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  1. Hi Tom, Would it be possible to have the Screen Saver/Attract mode scan subfolders for videos to show? I'm sure many of us use EMUMOVIES and there are cool Advert videos that could be shown but they are all in seperate System Type folders with in the Advert folder. ie: E:\GameArt\Video_Adrvert\Atari, Nintendo, etc... Thanks for everything you do Nelson
  2. Phantom

    Screensaver Attract Mode Video Subfolders

    You're right, I'm going to seek professional help..... By asking Tom for the feature
  3. Phantom

    Screensaver Attract Mode Video Subfolders

    Ok thanks for doing that. I guess I’ll have to think of something else
  4. Hey Guys, I'm refreshing my system (Again) and got some new Commercials or Advert videos I'd like to use in my Attract Mode Screensaver. The problem is that I've got a bit of Data OCD and like to keep things organized in folders but the GameEX screensaver doesn't seem to like that. Not a huge deal that needs any reprogramming by Tom, but is this really the case? Does the GameEX screensaver not scan subfolders or am I just doing something wrong. Thanks for any info. Nelson
  5. Phantom

    Custom Databases

    Ok I'm gonna mess around with it some more and see what I can get. Thanks for the help everyone, i'll probably be posting soon once I hit another road block
  6. Phantom

    Custom Databases

    Ok I have it sorta working. I did so many things that I'm trying to figure out what did it. Can I rename the Database Fields. Instead of DEVELOPER it would be ARTIST. Ive tried renaming the column headers in Access but it doesn't do anything in GameEx. or could I add new columns and get rid of the ones I don't need. (Tried hiding and deleting them but again it just broke it) can an someone explain how the Database works? What does it look for and then what does it do? does it look for the file name with extension in a certain column and then match and change the name to the name in a different column? Again I'm just not sure how to format the list before importing it into the mdb. Also should I really be working with the DB3? Is that easier? Ive attached my - MDB file screen cap (too big) - CSV file I use to import into the MDB - my map file - GameEx config - screen cap of GameEx showing game info imported "properly" GameEx.ini 5) Database.csv 4) Karafun.map
  7. Phantom

    Custom Databases

    I'm using a separate program, Karafun. So I copied a MDB and saved it as Karafun and put in the entries. I'm confused where to use the file name and how/if I use the MAP file name.
  8. Phantom

    Custom Databases

    Hi, I'm trying to reorganize my Cab, and im at my Karaoke section right now. I use a MAP file to show a clean list in GameEx but I would really love to use a Database file so people could sort by Song Title or by Artist my files are named like this; [email protected]^Category.zip I use the @ and the ^ symbols so I can keep a clean list in an EXCEL file, that can do things like make my MAP file. My Map File looks like this; [email protected]^Category.zip|SongTitle by Artist I've tried many times to make a Database File (mdb) but I can't seem to make it work. i put the FILENAME in the NAME column and in the GOODNAME column, the ARTIST in DEVELOPERS COLUMN and the CATEGORY in CATEGORY column, but in GameEX I still get the name in the MAP file. I see the options for DELVELOPER, CATEGORY, YEAR etc but when I select any, the list is empty. Im using Microsoft Access and have tried MDBPLUS, but if there is a better solution, please point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help
  9. Phantom

    Database Question

    Hi everyone, After surviving a move and then a flood a year ago, I'm finally getting my cab back in shape. I used to have everything pretty much working but along the way I lost lots of my custom settings and have had to re-learn alot. Right now I'm dealing with the Karaoke section of my cab. I have a custom setup using Karafun. I have Game Ex list all my songs and then once I pick one it launches Karafun. The problem I now have is that I used to be able to use a Database file (MdB) that I created to sort songs by artist, title, category etc.... I don't know what happened but that MDB file doesn't seem to do anything anymore. I know Game Ex now uses DB3 files but I'm not sure how to use those or if I have to. The way my Songs are formatted is ARTIST @ SONG TITLE.ZIP Then in the mdb file I used the GOODMERGE,PUBLISHER and other fields to organize the songs in GAME EX. It used to work so not sure what I messed up. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. PS: Lets not pay attention to the song selection ok.... I have lots of people to entertain... mostly woman!
  10. Phantom

    Car Arcade

    I've had a PC in my car for quite some time now, even have SNES setup. I use an Acer Aspire Revo mounted in the trunk. Its small and powerful enough to handle anything you would need in a Car PC. I'll admit it was a hell of a job putting it all together and setting it up but its fun to have and comes in handy. The Front End I use is Centrafusehttp://forums.fluxmedia.net/ and all the info you would need to set something like that up can be found at MP3Car http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/ Enjoy
  11. I'm sure many of you saw this but I think it belongs right here in the Game Ex forums
  12. Phantom

    [ATTN: TOM] Whats changed? Constant Crashing

    Ok its working now and the settings are sticking so thanks for the help guys. Just another quick question.. Its been so long since I messed with all these settings, but when I highlight some games, their Snap video or Pic shows up as the background. I've tried the change view button but it doesn't fix that. I would like to have the Themes BG set across the board for everything. I don't remember if this was always the case or something new, but could you point me in the right direction? Do I edit the Theme file, the GameEx Settings? I've tried both those things but don't want to mess it all up. Thanks again Update: Its only the MAME games that are showing up as background pics, I think all other emulators are showing the proper theme backgrounds.
  13. Phantom

    [ATTN: TOM] Whats changed? Constant Crashing

    Ya I see that now. So is there any way in the ini file or something to get the view I want to stick?
  14. Phantom

    [ATTN: TOM] Whats changed? Constant Crashing

    Ok so I made some progress. I backed up my GameEx folder then reinstalled and put back some of my custom files so things would work. So now I have a working system but I see the problem. My Menus are all on the top bar. Thats even if I use or don't use my Custom Menus. I'm using the Vista Like theme, so on the Top Bar I see things like FAVORITE, LAST PLAYED, ALL GAMES, etc... When I pick a menu on the top I then see the Submenus in the main window, like Game Systems and Media.... So how do I get back to normal?
  15. Phantom

    [ATTN: TOM] Whats changed? Constant Crashing

    Sorry I didn't know you guys had replied. So I tried the new EXE you sent Tom and hopefully the log helps cause its still doing the same thing. Is it normal for GameEx to now start in the Last Played Screen? Cause it seems to always want to go back to it no matter what I do. Then it crashes I've also tried the lastest version Of GameEx and its the same. I updated all drivers and DirectX is up to date too. log.txt