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  1. tthurman

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    I thought I posted this earlier, must not have submitted it. Some interesting tidbits here (some old news too):
  2. tthurman

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    The Most Disgusting Scenes in Star Wars Are Now Scented Candles Seriously?
  3. tthurman

    Xformer 10 emulator for Atari 8-bit systems!

    That looks incredibly cool!
  4. tthurman

    The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

    Maybe, but it's more likely they'll see what you've done, show you the door and continue to use your automated program thinking "we've already paid you for it". Perhaps the people you work for are really honest and always "do the right thing", but this is far from reality for most people!
  5. tthurman

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    The "Lost" Empire Strikes Back Documentary by Michel Parbot (1980) Pretty much confirms the "sister" was an afterthought! The general consensus is this won't be up for long!
  6. tthurman

    Evolvation - Free on Steam

    Saw this in a post by _Saga https://store.steampowered.com/app/510840/Evolvation/
  7. tthurman

    GameEx Arcade - Servostik Plugin

    Do you have slik stik/I-Pac support enabled in the inputs section of the setup wizard? Note that I'm not running GameEx Arcade Edition, but the similarities of the setup wizard lead me to believe this is in both. <edit> nevermind, I see you don't. Toggle that to "True"
  8. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/man-puts-used-girlfriend-ebay-13373626
  9. tthurman

    VideoSnaps Stutter

    Obviously, Tom is the only one that can confirm what changed between those releases that may have affected this. @Tom Speirs
  10. tthurman

    The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

    I see no moral obligation to show your hand in an employment scenario when you " the coder" has the insight/gift to do what others don't! Far as I'm concerned, this just frees up cycles to improvise on other fronts, especially considering the work at hand is clearly being handled most efficiently. I suppose it's a simple difference of opinion, but there was an obvious need from an employment standpoint as well as an obvious solution to an innovative coder! If your employer is making great margins as a result of stellar employee production what difference does it make how it got there. If the shoe where on the other foot, I can assure you that in most instances they would not come to you and say "hey man, we're making so much money thanks to you". Nope, most likely they would take your idea and use it to cut overhead, perhaps including you.
  11. tthurman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tthurman (belated)

    This is my reward for mentioning birthday cake during my conversation with Draco today That's not a bad thing at all! Thanks, guys (wings sound great as does T-man)
  12. File explorer dark theme is a nice addition in this one IMO. Apparently, MS continues to patch spectre and meltdown too. One of my older systems (Yorkfield) had problems with this patch, causing me to use DISM to restore the image health after a failed update. Ensure you disable real-time security software before applying was a suggestion I read (maybe ccleaner wrecked my install). Regardless I finally got this machine patched while my other systems installed with flying colors!
  13. tthurman

    Most Played list displays number twice next to game

    Is this consistent among different themes?
  14. tthurman

    Gaming friendships

    stigz, this is a thread about friendships established online, not an FWB thread
  15. tthurman

    MAME- not all games show up