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  1. Since you're a member of EmuMovies you can dig through the FTP and find what you're missing. When I ripped my PSX and PS2 discs I used the names from Emumovies as an example as to how to name my ISOs. That might be too little, too late for advice though.
  2. Who goes out with that much tech crap in their backpack? That guy is a total wonk. I thought this topic was going to be about the old Pac-Man board game.
  3. This is great if you only need a few images and don't mind digging through the site to find them. I ponied up for a lifetime EmuMovies subscription a few years ago and never looked back.
  4. +1 for Filezilla.
  5. Have you tried Launcher X written by our own Adultery? It works quite well. I used it for a good while before I switched to Steam Big Picture mode. If you want to see why the program is losing focus Focus Spy written by Stigzler should help with that.
  6. It is though. Learn a few command line parameters, match the rom set to the MAME version and you're off to the races. If you utilize the setup wizard that comes with GameEx it nearly does everything for you. As for point 2 from the OP did you download the database file? Do you have the setup wizard set to remove text in parenthesis, et. al.? The advanced settings are where you can clean up your rom names. You'll have to do it for each emulator though.
  7. Is this resolved then? If you need to use different formats you can separate them with a semicolon (*.7z; *.zip; *.nds) for future reference.
  8. In your initial post you stated that your roms were 7 zip files. So they're .zip files correct? Did you enable zip support as I suggested in the Advanced config section of the Setup Wizard for the emulator?
  9. Just a stab in the dark here, but try adding "*.7z" without the quotation marks to the Roms Filter. Also double check that your file locations are correct. Edit: emu_13_gamesin7zips=False Make sure Enable zip support is set to yes in the Advanced Emulator Config section.
  10. +1 for Pinball X. I have GameEx and Pinball X both on the same PC. Pinball X is a lot easier to setup in general, and definitely easier for VP. You can use Adultery's Launcher-X to choose between the two at startup if you'd like both on your PC. I just have a wireless keyboard hooked up that I use to fire up whichever one I want to use.
  11. @headkaze I will get that for you as soon as I can. I've not had much "play time" lately. Sorry.
  12. Happy birthday, Circo.
  13. If the plugin is removed, or disabled, I don't get the error. What's weird was I uninstalled GameEx, then reinstalled it, set it up, then tried Marquee Masher and I got that error again. I'll dig deeper into it when I get a chance. It's baffling me to no end.
  14. It's showing that there's already a version of Marquee Masher installed. I moved removed everything from the plugins folder and it showed MM as installed still. The picture I posted was after I completely uninstalled GameEx and reinstalled from scratch. I'm probably not explaining it very well either.
  15. Hey @stigzler, I'm having a bit of an issue. I keep getting an error when trying to use the latest update. I haven't updated for the last 3 or 4 releases. Anyway an error pops up (I'll post a picture of it) when I run game or when I try to mess with the settings in the Setup Wizard. I uninstalled GameEx and reinstalled and I'm still getting the error. I'm not sure if this matters or not, but I did not have to reapply the GameEx registry key when I reinstalled, so that remained unchanged. I'm going to get you logs and stuff tomorrow. Also, we just moved, so I'm only able to work on it for a limited amount of time. Thanks for your help in advance.