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  1. @Dansmell sorry to hear you are still having issues. @DazzleHP is accurate on the fact that it takes a good PC to run the videos. It looks like you have a 3.99 ghz 8 core AMD, so that should be fine. Are you running a stock video card off the motherboard? If so, you may want to invest in a Nvidia GeForce or the like. That may assist in this. The videos working outside of GameEx is a good thing. However, the issue may be your transitioning from video to video and that speed. Last ditch effort. Maybe try downloading the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. That will most likely download a bunch of .NET framework and C++ items that may need to be on your device. This was a recommendation to download from @SIMPLY_AUSTIN for Hyperspin on his tutorial for that product. I would mention that I believe Hyperspin is even MORE dependent on video transitions and things like that. The wheel feature is very intense on video with the video themes.
  2. I am not completely sure. I will take a look at my log when I get home. Maybe check your windows update and make sure you have the most up to date direct x versions, etc.
  3. This has stopped occurring. I will send along my log and .ini if it occurs again. Not sure what was going on.
  4. Maybe another thing, but I could be wrong. You currently have "ShowVideos=False" in your .ini, maybe try changing that to "ShowVideos=True"
  5. Also, when I have issues like this I try to use a different theme to see if the issue continues. I would suggest trying a stock theme and seeing if the issue continues. I think GameEx Animated plays video snaps. Not positive on that though, you may have to trial and error a few. Occasionally I edit something in the theme that throws everything off. The system also seems to be struggling with your emulators. I'd verify your file directory locations and that you're pointing to the right emulator. If everything else is working except the videos, I wouldn't worry about that too much though.
  6. One thing I notice in the log is that you are using the GameEx lite .exe. I think the purpose of that is to run GameEx at a rate that is better on older Pc's. as a way to not make people have to go out and buy a new computer due to upgrades etc. you may want to try the regular GameEx.exe launcher. That may help.
  7. Also, have you verified the videos function and don't cause issues outside of GameEx?
  8. First, I will state that I plan to post my log and .ini when I get home tonight. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing the same thing I have. Lately, I will go into the setupwizard and change a few things around. I verify it and it seems to check out. I then click on the .exe shortcut for the GameEx application and I get nothing. The circle spins a little while, but nothing opens. I checked the log thinking I could figure it out there, but the log has nothing in it from my attempt to open. After a restart of my computer, I can open GameEx without issue. I plan on experimenting a little with themes when I get home too. I feel like it was somehow related to going from one of the supplied themes to a custom theme. However, I don't think this as much because it has also been occurring when I edit Arcade Edition or Evolution. No matter what, after I restart, it works great. I also recently did a fresh windows install, but I was experiencing the issue prior to the refresh install too. Thanks!
  9. @Dansmell I second LAV filters. One thing for clarification. Are you meaning video snaps of the game play or theme videos? As far as the time thing. Have you set back your clock for some reason? I am not sure what that means.
  10. Not sure on this, but I don't think you can use the same regkey on multiple machines. It's kind of stealing?
  11. Have you seen a good tutorial on this LUA hiscore deal. I'm looking to add this into the .180 MAME pack Tom shared.
  12. I just saw some reviews and videos on Switch. I may have to eat crow a little. It looks pretty sweet!
  13. I thought I did.. I had this exact setting changed for GameEx but I just spaced...
  14. Ha!
  15. I guess I didn't really expect a new system. Just a small update to a classic. I had an Atari as my first console. Then it was NES and SNES. I did buy a Wii and I love Mario Cart Wii. I just can't help but feel like Nintendo keeps dropping the ball. They're flopping and you would think their CEO would want continued buzz. With this Classic, they have momentary hype. They've been flailing and will need to capitalize further. This switch deal doesn't entice me at all. I guess I just need to hang up my Nintendo love in the closet and let it be.