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  1. That's a good point, even a free account will pull down a few of the backgrounds per day until the daily cap is hit. The snaps content is constantly improving over time and IIRC Tom indicated the GameEx down-loader client will pull down the highest quality available
  2. It's just fancier backgrounds and overall ease of use across the GameEx family. Everybody will view it differently, but to me it represents good value vs. doing it all manually. <edit> No on the marquees, I don't know of anyone that specializes in those specifically, but they are out there if you have the patience for hunting them down.
  3. Nice work! If you don't already have one, then I would recommend you get a Emu Movies account and plug in your login info in the GameEx Arcade Edition setup wizard. You'll get a big upgrade over those scrolling "game logos" for background images.
  4. The Steam Controller has been discontinued as of 11-26-19, and as such is being blown out during the Autumn sale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/353370/Steam_Controller/ The controller never achieved overwhelming acceptance and likewise sort of stumbled out of the gates due to its different approach, which essentially replaced the industry standards sticks and "D" pads with unconventional touch pads. A very love/hate relationship with this one that will likely go down as a truly great alternative to traditional controllers that never was fully realized due to its unique characteristics for a controller. These are selling like hotcakes and have already sold out in some countries, so don't procrastinate if you're at all interested!
  5. Please provide as much useful information as possible. Since they worked previously I think we can safely assume the LAV codecs are installed? Are these snaps from an EMU Movies account?? Please provide the debug files so the devs have something to review.
  6. https://www.techjunkie.com/windows-reducing-system-volume/ Perhaps trying some of the solutions here (including the comments) may resolve it.
  7. That directory path change was just a guess/suggestion to try with EVO. In original GameEx there is an update option while within the application that will initiate this.
  8. Unless you have "Hide Update List" changed from the default value in the GameEx Setup Wizard, then the update feature is visible once you launch GameEx. Go into the MAME section for instance, and you should see it at or near the bottom.
  9. I could be wrong here, but I believe that during the initial configuration that since the rom path is altered from default that it knows to update the list. Given you just manually added and deleted some folders, this event wasn't triggered, so changing the roms path may prompt an update. Note that I have not tried this myself. I don't recall a manual "update" in EVO like there is in the original GameEx, so if not it's a feature that needs to be added to address exactly the situation you're describing. Out of curiosity, why did you delete the emulator?
  10. Once thing you could try is using the email address you registered with for your "User ID" in the setup wizard.
  11. There are three versions of GameEx, you posted in the GameEx Evolution sub-forums. GameEx GameEx Arcade GameEx Evolution Which version are you trying for the first time?
  12. Well, I can say I won't be crying over this, it's s complete dumpster fire at this point! A subscription service for an already over priced product? What??? Showing off prototype main-boards 3 months before release?
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