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  1. simbamame

    Build a pinball Cabinet

    UPDATE : Now updated VIDEOS to the 1st test point, Please check out my build a pinball machine and leave a comment and please SHARE. https://youtu.be/32ox8uRJp58 Many Thanks.
  2. simbamame


    I Built a cocktail cabinet ( 2 players ) and found you can set the Option [ Cocktail ] that auto flips the screen. Press TAB in the game to goto the options, set to standard then goto machine configuration and then to cabinet and set as cocktail. That did it for me in space invaders :-) NOTE some game roms dont have machine config but you set it in Dip Switches. The only down side is you would need to do each game seperatly.
  3. simbamame

    VPX freezing Pinballx

    If you could post your logs that would help us to trouble shoot.
  4. simbamame

    Cannot get games to play

    You can update by downloading the latest version and just running it ( install where GameEx is installed ( usually C: )) also it just updates GameExs core files and does not alter your configuration so its good to update.
  5. simbamame


    @emalave Please read the "how to ask for help" and post the required files. Thanks.
  6. simbamame

    Advice for new MAME setup

    IVE NEVER Updated any mame stuff TBH ive no idea what set? i have, all i know is ive got version 0.179 of Mame and god only knows what rom set ive got, ive just download loads from different places and it works for me, plays the games i wont...so my question is Do i actually need to match mame verstion with ROM versions??
  7. simbamame

    my pincab WIP

    @andyco nice 1 mate, thanks for these i`ll have a play a bit later when im home.
  8. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 @Pike13 try these.
  9. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 no i appreciate the feedback, i always like to make docklets how people want them and if your preference is an image from the table/Back glass that s not a problem, leave it with me ill have a play, and ill look at altering the colours for the bottom titles for GB and CA.
  10. simbamame

    my pincab WIP

    @andyco can you please leave a post on how you added these ( jukebox and mame games ), i would love to be able to use mine as a jukebox or go to mame games all in the 1 app.
  11. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 Have a go with these, not sure about the last 1 may try a better 1 but as usual please mention how you would like them to be if needed. Ian
  12. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    @stigzler i met matt at a computer expo at london many many years ago there were a whole load of them including jeff minter, john Philips ( who wrote nebulous ) andrew braybrook to mention a few.
  13. simbamame

    [ UPDATE ] zxspin with ipac

    RIGHT I think i might have sussed this out, seems that the ipac2 does used some p2 commands as keys i think if i wire up 4 more buttons i might be able to map those to the most commonly used keys the speccy uses.. ie Z left X right Q for up and A for down enter works as fire/jump etc... i `ll give it a try and report back.
  14. simbamame

    cant get retroarch working

    Isnt retro arch a retropie add on dont know weather it would work within GameEx as its a front end?. TBH honest you would just add it as a you would any PC game as its just an exe.