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  1. Wow, Raiden II... I haven't been playing much lately, but Raiden II is a very good reason to fire up the cabinet again! In fact, when I built my cabinet, I did so having just a few games in mind with Raiden II being one of them (was pretty disappointed when I found out Mame couldn't run it but settled for Raiden Project on PS1 which I think is a nearly flawless port). Raiden II for me is one of the best games ever made so I'm looking forward to this quarter's comp. @Cynicaster @Floyd Turbo I think Mame 0.155 was the first version to be able to run Raiden II (and Raiden DX). I remember it being a major breakthough for the devs. I can confirm Mame 0.187. score 487,260
  2. I changed the background mode setting in the Setup Wizard - no success. I then removed the line DisplayBackgroundImage=Snap from the theme.ini and everything is back to normal. Thanks guys for your quick replies. As always.
  3. While updating from 15.10 to 15.27 something happened to the way my Space Invaders HD theme is presented. The issue persists with 15.31 and I can reliably restore the old look by reinstalling an older GameEx version. It's best described by looking at the screen shots below: Before (15.10 and older): After (15.27 and newer): Probably a Change View issue. I’d happily try to Change Views but after the update the Change View option in the theme is gone as well. (I have disabled „Hide Change View“ in the Enable/Disable Features section.) Do you make any of it? Has there been a change in the way GameEx handles themes in 15.27? I also tried other themes, the issue does not occur with the Default themes. I also did a complete reinstall, to no success. Thanks for any hints! smario log.txt GameEx.ini
  4. Well I hadn't thought about it that way... interesting! For me, that, ahem ... second volcano level is quite tough. The instant an enemy is on-screen it starts to spill bullets which very quickly amounts to a bullet hell kind of scenario. The only chance you stand is to get rid of every single enemy as fast as you can which requires exact memorization of flight paths. Since this is the only level I use "doubles" instead of lasers, the constant button tapping adds to the general sense of hectic and loss of control. After that, the game cools down considerably in terms of difficulty, even in the last level, the enemy base. So here's my latest entry - 343,400 (loop 2 stage 1)
  5. I'm also not done yet But damn is that inverted volcano level hard!
  6. New score - 183,300 I somehow managed to get hit by the very last glowing ring in the Maoi stage but could recover and reach the second volcano stage. For me, that's the hardest stage, even more so than the enemy base at the end of the game.
  7. Here's my first entry to get things going - 121,000 - Maoi stage
  8. Yay, Gradius! This is gonna be fun! @Cynicaster's right, by the way. The arcade classic Gradius goes by the name of "Nemesis" outside of Japan so that's probably why there's no TG entry. I'm sure there's one for Nemesis. So what should we play? While I'm fine with all things Gradius and I don't want to invalidate @hansolo77's score, I'd prefer the real thing. What do you think?
  9. Exactly. Sadly, that's also true vice versa. On bad days it feels like you're playing a video game for the first time. But I guess that's part of the reward! Congrats on joining the 300k club MO. That's really impressive!
  10. Almost there... Tested again with override off. The snapper doesn't take a screenshot of Bionic Commando as expected and does take one in Donkey Kong. When starting Bionic Commando a second time after DK it _does_ take a snap. So it's probably some re-initialization issue? Still all good with model 2 games. (I could't test Zinc since I'm not running it.) I attached the log of this test. Snapper.log
  11. Nice, @Adultery, really really nice. So I tested dkong as a Hi Score Comp game, bionicc as a non-Hi Score Comp game and hotd as a Model 2 game. I tested all three games with and without the Force Snap Override option. I have an Internet connection on my laptop. I got screen shots with both Mame games and House of the Dead did indeed start. So the main mission's accomplished. Yay!!! I have a question on Bionic Commando though: I expected it _not_ to take a screenshot with the Force Snap Override option disabled, but it did. Did you remove this option - I noticed it not being in the text overlay on the screenshot? Or is it something I missed? Anyway, thank you so much for the very quick and thorough upgrade!! And now for the PSB mode... *Personal Score Boost
  12. Hmmm... tried dkong for a starter. Unfortunately where 1.0.6 worked flawlessly I can't get 1.0.7 to work. No shutter sound. I use the exact same cofiguration as with 1.0.6. I have attached two logs, one with override enabled and one with the default configuration. Snapper override.log Snapper default.log Settings.xml
  13. Performance? Does it increase my scores now? I am off to work now but will report back later. Thanks for the quick update @Adultery!
  14. In case you didn't see the other thread, I noticed an incompatibility of the Hi Score Snapper plugin with integrated model 2 support. Apparently the Snapper adds some command line parameters which prevent the model 2 emulator from launching games. Since I'm using the Hi Score Snapper a lot, I'd really appreciate this to be fixed. Thanks a lot!
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