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    I love it so far! Can something be done to hide the top and bottom semi-transparent bars? or at least be able to adjust translucency. thank you for an awesome product as always! -t0adphr0g
  1. Love GameEx Arcade Edition, but it lacks the option to turn off popup info and star ratings. I wish to be able to turn this off for the most part because several games show incorrect information. I.E.: Ultimate Mortal Kombat shows information about another game, also the text box for me gets in the way of the sweet theme videos.


  2. Draco, How would I go about replacing the Statistics page, without losing all of the other individual marquee, controls, and cabinet information? oh! BTW Happy Birthday Draco!
  3. Okay, so here it is, I use a dual monitor system on my cabinet. The second monitor displays the Marquee and various pictures of the game currently playing, thanks to GameExtender. I was wondering if there was a way to remove the "GameEx Statistics" page from the display, or also that freeze-frame shot that is also in the rotation of the GameExtender display. .
  4. Thank you Tom, for updating the catver.ini for the next update. Also. a small favor, would you change "gimme casion" to gimme casino".. thanks
  5. I am using MAME 0.147. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter GameEx.ini log.txt
  6. While upgrading to GameEx 12.84, I noticed that under MAME Settings the "No Casino Games / Gimme Casion(sic)" and "No Mahjong / Gimmie Mahjong" no longer block all of these titles, and should be updated. Thank you, t0adphr0g
  7. Here's a feature I would like to add to GameexTender: an option to not display the "GameEx Statistics" page in the game images loop.
  8. Thank you incredibly! I look forward to the next release! t0adphr0g
  9. Tom, a few sample roms: Action 2000 Animal Bonus Garage Jolly Card Attached is the current "casino.ini" (in rar format) from: MAME/Folders/casino.ini maybe that will help. Thank you for creating the best frontend in the universe! t0adphr0g Casino.rar
  10. As the topic suggests, I want to be able to block Casino games from being listed in my MAME Games menu. I would like this to be added to the config menu, as in the "Do not show Mahjong games / Do not show Adult titles" section. I ask of this because the Casino roms, are unplayable in my cabinet (X Arcade Tankstick), and the Casino roms do not play well with my GameEx screensaver, always locking on "INIT MACHINE". So please, if there is a way to stop the Casino titles from being listed in my MAME Game list, please let me know. Thanks, t0adphr0g
  11. I woke up this morning to see a popup message from Malwarebyte's Anti Malware. the log: 07:36:17 t0adphr0g DETECTION E:\GameEx\Mame Mapping Magician.exe Trojan.Backdoor the scan pic: Should I be worried, or is this a false positive?
  12. t0adphr0g

    more M.A.M.E.

    I have .106, I don't bother with the unstable builds, I will wait until .107 comes available. I hope that GameEx's updates are not based on such unstable releases.
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