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  1. "Batman meets Contra" looks like a really cool game! The Amiga game looks amazing, and as you indicated, especially so considering the release date. Thanks man!
  2. 'Star Wars' Is Taking A Break After 'Episode IX' Good call! They've already done the impossible by making the first three prequels better than anyone could have ever imagined, perhaps a break will convince someone at Disney to actually write a new story!
  3. This is cool, and demonstrates exactly how much the arcade has returned to relevancy!
  4. Another great article on arcade blogger! http://arcadeblogger...arcade-cabinet/
  5. Ultraman ran from 66 to 67 in Japan and sometimes afterward here in the states. I wasn't even born yet when it came on, and yes it's cheesy as hell. When I watched in on WDRB channel 43, I was probably 6 or 7 and in the early 70's we didn't have really great special effects (if you didn't know ) so this show was freakin awesome at my age! These shows, along with Godzilla, Mothra, etc., pioneered the kaiju storylines. I've got the series, all one-ish seasons of it, of DVD or Blu-ray, but never bought into the newer spinoffs that are still popular in Japan. It's the nostalgia of the original that is the draw for me. The Ultraman manga is a sequel to the original, so don't expect some earthshattering modern Sci-Fi, just a new twist on an old story! We hadn't been ruined back in these days with all the CGI you see now. Old Sinbad movies were also among my favorites, and it was these movies that led us to classics like Clash of the Titans and arguably the crowning achievement of the technology in The Empire Strikes Back before stop motion animation was replaced by computers.
  6. tthurman


    What could have been: There's a series of videos of the Jodorowsky Dune project that never came to be.
  7. Yeah, but the Star Wars arcade game was the inspiration for a retro gaming setup. I always knew if I built something it was an absolute must to have the yoke controller. Plus, there's not a great deal of original Ultraman bling out there to piece together a monstrosity like mine. The original and manga are cool, but I couldn't get into the others.
  8. Yes, it's quite different and really surprising to see manga on Netflix! As you can probably imagine, I've been following this for a good bit now. Check this bad boy out! Gonna look huge next to my Bandai
  9. and of course....
  10. https://slate.com/culture/2019/04/twilight-zone-theme-jordan-peele-grateful-dead-korn-marius-constant-bernard-herrmann-manhattan-transfer.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab https://slate.com/culture/2019/04/twilight-zone-theme-jordan-peele-grateful-dead-korn-marius-constant-bernard-herrmann-manhattan-transfer.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab
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