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  1. Yes definitely makes me wonder. I had a similar issue about a year ago with games using Unreal Engine 4, they would crash on startup or within 5 mins of gameplay. To be honest some of them still do this. I personally think it was a DirectX issue but all the troubleshooting I did didnt bring me any joy.
  2. Well the problem seemed to have fixed itself when I updated to Windows 10 update 1903.
  3. This is just pasted from another forum which I posted earlier. So I've hit an issue with about 50% of the games I have. When I launch some games they will crash and sometimes it will say "Not Responding DX9" , It doesn't always say this but when it does crash the window or fullscreen will go white and say not responding. So It either quits itself or I have to ctrl+alt-delete and end task. Games that it does happen with are wwe 2k19, The conjuring house, Jurassic world evolution and a few others. Also some games take at least 1-2 minutes to even load to the first screen. My spec i7 7700K, GTX 1070ti, Corsair 16gb DDR4 2100mhz, Asus H110M-R, CX550-M. Games are stored on my secondary 4TB Seagate HDD. Windows 10 is stored on a crucial 500GB SSD. Anyone got any ideas or ran into something similar.
  4. I've been to Wetherby twice in the last 2 1/2 years and it's a breath of fresh air when I do go there (Nice pubs, locations etc ), compared to where I live which is full of scumbags. It does make me laugh when I go into local shops and they look at me funny because of the way I talk
  5. KRC

    Evo Customisation?

    Is it just a case of swapping files out for other files. Eg. Swapping one background out for another custom background, but keeping file names the same. BTW, where are the system logo files ?
  6. KRC

    Evo Customisation?

    Is there any support for theme, logo customisation yet?
  7. I'm in West Midlands but I do have relatives that live in Wetherby who I visit once in a blue moon.
  8. Many Happy Returns to Big Mike!
  9. KRC

    Mega Man 11

    Apparently it's going to be on PC,PS4, XBOX ONE and SWITCH. It has got a Steam release date of 2nd October 2018.
  10. KRC

    Mega Man 11

    This Mega Man looks sweet!
  11. 232,410 Round 15 I used a wired official xbox one pad. I tried a mouse a failed miserably.
  12. I wonder if Tom can see into the future? Post Stamp May 29th 2018
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