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  1. I played the hell out of that game. So much fun!
  2. Atari is coming out with a new PC based console. Here's the website. Details are very sparse at the moment.
  3. The ROMs are curated. Although I have full romsets for most everything, I don't want to wade through a bunch of crap to get to the games that will actually be played. Still debating on setting up Nintendo DS, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Sega Saturn, Daphnie, NEC TurboGrafix16, and a possibly a few others.
  4. Splatoon with my son is really fun, but that's about it for me. As for the Switch USF 2, BotW, and Metroid Prime 4 are making it look increasingly like it's a must buy at this point. Glaring faults and all. Samus Returns looks pretty sweet too! Now the aggressive AM2R takedown looks a tiny smidge less crappy in hindsight.
  5. @Adultery I was on the fence because of the things @tthurman posted. There were 6 Switches at the store the other day, and I almost bought one, but I held off. The only thing out that really interests me is BotW. I'm a fanboy too. The only systems I haven't owned are the Wii U, the Switch, and the top loading NES. I've had every iteration of the Gameboy, GBA, DS, and 3DS (even the 2DS).
  6. Because Metroid Prime 4 has been announced. I'm ridiculously excited. Looks like I'll finally have to finish Prime 3...and maybe Other M...ok not Other M.
  7. Happy birthday, Draco. I see you for a new profile picture for your birthday.
  8. I won't miss it. I'll never see it, and I won't miss it. This is going to be a steaming pile of giant albino gorilla turd.
  9. Please post your PinballX.ini and log file. Read THIS toward the bottom of the first post to see how to locate the files.
  10. Happy birthday, sir.
  11. Happy late birthday. Just think, you came out a few weeks after the first Star Wars movie.
  12. Since you're a member of EmuMovies you can dig through the FTP and find what you're missing. When I ripped my PSX and PS2 discs I used the names from Emumovies as an example as to how to name my ISOs. That might be too little, too late for advice though.
  13. Who goes out with that much tech crap in their backpack? That guy is a total wonk. I thought this topic was going to be about the old Pac-Man board game.
  14. This is great if you only need a few images and don't mind digging through the site to find them. I ponied up for a lifetime EmuMovies subscription a few years ago and never looked back.
  15. +1 for Filezilla.