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Found 2 results

  1. Draco1962

    Smoked Glass

    Version 1.0


    "Smoked Glass" Theme (V4 1920 x 1080) by Draco1962 This is a Version 4 theme. GIMP .xcf and Adobe Photoshop .psd files provided for the users should they wish to modify the backgrounds of the Tab and S5 images to better suit their systems. The Mega Dockelet logos contained are a small part of a larger collection that is forthcoming. GIMP .xcf and Photoshop .psd files are enclosed so that the end-user can create their own custom Mega Docklet logos to further customize their setup. *Acknowledgments & Thanks* As always, thanks to Tom Spiers for creating and always supporting this great HTPC/Cabinet Front End! Special thanks to my buds Adultery, nullPointer, Headkaze, and tthurman for their efforts and to make our community the greatest amongst the retro-gaming FE communities. Also thanks to the forum members for providing input & encouragement in the development of this theme.
  2. XBOX Theme for GameEx - 19210x1080 I know I have a few other themes also WIP and they should be released soon. This is actually a theme that I had "in the pipe" from a few years ago. I have always liked my first XBox best. It was Microsoft's first and, to this day, best IMO. Even though I had one of the Pong clones as a kid, and an N64 that was given to me by a friend, the original Xbox was my first console that I purchased myself and enjoy even to this day. It is my hope that this theme will capture the essence of the original Xbox and do it justice. Unfortunately, there is no way to replicate the GUI, so I will have to be satisfied with the colors and background images.
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