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  1. simbamame

    How to use demul07_111117????

    Please provide copies of your gameex.ini, log.txt and the your emulator config.
  2. simbamame

    How to use demul07_111117????

    Please read the how to ask for help and post the required files for us to help with your problem.
  3. simbamame

    Can PC/Windows 10 startup be hidden with image/video?

    To disable the Windows splash screen that shows the process of Windows loading as it is starting, follow the steps below. Click the Start button and in the Run or Search for programs and files text box, type msconfig and press Enter. ... Click on the Boot tab. ... On the Boot tab, check the "No GUI boot" option. Click OK. hope that helps :-)
  4. @jdsabin1 please mark post as [ RESOLVED ]
  5. simbamame

    Pinballx loading future pinball issue

    please post the relevant logs to help us investigate.
  6. simbamame

    loading future pinball table

    please post the relevant logs for us to help investigate the issue.
  7. simbamame

    missing docklet

    you are more than welcome @Pike13 if you or any other member require missing docklets please let us know and ill do my best to help accommodate, i also do future pinball ones as well.
  8. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 is this what your after?
  9. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 Not a problem i`ll look into As soon as i can got a bit on next few days but its on my to do list. Also i appreciate your input and im only too happy to tweek the docklets to how people prefer them, so thanks
  10. simbamame

    Won't select 2 player games

    There are 2 roms available for this a 4 player and a 2 player version. Heres a good list of mame games, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/libretro/libretro-fba/master/gamelist.txt lets you know if a game has a 2 player version and what the rom name would be in a zip format (left column, add .zip to the end of the name listed)
  11. simbamame

    missing docklet

    Thank you, if you have any other requests please ask away as is nice to be able to help out. @Pike13PS if you could like the post that would be appreciated as i get a notification so i know the request has been done :-)
  12. simbamame

    Missing Mega Dock for VP images?

    @viriiguy if you get stuck and need some doing i will try and provide some, although im very busy this week i could do a few each day for you.
  13. simbamame

    missing docklet

    @Pike13 Sorry for the delay was on holiday, try these.
  14. @rablack97 +1 for this.... was about to mention this next but you beat me to it :-) @Calbarn04 if all ok please maRK as [RESOLVED]
  15. simbamame

    BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck

    A loss to the community last update Feb 2018 [Link Removed]