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  1. @bau42 What a cool looking arcade cab m8, did you build it yourself?
  2. Sounds like a good idea but i dont have a microphone in my cabinet as i guess not many people would. I guess it would work on a laptop to say play "adams family" ( a bit like Alexa. ) but i guess you would need to be in the correct system 1st if you have multiple versions of a table.
  3. In my XML file i use the <alternateexe>VPinballX.exe</alternateexe> as i have several version of Visual Pinball ( VP9 and VPX ) on my system. It then runs the correct version of VPinball.
  4. @MItshiba If you havent already can you please add these to the FTP so easier for people to download :-)
  5. Have you got Future pinball set as "Run as administrator"
  6. easy click view file and then click download button!
  7. i agree with @scutters release it as a finished plug in, ive encountered ZERO problems with this and have used a fair bit as i currently add about 10-12 tables a week from various sites.
  8. Not sure weather PBX writes any data during an exit as @scutters mentions but its a valid point and that you should always shutdown using the EXIT option in PBX is the best option. ( but as mine is in a cab i never switch off so i cant say if it writes any data )
  9. @scutters nice link, good collection of wheels, haven't seen this site before.
  10. @joyrider3774 Thanks for these, for some reason i didnt get a notification that they had been done so i started, saved me a job and they look great.
  11. Havent added to pbx yet but download the program and gave it a run, must admit i hadnt seen these before, maybe b4 my time lol but never less interesting.
  12. ok so i started from scratch . here is the 1st attempt... is it good enough ? or do i need to add ZEN, Williams etc.. please comment.
  13. ive lost my fx3 template for mega docklets does any body have either an FX3 or ZEN PSD template please as im itching to do VOL 4 wheels. Ian Victor from @PcTeknic sent me the templates. Thanks mate.
  14. @Mike_da_Spike hi mate, i download and ran this, amazing, worked 1st time with no problems at all, it created the recently added tables xml correctly and in the right folder. Many thanks. Ian
  15. Hiya, i will hopefully get some spare time in the next few days so ill give this a run on my cab and report back. thanks for sharing, this is a useful program i think i will be using as i can never remember which of my 750+ tables ive updated !!
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