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  1. Ahh ok, so it no longer works, no probs. Just out of curiosity what lists did it change? all of them?
  2. Its under the display settings tab. --Display Image/Video List Use an image based thumbnail list instead of a text based list. You can also show multiple video previews instead of images, but this requires a fast PC. Options: Yes Yes - Big Yes - Videos Yes - Videos - Big No (Default)
  3. In the Setup Wizard there is an option to use an image based thumbnail list instead of a text based list. Where does GameEx look for these thumbnails?
  4. Retro Achievements

    Im going to give it a shot now and see how I go, hopefully easily enough,if not I'll let you know.
  5. IREM ARCADE HITS Complete setup including: Map File Various Artwork and Media. (Logos,Flyers etc.) Available on the FTP Under -GameEx-/KRC Projects When setting this up as an emulator entry just point your .exe and rom paths to your MAME Paths in the Setup Wizard. Keep in mind to check out the other artwork like logos and flyers as these are perfect for GameEx Arcade Edition. This sort of entry is for those who want Irem Classics to be listed on their own as a seperate entity away from MAME. *MAP File also available seperately in the downloads section.
  6. Version 1.0.0 FINAL


    Irem Arcade Hits MAP File 18 Irem Classics Created by me.
  7. Just thought I would chime in and say this is an awesome topic! Amazing Work!
  8. FREE UNUSED FSP 250W PSU This came in an Intel i5-T low power consumption build (4590t to be precise), its never been used. (I just used the I5 for an ITX build.) Just pay a few £££ for postage and it's yours. (Probably UK only) Ill upload pics soon.
  9. Website builder for dummies?

    I use 1 & 1 for my business needs, which is great and is £1.99 a month. Free professional emails and a website (Which is as easy as website design comes), along with cloud storage. I use the UK equivalent.
  10. Dedicated PC to TV

    I wonder if the OP means using instant sheller.
  11. All Sorted, Admin might as well lock this thread up
  12. ATTN: 32 bit CCleaner users

    Me too, i don't trust CCleaner.
  13. Retro Achievements

    Hey Fellas, I remember a while ago a few members including myself speaking about Retro Achievements. Does anyone still use these emulators? The Retro Achievements Forums are still very active so it must be a good thing. I'm in the process of adding these as extra emulators. I did set these up a couple of years ago but never got round to actually using them.
  14. PC Games Preview Videos

    So I went ahead with the Filmora suggestion and this is just what I need. Thanks Mike. So simple and smooth. I might have to go the distance and get a licence if I can get one cheap enough