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  1. Other than doing as Draco suggested, have you tried to change the general setting in GameEx.ini (or manually or through Setup Wizard)? In the ini it's called FontSize. Maybe it's set as "Even more bigger"... Regarding your previous question, I strongly doubt that you can use other values apart from those indicated above.
  2. There's an option to set the general font size in the Setup Wizard. I don't know if it has something to do with your issue, but would you give it a try? Just to see if something changes... I don't remember where, but I'm sure there is an option for this, but in the Setup Wizard... I can access only the language file (of the Setup Wizard) which reports: <setting name="Font Size" default="Normal" type="ComboBox" inisection="General" ininame="FontSize" description="Modify the default font size."> <option name="Biggest" ininame="5" /> <option name="Even More Bigger" ininame="4" /> <option name="Bigger still" ininame="3" /> <option name="Bigger" ininame="2" /> <option name="Normal" ininame="0" /> <option name="Smaller" ininame="-2" /> <option name="Smallest" ininame="-3" /> </setting>So, or you find that option in Setup Wizard (I can post its location tomorrow) or can manually edit the "FontSize=" entry in GONFIG\GameEx.ini. According to the code above accepted values are 5, 4, 3, 2, 0, -2, -3, from the biggest to the smallest.
  3. I would check the theme.ini file in the theme folder of your choice and find the entries related to font size, so that you can see if the Theme Editor actually changes the values or not. You can also manually change the values and see if you get any result.
  4. Not all themes are completed with all systems. No to the first question, yes to the second. It's not a good move to modify the Default theme. Regarding your issue, try a little experiment. Apart from the fact that your video plays well outside of gamex, take one of those that plays well inside of gamex and rename it 7800.avi or mp4 (modify the name, not the extension). This way we can at least understand if it is a GE issue or a video issue...
  5. I don't have the Atari 7800 System installed, but for 2600 the correct name is 2600.png. So I suppose you could try 7800.png. But basically, you can check the Defalult - Default theme as a reference.
  6. AlphaUMi

    I did it!

    Congratulations Draco!!!
  7. @Draco & null: sure, my apologies, I overlooked that!
  8. To me it seems to be the whole log... it's so short because evidently GE crashes quite immediately. A reinstallation over your existing one (your configuration will not get lost) could be worth a try.
  9. Glad to hear that the worst has passed there where you live, KRC. Any luck to you, your family and your people!
  10. Theme files are located in GameEx\THEMES folder. Search for mp3 or wav files "in the blue neon" folder and overwrite those in "Talos 101" folder. I think this would be sufficient. Although I'm not totally sure to understand what you mean with "music". Do you refer to the sound effects?
  11. Maybe you colud try to filter *.cue files in setup wizard....
  12. Ah, yes delete every file with .dbcache and .dbcache[something] in the name extension (including those files you mentioned), so that GameEx can recreate and update the cache for every emulator.
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