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  1. I disabled this and it didn't change anything.
  2. I would be happy to test potential fixes, but I'd also like my kids to be able to use it without me having to reset the machine every 10 minutes. In the meantime can I please have the final 15.x version of Arcade Edition to install for them? In this thread I posted all of my findings on working on it for several hours yesterday. The fix for GameEx ended up being downgrading, but only after I exhausted every other avenue. I do not have the corresponding Arcade Edition installer... No. I'll give it a shot. Also, the mysteriously decreasing volume doesn't seem to happen in 15.x either, which I reported in another thread. Maybe another d3d library change issue...
  3. Looks like this is an issue in GameEx 16. I haven't seen it since downgrading to GameEx 15.
  4. I asked this in a different thread under a different topic and don't want it to get lost/buried there. The current version of GameEx (16.x) isn't working on my machine. I'd like to be able to download the final 15.x release of both GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition. I think I found the last GameEx setup file on another site, but I can't find the last GameEx Arcade Edition. I expected to be able to find them here but I've looked all over to no avail. I also browsed the FTP with no luck there either. Can someone point me to the 15.73 GameEx Arcade Edition setup package? Thanks.
  5. I downgraded GameEx to 15.73 and the problem is totally gone. I can't find the last 15.x version of GameEx Arcade Edition. Where can I download previous releases?
  6. So. I do not like HyperSpin. I don't want to use HyperSpin. But as a test, I tried this with HyperSpin+RocketLauncher. The game ran every time without a black screen. I would test using RocketLauncher for GameEx but I don't know if that is even possible. The good news is that it means it should be fixable, whatever it is. Tom, I am a software developer by trade and I develop Win32 applications, some using DirectX, for a living... if you would like some back-and-forth on this to help diagnose/fix, please let me know. I'm game. I've been using GameEx in a cab for almost 8 years. We love it. It's time for a refresh and I just need to get past this little issue. :-)
  7. After I got a black screen (from which I could only reset the PC), I used runitgame.bat outside of GameEx over and over again over a dozen times, and the game started up fine every time. I noticed one time that as GameEx was launching the game, it played the game start sound (from Galaga?) and then that sound started stuttering before things appeared to lock up. Also, I tried forcing MAME to use GDI, and when I did, it worked fine from GameEx every time. However, this is not acceptable for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the lack of hlsl. So this leads me to ask if there is a way to delay MAME's startup a couple of seconds while GameEx closes its d3d windows? In case there is some kind of fluke with the timing?
  8. In case this is a driver/card issue, I put a GTX 670 in there (NVidia instead of AMD). Same thing. I can pretty consistently get a black screen on that game every few tries. Just now, I did it and got stuttering audio in the background while it was black. I was able to exit. I'm using MAME 0.215.
  9. This is happening in GameEx and Acade Edition. Occasionally when starting a game, it will just be black, but the sound works. Usually we can exit and restart, then it works okay. But sometimes once it goes black, we can never get a display back, and have to either use Alt+F4 to quit hard, which doesn't always work either. In the attached log, the first time I tried to run 1945kiii it did this. The log indicates that after I exited MAME (which I could not see), there is an message about "Display is running in full screen compatibility mode." I am not really sure what this means, but the second time I tried to run it, it worked fine, and that message did not appear after exiting MAME. I have already tried forcing windowed full screen (GameEx), removing HideOS, etc, and none of that made a difference. The PC is dedicated for a cab. It's got a fresh OS install and nothing but the system/video drivers installed, along with MAME and GameEx. When I first noticed this happening, I had not yet installed the AMD drivers for the integrated Radeon video in the 3400G. So I installed the AMD drivers, but nothing changed. Again, this affects GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition. I really love Arcade Edition and want this to work. If I could at least always exit MAME when it doesn't show video and try again, that would at least be workable for my family, but sometimes we can't get that to work either, and the kids yell "Daaaaaad" and I have to pull the keyboard out and.... well. :-) log.txt GameEx.ini
  10. Device Manager shows everything is fine. There's no spontaneous input anywhere else, meaning that there's no sudden input in other applications or unexplained changes in volume, etc. Signing out and signing back in fixes it for a while. It doesn't happen in Arcade Edition that we've seen.
  11. Sometimes (not every time), when I open GameEx, the system volume decreases to zero. I can see the volume bars overlay in GameEx going down to zero and then it just stays there, as if the volume key is being held. I have tried this with nothing but a keyboard connected to the PC, and with nothing but a mouse. It makes no difference. Any ideas? I don't actually need to be able to change the volume while GameEx is running, so if I could just have that disabled, that would work for me... GameEx.ini log.txt
  12. I have GameEx set to filter out all "adult" games which works, except on the start screen and on the all games menu item. When it shows videos from EmuMovies at random, it is showing anything available and ignoring my filter. Is there a way to force those auto video previews to stick to my favorites list (like attract mode can)?
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