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  1. Hey Guys, Couple ideas. After looking at the MAME.ini it looks like it is missing alot of the HLSL, Read Config, Write Config. This may be an issue or the fact it is a non mame brand version used. You can always run "Mame.exe -cc" or whatever the mame executalbe is from a command prompt and it will create a NEW mame.ini. Id do this after backing up and removing the file of course. There is a option of Readconfig 1 and WriteConfig in standard mame builds that allow Mame to write to the condifg file directly so you may be able to grab those INI values from a Real mame and set them to 0 and add them to your config. OR Just get the sound working and set the permission on the file to READONLY. That will stop it from getting overwritten. Sometimes the simple answer is the best. MAME saves per game settings in a GAMENAME.CFG file anyways.
  2. yes, head over to Byoac, download Headkaze Mame compilier, download MAME SOURCE, download the hiscore- no nag Diff file. This will compile MAME without the screens you are referring to.
  3. Brian Hoffman

    Windows 8 Issue

    I see you like to live dangerously.
  4. Brian Hoffman

    Windows 8 Issue

    Thats it Tom, use firefox.. You really should be anyways.. Using IE is like having sex with a hooker without a rubber on.
  5. Clair, Aside from checking your configured paths, changing themes.. Perhaps it is corrupt. The logical step is to upgrade. From a logical point of view it is we are need to make sure this isnt a bug, if it is we need to make sure it is addressed in the newest build. So if you upgrade and the problem persists we can do more looking.
  6. Idea alert! If you have made shortcuts that work alreaty. Program Gameex the followig way Put all your shortcuts in one folder. Make that folder your Rom and working directory Make your romfilter *.LNK make your command be "[romfile]" This way gameex is listing and launching your shortcuts just as you would doubleclick them. *kachow*
  7. The emulator path would be C:\ in this example the command that may work would be Supermodel-UI exe "[rompath]\[romfile]" If supermodle requres the roms to be in a specific directory (like mame) you may have to use Supermodel-UI exe "[romfile]" Please export and post your configs so we can take a look and maybe someone that is using that emu and gameex can chime in.
  8. w:: exitapp This would make the W key close autohotkey script. you can also do this w:: Process, close, Processname.exe exitapp Would close the program and the script
  9. Ben (headkaze) has a thread on how to enable the old direct input in MAME. This should fix any light gun issues as they work as Mice, New builds of mame hook diffrent Keyboards and mice diffrently so it may be worth a try to do a custom compile using the old direct input.
  10. Stonedstoner, It was me that made and posted the batch files and they used to be avialble in the download section and may still be. I believe there is some Winterblast plugin to use to configure the controls. The problem is Zinc has been discontinued for years and less and less people are familiar with it. EDIT, I found it from 2008. http://www.gameex.in...fman#entry34966 You may want to look into that plugin I mentioned, and your welcome for the help
  11. How is this map file incorrect, how is it displaying the names in the menu?
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