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Found 1 result

  1. Some of this has already been done in some manner or fashion. Some of the existing documentation is a bit dated. The goal of this project is to create user documentation on setting up "From Start to Finish" some of the more popular emulators within and specific features of GameEx (i.e., Karaoke, Multimedia, etc.). The criteria is fairly straight-forward: - Keeping the new user in mind, take a step-by-step approach to setting up an emulator in GameEx. - Documentation will take place from the selection and installation of the emulator via Setup Wizard. You may also document emulator set-up outside of GameEx as is necessary, but the primary focus assumes that the user has already done so. If covering setup of emulator prior to setup in GameEx, please clearly note. - Provide supporting screen images alogn with instructional text. - Provide examples of working configs and any modifications that take place outside of Setup Wizard. - Provide the user with any helpful hints or tips along the way. - Ensure that instructions have been thoroughly tested for completeness prior to submission - Provide a brief summary describing what this document covers. Once a "From Start to Finish" document is created in MS Word .doc or .docx format, attach within your thread. I will be glad to proof read and work with you regarding grammatical content. Once this step has been completed, I will convert the document to Adobe .pdf format and attach to a pinned thread with your summary and credit given. If any of the other admins or mods should wish to assist with the proofing and management of these documents, it will be much appreciated.
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