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  1. Hi, Has there been any updates to this bug?
  2. Hi, I guess this would be a feature request but would it be possible to have the Artwork overlay on top of another image. I think most Marquee artwork are PNG files so I'd like to have a picture behind the Marquee artwork instead of having black around it. Does that make sense? Could it be done? Thanks
  3. Hey, Just wanted to show the update I did on my cabinets Marquee. I started using Marquee Masher a while ago with a monitor sitting on top and since I couldn't afford a nice Bar Stretch LCD I decided to try to make my own LCD Marquee using an old iPad I had laying around. I ordered an LCD Control board off ebay (Took a couple of months) and stripped the iPad so all I had was the LCD with no Bezel. I mounted the LCD in a 3/4" plexi so it was flush and then I printed out some artwork to surround the LCD. Then put everything behind a thin piece of Plexi to make it all Nice Nice. The static Marquee Mash screen is just a continuation of the printed artwork, and it changed as menus and games are selected. I plan to update my digital artwork so that the logos and banners have the printed artwork behind them to make it more seamless. Also 1 Day I think I'll use more iPads to make my own Stretch LCD. iPad Marquee Demo iPad 1 Control Board
  4. Ok cool. Thanks. Sorry about the posts, this isn't my thread I just saw someone else was having the same issue so I wasn't sure if I missed the solution. I'll wait to see if the next version fixes it. I'll take both your advices and stay where I am
  5. Can someone tell me if downgrading GameEx is as simple as running an older installer or do I have to do anything to preserve setting. I'd like to to try an older version to see if it helps with this issue.
  6. Hi did anything pop out with my log files?
  7. I attached the ini to my previous post. I did upgrade to windows 10 but I can't remember if this problem only stated after I did the windows update or just a Game Ex update.
  8. Here is my Game Ex Log. Is that all you need? log.txt GameEx.ini
  9. Any resolve to this? I too don't have anything but Mame games and videos working in attract mode. Thanks
  10. I wanted to uses a few monitors I have laying around to make 1 Ultra wide one instead of buying an expensive stretched lcd.
  11. Hi, would it be possible to use 2 screens for the marquee and have the images span across both of them? Would that be more of a Windows thing by extending the desktop or is that Marquee Masher could do?
  12. Ok well hopefully its a known issue and not something i need to spend more time on. It always worked before but my system has been off for a few months and then I updates to the newest version so I don’t know where it broke. I’ve attached my log and config just in case something stands out. Thanks Nelson GameEx.ini log.txt
  13. Hi I just noticed that during my screen saver/Attract mode, Game Ex is only loading videos and Mame games even though I have it set to load other emulators for the screen saver. I have triple checked the Setup Wized as well as the actual Gameex.ini and everything is correct. I just rebooted it so the log file doesn't have any info but I can attach it later if need be. Any other ideas? Thanks Nelson
  14. Hi Tom, Would it be possible to have the Screen Saver/Attract mode scan subfolders for videos to show? I'm sure many of us use EMUMOVIES and there are cool Advert videos that could be shown but they are all in seperate System Type folders with in the Advert folder. ie: E:\GameArt\Video_Adrvert\Atari, Nintendo, etc... Thanks for everything you do Nelson
  15. You're right, I'm going to seek professional help..... By asking Tom for the feature
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