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  1. When I was a moderator there was an FTP for Moderators but I'm not sure if it still works.
  2. I used to have a shed load of controller images in hi-res, unfortunately not anymore. (I will check my personal dropbox account or my flash drive but I am pretty sure they are gone.) Deviantart usually has a fair few, I know I got a pack off the Deviantart website but I checked earlier and they have been removed. Ask Draco he might have some? I might be wrong but wasnt there an official project for this on the MOD FTP? Some of the controller images above 500px are non-existent, believe me I had this trouble when I was looking myself. Do you want real images or something like a Vector image, Vectors look pretty good and most of them are huge in scale.
  3. Love that 8bitdo Nes30 controller, looks so nice
  4. Man, these look Great! Especially that AAE text, even though your earlier examples were good, the new additions above look ultra sharp.
  5. Tell me more.... Might be a short wait though I need a charger for my laptop.
  6. I have a Gmail account, Is Google Drive user friendly? I picked up a used Lenovo laptop with an i7 6500u as my old Dell Inspiron bit the dust and took the hdd with it. I just need a charger for the lenovo laptop. Once I have the charger I can start theming/logos all over again and possibly look into skinning Arcade Edition.
  7. Heres a link to my photobucket album. Hundreds of logos, systems etc. (oh and other random stuff)
  8. Aaron is a great guy, on and off the forums, he was always my go to man for issues with GameEx, if you asked him a question he would know the answer.
  9. Just to confirm, this is the correct command line for Zinc when using Zenith. zinc.exe [ROM] --use-slow-geometry=yes --renderer=renderer-ogl.znc --use-renderer-cfg-file=zenith-renderer.cfg --controller=controller-winterblast.znc --use-controller-cfg-file=zenith-controller.cfg --roms-directory=YOUR ROM PATH Example zinc.exe [ROM] --use-slow-geometry=yes --renderer=renderer-ogl.znc --use-renderer-cfg-file=zenith-renderer.cfg --controller=controller-winterblast.znc --use-controller-cfg-file=zenith-controller.cfg --roms-directory=D:\Emulation\Roms\Arcade\ZiNc v1.1\Roms
  10. Im kinda swaying to what ClassicGMR is saying, I took up the chance to play a switch at my nephews house yesterday. We played Bomberman and the new Zelda, it was a pretty decent experience but I could never see myself owning a switch.
  11. No Problem!
  12. To be honest I think Zinc runs slightly better than MAME for these roms. I've always preferred Zinc over MAME, but I'm just a little OCD. I did get this issue resolved though, I checked through some old messages from celly, (thanks Buddy, wherever you are) My Command Line was slightly off. What I might do is use .MAP files and split the MAME rom set into different sections ie, Zinc, CPS, Nintendo VS etc..
  13. [DELETED] Ive ran out of attachment space on my GameEx account so I had to use dropbox
  14. Does anybody here use the Zinc / Zenith emulator combination. I'm using Zinc as a seperate emulator entry on GameEx (Arcade Edition) but it's not launching. Its fully working outside GameEx. I did a small write up a while ago on the Zinc Zenith combo but I feel thats no longer valid. I'll upload my .ini files for your perusal when I get home. Here it is: I setup Zinc as a seperate emulator Use Zinc 1.1 emulator and run games through the Zenith frontend for Zinc. Get Zenith here (NO LONGER VALID) First off, get ZiNc and all the plugins from here. Now set a folder for ZiNc somewhere and extract ZiNc. Then move all your roms to the rom folder it created. Extract all the plugins (winterblast etc.) to the ZiNc folder as well. Now I hope you have some time set aside for this next part, its a doosy. Extract ZeNith to the ZiNc folder and launch it. Assuming you did everything correctly, it should launch and will show a list of games on the left of a nice gui. You can always download snaps for the gui from the ZeNith site as well. Now, Star Gladiator is my first game in the list. On the right of the gui, configure all the game settings, video and especially, the controls. You will need to do this for EVERY game. Video is generally the same the controls have to be done every time for every rom. You can launch a game with ZeNith just to double check the buttons match how you want. Hooray! You have it all done. Now we try out a command line in GameEx. ZiNc will only run from a cmd line. ZeNith should have saved all your control settings for each rom onto a .cfg file. This can be edited but, I'm really not getting into that right now. Anyway, here is the command line we will use - zinc.exe [ROM] --use-slow-geometry=yes --renderer=renderer-ogl.znc --use-renderer-cfg-file=zenith-renderer.cfg --controller=controller-winterblast.znc --use-controller-cfg-file=zenith-controller.cfg --roms-directory=.\roms When setting it up as a emulator, use the ZiNc rom directory that is in the ZiNc folder you set this all up in. If not, non of this will work.
  15. She's kinda hot..........Actually Nah! Whenever I see an image of Cher, the first thing I think of is that film, Mask!