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  1. Gildahl

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    Hi Tom, Just a note that I updated to 15.34 today and still get loss of interface sound after returning from some games back to GameEx. It doesn't happen with all games, but Visual Pinball X seems to be the most reliable in killing the interface sounds. As before, if I revert the files in the c:\GameEx folder back to those from 15.27, I have no issues. I didn't test extensively, but didn't notice any joystick issues this time, so maybe that's fixed now? I'll follow-up if I see that again. Also, on the Daphne issue that I was having, that seems to be resolved. On a whim I toggled the switch in the Wizard to disable then enable Daphne and the games now show up again, so it was just something funky in the configuration that seems to have happened after a recent update.
  2. Gildahl

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    Just to follow-up, I deleted the whole contents of the GameEx folder (just the files in the root, not the subfolders) and replaced the contents with a backup from 15.27 and both the joysticks and sound seem to work fine/normal (unfortunately, however, the Daphne issue is still there). As soon as I revert back to the 15.32 files again, the sound and joystick issues return (I can at least now confirm that when it happens the joystick remains dead for about 5 to 10 seconds after returning from a game). I should also remark that just replacing the GameEx.exe with the 15.27 .exe does not fix the issue, it is only when I replace all the files in c:\GameEx with the ones from 15.27 that the problem goes away.
  3. Gildahl

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    I did a little more testing today. The joystick issue is hard to pin down. When I started up today, all was good (joystick & sound), after playing a bit of Asteroids I returned to GameEx and found the joystick not working; however, after a few moments it started working again. After playing some more, most of the time the joystick would be ok after returning to GameEx, but I did encounter one more "delay" of about 5 seconds of dead joystick before it became functional again. So I can see how this might be hard to duplicate. It has definitely never done this sort of thing before 15.30 though. Regarding sound, interface sounds (clicks and chimes) are always fine upon first loading GameEx but are gone for good after returning from pretty much any game. As I reported earlier, sound from video snaps still work in the interface and sound in games is fine, it's only the interface sounds that disappear.
  4. Gildahl

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    Hi Tom, I just updated to 15.32 and I am experiencing loss of joystick input again (as well as my other two open issues). It's a little different this time. Originally joystick control was gone upon loading GameEx. This time jJoystick works fine at first, but after playing a game for a while and returning to GameEx, joystick control is gone. I use Ultrastick 360s. So to recap open items. 1. Loss of joystick control (but only after returning from a game). 2. Loss of interface sounds after returning from games (game sounds and video snapshot sounds still work). Restarting GameEx gets sound back temporarily. 3. Loss of Daphne game list in my custom menu. Dave log.txt GameEx.ini CustomMenu.ini
  5. Gildahl

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Hey Tom. Since you've got my config files above, I've found another issue with 15.31. Seems that after I play certain games and return to GameEx, that all the menu sounds (clicking and the select "chime") go silent. Sound related to video clips continues to work, but none of the menu sounds work until I exit GameEx and restart. So far it hasn't happened with MAME arcade games, but I've been able to reproduce it pretty reliably with non-MAME games like Visual Pinball and ColecoVision (which, interestingly does use MAME as its emulator).
  6. Gildahl

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Here they are. log.txt CustomMenu.ini GameEx.ini
  7. Gildahl

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Thanks Tom. 15.31 fixed the joystick issue. Still can't access my Daphne games any more at all in my custom menu though. Neither from within a group (as described in another post), nor even as a separate list (using item type 31). Did the indexes for Daphne lists in custom menu change?
  8. Gildahl

    Daphne issues in custom menu.

    I have long had a custom group that puts Daphne and Mame laserdisc games in the same group. Daphne is referenced as emulator 1000 and MAME laserdisc games are in emulator 45. I just noticed today that the Daphne games are no longer being included in the list, only the MAME games. GameEx.ini is attached (search on "1000;45" to find the configuration). I just noticed this in 15.30, but after reverting back to the previous version the problem exists there too, so not sure at exactly what version it started, but it must be fairly recently. GameEx.ini
  9. Just upgraded to 15.30 and two out of three of my joysticks no longer work in GameEx for navigating through menus (they continue to work in games, however). All sticks are Ultrastik 360s. GameEx.ini is attached. I've reverted back to the previous version and all is well again. GameEx.ini
  10. Gildahl

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Yup. Problems here too. Just upgraded and now two out of three of my sticks no longer work in GameEx. I don't have time to investigate or post my config at the moment...perhaps sometime tomorrow.
  11. Well, this is very interesting. Thanks for working up this demo. Issue #1: For some reason I do not seem to experience this. However, I downloaded (on a separate machine) a brand new copy of GameEx and used your examples and was able to duplicate what you are seeing. I also duplicated this myself using the default GameEx.ini. I have no idea why I don't see this on my arcade machine, but if I were a new user trying to use custom menus and saw this I would conclude that groups are broken. Basically (as you are also seeing), as soon as you enable groups in the wizard, the emulator lists start to behave as though they are groups. If you disable groups the single emulator lists go back to normal. Totally weird. Issue #2: Yes you are seeing what I am seeing and would love to see this addressed. Issue #3: I wasn't actually asking for the title to show the *game* title, but rather for it to show the title text for the *emulator* (like "Mattel Intellivision" or "Atari 5200" etc.). I wouldn't think this needs to be an option since it seems like the expected value (since it is blank today, and that's what the emulator's title text is supposed to be for presumably). I personally wouldn't want the game name to show as the title since they would often be too long for the space. [Edit: Not sure if you edited or I read wrong, but after re-reading your post I see that you say to "show the user what emulator or game system the currently high-lighted game is from"...which is correct, so what you wrote is fine]
  12. Here are some screenshots of an issue that seems closely related. If so, then perhaps this can be looked into along with the one discussed above. In this issue, when one highlights a menu item that has an underlying list, the SelectLine1 theme element (which should show a count of the items in that list), only shows the suffix "Items" after the count if the list is a single emulator (Item Type 1), but not if the list is an emulator group (Item Type 32). Additionally, if the underlying list is the Favorites list or another menu, neither the count nor the word "Items" is shown (i.e. SelectLine1 is empty). The screenshots here are based on the CustomMenu.ini file uploaded earlier (look at the second line from the bottom of the screen for comparisons).
  13. Thanks for looking into this. You are correct that there is more "off" than just the titles. There is a second issue I have that is closely related to this. If I get a chance, I'll try posting some screen shots tonight to see if you are seeing the same thing.