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  1. In GameEx I would like to request the ability to disable the horizontal menu ("By Category, By Manufacturer", etc.) on an emulator-specific basis. I like this menu in my MAME lists, but the menu selections don't do anything in my console lists, so it doesn't make any sense to display them. I can get rid of the menu altogether in Simple Mode or Fix to Emulator mode--but I don't want to get rid of it for everything, just select emulators. I would imagine this being a new option in the Advanced Emulator settings.
  2. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    Just upgraded to 14.79 and it looks like this issue is addressed. Thanks Tom!
  3. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    I guess I shall refrain from troubleshooting from here on in and leave it to the experts.
  4. Somewhere between GameEx 14.70 and 14.76 (most likely in the 14.74 update) the game description in the game information screen was moved from being near the top of the screen (and visible to users when they first entered the screen), to being at the very bottom and beneath all the lists like Games in Series, Recommended Games, and Other Systems. I've been using GameEx for at least the last five years and really like the description where it was. So my request is to either have the description moved back up to the top, or for an option to be added to customize the display order of these things. See the following thread for more information, screenshots, configuration files, and logs.
  5. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    Ok, so what I understand you are saying is that in 14.74 the game description was intentionally moved from being above the lists like Recommended Games, Games in Series, and Other Systems to being below these lists. This seems to be an odd "intentional" decision since I don't know the rationale that led to it--but I'll go with that and enter a feature change request. Thanks...and sorry if I was a little huffy. I know you're just trying to help :-) Here's the feature request.
  6. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    I'm afraid I don't follow. The screenshot showing what it looked like in 14.70 is what it has looked like for at least the last five years...and I update pretty much every time there is an update and the screen format has never changed. However, as soon as I upgrade to 14.76, the UI changes to look like the other screenshot. I'm not sure where the "can of worms" is here. I hope you don't think that I upgrade (or revert) by just replacing the exe! That would, indeed, open a can of worms. Yes, I did revert just the exe in one quick test just to see if it would "fix" the problem (and it did); but I certainly didn't leave it like that (I have since done a complete wipe of the GameEx folder and a full restore of 14.70--which has me back to normal while this gets figured out). I'm also not sure what is meant when you say you "think" Games in Series and Recommended Games are above the verbose description. I'm using one of the default themes, and I've never seen them above the description before. Is it really normal for the description to be at the very bottom? Could someone having 14.70 or earlier just look and see for me? And I don't want to suppress these other lists, I just want them back where they've always been...which is below the description!
  7. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    I noticed the change after upgrading to 14.76. To create the "before" screenshot, I just overwrote the GameEx.exe with the one from my 14.70 backup. No other files are needed to revert. The same GameEx.ini file is in place in both instances. I can switch back and forth at will between the two .exe files and the same difference is seen every time--very easy to duplicate--so it would seem to be some change in the compiled executable rather than a configuration issue.
  8. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    Ok, here are the files. There is a screenshot from 14.70 that shows what it looked like before (game description is visible immediately after primary menu). And then there is a screenshot of what it now looks like in 14.76 (you must now scroll way down to get to the game description). The gameex.ini file is the same for both (oh, and note the temperature too...which may be a record breaker for this date here in Massachusetts) GameEx.ini log 14.70.txt log 14.76.txt
  9. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    GameEx, not GameEx Arcade. Guess the question means it wasn't an intentional change. I'll post supporting files when I get back to my machine.
  10. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    Well, no one has answered, but I've confirmed that this did change. If I just replace the GameEx.exe file with one of my recent backups the screen reverts back to the way its always been. This is a pretty major change (moving game description all the way to the bottom). Is this a bug or was this intentional? If intentional, I just want to submit my vote for the old way, which I much prefer!
  11. [RESOLVED] Setup Wizard crashes at HTPC settings

    That fixed it. Thanks!
  12. Note that I've also made this request in the Features & Enhancement Requests thread, and would very much like this as well. Simple mode is too simple. I like this menu in some lists but not in others.
  13. I just updated and find that the Wizard crashes on the HTPC/Multimedia Settings page. No other pages seem to be affected.
  14. [RESOLVED] Info screen

    Did the order of things change in one of the recent updates? In the game info screen the game description is now way down at the bottom...after Recommended Games and Other Systems. So I now have to scroll way down to the bottom to see the descriptions.
  15. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to the Advanced Emulator Setup screen to "Disable Horizontal Menu". In some game lists this menu has no practical value. I'd love to be able to turn it off in those cases. A similar request was also made here...