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  1. The Darkness

    Looks good. I appreciate the attention to detail in keeping your wiring clean. And since no one else has said it "Boom Shaka Lakka. He's on fire!"
  2. Harmony Remote Recycle Program

    I set up both an Echo Dot and Google Home. The setup is similar for both. Personally I went with Google over the Echo because I've been using Google Assistant for a while now on my phone. You set your start and end routines in the Harmony app for each activity. Then you connect your Harmony Hub to your smart speaker though the Alexa app. Both Echo and Home do not require anything else set up to work properly. You'll have to figure out what you say to get the desired result, but is fairly intuitive. You can say "Alexa, turn on the tv" or "Alexa, skip back 30 seconds" "Alexa pause the tv" or anything like that and it will do it. So, if I'm in the kitchen getting a snack before I head down to the basement I can say "Hey Google, tell Harmony to turn on Fire TV" it will start and run through the activity named Fire TV that was set up on the Harmony. The nice thing is it'll run a lot of IoT devices. I have a Nest Thermostat, and Hue lights connected at the moment. But you can connect smart plugs, switches, other hubs like Wink or Smart Home. I'll try to get a video for you at some point so you can see it in action.
  3. Harmony Remote Recycle Program

    Try and fix the one you have and if it doesn't work trade it in. Both of the ones you can get with the coupon ($100 for the Companion Home or $250 for the Elite) have a hub that sends IR, Wi-Fi, RF, and Bluetooth, so you'll be good to go. I have it set up to dim my Philips Hue lights when I watch tv, and raise them up once everything is turned off. It turns on and the Wii, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Firestick TV . It integrates with Google Home and Amazon Echo as well. They're really amazing products. I got the Companion because I couldn't justify the extra $150 for the nicer remote. They both use the same app for a smart phone or tablet. We'll eventually get a tablet for the basement to run everything. Until then we will just use the included, not as nice remote, and our phones.
  4. Harmony Remote Recycle Program

    Hey gang, I just wanted to share a deal some of you stateside guys might be interested in. Now until November Best Buy is offering a trade in program for Logitech Harmony remotes. You bring in your old Harmony remote and they print a coupon for $50 of a Home Companion or $100 of the Elite. I traded in 350 that I bought refurbished on Amazon for $20, so it's for any Harmony remote. I was able to stack the deal with another and get an Amazon Echo Dot for free. Grand total $85.59 after tax for a $150 remote and $50 Echo Dot. You may not be able to stack the deals though. It took about 10 minutes of wheeling and dealing which eventually lead to the assistant store manager giving the ok. Once it got up to him though he said yes fairly quickly because there was nothing that said the deals couldn't stack. YMMV though.
  5. We use something similar to that at work for presentations and whatnot. Connection is spotty sometimes, but it works ok most of the time. There is a bit of lag though, so probably not ideal. These are the same as the 8bitdo Arcade Sticks, so if you can't find one brand the other should be exactly the same. The 8bitdo version sold out in a day on Amazon a few weeks back. I haven't checked to see if it's back in stock yet or not.
  6. Mancave. W.I.P. aka Where's KK been?

    She would get rid of me before the dogs! It took about 10 hours total to get everything on the wall. We washed the machining oil off first. Then I assembled the pipes tight enough that they weren't wobbly, found the measurement which gave the best amount of support to wobble ratio for the the vertical and horizontal pipes, and set everything to that. Then I screwed the top most flange into the stud/wall using combination anchor screws. I made sure everything was level as I worked my way down to the other flanges with the one on the floor done last for each. It was easy to do, just time consuming, and you had to check your work every time you moved anything. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  7. Mancave. W.I.P. aka Where's KK been?

    @stigzler We do have an overhead light box that I could use for a projector, but I don't want to deal with wiring up the HDMI and whatnot.I love our dogs. I'd never get rid of them. Or the wife for that matter. Here's another project I did. This one is book shelves in the main dining room/living room. I know steel pipe shelves have been done to death, but the cost for custom bookshelves are insane. I'll probably do something similar, but on a way smaller scale, for the man cave.
  8. Mancave. W.I.P. aka Where's KK been?

    Good looking out @tthurman We've actually bought those exact frames before, but not with the savings you mentioned. I'm not sure what I'm going to put up on the walls yet. I have an old poster from the 70's and a wooden sign from work that are going up. I'm sure something Metroid and Star Wars related will end up there as well. That might be it.
  9. Mancave. W.I.P. aka Where's KK been?

    @hansolo77 4 years ago I lost my house and was living with my parents. I busted my butt, and had a little luck, to get back to good. I moved out of state and started sorting my life out. It didn't hurt that Fort Wayne, Indiana has the lowest cost of living in the country either. @stigzler the ladder is used to get into that little loft area. You can see a bean bag chair up there and my Struggle Stick. It's a continuation of the bay window from the main floor.
  10. What's up crew? I just wanted to show off my mancave; currently a work in progress. So far we have a decent 55" 4K display, a 24" monitor for pinball backglasses and game marquees, a dedicated gaming pc, Xbox 360 mostly for Windows Media Center, PS2, Wii, and a set of inexpensive Logitech 5.1 speakers. The bookcase swings open for storage underneath the front porch which we call the Narnia room, a loft for my son to hang out on, a board game/puzzle area with table and storage, and my mess of a work desk. All I have left is to get a comfortable euro recliner for solo gaming, get rid of the old tv, fix the railing, get a receiver for legit surround sound, build a pedestal for my arcade stick (which is also only about 3/4 done), get some more stuff on the walls, and get GameEx and PinballX fully functional again. So that's a big part of why I haven't been active much on here lately. Between working on this, plus other stuff in our house, getting our old house ready to sell and then finally selling it, and work clobbering me, I've been busy. Thanks for checking this out.
  11. I played the hell out of that game. So much fun!
  12. Atari?! What the whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Atari is coming out with a new PC based console. Here's the website. Details are very sparse at the moment.
  13. What systems are running/emulating in your GameEx?

    The ROMs are curated. Although I have full romsets for most everything, I don't want to wade through a bunch of crap to get to the games that will actually be played. Still debating on setting up Nintendo DS, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Sega Saturn, Daphnie, NEC TurboGrafix16, and a possibly a few others.
  14. Looks like I'm buying a Switch.

    Splatoon with my son is really fun, but that's about it for me. As for the Switch USF 2, BotW, and Metroid Prime 4 are making it look increasingly like it's a must buy at this point. Glaring faults and all. Samus Returns looks pretty sweet too! Now the aggressive AM2R takedown looks a tiny smidge less crappy in hindsight.
  15. Looks like I'm buying a Switch.

    @Adultery I was on the fence because of the things @tthurman posted. There were 6 Switches at the store the other day, and I almost bought one, but I held off. The only thing out that really interests me is BotW. I'm a fanboy too. The only systems I haven't owned are the Wii U, the Switch, and the top loading NES. I've had every iteration of the Gameboy, GBA, DS, and 3DS (even the 2DS).