pack I used 60 of the downloaded PinballX and 140 new MegaDocklets I've done, which I share. I will also put a "Table Images like" I've done to integrate the horizontal games. ------------------------------------ Tengo integrados 200 juegos de MAME en PinballX, en esta página he podido descargar unos 230 MegaDocklets de juegos verticales de MAME, pero no había ninguno horizontal y yo tengo integrados muchos horizontales. Para mi pack he usado 60 de los descargados de PinballX y 140 nuevos MegaDocklets que he hecho, los cuales los comparto. También pondré unas "Table Images" personalizadas que he hecho para integrar los juegos horizontales. Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 07/28/2016 Category Wheel Images  
  5. PcTeknic

    MAME MegaDocklets

    Version 1.0.0


    I have integrated 200 games in MAME PinballX on this page I was able to download about 230 vertical MegaDocklets MAME games, but there was none horizontally and I have built many horizontal. To my pack I used 60 of the downloaded PinballX and 140 new MegaDocklets I've done, which I share. I will also put a "Table Images like" I've done to integrate the horizontal games. ------------------------------------ Tengo integrados 200 juegos de MAME en PinballX, en esta página he podido descargar unos 230 MegaDocklets de juegos verticales de MAME, pero no había ninguno horizontal y yo tengo integrados muchos horizontales. Para mi pack he usado 60 de los descargados de PinballX y 140 nuevos MegaDocklets que he hecho, los cuales los comparto. También pondré unas "Table Images" personalizadas que he hecho para integrar los juegos horizontales.
  6. I just updated to the latest version of pinballx (3.07) using the installer and now pinballx will not launch at all. I'm not sure what version I updated from, it was at least a year old. My system is running windows 7. PinballXLite will run, but not the full program. Ive tried running the program as Admin, still nothing.
  7. I'm running a 4 screen set-up. In pinball x menu/preview mode , all screens are displaying correctly. Once I start a game, all screens with the exception of the topper display. I know it has something to do with the 'force exclusive full screen mode' within VPX (4k mode), as it works correctly if i'm using HDMI (1920x1080 resolution). I know The topper is still running/working, however it is in the wrong location. I've tried to play with x & y axis adjustments, managed to get it working okay in game mode, but it then topper doesn't display in the menu/preview mode. Any suggestions, most welcome. I understand that running display in native 4k will probably solve this issue, but I'm holding off going down that path for now, as I'm also running arcade games, fx2/fx3 etc through pinball x.
  8. Future Pinball MegaDocklets Pack 2 View File Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball. Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 07/22/2016 Category Wheel Images  
  9. Betho1970

    [RESOLVED] Topper Videos Pinball FX3

    Hi.... Pinball FX3 is configured under Pinball X in my Cabinet. Everything works fine. I added 3 tables with Table Video,Backglass,DMD Image and a Video Topper. In the Menu all works fine. My Problem is as soon as I start a FX3 table that my topper video is gone (Black Screen). Backglass is always shown and my DMD Images switch to the DMD from Pinball FX3. I can play but Topper Video doesent show. When I leave the FX3 table back to the menu from Pinball X the Topper Video shows. Every FX3 Table the same Problem.... My 175 Visual Pinball tables and 68 Pinball FX2 tables do not have this Problem only FX3..... Thanks for your Help Greetings Thomas
  10. Hello everyone, i just want to say thanks for the help in advance, and i'll get to it. My setup: 2 screens, 8 buttons connected with a usb board. It's my friend's cabinet, he had it built and installed by someone, and it was working but then stopped the controls did not move anything in game, so he brought it to me. a bit about me, i'm no stranger to emulators, and worked as a pc tech for over 10 years, that why he brought this to me. now i've been at it for a week or more, here' what i found out: the version that was installed had fx2 and pinball arcade, fx2 was a cracked version with all tables unlocked, and it went to the tables from the pinballx menu. pinball arcade never worked. what i did: removed the pirated version and removed all left over software and started from scratch, clean installed Pinballx, created a steam account for my friend and downloaded FX3 and Arcade from steam, configed pinballX with the controller and the displays, and figured out how to use the game manager. so far so good, but right now i have 2 tables one that comes free with Arcade and one i downloaded for future pinball. the arcade one does not respond to the controls i set in pinballx and requires a mouse to navigate the menus, the Future one launches from PBX but again controls don't move anything, i tried launching FB separately and testing it there, some of them work but i never got the game to start. So this is where i'm stuck, i searched everywhere for a tutorial on how to get started and setup proper, i looked at the wiki for the config, but that only says what options are available, and not when you should use them. FX3 doesn't work because he has an older card which he will replace as soon as i get one game to actually play, he doesn't want to invest hundreds of dollars of software before he knows that the machine works. That's where i'm at right now, i need to get this cabinet to work with no mouse or keyboard input, launch to PBX on windows start and just play. i forgot to mention it's a WIN10 home with amd 9750 quad core cpu and 8gb of ram. i would appreciate any links or tips on how to get this started, have a great day! log.txt PinballX.ini SetupWizard.xml
  11. As the title says, when I first launch PinballX, it shows my desktop instead of backglass before launching the first table. Any suggestions? (I attached my .ini) Note: I should mention that the backglass shows up in PBX when I exit the first table. PinballX.ini log.txt
  12. alistaircg

    Recurring table exit problem

    Since 10.03 every-time I exit a table in Pinball X I get this crash error come up for a few seconds before it returns me to Pinball X, i tried re-installing everything and nothin stops it, if i play the games in VPX directly it works and exits fine
  13. Hello! I'll start by saying I'm sorry if this question is already on the forum; I've spent days scouring over the different posts and cannot find an answer. Overall I've got my pinball cabinet completely setup and working with PinballX except one issue. For Pinball Arcade; running the Camera Mod (which is working fantastically) I can't seem to turn off the playfield DMD without turning off my third monitors DMD as well. I've seen videos online where people have three screens (backglass, playfield and DMD) and the DMD is working perfectly and it's turned off from the playfield. For my setup it seems that whenever I turn off the DMD on the playfield (so I get the entire table) the magnified version also turns off. How are others doing this? Again I've scoured the forum and search on Google / other Pinball Arcade forums and connate for the life of me get this configured. With that being said the Camera Mod does work fantastically! Any help and guidance would be VERY much appreciated.
  14. If anyone can help me, I have been fighting this for two days now I had a working cabinet perfect in fact but we had a tremendous storm which took my hard drive and back up server I have tried to rebuild and fx was kind enough to give me all my games back but it simply will not load in pinball x no matter what I try Now I see fx3 has come out with full cabinet support so I upgraded to that I still have all 69 games but I still cannot load them unless sepreately through steam and thats no good. PinballX.ini log.txt
  15. This might be a dumb question, but can instruction cards be multi-page?
  16. So I have been working vigorously to get my cabinet set up as completely as possible. I have been going through and removing duplicate tables and trying to make sure I have all media - wheel images, flyers, company logos. And the latter is where I'm suddenly having an issue. I decided that I wanted to be as thorough and exacting as possible, so instead of just having a single company logo for each manufacturer I have logos corresponding to the specific time period that the machine was created. I differentiate them by giving them unique names. The following are some examples. Bally Bally Manufacturing Company / Bally Manufacturing Corporation / Bally Midway Manufacturing Company / Bally Midway Manufacturing Company Gottlieb D. Gottlieb and Company (Gottlieb) / D. Gottlieb and Company, Columbia Pictures / D. Gottlieb and Company / Premier Technology (Gottlieb) Stern Stern Electronics, Incorporated / Stern Pinball, Incorporated / Stern Pinball Williams Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated / Williams Electronics Manufacturing Company / Williams Electronics, Incorporated This was working in my cabinet for a while but then out of the blue certain manufacturers would show me the "No Image" logo. This may have happened after a program update, but I'm not completely sure. However a computer that I had a a different location for testing and setup while away from the cabinet continued to display the images properly. That is until last night when I updated to PinballX 2.50. Now I'm having the same issue. The strange thing is that my old PinballX.ini which I saved previous to the last update doesn't really appear to have any different settings than the new one (at least not settings that should affect logo display). What's even stranger is that some of the logos still display fine. For instance the Bally and Gottlieb sets seem to all display, while the Stern and Williams don't. Because of this, I can't see a common thread that could be causing the problem. I originally thought that maybe the names were not unique enough, but that would seem to be a problem with the Bally and Gottlieb images if that were the case. I also thought maybe PinballX was having a problem with the commas in the names, but again, some of the Gottlieb files work fine with commas. When this first happened on the cabinet, I tried shortening the names to abbreviations. I tried SEI and SPI for Stern Electronics Incorporated and Stern Pinball Incorporated and the images still wouldn't display. I'd really like to get this resolved as I have put a lot of time into finding/making the unique company logos and researching to proper logo associated with each machine. I've included a screen shot of my Company Logos folder contents, my PinballX.ini file, and a few screen shot of my database files to show a few tables that are't showing the logos. Thanks, J PinballX.ini
  17. Hi guys hoping you can help me with some final tweaking on my pinball cab. I have a 3 screen setup and running custom videos on my third monitor DMD screen whilst browsing FP tables in PinballX, they are movie trailers or cut scenes to match the table. This is working fine, my issue is that when I launch a FP table the videos freezes and just displays a black screen for the DMD for the whole time the table is running. I want the video to continue playing the looping video whilst the table is running if possible, can this be done? I`m not using Future DMD at all, do I need to run the videos through Future DMD or something? I have "hide DMD" un-checked in PinballX table manager which I thought allowed DMD/Backglass videos to continue playing on table launch. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!!!
  18. Quadrasputnik

    Need help on sorting Tables

    I'm very new to Pinball X, and I want to know how to make lists or groups to sort Tables more easily. I'm not sure what makes lists or groups different, though. Basically, I want to be able to sort Tables by Year, or by Manufacturer, or even both. I'd like to be able to choose a Manufacturer, and then seeing a list of Tables by that Manufacturer sorted by Year. Can anybody help me out? It would also be nice if some extra graphics could be added to each Table on the selection screen. The white text on a mostly black background feels a bit boring to me.
  19. About a month ago, Steam pushed out a patch and now my FX tables launch to the Steam Store through PinballX vs. launching the table. I downloaded the latest 2.41 release with FX3 added in the hopes it would work but it takes me to the Steam Store too. I tried working with Steam and they went silent. Any ideas why this is happening? It use to work back in August. Sorry if this was already addressed in the forums. I looked but couldn't find anything exactly like this.
  20. MegaDocklets Visual Pinball Pack1 View File I am creating the Megadocklets for Visual Pinball, I personally like I was doing that type sign. Roughly half of them have done from existing Draco for Pinball Arcade and the other half from scratch, using your template. The other type sign are good to put in the hollow of the DMD when the game has DMD, but these MegaDocklets are more colorful and since I have them in use in PinballFX2, Pinball Arcade and Pro Pinball, because I want everyone to see for same. At the moment I turn up the initial Pack 1 with 44 tables that are in VPX packs that I have uploaded. Later I will go up another pack with the main tables that are not yet in VPX but that we VP9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Estoy creando los Megadocklets para Visual Pinball, personalmente me gustan más que los que estaba haciendo tipo letrero. Más o menos la mitad de ellos los he hecho a partir del ya existente de Draco para Pinball Arcade y la otra mitad desde cero, usando su plantilla. Los otros tipo letrero quedan bien para poner en el hueco del DMD cuando el juego no tiene DMD, pero estos MegaDocklets son más vistosos y ya que los tengo en uso en PinballFX2, Pinball Arcade y Pro-Pinball, pues quiero que se vean todos por igual. De momento subo el Pack 1 inicial con las 44 mesas que hay en los packs de VPX que yo tengo subidos. Posteriormente subiré otro pack con las principales mesas que aún no están en VPX pero sí que las tenemos en VP9. Visual-MegaDocklet-Template.psd Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 07/13/2016 Category Wheel Images  
  21. When I try to run a game on Steam through PinballX I get a warning error saying "Allow game launch?" which is hidden behind other windows. It does this because PinballX attempts to launch a Steam file with specific launch options parameters in order to load a specific table. Is there any way to disable this and always allow the game to launch? I've tried what I've found online including changing compatibility properties to have it always run as an Admin, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Steam, and more. Nothing has worked though. Any idea what to do?
  22. Hi, I have had PinballX working fine with Visual Pinball 10.3.1 and Pinball FX2. Today I noticed that the VPX ROM videos play fine in pinballX , but the default "No Real DMD" video has stopped playing . I have read through forum posts and cannot figure out what maybe causing it not to not play the video. I have tried to assign videos for the PinballFx2 tables, but none of them play. I am running the following: Windows 10 Pin2DMD (real DMD) which works fine in for PinballFx2 and VPX, just not in PinballX PinballX 2.36 Any help would be appreciated.
  23. I am having a small issue with mapping the right joystick in side of settings.exe, it can't see the SteamLink controller. Any suggestions?
  24. So, I have a scenario where I want to run two different setups for PinballX .... one where its being used in 'VR' Mode and another via SteamLink without VR. The issue I am having is finding a way to launch PinballX and tell it which PinballX.ini file to use. I am pulling whats left of my hair out tryin to work this out. I don't really want to run two copies of PinballX if possible.
  25. Jazzcat123

    Table Audio Glitch

    Hi Folks, Got an interesting and frustrating bug. Sometimes my table audio will glitch. Either while browsing through the wheel, or during attract mode. after a while , or a few scrolls through my modest 40 tables. I get the glitch. The table audio will begin playing for the currently highlighted table, and then it will skip and repeat the first .5 of a second of the table audio file. Forever. If you then scroll to another table it will change audio file, but still be skipping/repeating the first .5 second of the new Table Audio file. It will do this untill you exit and restart PinballX. Loading a table, and then exiting back out to pinballX doesn't fix it. The glitch will persist. At first I thought, "It seems to be happening at a particular point in the wheel, somewhere around M-P in the alphabet." So I re encoded the audio files in the problem zone to .wavs and re imported them. No improvement. I then thought. Maybe its some kind of bug as it loads and closes video codecs. I only have a few videos in my media , so I deleted all videos and run with JUST .png files for table, dmd, and backglass on all tables. ( no b2s being used at all ) No improvement. I also triggered the glitch by selecting "Bally/Williams" category. Just now. So I'm stumped. Seems to appear randomly now. As far as I know I'm running the latest PinballX And it seems to be something to do with loading and playing a Table audio file. But no particular one. System Specs: Q9505 4 gig DDR 2 Samsung pro SSD 256gig Gtx 760 3 screen Pinball Cab. Realtek motherboard audio chip. Please help , loosing my mind.