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  1. Finally watched the Blu-ray I got on release day; it didn't disappoint! Hugh Jackman took this character to new levels IMO!
  2. Pretty hard core there at the end, with the blade and all!
  3. A glass of wine always helps things along
  4. Blade Runner is not a remake. The original is a classic, and should not be missed by any true sci-fi fan.
  5. Or better yet, build your own like TerryRed's Haven't seen one for the original and PC, or at least not a model specifically touted for it. For PS2 or 3, the one I just bought after stigzler's recommendation. You'll have to watch ebay for a good deal though, or CL.
  6. Hah, well you know I was just kidding...... I rest my case!
  7. I nearly posted this when Draco posted the pics, but it seems I'm alone on this. I find those cases pretty FUGLY.
  8. Those are nice wheels, but for a casual racer like myself, it's hard to justify that expense. That, and many consider the G27 the superior wheel, and that these are rebadged versions of it, with a price increase of course. You can see that's not entirely true, as evidenced by the controller layout on the wheel itself, but the add-on snifter is sort of double dipping when it was included in the previous model, and for considerably less. The Driving Force GT seems to be one hell of a "bang for your buck", but then again I've never got a hold of these more advanced models.
  9. I thought it was limited to the Jaguar, since it was public domain. I'm sure the Saturn idea would go over well, with SEGA!
  10. Sounds like they're making it up as they go!
  11. Love your setup, attention to detail matched with some amazing craftsmanship!
  12. I want to second this recommendation. I started looking at these after it got the nod from stigz, and while I haven't had a chance to plug this up to my gaming rig, I did become completely absorbed in GT5 last night on my PS3. The experience is completely different with this wheel. I was a doubter without question, as I once purchased a Thurstmaster Formula T2; which was quite popular back in the day, but it always seemed lacking to me. The Driving Force GT is an entirely different world, and takes the driving experience to the next level. Most definitely a game changer! Had to watch several for a decent deal, but ended up picking it up used on ebay for $75 USD including shipping. Looks like I'll be building a mount so I can incorporate it into the rotation on ToddZilla.
  13. crapping