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  1. tthurman

    [Resolved] Glitchy Video playback after update?

    In the interest of clarity, please open a new thread for additional support topics. Thanks!
  2. tthurman

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    Oh boy, the final trilogy would have been ugly if Lucas hadn't sold!
  3. tthurman

    Server speed increase

    The first part of the system pack is downloading at 10 MB/SEC, which is an improvement as I recall from my previous downloads.
  4. tthurman

    Server speed increase

    Today I've noticed increased latency while accessing the forums. Basically, it's drawing things out, which I can't say I've seen in a while. I didn't post about it earlier as I was on via wireless N, but now I'm not and I see the same issue occurring. This is on a 115 down 25 up connection, so not the best but not bad either. This isn't a huge deal, and so if it's a trade-off for the benefit of others I don't think it's a deal breaker. I have not had the opportunity to test downloads yet. FWIW, I dump everything upon browser close so nothing is cached.
  5. tthurman

    [RESOLVED] Daphne HD games for use in GameEx

    I wasn't even aware of this until you posted it. I've got two sets of the 20th-anniversary set, because the center of one is cracking out, but had no idea about the HD release. Apparently, it didn't play well, forward to incorrect scenes etc., due to a quality control issue. I wouldn't think this would affect gameplay in Daphne, however. Apparently, the Blu-ray release has an even better transfer (but doesn't work for this application).
  6. Same here! I just don't see this being accepted by the market, then again I'm an old fart who doesn't easily adapt to change.
  7. tthurman

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    My how time flies, another year gone by, another notch in the controller! If you've been around here for any amount of time, and if you're reading this you most certainly have, then your no doubt acquainted with Draco. His tireless efforts in the forums helping others down the path toward resolution are unprecedented. Please join me in wishing Draco a very Happy Birthday!
  8. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/ubisoft-ceo-next-game-consoles-will-be-last/ Going by the average cycle of 8 years we've still got a few years on current gen. That puts next-gen EOL around 2028 ish. Perhaps not so far of a stretch. Still, I believe consoles like the Switch will define future console designs. I just don't see casual gamers wanting to payout sub fees for an occasional escape from reality.
  9. tthurman

    VPCabs Vertigo Cabinet

    I think this would be great for those with space constraints and work well for so many old arcade titles that have vertically oriented screens. For me, I'd rather a conventional pinball playfield, but I still think this is really cool. VP Cabs seems at the top of their game, I like their innovative and out of the box thinking!
  10. tthurman

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Obviously, you're entitled to your own opinion, however discussing ways to enable/disable or defeat features within other manufacturers coding work is not something we desire to have the PinballX forums associated with.
  11. tthurman

    déjà vu

  12. tthurman

    déjà vu

    Since this thread has already derailed to Atari I may as well post this here. This about sums how I see the VCS.
  13. tthurman

    déjà vu

    I agree, but Nintendo proved the market was there and so others are following. Had their "classics" been flops, none of this happens. It spawned a new generation of consoles, retro or otherwise. Atari is nothing but a name now, and certainly not what some of us older gamers remember it to be. MHO anyway
  14. tthurman

    déjà vu

    Well If you want to look at it that way then they are all copying Nintendo. Atari is some drugged up concoction that was almost certainly born off the coattails of the NES classic and SNES classic success. We don't know what it is really yet except for an old name many hold dear. 2600 released in 77 Intellivision in 79 Colecovision in 82 NES in 83 Each was an advancement from the previous although, in my opinion, the CV represented a defining moment in consoles as it very nearly matched the arcade. It also had the best controllers for the time period.
  15. tthurman

    déjà vu

    What's old is new again, it's seemingly all coming back! Saw this posted by I_Did https://www.intellivisionentertainment.com/ http://bit-tech.net/news/gaming/retro/intellivision-picked-for-a-console-rebirth/1/ I certainly played my share on this console (thanks to my neighbors)