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  1. @rablack97 +1 for this.... was about to mention this next but you beat me to it :-) @Calbarn04 if all ok please maRK as [RESOLVED]
  2. BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck

    A loss to the community last update Feb 2018 [Link Removed]
  3. [BACKGLASS] monitor=1 <<< you have them set to the same number In pinballX settings x=0 y=- width=1920 height=720 AutoPositionB2S=True UseB2S=False [DMD] Enabled=True monitor=1 <<< you have them set to the same number In pinballX settings
  4. French language or translate

    I think it only changes the text in the settings program and not the actually pinballX menus. @Tom Speirs am i correct?
  5. Steam Module not all games listed with multiple library

    nOT sure if this will help but worth a try. Click here: Steam Support > Games Are Missing from the Library
  6. Command Line x Xenia x CXBX Reloaded

    Glad you got it sorted, please mark as [RESOLVED]
  7. Steam Module not all games listed with multiple library

    Outside of GameEX check that the hard drives have booted up in the correct order and that the drive letters have not altered, as i had that issue a while ago where the Drive letters had altered as id plugged a memory stick in and forgot about it.
  8. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    please post your pinballx.ini and log file
  9. videosnaps not playing/snaps not visible

    Please install the lav codecs, it what we all use and maybe the answer to your problem. If thats doesn't do the trick please post your GameEx.ini and log.file.
  10. Recurring table exit problem

    i Believe that VPX 10.5 is in beta stage so might have a few bugs when running threw a FE, try installing 10.4 and see if the problem still happens.
  11. 2.65 Pause [RESOLVED]

    I Believe your error points to a framework issue, do you have the latest version installed?. I think 4.7 is latest, and 2nd issue look here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.diagnostics.process.priorityclass(v=vs.110).aspx
  12. ftp issue...[RESOLVED]

    @digirob If its now working please mark post [ RESOLVED ]
  13. Landscape - Horizontal mode - Question on Art

    @dugan26 Please mark post as [ RESOLVED].
  14. Startup Sound Just Quit Playing

    @KenLowe Please test and if working please mark post as [RESOLVED].