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  1. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    Everything (including GameEx) has already been installed with me being logged in as an administrator. So I still don't see how there can be any rights issue....
  2. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    The only thing I could imagine that might have affected the default "rights" in my setup is that I installed my Xbox360 as a media extender. This means that apart from the administrator (myself), the Xbox360 has permissions to access the media center PC as well. I'm always logged in as an administrator, and thus everything is installed with administrator privileges as well... Does anybody else who's experiencing this issue have the media extender stuff installed? Kind regards, Patrick
  3. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    Yes, .NET 2.0 and all latest motherboard/chipset drivers are already installed. Nevertheless, thanks for your suggestions.
  4. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    Yes, I am logged in as an administrator on both boxes. But you are right; when I login as guest on my desktop, I get the same error....
  5. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    Being a programmer myself, I know how dificult it is to solve a problem that you can not replicate yourself. Just let me know if I can help you in any way to trace down the issue (i.e. by running a diagnostic version of the code with some printfs/additional logging that can pinpoint the exact point in your code where the problem occurs, which error code the windows system call returns, etc.). The only additional info I can provide at this point in time is that I got the same error popup posted earlier (by Iro) when running the configuration tool. GameEx itself now behaves in the same way (the previous version gave a nice error screen with the log info).
  6. lrasu

    Bug With gameex 6.14

    Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem with the latest GameEx (6.19) on my home theatre PC. It's running a (legal) version of Windows MCE2005 with all the latest updates, .NET 1.1 and 2.0, DirectX 9.0C and Media Player 10. No indications whatsoever of any problems with my Windows and/or .NET installation, except for this GameEx error. The system consists of an ASUS Pundit-R barebone, 2.8GHz P4 Prescott core with 800 MHz FSB, 512 MB DDR memory, etc. In spite of the onboard video and sound, I was expecting this system to be perfectly capable of running GameEx (MAME itself runs flawlessly). Here's the log file: 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: GameEx: Version 6.19: Starting Log 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: Operating System Platform: Win32NT 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: Operating System Name: Windows XP 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: Operating System Version: 5.1.2600 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: ERROR: An error occured while checking for previous instance of GameEx 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: This can be caused by a bad windows or .net framework install. 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: GameEx will likely function incorrectly as it cannot check for running processes 20:15:24.3 26-5-2006: GameEx will now exit with errors Perhaps I should add that GameEx runs fine on my desktop system, and I really like it. But of course, I would prefer to run it on my HTPC in the living room... Any new insights regarding this issue, or an easier fix than a complete Windows reinstall???
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