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  1. I hope no one takes this the wrong way. Evolution has obviously been in development for a long time and there is clear evidence that lots of hard work has gone into it. I want it to succeed as much as anyone; however, to do this it MUST do the fundamentals at least as good as GameEx. And the biggest fundamental that GameEx has going for it is that it is very fast/snappy. So far Evolution, in its current form feels really sluggish to me in comparison and so as of 1.02 I still can't take it seriously as a replacement (it can also lock-up my computer, but that's another story). I paid for Evolution--and don't regret it at all--but honestly, I'd be willing to spend similar money for *each* of just a few relatively minor updates to regular GameEx, which still remains the gold-standard front-end for me. Here's the list of upgrades I'd happily pay for (roughly in priority order): I'd pay $20 for... -- Support for star filters on lists in regular GameEx (both as sticky and dynamic). I'd pay another $20 for... -- the ability to specify more than one version of MAME as part of an emulator group I'd pay yet another $20 for... -- the ability to directly edit the database within the UI in the wizard (along with a couple of other refinements to the way the database is used). And I might pay up to $20 for... -- A new first-class theme editor. No new fancy features or animation support needed--just something that works more elegantly for customizing the features that already exist. Dave
  2. Gildahl


    Thanks. Installed 15.52 this afternoon. So far everything is working normally. i'll let you know if I see the error again.
  3. Gildahl


    Hi Tom, Sorry to keep bugging you, but encountered an error message twice today (hours apart) that I've never seen before. It happened both times upon exiting a game. Basically, I get a windows error dialog that allows me to view the error or continue. I copied the error text into the attached error.txt. If press the continue button on the dialog, GameEx actually goes back to the front end and does not crash. I looked at the GameEx log (also attached), but there seems to be no sign of anything unusual there (the error would have occurred at about the 20:52:13.24 9/29/2018 mark in the attached log.txt fie). Not really a big deal so far, but I thought you should be aware. Dave error.txt log.txt
  4. So far so good on the new build. I've let the machine go into attract mode several times with no loss of sound.
  5. Whoops. Maybe spoke too soon. After testing last night, I left the machine running. When I went back later to shut it down, GameEx had gone into attract mode. When I exited attract mode I noticed that the interface sounds were gone. Didn't have time to test further, but it looks like returning from attract mode is capable of killing the sound too.
  6. I just started playing around in the latest Beta of Evo and noticed something that I can see will be an issue for me. I run multiple versions of MAME in parallel. In regular GameEx I deal with this via custom scripts that take care of running the games in the correct version and creating the combined game list (I'll leave out the details, but it works well enough), but Evo seems to "automate" things too much for me to do this effectively. I think there are other ways I can fake it into working for me, but since Evo is so new I thought it would be worth making a plug for first class support of multiple mame installs, In principle the idea is simple. In Evo today, if you go into the emulator setup and try to add a second instance of a MAME emulator it doesn't let you (you can only replace the existing one). What I would like to see is the ability to add additional MAME emulators, each with their own independent configuration and rom list. At runtime, these would be regarded collectively as a single set of roms and assets within the front end, similar to the way groups work in GameEx. And that's it. If you could do something like this, it would be wonderful!!
  7. Well it looks like we have a winner. Both the port audio and joystick issues seem to be solved with this exe. I've tried a bunch of times to reproduce the issues and have not been able to. Thanks so much for fixing this!!
  8. Thanks...should have a chance to try it out tonight.
  9. Hi Tom, I saw that you had a post over in the BYOAC forums in the RatRefresh topic: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,152919.msg1610005.html#msg1610005 I don't use the RatRefresh utility, but have successfully experimented in the past wtih my own scripts that do a similar thing. Unfortunately, I ultimately ran into the same thing you (and RataPlan626) did in that these methods don't work from within front ends like GameEx that have control over the display. When you try, the machine locks up. You can do it if you mercilessly kill the front end upon game launch, then restart from scratch after game exit--but that's hardly an elegant solution. So long story short, I gave up trying a long time before the RatRefresh thread. Anyway, since such scripts (using the ChangeDisplaySettings API) do run fine outside of the front end, it seems like there could be a way for give GameEx a special method to release the display upon a game launch, then reinitialize when the game is existed. I suspect this would not be simple, but it might be worthwhile to look further into if you ever have the time.
  10. Hi Tom, I went ahead and installed 15.50 and made sure to check the 64 bit install. Unfortunately, I still have exactly the same issues that I mentioned in my PM to you. I will re-state here in case anyone else might be having similar issues. If I run a game from either the standard Favorites menu or standard MAME game list and the game has port audio turned on, then 100% of the time, when I return from the game, the interface sounds are gone (other sounds like video snaps still works). If a game does not have port audio on then I never lose the interface sounds. On the other hand, if I run these same (port audio) games from my custom menu (which runs mame as an ordinary emulator), I never have this problem. In fact, if I lose sound and then go into my custom menu and run the same game, the interface sounds come back when I return from the game. Finally, I will note that I have none of these audio issues in any menus in 15.27, which I am otherwise continuing to use while these issues are being looked at. Here are my port audio settings in mame in case you'd like to try reproducing (rev. .201) # OSD SOUND OPTIONS# sound portaudio audio_latency 1 # # PORTAUDIO OPTIONS # pa_api "Windows WASAPI" pa_device default pa_latency 0.003334 The second issue I'm having, loss of joystick control, also continues to happen in 15.50, but again never in 15.27. This issue is less predictable and has no correlation to port audio games. The symptoms here are that after entering GameEx and running a game from either the standard Favorites menu or the standard MAME game list, I will lose joystick control over the menus after returning from the game. This happens most frequently on the very first game that I run (but not always). Interestingly, I can recover joystick control by viewing my CPWizard layout from the game menu and returning. Once recovered, the joystick is usually pretty stable after that. Once again, I have none of these issues in 15.27; only in the more recent versions (including 64-bit).
  11. Just a note that after testing a bit more (on both 15.35 and the recent 15.37) it looks like I still lose the joystick reliably even when not in the custom "Golden Age Arcade" menu. However, whereas I lose the joystick immediately after returning from the very first game in that menu, in the regular menus (like Arcade Favorites or MAME Master List in my theme) I don't lose the joystick until after I've returned from games three times. Bizarre but true. As usual, I must restart GameEx to get js back.
  12. Hi Tom, I made a couple of videos and sent links for them to you in a pm. Dave
  13. Hi Tom, As reported in a separate thread, the audio problems I was experiencing in builds since 15.27 seem to be fixed in 15.35; however, there are two remaining issues related to game controllers and video in the latest builds that may be somewhat related. Perhaps these also reflect initialization issues. Neither of the two problems seem to happen in most of my game menus (which are mostly simple lists). However, I have one menu called "Golden Age Arcade" that contains video backgrounds and a wheel that simulates the GameEx Arcade look. (I've attached my configs and ini files). Here are steps to reproduce the problem. 1. Go into the '"Golden Age Arcade'" menu and select a game. 2. Return to GameEx. At this point my U360 joysticks no longer work at all in GameEx. My control panel buttons still work, and if I select another game the joysticks still work in the game. If I exit GameEx and restart it, the joysticks work again. I should note that this ONLY seems to happen reliably in the "Golden Age Arcade" menu (I believe it may have happened elsewhere, but couldn't duplicate it anywhere else today). 3. If, after selecting a game in the "Golden Age Arcade' menu and returning to GameEx I choose another game (using the control panel since the js doesn''t work), I can play fine but when I return to GameEx the SECOND time (never the first time), the menu does not re-appear but the screen remains black. Once again, this only happens in the '"Golden Age Arcade'" menu, and I must exit GameEx and restart. Like the audio issue, if I replace the contents of the GameEx folder with copies from 15.27, I do not have the issue with the joysticks. However, even in 15.27 I still get the black screen after every second return from a game in the '"Golden Age Arcade'" menu. I know that there was a time when the video worked fine, but I don't have any earlier copies to try tracing when the problem began. Dave log.txt GameEx.ini CustomMenu.ini
  14. Hi Tom, Woo-hoo. 15.35 does appear to fix the audio re-init problem. Thanks for that. With that said, I have another issues that I will post in a separate thread that are still preventing me from using the latest build. It has some relation to the game controller issue and might provide some more info toward fixing that. Dave
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