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  1. Many Happy Returns to Big Mike!
  2. KRC

    Mega Man 11

    Apparently it's going to be on PC,PS4, XBOX ONE and SWITCH. It has got a Steam release date of 2nd October 2018.
  3. KRC

    Mega Man 11

    This Mega Man looks sweet!
  4. 232,410 Round 15 I used a wired official xbox one pad. I tried a mouse a failed miserably.
  5. I wonder if Tom can see into the future? Post Stamp May 29th 2018
  6. New Score 283 I reached near the end of skateboarding part in scene 3 and it was ridiculously hard.
  7. Its Philips Ambilight, there are led's integrated in the rear left and right of the TV, it reacts to whatever is on the screen. It looks pretty good when watching action movies and playing PC games but looks just ok when watching 'normal tv channels. Good thing is about it as well is if the game is 4:3 ratio the TV will still pick up the last pixel colors on the edge of the game display. My TV is 49" but 55" and above have the led's on the rear top and bottom as well. Yeah I forgot my initials
  8. A slightly better Run 112. You get quite a few points with the mousers coming out the wall. (See pic)
  9. 84, not bad. Comsidering I love TMNT, i have never played this before.
  10. Can you printscreen somehow?
  11. Floyd Turbo's score looks like 57,670.
  12. Yeah it can be quite confusing when members upload scores but with a different backdrop. I just look for and play what the "Romset" says in the first post. Eg: ROMSet: Xevious <-----------
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