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Found 6 results

  1. So I figured I would finally share my Bar-Cade with the rest of the Community. It has been a software nightmare (as you will see), because I wanted to build a cab and no one seemed to do it like I did. It is a work in progress (debating of what to do with the third monitor, it is just sitting on top of my backglass for now lol). I did this cab in 4 days at 10-12 hours a day. Weill on to the pics..... Post any questions and I will do my best to answer Started with this..... But took up to much room and the kids weren't really "into" it, so I figured I would downsize. I wanted an Arcade, but I also wanted Pinball.... So time to rebuild. I didn't have any tools except a jigsaw, drill, and sander. I also didn't draw anything out, had a picture in my mind and mocked it up as I went. A little patch work, and a backglass Coming together nicely I think. My Son and I laying the paint and clear coat on. Looking glossy . You can see I wanted a Hybrid cab. The Belly of the beast... Need to add some more pics later, but here is a pick with GameEx (all emulators and Mame run on playfield) and with PinballX I also have Kodi (xbmc) installed. Still, hashing some issues out with Marquee Magician, but getting there Thanks for taking the time to check it out I am TRYING to move up the Competition Leader Board, so today I build and installed a spinner. I, however, forgot that I was mediocre at best on Arkanoid lol.
  2. Wow, I finally finished my cabinet!! The cabinet name is 'Metacarpal Madness.' Which was because I broke the 4th metacarpal in my right hand trying to drill out starter holes for the coin door. My wife came up with it. I think mostly out of mocking me, but it stuck! haha I think it turned out pretty good. I have a main power button on the control panel and also a bottle opener on the side. That was a must! The control panel can be removed for ease of moving through doorways. I can post more on it if people like it. I uploaded a few photos of the end result. I am now looking into some finishing touches. Are these things really ever done!?! They are a nice hobby though, that's for sure. I have always wanted to get a spinner and a couple of aimtrac guns from ultimarc. But, with my daughter in daycare our funds are a little tight. I already have a wii and 4 rechargeable wiimotes, which i actually use to play mame on my ipad at times. I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a site of reference where I can get a step by step guide on setting up the use of wiimotes in mame, as well as using them in the Nestopia emulator among others. In the end I think I will have a spinner on the control panel and purchase the wheel attachment at ultimarc. That way I can at least play a little pole position or APB without too much trouble. I put 2 USB ports on the outside of both sides of the control panel, in anticipation of the aimtrac guns and other USB items (ipod, etc) Max
  3. Scenario: You want a button on your keyboard/controller/ipac etc to act as a shift key when used in combo with another button, produces a third button. For example, holding down "#" and pressing f produces "Alt+Ent." My scenario: Have 8 'function' buttons on my cab which map to various keys via a keyboard hack - e.g. "]" + "h" + ";" Wanted to be able to press the 2P button (mapped to 2 on minipac) to act as shift to send different keys to emulators. For instance want to send "p" from holding down "2" and pressing ";" (for pause). The problem: 1) I don't know the technicalities, but many emulators use different methods of 'getting' keys in their menus. Lots will register the first key you press. For example, in example above, when it says "press key now" you'll hold down the 2 to press the ";" but 2 will register as first key pressed (this applies to the advanced emulator config remap in GameEx) 2) Because of key repeat, you might end up with repeated "p"s being sent resulting in successive pause,unpause,pause etc... 3) In Auto Hot Key - one method will work with one emulator and another with another (something to to with Direct send + sendkeys method or something) - therefore, one size won't fit all. These Scripts: a) When first press down key that will be shift - doesn't send the key (e.g. pressing 2 doesn't send 2 on key down) If you release key without selecting another, you get "2". You can also disable this. c) You can set it so that the shifted sent key (e.g. "p" in the example above) does not repeat - vital if have function buttons. d) can also set the buttons that you use with the 'shift' key to also not repeat when pressed on their own (again, for function buttons this can be useful) e) You can set the shift key to either work like a shift key (that is you can shift several keys one after the other without letting go of the shift key) or you can require that the shift key is released before accepting another function. Solution: 1) Download AutoHotkey 2) Copy the two scripts below, paste into notepad (I'd recc "Notepad++"). Save them as "Method A" and "Method B" in your GameEx directory under created folder "AHKs and scripts" or something like that. Method A: Method B: 3) Get controls working outside of GameEx first. For now, just click on the MethodA.ahk. You'll see an icon in your tray at bottom right. Change the keys therein to match your own (just try one or two to start - a 'shifted' and 'unshifted' function). Test in notepad fisrt to ensure some key mapping. Then test in your emulator. If Method A works, goto (5) 4) If you can't get Method A working... try Method B!! Same drill - setup couple of trial keys - try in emulator etc.. Once working... 5) Save your working script. Right click on the AHK file and select "Compile Script" - it'll produce an .exe - save this somewhere, but keep the AHK in case you need to edit in the future. 6) Set up GameEx to start the AHK script on emulator launch and to kill it on emulator close. To do so: 7) Create the following .bat file (cut, paste to notepad, save with .bat extension), which will kill any specified running process in task manager: 8) Go into Plugin manager and the QuickLaunch plugin. 9) Select your Emulator and then "Add" 10) Make up a name in "Process name" 11) Select your AHK exe in process exe 12) No arguments (!) 13) Select "Launch Before" then Save. (this will launch your AHK script when Emulator loads) 14) In same Emulator, create another to kill the process, but this time: - Select the bat file you just created as the exe (you can change the viewed file types in the file select menu) - In the Arguments section put the name of your AHK exe surrounded by quotes. E.g.: "Nintendo64_remap.exe." 15) Select "Launch After" You should get something like this (my filenames obviously different) And that's it! I'll update below emulators I've tested this on, the relevant Method and anything noteworthy. Hope this saves someone a bit of time, coz it was a bit of a trial sorting this! Emulators and configs: DesMume (Nintendo DS) - Method B Cannot configure Alt+Enter in menu - do via remap of a hotkey to Alt+Enter. Demul ( (Dreamcast+Atomiswave+Naomi) - Method B required manual mappings (can't config in menu or .ini - do in AHK script) Pause key - Pause F6 - Aspect Ratio F5 - Rotation F9 (??) - read somewhere that this is screenshot but can't get this working at all! Can't find hotkey guide for this anywhere VisualBoy Advance (Gameboy Advance) - Method A ProSystem (Atari 7800) - Method A Manual remaps: Ctrl+R - Reset ("^r" in AHK) Ctrl+L - Load CTRL+P - Pause Virtual Jaguar (Atari Jaguar) - Method A OK.. bored of this bit now... drop a reply if you need any more of these! Strictly an on demand service.
  4. Hello and good morning/evening with some good news to report. I'm becoming really, really close to having Pole Position, as well as other 360 games work with a 270 degree wheel - or at least really playable . I am using a Logitech G27 Wheel, with it's settings for 270 degrees for that game. What I learned so far, is not really trying to remap the controls under the Logitech Profile, but more of configuring settings for the rom and in MAME itself. Of course, doing what I'm about to tell you won't be 100% perfect (yet) - you won't be able to spin the wheel like it was meant to be spun for the game, but as long as you drive it like a normal 270 game, you can easily finish laps with little to no problems. The way I have it set (so far, still have to tweak it up a little - maybe with a script): For Pole Position - Deadzone = .05 Joystick Saturation = .70 (In Mame "Analog Settings") Paddle Digital Speed = 0 Paddle Sensitivity = 2% Also, if you have a logitech wheel, I found it a good idea to map out the gear button to using the cluch pedal. Don't ask me why, lol, it just seems easier and a better feel for limited controls. Please feel free to let me know what ya think. LC
  5. I was wondering...: A lot of the themes created now are made for a 1920x1080 HD setup. Those are great but...: when building a Cab a 4:3 (non-wide)screen is still the most common to use, right? So why are there less themes created for arcade cabs? I presume a lot of you guys use GameEx because of having (future) plans to build a cab or maybe already have one. 4:3 themes do fit the bill better in that scenario right? Love to hear the communities reaction on this Thanks, GC
  6. Hello everyone, I'm planning to start building a cab. One important decision I have to make is what size of monitor to use. I'd like to hear what you guys use as a monitor: size and resolution Thanks in advance ! GC
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