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  1. I wish we had kind of a "generate-Bug-report" button in GameEx, that spits some copy-paste text out, that can be used in the forum for further help or assistance. Something that just collect the necessary infos needed. Something that makes this process even easier.
  2. Looks like you have a very huge overscan there. I would try to find out the service keys (code you type with your remote) for your TV and try to adjust the picture for better (best) quality. Good Facebook group for that kind of stuff: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444560212348840/ Pretty sure, you will find excellent advices there. Component is as good as SCART, there are no differences in terms of quality. You maybe thought of composhit, which indeed is worse.
  3. Wait Tom, you seriously dont know Elite Dangerous? Yes, it is a awesome Sequel to original Elite. @rockyrocket: I dont get it, is this now possible to do with GameEx or did you mod Elite Dangerous? Anyway nice idea .
  4. u-man

    Acorn Archimedes

    The Acorn Archimedes was one of the first computers with a RISC processor (the one that Apple used later) and was released around Amiga era time. There where not many games for this system, i remember just only one where you fly a UFO over a 3D landscape in Marble Madness look. I wish i could help you more and i wish you good luck with that stigzler. MAME support Archimedes since 0.180, but i dont know how and if you can load games at all. http://mamedev.org/?p=434
  5. The most impact on updating the mame list, is the CPU. I have three different PCs and the oldest, takes the most time. You can speedup the process significantly (about 30-50%), by using tools like Romlister, unfortunately those tools are not easy to use for a novice. Romlister creates a list that filters out the games you dont want, games that dont work etc. You can use that list and exchange it with the original list from the MAME source, that you only download, if you are planning compiling a version for yourself, which again is a complicated process for a novice. GameEx works that way, that it uses exactly this MAME list for comparing with your romset. The original MAME list from baseline MAME is very, very huge and the main reason, why it takes so long for updating. I know, this doesnt help you much, but i hope it explains it a little bit better for you. PS: "baseline mame" just means using the original MAME version from the developers, as there are many different MAME versions outthere .
  6. Ok, i did exactly this: manual download and install of GameEx, but my question is still, judging the comments from hansolo77, did really all went well or are now some files left, that where not updated? I mean the "loop" is gone, but is my software really uptodate ?
  7. mmh, i cant remember that i have "moved" something from my GameEx folder, but it could be true. So what should i do know? Complete wipeout of GameEx and re-install?
  8. Hi Tom, just wanted to inform you, that this and the last update, lead to the "looping-update" bug on my side. So the automatic-update, didnt work for me, only the manual update , but that without any problems .
  9. i think it depends on your graphics-card and what directX it supports. As far as i know, the 0.7 version is directX 11 only, if your graphics card supports directX 11 you should go with 0.7 (faster than 0.5.8 ) , if it does NOT support directX 11, go with .
  10. Believe me, i had exact the same thoughts, before i joined the MAME dev groups, but i will try to explain you this. Retroarch is a nice Frontend/App, but there is nearly no own developing involved regarding all the emulators it contains. Sure, they do alter the cores, for the many platforms they are supporting, but they didnt wrote the whole Mednafen core or MAME core or any else core . What will happen, once a developer has stopped improving a emulator? And this is a thing, that already is happening to many emulators. Now lets take your state "There's a reason that we're not still watching VHS tapes anymore and that's because technology improves things over time." What will happen if 4k/8k displays with HDR are common things in households? How a abandoned emulator will face the improved technology? Who will and can improve closed source projects? Questions over Questions. These facts alone, makes MAME a way more serious program/platform for any developer. MAME has over 75 main developers and god knows, how many others, that occasionally improve drivers. So from a pov of a developer, isnt it nicer for him to join the MAME group, rather than just doing his project all alone? And dont you think, he will also reach his goal way faster? It may sound sad for us gamers sometimes, but the main goal of all MAME devs, is not to bring us games to our hands at all costs and in no time, this is just a nice side-effect that we can actually play these games. MAME devs are trying to avoid hackish attempts, just to make games working under all circumstances. They could easily make some games playable for us, by inventing hackish tricks or altering/overclocking drivers, but accuracy stays over gaming. In the long run, this principle will win and stay over many other projects that are maybe considered dead meanwhile. Sometimes this means that devs rather sit and wait Moore´s law becoming true So you maybe think there are many games not working at 100% speed in MAME, but the time will come, where technology will improve to a point, that it easily handles the cpu-hungry resources of some MAME games and at this point, MAME will beat easily any other emulator project . Take Vectrex for example, I always thought, hey ParaJVE is the ultimate emulator for this console and comparing to MESS 2 years ago, this fact was true, but looking now at it, MAME beats it in terms of look and feel, because the vector-shading improved vastly in MAME and as soon as HDR will be available, it will improve even more and i am not counting in the things that will additionally come, that i will not talk about yet . And what happened to ParaJVE meanwhile? Exactly nothing, development is on hold or rather dead, considering there was nothing improved in 4 years and probably never will. Or take SNES for example, currently BSNES is still the ultimate, but offer BSNES Super Gameboy? Its not perfect in MAME, but it will be... sooner or later and this is true for many periphals in other systems of MAME. So taking stigzler point of lightgun support into account, here is the answer. You maybe have a clue now of "Why giving priority to MAME" Its this, why i have no problems with that state of Nonmame.
  11. So i start here with Mednafen vs. PCSX-R. If PCSX-R has all these upscaling, filters advantage, then you forgot that you use the Mednafen core in Retroarch, and there is no doubt that you can pretty fast forget all the PCSX-R filters, upscalers etc. , because there is absolutely nothing that can compete vs. Retroarch regarding shaders... i repeat, nothing. With 'post-processing' app, you mean Sweet FX. Yes, you could use this, but there are not many CRT-Shaders and the ones that are there, are not as good as Retroarch or MAME´s HLSL. I see Sweet FX´s advantage more for modern games and not in Retrogames. Regarding http://nonmame.retrogames.com/ . I once had the same opinion as you both here, thinking "ha, they forgot this and that emulator", but the more i looked into it, the more accurate i found it. If you read closely, then you will see, that they often give/show alternative emulators and for all the other reasons you mentioned, i can only quote a sentence from nonmame "Please note this does not mean any of these systems are "perfectly emulated" either - emulation is never truly perfect!". Thats exactly what I think meanwhile and i started to collect the real stuff that i like the most. Leaving emulation more and more behind. Its also more fun and less hassle to be honest. Real hardware is more "press play on tape " and done. No configuring, fiddle-ing or other headaches. So far i have PS1, Xbox, Xbox360, SNES, Gameboy and Vectrex. With awesome solutions like Everdrive, PSIO and other Multi-Cartridges, i have the same huge collection, as with emulators, but playing at a 100% accurate rate . At the end, i will be left with MAME and a view emulators, at least thats my plan. Like i said, there is nothing, that can compete against the shaders from Retroarch. They have literally hundreds of shaders and not only this, you can all mix them up to your own like, giving you thousands of possibilities. You maybe realized at the nonmame page, that Retroarch and MAME are sharing the "main-emu-market", regarding who can support the most. This is good for the emulation-scene, because this way we have way more available systems. It was one of the reasons, why i adviced Jezze to focus on things, that Retroarch dont have, like the recent vector-shading improvements. Even with tons of shaders, Retroarch has nothing to offer when it comes to vector-shading . Also MAME follows a completely different philosophy, in terms of accurateness and grown up seriousness. For HLSL this means, that only real physical aspects of CRT-simulation is considered worthy, unlike Retroarch, that also has shaders, that are far away from any CRT-simulation. I like both and its good to see, that each fraction can learn something from the other. Muh man ... yeah, thanks for the links, but i dont have any config problems, its just what i see and read when surfing through different forums, that other people struggle with the configuration of Retroarch, especially when it comes to specific problems, like running a CRT setup with Retroarch and other things.
  12. The simple answer is, if the devs from Retroarch have the permission from the authors, then they use the best available cores, if not they try to get the next best option. At least for windows i can only recommend this site: http://nonmame.retrogames.com/ There you will find answers, when to use MAME or another Emulator for specific consoles/computers. As you see, Retroarch is mentioned very often . If you follow the advices, you can be sure to have the best emulators for your desired goal. I like Retroarch very much, but the downside is, that it is very, very geeky to configure etc. It really lacks on proper documentation/manuals. On the other side, the forum+members are very friendly and helpful, just like here . For example, admin Hunter K. helped me a lot to port the OpenGL CRT-geom shader to MAME and as a result, this shader is now a inherent part of MAMEUIFX. I would maybe convert more shaders, but the MAME dev team, will sooner or later abandon the current shader systems OpenGL and HLSL and introduce BGFX. So i am not in the mood to do convertions until that step is done and i rather help Jezze (current HLSL dev.) where ever i can, as this make more sense to me . Currently i am trying to make a more "precise blueprint" for Adultery, in the hope that he will really help me doing the PlugIn discussed in the VIP section. I still think, that this would be a very helpful thing to further enhance GameEx. It is really sad, that not many people realize what huge steps HLSL makes in the last 1-2 years through Jezze. As a result, they miss really awesome stuff regarding the "visual" presentation of all kinds of Retro-gaming. The main reason for me to use Retroarch, are not to have all the different emulators under one hood, it is rather to have the awesome shaders to use with all the emulators it offers and nothing else. It is way easier to configure and mantain the original emulators, than to do the same with Retroarch, but the original emulators dont offer these shaders .
  13. Glad to hear that you all like the preset, i just want to remind and urge you, that it is better to honor and thank Jezze , because he is the person who constantly is improving HLSL. I just help him sometimes or fed him with ideas, but he is the smart mind behind the changes and he deserves the most respect. The latest vector improvements are really awesome and i attached you here my Asteroids.ini settings. If you have any asteroid.cfg files, please backup and delete them prior using this preset.
  14. Glad to hear that you liked the preset . Yeah, Jezze and me posted some settings a while ago, but Jezze optimized HLSL even further, so that the high prescale is not needed anymore. Probably it will vanish at all in the near future . He has fixed a lot of bugs/quirks of HLSL and i think it is now the time, where more features will be added . If you really go the CRT+ATI card route, please do yourself a favor and buy one of the recommended ATI-cards here: http://geedorah.com/eiusdemmodi/forum/viewtopic.php?id=65 If you plan to use the more graphics-card demanding emulators, like Supermodel, Demul etc. I would recommend to buy at least a mid-range card. I bought the last supported ATI-card... the 4890 (toxic edition, for even more power) and i am very happy with it . You will get it for about 50euros, maybe less on e-bay etc. Depending what kind of CRT you will use (15khz or Multisync), you will need to use specific themes for GameEx. If you decide to use a 15khz CRT, then only the low-resolution and arcade-mode themes will look good. With a multisync CRT you will have more possibilities that will look nice with GameEx.
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