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  1. It is for sure. Perhaps this is worth a shot.
  2. Congratulations stigzler on such a major milestone! At some point I will be in a position to try out all the goodies you've been cooking up Now get out of the crib for some R&R
  3. If you answered this, I missed it, but do you have Raptr Gaming Evolved installed? Based on my experience with AMD cards, another thing to try (if you haven't already) is the minimal install as opposed to the full on Crimson Suite.
  4. no peeking......
  5. I was a bit disappointed to read the controller is busy and somewhat awkward, but it also didn't come as a complete surprise just from looking at it. The deluxe controller almost looks like a must for home use. I hear you though, and I'm not sure the PS3 wasn't my last console, but I'll hold off making any commitments as far as that's concerned. Currently I'm back into my original XBOX's, as they make for a perfect quick fix for me!
  6. Hi Mike, welcome to the GameEx forums. Since the currently available alpha of Evolution currently only supports the MAME component, I'm going to guess you are asking about GameEx proper. Due to this I've moved your topic into the GameEx>General forum. Tempest posted a guide on this that you may want to give a read.
  7. Pretty good review
  8. This is pretty surprising, but something I'll be looking forward to.
  10. 4 months No table goodness for that long is going to be like a drought comparatively! We'll look forward to your safe return!
  11. Geesh, I would have never got that.
  12. Hey szerr, nice to see you posting. My understanding is in line with Dazzle's. You should be able to download from the via the site themes., etc., but be limited to uploading on the FTP. The difference comes in on how much you can transfer daily, so say you wanted the MAME pack, but since it's so big, downloading it will require a subscription. I just logged in on my test account and downloaded a theme as a basic user, so I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to pull down a theme (or anything up to whatever the cut off limited is)
  13. He means when a new version is released.