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  1. Happy birthday han! Sorry for being late, big storm knocked Comcast out all day yesterday.
  2. Hoping that everyone has a fun, and safe holiday weekend! Don't, be this guy!
  3. Excellent post(s), very insightful, and spot on IMO. I'm sure at some point I'll go back to PC gaming just for a change of pace, that and I have a library of unplayed titles
  4. This is right at home here
  5. Good show!
  6. That would be my ranking as well, but honestly, I never saw Lazenby. True
  7. Wow, that's funny! I respectfully have to disagree. To me it was Roger Moore; as a kid, one just old enough to appreciate Bond flicks. That is until I saw the Connery era, who I think was the best of the group (I just wasn't going there). Connery, Moore, and yeah Craig has done a decent job. I always liked Bronson in other characters, but his Bond movies seemed hit and miss, if anything some of them were the most comedic of them all. I mean no disrespect, he checked all the boxes,. I don't think it was his age at all, I believe some didn't do well in the box office, and he was unjustly shown the door for bad writing. He had perhaps the shortest run with the exception of Dalton, who played a great Bond IMO. Different strokes I suppose, but this thread was in respect of Roger Moore, and not necessarily his, or anyones portrayal of the Bond character. If my post came across otherwise, that's my mistake. It is a little hard to have a thread about Roger Moore without touching on the "Bond" element though I really like The Saint, but just not sure how many regulars here watched it.
  8. I'm sure this won't come cheap, but it sure looks cool!
  9. Could make a decent case to mod too. I can't see Nintendo letting this happen, but it appears so. It's just days away from launch.
  10. The best Bond, I don't think there is a best Bond! He was a good one though. I loved watching reruns of The Saint long before his Bond days. RIP Sir Roger Moore
  11. "Remake, my ass Americans, eh. They do like to mangle our sitcoms. Sometimes they get it right (the US Office is actually rather good), but more often than not it's enough to make you weep. Like when they took the Royles and turned them into their American equivalent: a bunch of slobbish redneck types. Admittedly, it was clever calling it The Kennedys, as the famed political dynasty were the nearest thing to a royal family America ever had. But even the efforts of Randy Quaid in the Jim Royle role couldn't save this, and it didn't last beyond a pilot." I'll stick with Two and a Half Men reruns
  12. Wow, I never knew Hawkeye Pierce was the face for Atari back then....
  13. The nice thing though is PBX offers you the best of both worlds. Unintentional, perhaps, but it has been proven more than achievable!