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  1. Thank you Tom! It's working fine now
  2. Hi, Since yesterday, everytime I start gameex, it ask me to update. I do it. It does all the update stuff and when it restart, it ask me again to update. When I do it, it Always do the same update. Any idea what I can do to fix that? Thanks for any help Yves
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anybody use this emu which in my opinion is more responsive with the controller than Stella. My only problem is that when I start the emu in mode 8 fullscreen (alt-8) the color are all wrong but if I just press again alt-8 the color gets fine. I also use the switch -r60. Is there a way to do it at the start instead? Thanks in advance, Yves
  4. Hello I have the latest version. In the about box it says "" but in reality it's the "" release. It must be a bug in his program. Thank you, Yves I think I'm the only one which has this problem Maybe there's no solution. I have to say it's not a big issue, just a little bit annoying.
  5. Hello I tried the solution from Ranzo but without success I want to mentionned that the problem is with "Future Pinball" not "visual Pinball". Thanks again for trying to help. Yves
  6. The version of Future Pinball I'm using is I tried with showdesktop set to no but it's doing the same problem. Thanks for helping. Yves
  7. I did not find a solution yet. Yves
  8. Here`s the config file... [Emulator_9] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=Future Pinball TITLETEXT=Future Pinball StartPageLogo=Future Pinball ROMFilter=*.fpt RomPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Table RomsInFolders=True SnapPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Snap TitlePath= BoxPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Flyer CartPath= ManualPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball\Manual ControlPanelPath= InstructionsPath= TVAdPath= MusicPath= ImageNotFound= WorkingPath=C:\Games\Future Pinball MapKeys=True WaitBeforeKeys= SendKeys= ReplaceDash=False ReplaceUnder=False Capitals=False RemoveBrackets=False ShowDesktop=True Debug=False MAPFile= AlsoLaunch= Command="Future Pinball.exe" /open "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" /play /exit LaunchBefore= LaunchAfter= configFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) ExcludedFiles= CustomBackground= PlayMusic=False DontShowInfo= PlaySelectionMusic=False SelectionMusicFolder= PCGame=False DATABASE=[Pinball] Future Pinball UseDbName= GamesIn7Zips=False MergeSets=True PlayInScreenSaver=False ShowMostPlayed=True RandomMostPlayed=True CDCheck=False CDCheckFile= CustomArtName1= CustomArtPath1= CustomArtName2= CustomArtPath2= CustomArtName3= CustomArtPath3= System=Pinball Category=Pinball Emulator=Future Pinball Version=1.9.20081225 Rating= DownloadUrl=http://www.gamesdbase.com/setupwizard/emulators/download/FuturePinball.7z RequiredFiles= Website=http://www.futurepinball.com/ Info=Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System. It allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in True real time 3D. OLDatZip=
  9. Hello! Simple problem. Whenever I start a table from GameEx, the table loads fine but I need to click with the mouse anywhere on the screen to be able to play. It's like windows is focussing on something else... If I start the table directly from future pinball, it works fine. Any idea? Yves
  10. yves31

    Merging rom

    Thanks again for all the help I finally solve my problem by using the two option directly in Gameex, the merge and zip thing. It works exactly like I wanted it to be Thanks Tom for your excellent software! Yves
  11. yves31

    Merging rom

    Thanks for the help! I almost got there. Two things came up. First, I've noticed that all the rom which has (europe) in the filename we're not included in their .zip Also, while I was creating the merged set, I've cancelled a couple of time to save time and deleted the resulting folder. But whenever I restarted the process, it started from where I had stop it. Any idea? Yves
  12. yves31

    Merging rom

    Hello! I've got a set of No-intro roms which are not merged along with the dat file the set was created. ex.:"Aero the Acro-Bat (Europe).zip" "Aero the Acro-Bat (USA).zip" etc... What I've been trying to do without succes is using clrmamepro to have a result file like "Aero the Acro-Bat.7z" which would contain the two file above. etc... I've try to find help on clrmamepro but did'nt find much I could understand. Thanks for your help, Yves
  13. Works fine now since the update Thanks Tom Yves
  14. I get the same result as sty151. It works fine when it's not in fullscreen. Yves
  15. I tried to run minimized as you did to see if it was going to work for me as well. But I don't know where the option is. Where is it? Yves
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