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Found 11 results

  1. This may have been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. After updating to the later versions of PinballX (currently 3.29) my directB2S backglasses no longer display in attract mode. I get just a blank black screen on VP games while I get the default PinballX screen with Future Pinball (which makes since on FP). Any ideas? I have never used recorded videos for VP always relied on the backglass files. Thanks.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm refreshing my system (Again) and got some new Commercials or Advert videos I'd like to use in my Attract Mode Screensaver. The problem is that I've got a bit of Data OCD and like to keep things organized in folders but the GameEX screensaver doesn't seem to like that. Not a huge deal that needs any reprogramming by Tom, but is this really the case? Does the GameEX screensaver not scan subfolders or am I just doing something wrong. Thanks for any info. Nelson
  3. First off, im thrilled that gameex is now showing videos in proper aspect ratio...been dealing with that for awhile. Now I'm having issues with nonmame games in attract mode. games work fine outside of attract mode, but i tested by adding only nonmame games to favs, and basically it kept attempting to go into attract mode but would kick out immediately....eventually crashing and resetting the pc. Attached are the log and conf files...thank you! log.txt GameEx.ini
  4. I post this not as and problem looking for a solution, but as a solution for a problem that may arise for some today. If you are running WIndows10 with the anti-virus software Windows Defender activated, then you will likely find that as of this morning's virus definition update, PBX's Attract Mode may hang on blank/colour screens. The solution for this is to place the PinballX Folder and the associated .exe files onto Defender's Exclusions list. (or turn off Defender all together if you have an off-line cab and don't need protection) If you suffer this issue, you may also be experiencing very slow tables starts or "not responding" messages for VisualPinball. VP was effected by a virus update a couple of days ago. The solution for this problem is once again to use Defender's Exclusions List or turn off defender all together. I hope this may solve a few headaches for some. Cheers Rusty
  5. I was trying to figure out if it were possible to add a different kind of video in attract mode like to one or all of the screens. I know you could rename backglass or table video of a few tables, but Is there any other way to do it? I guess I'm thinking of ultracade how they play like 4 videos of games then they go back to the same video logo. something like that but adding more then just one, I was thinking adding a flipper trick video or people actually playing a live game or a video of stern factory. quick 20 or 30 second ones. if there is a way to do it let me know thank you
  6. Is it possible to make make the screensaver audio files loop and repeat? I have added full length song that is perfect for pinball (you have 3 guesses) and while it plays fine, I would like it to keep repeating itself. Better still, is it possible to have multiple files in the screensaver audio folder and have PinballX play them one after the other (pref in a random order) while in attract mode? It would be awesome to have like a few hours worth of mp3 files in there and just let it play while the screen scrolls the tables. Cheers Rusty
  7. Hello, I have run out of ideas as to why Attract Mode will not restart after a table has been opened. It works perfectly when PinballX first starts. I have installed the most recent PinballX update. I have reduced my databases to just 1 VP 9.9.0 (I generally run 1 for VP9.9.0, 1 for VP PhysMOD5 and 1 for mameuifx32) I have reduced that 1 VP database to just two table entries to test. I have deleted all media. (Had never run table/backglass vids) All in the hope of isolating the problem, but these have had no effect. I have set and reset Attract Mode in the Wizard, but no effect. It works perfectly when PinballX first starts, but is never to be seen again after a table is played. Attached are the .ini and log files. I hope you can help a noob. Cheers Rusty EDIT: Ok it's not just after table play. Attract mode won't even restart after scrolling the PinballX table menu. EDIT 2: After reading threads about videos & naming issues causing problems, I have turned off 'File Matching' and ensured that all media files are named correctly and display OK. Sadly, the restart problem still exists. PinballX.ini log.txt
  8. Happy Birthday to my logo hunting partner!
  9. I searched around the forum but didn't see that anyone has had this issue. When I select a game from attract mode by selecting the coin button, it lets me play the game just fine. But now if I try to exit the game by hitting escape it does not let me exit the game. When I hit alt + tab on the keyboard I notice that GameEx does not show up. Only the game that is running in Mame and the GameEx hide OS show up. Now if I end task on the game then GameEx comes back up just fine. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks
  10. So I just installed a new install on GameEx. Seemed to be working ok. I have always had problems with attract mode, but this time I think I worked out all my codec problems. Then all of a sudden, I start getting crashes in attract mode... For the life of me I couldn't figure out why.. I started doing some research. I found a post from a person who had an issue with crashes after they plugged in a gamepad. I didn't, but it dawned on me that I did plug in a light gun recently (the gun emulates a mouse). I unplugged it and my problem went away. I tested this a few times by plugging in and unplugging the gun.. It does seem to be the issue. I did try what the gamepad person did as a resolution... I turned off the initialization of gamepads... it solved the problem! Anyone have a clue why that would help a crash in attract mode?
  11. Adultery

    Game Info

    Version 1.3.6


    Here's a list of features so far: The plugin keeps track of total time played for that game, and session time played. The timer view alternates every 60 seconds. There are two main views which rotate every 5 minutes. The first displays the following Game Title Snap Game Name (or ROM name if you don't use a database for said system or no entry is found) System Name (your emulator's Title Text setting) Developer and [YEAR] Category If either of the previous two is unavailable, Number of Players is displayed The second display includes Game Name and System Name in addition to the following: In Game Snap Last Played Data (This is the last time you played the game with the plugin enabled) and [Overall Play Count] Game Description if available The current time is displayed in the lower right corner Text now is measured against screen length and scrolls to accommodate long info (No more auto ellipse!) Custom user-defined images for Game Mode and Attract Mode Screensaver mode that prevents screen burn-in while Game Extender is running Attract Mode popup shows game info when the game changes Dialog forms that display on certain functions Update notification if a newer version of Game Info is available (disabled by default) Jukebox Mode that displays "Now Playing" data (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Jukebox integration for the screen saver (album art displayed in the logo field) (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Dialog form shows brief info about the game you select before you even start it up! Plugin update notification lets you know if a new version of the plugin is available when you launch GameEx Custom themeing/skinnig If you wanted to disable it for a certain emulator, just add [NOGAMEINFO] or [NOINFO] to the emulator's command line. To hide/show the Game Info while in a game or hide/show the jukebox info, press SHIFT+TAB To refresh or force update the jukebox info, press SHIFT+SPACE Integrated support for GameEx *.db3 and *.mdb files to keep better track of play times Supports GameEx's Hi-Score competition directly *Online only feature! Custom text for labels via the Plugin configuration Replaces GameExtender Viewer in some situations with a more customized image viewer Add sound effects to specific actions in the plugin's theme Visit the official RELEASE THREAD for further details and a complete changelog, or for bug reporting and feature requesting. You can also download new themes for Game Info here (if you don't want to use the downloader that is baked into the config) and get the Last.FM patch from here to enable the Last.FM integration for your jukebox.
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