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  1. tthurman

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

  2. tthurman

    [RESOLVED] Old & Confused about FTP

    Try setting logon type to "Account" I just logged in and out numerous times without issue so if this doesn't work my guess is it's a permissions issue that only @Tom Speirs can fix. This should be no different than Emu Movies. Please let us know.
  3. tthurman

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    The controllers are probably worth it. It's my understanding that they work on the PC. Now $52
  4. tthurman

    Happy Birthday u-man

    Sending along Happy Birthday wishes as our resident CRT expert adds another notch on the belt!
  5. tthurman

    I/O Arcade Bar - Madison, WI

    That's, ahhh, a pretty boring website!
  6. tthurman

    The History of Splatterhouse arcade documentary

    While I haven't nearly calendered everything yet, I am a good ways into it. I would like to incorporate your documentaries into the calendar events when the opportunity arises, that is if you don't mind my doing so. Many of them already have video's included, but those videos don't always have the depth yours provide.
  7. tthurman

    No Emulators in Attract mode

    Not that I would endorse the idea of downgrading in that manner, but I have seen it posted. You may very well be trading off one problem for an unknown number of others. If you decide to try I would suggest you back up all your current folder.
  8. tthurman

    Retro News Round Up

    I got a little off track on posting these.
  9. https://www.dailybulletin.com/2019/01/21/going-retro-claremont-arcade-brings-back-80s-games/
  10. tthurman

    Retro gaming is here to stay

  11. tthurman

    Retro gaming is here to stay

    How would have thought we see this kind of resurgence in the games many of us played as kids, teenagers, and young adults? https://www.businessinsider.com/visiting-pink-gorilla-seattle-photos-2019-1#the-stores-capacity-for-large-peripherals-like-this-is-limited-so-it-was-exciting-to-see-a-super-scope-in-a-box-for-sale-19
  12. The sound of coins falling into a machine. The feel of a joystick and the clack of buttons being mashed. 1 player or 2 players, make your choice …
  13. tthurman

    Logo help

    I stumbled across some threads about clear logos exhibiting this type of behavior. Clear, layers....etc., isn't much my thing, but I thought I'd mention it just in case it provided some potential insight as to what was going on here.
  14. tthurman

    Free - JackBox Party Pack

    Compliments of Epic Games: January 24 until February 7
  15. tthurman

    Logo help

    You may have tried this already, but if not it may be worth a shot. Remove anything related to Tekken>Launch GameEx>Update, exit normally. Replace Tekken files>Launch>Update. It may just be something that went south on the build, and this "might" correct that.