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  1. Toddzilla

    Said it before, say it again, I hate the finishing step..... It takes so many steps to get a good urethane finish, but on the flip side, it is a lasting finish. The process I've been using with wiping poly is something I ran across in a review by R. McLaughlinon It produces the best finish I've ever achieved, although I do cheat a little by using finer sandpaper, and occasionally sanding out runs with 400 girt vis the scotch bright pad alone. Here's the first of six gloss coats: and following the fourth coat (after sanding) that I just finished: Getting there......
  2. Toddzilla

    Finished up the rings and circles last night and while I know I've posted it before, man is the circle cutter a cool tool, albeit frustrating as hell sometimes when it comes to sizing. As the cutter comes through the bottom of the material it leaves a flange that mimics the cutting blade. My buddy Lynn has steady hands and nerves of steel when it comes to getting this close to the router bit. He was kind enough to clean this flanged edge up for me. You're won't believe what I'm doing with these, but it was the only solution I could come up with!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all those here in the states or anywhere else you may be celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend!
  4. Toddzilla

    Sanded the main base and post bases up yesterday with 400 grit, they are smooth as glass! Installed the 1/2" tee nuts tonight and test fitted to the rack, it all seems to line up Plan to finish these over the holiday and once cured (drum roll) the stand will be ready to assemble
  5. RIP Panthro

    I didn't watch Thundercats but saw enough of the Cosby show to remember Grandpa, sad to hear of his passing. These threads are coming around far too often! Mel Tillis passed away today as well. Thoughts and prayers to the families that have lost loved ones who provided so much to the rest of us!
  6. I was saddened to hear this as I was out running errands this morning. One of the greatest rhythm guitarists ever, in my opinion. He really put out some amazing music, one great tune after another, and was very influential to millions of people! May he rest in peace
  7. Toddzilla

    It was worthy of an encore given the wood reference
  8. Toddzilla

    In all seriousness, I think it's coming along nicely. I've long dream of having a dedicated setup, and finally I'm pretty sure I see how it's all coming together. As an added bonus, I've really learned a lot of new wood working techniques.
  9. Happy Birthday Kustom Kid!

    A Friday birthday always seems to be a little extra special, at least to me anyhow. Have a great birthday dude!
  10. Nope.....,2817,2497412,00.asp
  11. Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition
  12. Toddzilla

  13. Toddzilla

    That makes two of us I've been stuck on these damn circles for weeks now. It's probably not hard to imagine, but it isn't easy cutting those out of 3/4 plywood.