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  1. The community efforts are just hitting a good stride right about now. I'm leaning toward AutoBleem
  2. Anakin/Vader (same thing to me) Much like Arnold, Hayden will BE BACK! To save his grandson from the dark side, but I don't see him coming back as Vader. I wouldn't however rule out some force projection BS of Vader though, ala TLJ. The original trilogy stands the test of time with the second not being nearly as bad as I originally thought. The third has really been nothing but a complete disaster with really nice special effects and abysmal writing, or more like downright plagiarism.
  3. That could be the blonde version of the barbarian chick right there! I remember this game well, but not those being associated with it
  4. Who said anything about last Skywalker, it's The Rise of Skywalker, dude My predictions are: Rey is just another Padawan, not Luke's daughter, but instead represents a rebirth of sorts for the Jedi. She leads into the ensuing trilogy even though Daisy (according to her) won't be playing the character. Rey and Kylo will almost certainly have another confrontation, but this time grandfather will become involved, and that's what brings him to the light side. Kylo and Rey (and maybe grandfather too) take out Palpatine again in some fashion reminiscent of ROTJ. I say this because I'm guessing they tie in how Palpatine told Anakin about a Sith Lord that had obtained force powers that defied death, which was actually himself he was talking about. Force ghosts galore including, Hayden Christensen...
  5. You guys are making this harder than it has to be, complete the automatic artwork download section I linked in my above post. Launch GameEx or GameEx Arcade Edition (works the same for both) and leave it running. Go eat dinner or something, in a little while it will have downloaded everything available at emumovies based on the rom set you've pointed to. The only caveat here is if you don't have an emumovies account. In this case your daily downloads are limited, so you'll have to keep logging in for consecutive days to achieve the same result.
  6. Isn't that it attached, "Dave's Theme" @ 2.32kB?
  7. Well you've got me to thinking a bit more about this, so I've done some searching based on my suspension. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/star-wars-rise-skywalker-composer-hints-returning-characters/ If you click the link to Anakin's theme, then fast forward to about the 2:30 mark you'll pick up parts of the Imperial March (a hint of things to come, as it the article states). He is the original Skywalker, and with these references dating back to Ep. 1, combined with J J's tendencies to regurgitate movies, it only makes sense he will fall back to where it all began. I haven't been keeping up with the rumor mill on this finale at all, but now that I've seen these rumors suggesting force ghosts battles, perhaps Palpatine and Anakin duke it out in this last hurrah! Would be a somewhat fitting in given Palpatine stuck him in that cumbersome, heavy and painful armor and never upgraded him Hard to say, you don't know what bastardizing Disney has do to the Star Wars universe, as the above may no longer be universally accepted as it once was.
  8. I agree 125% with Draco, but if you've got more time than money the free "daily quota" will get you there eventually. It just doesn't get any easier than this! Based on when what package was available when you purchased GameEx you may even qualify for a discount at emumovies. Don't forget to add your account details (paid or free) to the artwork download section of setup wizard.
  9. Good bet only @Tom Speirs would be able to figure out what's causing this one.
  10. I see, basically just seconding ClassicGMR's recommendation, that's exactly what I got. For me this kills two birds with one stone, as it will allow my PS3 controllers to work on my cab too! It's amazing how much modding the community has done with these, I've been checking out a lot of reviews over on madllittlepixel's channel, and there are numerous options out there. Thanks guys!
  11. I hadn't really given it too much thought, my expectations are pretty low, considering the first two. It is possible, however, that we get a Rogue One calibur movie.....which would be a really nice surprise. I always thought Vader would return, because no matter how you slice it, the whole Star Wars story is Darth Vader in so many ways! "no one's every really gone"
  12. Oh now you tell me As for the art, I was thinking about just loading the emu's I want and letting the GameEx downloader grab them with my EMU Movies account, so it's good to know you guys did exactly that. Who makes this?
  13. Thanks guys. I just grabbed them off Amazon. Not sure why the other one seem so prone to high failure rates, but I grabbed this pair instead. I was somewhat reluctant to pickup the 8bitdo adapters right now, because even used they are $19. Regardless I went ahead an pulled the trigger because I found a Blu-Ray release I wasn't aware of that I wanted. I've got a 128 Gig USB drive that I can free up, which should get me well underway. What did you guys do for box art, just grabbing it from your gameex install?
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