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  1. I disabled all plugins and still nothing. I went and cleaned up my settings (things that gave errors when verifying) and disabled troublesome emulators and I'm watching it now and its always Mame. Have you had a chance to see if it works for you @laggerific ?? Ive added my GameEx.ini and Log file. log.txt GameEx.ini
  2. Good Morning. I left it running over night and watched it this morning for a while and I didn't see anything new. I looked at the log and I see lots of "exceptions" when loading Emulators other than Mame. Obviously you can decode the log file and I can't, but is there anything else I need to try? log.txt
  3. Ok I've removed those lines. But those emulators (19-23) are set to NOT show up in attract mode. (Its a custom Karaoke song list setup) I really haven't changed anything within my emulator setups that would effect attract mode. It always just worked. I'll let it run over night and resend my log if it still doesn't work. Thanks Tom
  4. I disabled videos and it still just shows Mame games. (been on for a couple of hours) Everything is enabled. This used to work and I don't know what version stopped working because I had my machine off for a few months an I updated it once I turned it back on. I've Attached my log file if that helps. Thank You log.txt
  5. I'm running GameEx 15.61 and its still not showing other Emulators in Attract Mode besides Videos and Mame.
  6. Hi, How do I check what version of GameEx I'm running?
  7. Here's a question, for all the Zipping and unzipping of "roms" what matters most? faster CPU or Ram? All my drives are SSD so i won't be getting much faster for that. But I'd like quicker load times for the stuff that has to be unzipped.
  8. Awesome thanks Draco. That kinda gives me a good base to start at especially the GPU since it’s been so long since I’ve had to buy one. if anyone else has ideas. I’m all ears
  9. Thanks I don’t want anyone doing my homework either but I just wanted suggestions on what chips people think will do the job. I know the fastest and most expensive will obviously work, I’m just not up to speed on what chipsets to look for, ram speeds and cpu versions. (Maybe an i7 is overkill for GameEx?) and for gpu where are we with NVidia vs AMD? (Even AMD vs Intel CPUs for that matter) Again this will be for GameEX. I have pcs for video editing and everyday use. We know the MIN Requirements listed for GameEX, what’s the SUGGESTED Hardware Requirements. thanks in advance
  10. Hey peeps, Ive decided it’s time to start upgrading my Arcade PC. My current PC is a Frankenstein machine that I put together maybe 10 years ago when I started with GameEx. It does the job but I’d like to have it running silky smooth and also future proof for Evolution. I admit it’s been a while since i read up on hardware specs so I figured I ask what you all think. I just need a Motherboard CPU (i7 or is i5 good enough and which version) Ram (depending on price i would want 16gigs) GPU (really clueless on this) Thanks for any help
  11. Great Tom thank you I really do appreciate everything you’re doing.
  12. Hi, Ive done the updates that have come out since my last post but I still don’t have a working attract mode. Should I just forget that feature ever existed?
  13. Hi, Has there been any updates to this bug?
  14. Hi, I guess this would be a feature request but would it be possible to have the Artwork overlay on top of another image. I think most Marquee artwork are PNG files so I'd like to have a picture behind the Marquee artwork instead of having black around it. Does that make sense? Could it be done? Thanks
  15. Hey, Just wanted to show the update I did on my cabinets Marquee. I started using Marquee Masher a while ago with a monitor sitting on top and since I couldn't afford a nice Bar Stretch LCD I decided to try to make my own LCD Marquee using an old iPad I had laying around. I ordered an LCD Control board off ebay (Took a couple of months) and stripped the iPad so all I had was the LCD with no Bezel. I mounted the LCD in a 3/4" plexi so it was flush and then I printed out some artwork to surround the LCD. Then put everything behind a thin piece of Plexi to make it all Nice Nice. The static Marquee Mash screen is just a continuation of the printed artwork, and it changed as menus and games are selected. I plan to update my digital artwork so that the logos and banners have the printed artwork behind them to make it more seamless. Also 1 Day I think I'll use more iPads to make my own Stretch LCD. iPad Marquee Demo iPad 1 Control Board
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