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  1. simbamame

    Pinball X freezes on launch screen

    Try installing on older version of PBX .. are you running in compatability mode or with Administration privileges?. Also log the error and then google what it says... might tho up some info.
  2. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] no really a PBX isuue but ...

    @scutters Thank you so much that sorted it
  3. simbamame

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    i have over 800 tables spread over 4 lists so its not a table limit error. SM
  4. simbamame

    Pinball FX3 2-Monitor Setup Backglasses

    @MItshiba i use a 3 screen set up but the art is great so i`ll be taking the grill away and using them. Lovely work and love the ways you have incorporated a Steel Ball in each screen. Big THANKS
  5. Guys, not really a PBX issue but knowing your expertise i thought id shout it hear first. ok so im running PBX with 3 screens and on some older visual pinball table recreations there is no DMD so my poor 3rd screen just sits there all in the dark :-( is there a way to show summit on there if the table doesn't have a DMD? for instance a logo or game banner etc... in PBX menu i have a Table LOGO showing on the 3rd screen. Is this possible or do i need to mess about with Visual Prefs? as im a bit lost when it comes to messing with configs/prefs and end up causing more problems lol. Thanks, SM.
  6. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    Thanks all for the assistance.. to be honest ive found it easier to just use the steam version and pay as it so cheap and it does help the creator and im all for that :-).
  7. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    Im having on odd error with PBX and wondered if anybody has had this error ( if it is ) Sometime PBX freezes ( at the moment it does it when trying to run Malzbies Pinball collection ) In order to escape out i have to do the SHIFT ALT DEL option and kill it in task manager, when i then return to the desktop i have lost my task bar, if i go into windows it says its enabled but i have to untick and re tick it to get it back... does any body else have this, im using Windows 10 64bit, with the 32 bit PBX as the 64 bit gave me no end of problems. Quote Edit
  8. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    Im shocked you'd even think i would use pirated stuff, our local shop was selling it, it was in an official case so i assumed it was legit. The read me says version.V1.2.1.5 So it could be that its an older version like you mentioned as it was only £2.99, if thats the case i will have to use steam then.
  9. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    HI thanks for the reply, i had done all you described above with XML databade and adding to group, i also added all the Tables in game Manager for the media etc so wheel, BG and TAble PF all work in PBX... i can select the table but PBX just hangs after it says Loading Table, the screen goes blank and i have to ALT CTRL DEL to break in. Ive done as Draco1962 said with the parameters but still no go. I dont use STEAM hense using the EXE.
  10. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    i did see this but thought it was only for the irotate program better I read a bit closer, i only wanted to just get PBX to launch the main program and then i select the table via the game.
  11. simbamame

    adding Malzbies?

    Having problem implementing in PBX where am i going wrong? ANd where do i put the XML file? Quote Edit
  12. simbamame

    Malzbie's Pinball Collection - On my cabinet

    Lovely work , thanks for sharing and including the XML file and ill grab the artwork you have done, Many thanks. Will be installing this in my PINCAB latter :-)
  13. simbamame

    Changing Daphne Input Without Daphneloader?

    odd, in my daphne set up a have a dapinput config file that has my keys configuration stored, do you not have this file?
  14. @Draco1962 Very Nice Mike , look forward to seeing more :-). Ian
  15. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] backglass refuses to show

    resolved... dont know how just started working !!!