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  1. Input settings, change trackball to yes. Not sure on the light-gun, someone with more experience with them will hopefully chime in.
  2. Waaaaaait a minute, isn't that a party foul? I already posted the live version of that one
  3. "IF" they can solve the apparent glaring hardware issues, and release the right exclusive, it could be a game changer for anyone on the fence about buying one.
  4. There is a section in the setup wizard where you can set options for updates. enable/disable features.
  5. Just that short clip was better than anything I saw in ep 7. I didn't hate 7, but it signaled for me it was time to start watching these at home.
  6. That's really cool. I haven't seen Rogue One yet, but that clip at the first looks incredible! Blu-ray is out soon
  7. Arcade Raid
  8. They are much easier on the eyes, I know that
  9. Good to see you posting again! Many of your themes have been getting a good workout during your absence.
  10. I completely missed the announcement of this being added to the list of supported features.
  11. Who would have thought the CRT would go down as one of the key components to the original arcade experience. It's just a display right, but it offered all so much more to the arcade world! Just look at how much effort goes into restoring scan lines and such on modern displays, it really is quite a testament to something that was nothing more than a part of our everyday lives at the time. As CRT Supplies Vanish the Classic Arcade Machine is Virtually Dead