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  1. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Not sure I have done any windows updates in a while. I did an update for Geforce Experience but im not sure if that would have caused the issue I had.
  2. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    When I did the fresh GamEx install I didnt change any input settings. The issue seems to have resolved by itself, not sure how. If it does pop up again ill let you know.
  3. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Here you go. log.txt GameEx.ini
  4. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Sorry forgot to mention that the directional keys dont work either, so i cant navigate menus. Ill upload ini's shortly.
  5. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Will do when i return from the school run. Ive checked the log and gameex.ini and I cant see anything out of the ordinary but I will upload regardless.
  6. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    So i decided to do a nice fresh install of GameEx and for some reason the volume isnt working correctly. If I use my Xbone controller or Keyboard neither will turn the volume up in GameEx. When i press the volume up key it will always revert back to zero. The GameEx Volume icon is always on the right side of the screen as well. Ive attached a screenshot of what it looks like Any Ideas?
  7. Ive seen higher end systems like the i7 8700k and GTX 1080ti (which is more grunt than me and RedDog have) struggle with RPCS3, , Xenia is the 360 emulator. I think these emulators need a lot of work for them to be optimised properly on current gen pc systems, and I would imagine quad core i5/i7 (and some ryzen builds) minimum. I think once they make advancements with the core of the emulators themselves, the required specs may drop, but again defo high GHZ quad core. I'm not too bothered about Xenia and RPCS3 because this era of console games kinda had their PC Port with many of the games available on PS3/360. I can run all Wii U (Cemu) games without a hitch at 1080p/60fps. The only thing that bugs me about Cemu is the caching of textures before launching a game.
  8. I went down the same route as you RedDog. I Had the 7700k and GTX 1060 6gb delivered a couple of days ago and I couldn't be happier. I was going to go with the 1070 but couldn't justify the price.
  9. Due to being on hiatus with a family member becoming ill, I have not had chance to do anything in regards to basically....... anything! Over the past few days I have completely revamped this theme and done a complete redraw on the Arcade Cabinet. I will upload some images as soon as I can.
  10. Definitely a solid build future proof build RedDog. The GTX 1060 isn't weak by any means, but make sure it's the 6gb Version, its a solid 1080p and upto 1440p, 60hz with very high to ultra detail on all games. VR ready etc (if you wanted to go down that route) A GTX 1070 is for a solid 1440p, 144hz with mostly ultra detail on games. but for the price over the 1060 its not worth it. I definitely feel the GTX 1060 is more than adequate for that setup. To put it into perspective though, I'm running an MSI Twin Frozr GTX 770 2gb and this is running some AAA titles on 1080p and some even at 1440p, paired with a i3-7100 and the GTX 1060 is at least 25% better than my GTX 770. So it's a safe bet and I would say stick with 1060. An i7-7700k coupled with a 1060 is a beast. No bottlenecks from that system RedDog, i7-7700k, Z270 Platform, M.2 SSD, GTX 1060 6gb, 16gb DDR4 3000mhz RAM and a solid PSU. Its a great build at a good price.
  11. GEX Arcade 1080p for GameEx. Currently a work in progress. A few screenshots attached. I need to do marquees for every system. This theme will also have the ability to show marquees per game as well. Video logos for every option in GameEx (emulated games, multimedia etc) More to come soon.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I think it still might be possible to do what I am thinking!
  13. Apologies for the late reply. Good Work. A question though, I havent checked myself yet but through any means is it possible to adjust the size of the Artwork/Video and X/Y Axis location of Artwork/Video? If it is possible, I have an idea Also do Arcade Edition themes have both foreground and background layers?
  14. Q*bert Arcade Game Released by Gottlieb Fall 1982

    Love this Game!
  15. [ABANDONED] Theme issues and crash

    GameEx Arcade Edition has a lot less options than original GameEx and is perfect for a MAME machine.