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  1. Pinball Arcade Official Cab Support

    Yep, removed from my wish list, and couldn't be happier that I didn't buy into after the carrot they kept in the community's face.
  2. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    Thanks for reporting back what you've discovered, certainly enlightened me!
  3. ATTN: 32 bit CCleaner users

    Upgrade to the latest version ASAP.
  4. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    It's in your gameex.ini Yours is already set to false.
  5. PAULINE?!?!

    She has been in New Donk City
  6. The Darkness

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone. Glad you stumbled into finding GameEx, and look forward to having you as part of our community
  7. [RESOLVED] new error message

    Thanks for reporting back!
  9. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    Please provide your gameex.ini and log please. As B2K24 has already pointed out, if you have "verify roms" set to true, then most certainly set it to no. It filters anything that isn't considered 100%, which inevitably removes lots of titles that work perfectly fine.
  10. Toddzilla

    A good friend of ours, and fellow "board member" changed jobs several years ago now, and moved to North Carolina. He was back in town today, and so I was back at "The Shop" today to catch up on things. Since it's come up more than once during this saga of a thread I've got going on, I took some pano's of the shop, with permission of course. These are you know, a bit fish eye looking. ....and looking from the other side:
  11. RIP: Harry Dean Stanton
  12. Toddzilla

    Yes, it belongs to a long time friend of mine who has assembled quite the collection of woodworking machinery over the years. He's got a lot of equipment, much more than any home shop I've ever been in. It's about the size of a decent sized three car garage. I've built everything from complete staircase remodels to book shelves there.
  13. Toddzilla

    Small update: I'm finding that drilling precise holes in the 3/4 plywood I'm using to mount my display, dmd/video display, and future LEDs is not easy. I've got the outside holes spaced on the center hole of each 1U, as this will allow me to move to any position inside the 2 post rack, one unit at a time. I'm using these wall mounts all around, including the playfield, as the tiling feature will be much easier than trying to figure an exact angle for where my 49 display ends up between the pedestal and the display's stand. Aside from this, I'm in various stages of painting, which unfortunately has become a real pain. I'm using Satin Black, which requires you keep a wet edge in order to remain blotch free when it dries. To do this, you must have a overcast day, below 65% humidity, and no rain (or spray both), which have been far and few between here late. Needless to say I've got "several" coats on a couple items in an effort to achieve this. My best painting weather seemed to be late October/early November last year......
  14. I like everything to match, but when the GameEx filter is being used, I like to ensure the history, catver, mameinfo, npplayers and are always the most current in relation to the rom set I'm running. It just seems to me GameEx filtering system performs better with them being current, and yeah, a lot of those rarely see updates, so usually, we're just talking about keeping a few current. Honestly, I didn't do this to the T all the time, but when weird oddities started popping up, this is the advice DazzleHP provided to me, and it's proven to be very helpful. For those games that just refuse to show, add them to the "don't filter these roms" section. Also, you may want to read up on Custom MAME Lists. Please bear in mind that a bit of a transition with the setup wizard has been underway, as Headkaze has released new and improved versions of this to Tom. That said, not everything in past guides, or posts here for that matter, may be exactly spot on. I'm sure the guides will be updated to reflect changes at some point, but we are best served right now letting headkaze get the configuration wizard to a release he is comfortable with before undertaking that task.