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    Joystick support?

    I can probably attach an external mouse for the setup wizard and try it. But if it has to be initialized before the actual program is run, it’ll probably be too inconvenient for me since I use it as a handheld system. Gameex let me switch from mouse to joystick at any time the program was running.
  2. On regular gameex, my joystick just works without setting anything. I have a Win 2 where you toggle between mouse input and joystick input. When I’m in the setup utility, I try to switch over to joystick control to set a button or direction but the joystick isn’t recognized. Do I have to enabke it somehow?
  3. I think I was thinking of catver.ini. Does evo support the categories?
  4. Okay. Usually CHD files go into a different directory. Can I put them in the same directory as the normal name roms? No name conflicts? Edit: is there a path for the categories.ini file so you can set use the mame categories for filtering in evo? Is this supported? I believe it is called categories.ini. In Gameex I know it is supported.
  5. I want to add a path like C:\Roms;C:\Chds1;C:\Chds2 After I added the rom part,it took a long time to verify the roms. I added a semi-colon and chose the second directory using “...” button but it seemed to replace the first directory instead of appending to the path. Am I doing something wrong? Also does it have to verify each time? Sorry for having an issue so early on.
  6. Okay if it won’t interfere with anything, I’ll try it out. I have to look at my current configuration. I forgot how I set it up. I’ll let you know how the interface runs. Generally, the GPD Win 2 runs games that are a few years old okay as well as less demanding ones. It has 8 gigs of memory I think, so memory shouldn’t be an issue.
  7. The Gameex and Evolution installations are completely independent, correct? I can have them both on the same PC? The processor is a little slow, a core M3 since it is a small portable PC but I can give it a go.
  8. I setup a win2 mini pc with gameex a while ago but got out of gaming for a while. It has a mame set with all the cab files that are deemed working. Not too old a set. Is evolution polished enough now to give it a try? I assume the presentation is better. How is the UI speed in 1.03? Also when I buy a lifetime license, it includes evo, correct?
  9. Did I miss an option to install an MP4 codec when installing GameEx or do I have to install my own? My previews are in this format and I know Windows Media Center doesn't support it. If I have to install separately can you provide a link? There are too many adware/malware laced codec sites out there. Thanks.
  10. Seems like it's working now. I have a video codec question but I'll start a new topic.
  11. Good news! I disabled the touchscreen driver and am now seeing a few thousand ROMS after updating. This gizmo of a laptop I have does have a touchscreen which I didn't think was important to mention before. Maybe it was causing interference with the driver? As Draco mentioned, a few attempts ago I moved the data to the C: drive to take the exFat partition out of the equation. I had done this prior and it still wasn't working so the sdcard wasn't the problem so I'll try to reset the paths back later today and see what happens. I hope this wasn't a one off working and it's truly the touchscreen drivers that is causing the problem. Has strange stuff happened with the drivers before? Anyway, I will fiddle with my paths in a few hours and let you know how it turns out. Thanks everyone for your continued patience and help.
  12. The ROMs and MAME version are 0.198. The ROMs are a full set. I have everything working on my desktop PC so it's not a problem. In my first post, I ran with verify ROMs on, and it only shows 110 verifiable ROMs although it is a full set. This is the problem. It is the same full set copied from my PC and I ran mame by itself on the unit and played games that do not show up on my gamex list with no problems. This is why I think I need a developer's help and some more debug info to figure out why it can't pick up the majority of the ROMs. I hope it is something simple but I think I need more debug info printed. I'll try disabling the touchscreen later when I get home.
  13. To take the microsd out of the equation I copied all the files onto the mame rom folder on the C: drive. I ran mame directly and played a few games without any problem. When I configured gameex, the same few roms showed up. The CHD directory isn't included for now. Do you happen to be one of the developers? If not, I wonder if one of the developers can help me. When I saw GameEx work out so well on my main PC, I bought a GPD Win 2 at a premium price along with a 400 GB microsd card. I assumed since it is just a small laptop everything would work fine. Now I am getting nervous that I am going to have to sell the equipment on the secondary market and lose a few hundred dollars in the process. Of course if it worked, I was going to buy a Gameex lifetime license. Anyway, I guess that was my gamble and will be my loss. If someone can tell me if there is a way to get some more development info out of the logs, like why the ROMS are being ignored, it would be much appreciated. I have included the latest logs. If you need some info on the hardware, like I said its a GPD Win 2 running Windows 10 Home. Thank you very much in advance and I really appreciate any help you can give me. A lot of users run LaunchBox on this device but I can't say I like the interface that much so I would like to stay with GameEx. GameEx.ini log.txt
  14. I’ll try it when I get home later. It seems to pick up the artwork, icons, etc. which is on the same card so it is strange. Is there a way to turn on more advanced debugging? By the way the ROMs are a full set of 0.198 ROMs. When I turned off verify its strange to see only a little over 100 roms and they seemed to be CHD ones.
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