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  1. bob humid

    Using other than MAME Screensaver?

    thanx guys.. will try disabling then... at the moment I am puzzled by the fact that GameEx switches of to black (even with MAME screensaver enabled) every 10 minutes of watching a film via VIDEO ... I already adjusted the windows 7 screensaver to 140 minutes and still get this annoying problem... quite strange..
  2. bob humid

    Using other than MAME Screensaver?

    Cheers everybody! I am new here so I'd like to say hello to everybody... to the GameEx-crew: Thanx for developing this great piece of software! I am currently making myself familiar with it and its simply awesome. I am going to upgrade to the full version any moment soon. One question remains for me: How can I set up another screensaver then the MAME-Screensaver? I just don't enjoy seeing the blurry game-videos on my TV... I'd rather have a visualisation or the windows screensaver running.. Is this possible? thanx in advance, robert