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  1. SPOILER ALERT! (not really) OK, I've seen Ready Player One, and there is NO Joust.
  2. Has anyone read / listened to Ready Player One? We went on a road trip through the US southwest and listened to it while we drove. Joust makes a significant appearance. I never realized that one player was on a stork. I just thought they were both ostriches.
  3. FYI, I am doing the work on this for UltraDMD. I will have an update soon.
  4. OK TiF that's pretty impressive, but how are you at Parcheesi?
  5. Are you saying there a noticeable different between Yellow Label Difficulty 5, and Blue Difficulty 5? Or that there is a noticeable difference between the two on their default settings?
  6. OK @TodayIsForgotten, don't you have some scores to post in the IGBOTY? JK I don't see myself matching that score. Good job.
  7. 335,550 I am not kidding. I was one robot about from clearing another level. And on my last guy, all I had to do was shoot that ONE robot, and the level started with me surrounded by grunts, not much room to move, and no clear shot - game over. I am convinced that the difference between difficulty setting 3 and 5 is how many grunts, and how aggressive they are.
  8. OK, I updated my settings. While I was in there, I made it so I could spell out my whole name (it was the setting below the difficulty). 283,550 Like @ExedExes said, it's not much different. The only thing I noticed was, I died TWICE by being surrounded by grunts. I don't recall those grunts ever being so effective as to surround me, let alone doing it twice in the same game.
  9. My votes (if I have votes to give): pull Nitro Ball from IGBOTY5 lives on Do Run RunBTW, seeing the scores for Nitro Ball, it seemed pretty obvious there was an exploit. As for the GameEx Nitro Ball high scores, we just need to ban the technique. If you remember, there was a similar exploit with Joust. See Joust GOTM. Two differences, however, I don't think you could do it indefinitely, and it took some skill to do it for an extended period of time. For the record, my Joust score did NOT involve the exploit.
  10. I was just scanning the hi score threads and ran across this one. I just went over to Twin Galaxies and found this The Twin Galaxies Database Has Finally Been Restored!It's dated July 4, 2014.
  11. I was so close to the high score. So I decided to try again. 268500
  12. Dunno why the Hi-Score Snapper doesn't take an image of the whole screen on this one. So I took a picture with my cell phone.
  13. I just found a screen snapshot I made back on August 3, 2013. Shortly after that, I lost my video. So I never followed up with submitting the score. If I recall, this game was a spinner game. Not a bad score for using a joystick. 33450
  14. That's a perfect fine answer, especially since the whole thing is on the honor system. I would, however, request that it be stated outright, that "each player is on their honor to submit their score within a reasonable time after the game was played." And we'll just let the definition of "reasonable" be up to the player/team.
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