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    Hi Tom, Yeah I had actually written a little program to match my roms, and pull down the content from the site. I wasn't going to publish it on the web or anything but only for personal use. I didn't realise it was against the sites terms and conditions, for which I apoligise. I thought emumovies only contained videos, and the gamesdbase just seemed more complete and contain more assets. It would be really cool if you offered some kind of premium subscription to the site which would allow me to use my program. If you want I can send you the full source if your interested in having a look at it. Again am sorry if this has caused issues, I'm just having a very hard time trying to sync my roms and assets together, and thought this was the best way about it. Thanks for the reply. PS - would you be able to unban me from the site? (I won't use the program to scrape the site). Cheers, Fraser
  2. Hi, I've been downloading some assets from the gamesdbase, but now when I go to the site it redirects me to b.aspx. This seems to be based on my ip address as it doesn't do this from another ip address. I downloaded about 500MB of assets today, is there a daily limit? Thanks, Fraz
  3. Hello, I love gamebase and I love gameex, but some of the gamebase collections such as the snes, genesis, and nes have their snap names mixed up. Basically they have the following structure: game.png > title snap game_1.png > snap game_2.png > cover Gameex reads gamebase as follows: 1st snap is snap 2nd snap is cover So for these collections within gamex you would get the title screen, then the snap displaying when browsing the roms...which wasnt ideal. I've written a very quick and probably buggy program in vb.net. Basically it swaps the filenames for the the titlesnap to _2, the snap to . and the cover to _1 (if that makes sense). It supports sub directories as the gamebase collections have the snaps in sub folders such as #,A,B and so on, so you just need to point it at the root snap directory. I'm posting this as it took me a couple of hours to write versus about 2 days if I was to manually rename all the snaps, and hopefully someone else will find it of use. PLEASE USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BACKUP ANY SNAPS BEFORE YOU POINT IT AT A FOLDER!!! If anyone wants the source please let me know. Also it was written with visual studio 2010 so you'll probably need the .net framework 4 installed. Cheers, Fraser gamebasefilerenamer.rar
  4. ok Thanks Draco...makes sense.. Cheers, Fraser
  5. Hi, Sorry to keep creating threads about gamebase and gameex, but am just wondering if there is any documentation on what is supported and whats not. I know that video snaps are not at the moment, but I'm finding it difficult getting gameex to read some of my gamebases, below is an example: I have the nes gamebase which I grabbed from the gamebase forums, now it works great, I can see all extras, for example manual, box front, box back, catridge, however I have created my own gamebase for the playstation, and I've setup the same extras and named them the same, but I can only see the manual once I select the game. I'm wondering if gameex has custom configurations for certain gamebases, or if it supports any custom gamebase? and is so is there strict naming conventions that I must follow? Again I'm sorry about the gamebase threads I've been creating of late... Cheers, Fraser
  6. Hi Tom, Thanks for getting back to me. I notice that within gamebase, it knows that its a video when you add an extra of this type (as it changes the icon of the extra to a little film reel)... So am thinking that either gameex could read the gamebase database and see if any of the extras have a certain file extension (and maybe just display the first one it finds as the videosnap) - or maybe even just make it a rule of thumb if the extra is named "avisnap" that this becomes the videosnap. I realise that this would be something for a future version, but I really think it would it would be a nice feature to have. I really prefer to use gamebase for setting up my emulators, and its easier to play about with your extras, and also for setting up different emulators for different games (for example with the playstation where some games work better in different emulators). Again thanks for the reply Tom. Cheers, Fraser
  7. Hi, I'm been setting up gamebase with all my emulators and this has been working really great with gameex, but does anyone know if its possible for gameex to read videosnaps which I setup within gamebase. I realise there is no official videosnap option in gamebase and I would need to add these as extras. I was just wondering if there was a work around or hack for gameex to read videosnaps? Thanks, Fraser
  8. Hey Guys, Thanks for the replies... Yeah I've actually just noticed that I can see all extras from gamebase once I actually go into the game... Yeah I figure I would have to go down the custom menu road, but am not sure where to start - could anyone point me in the direction of any docs or guides? Yeah I've seen a few people mention xpadder on some other forums, and I think I may have to go down this road, am just a little worried as I can only map a limited amount of keys, still some games may not work, but I think I remember that the zx keys were common for fire 1 and 2...we shall see though.. Thanks agains for the comments. Cheers, Fraser
  9. Funny enough I was messing about with this last night and I couldn't get it to work, and I had the same command as you... I changed it to ssf.exe [VIRTUALDRIVE]:\ and it seemed work though... although not all my games work, but thats an emulator issue... Cheers, Frazman
  10. Hello, Firstly I'm pretty new to gameex, and have been playing about with the software for the last week or so (pretty much non stop!) - and its amazing, although I have a few questions I was wondering if the community could answer? I've tried searching the forums, docs etc but can't seem to find the answers: I've setup gamabase to work with gameex and on the whole this works amazing, but I was wondering if there was a way to cycle through the snaps in gameex as many games have more than 1 screenshot? On the subject of gamebase, is it possible to view extras via gameex, the only extra I see is the maps, but what about sound files, manuals, covers, etc? I'm not really interested in the multimedia aspect of gameex as I have media center setup for this, and was wondering if it was possible for gameex to start and go straight into the emulated games menu? Slightly off topic from gameex, but thought I would chance my luck, I've got winuae setup with amigabase and everything is working, but I can only seem to get 1 firebutton working on my xbox 360 controlller, I was wondering if anyone had any experience setting winuae with an xbox 360 pad? I know that there are solutions such as setting up the controller to fire key presses etc, but was wondering if anyone had any better solutions? Sorry for all the questions, and I'd just like to thank Tom and his team for all the hardwork they have put into gameex and I'll defo be donating next week once I get paid :-) Cheers, Fraser
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