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  1. Same here, mine always loads from screen 1 play-field, even if i launch from a different screen it all works as it should, so must be a setting in VPX ? Maybe post your VPX settings. ( what version are you using 10.6 beta ? ) Maybe try altering screens in PBX to 0 for PF and 1 for backglass as VPX might just load to 1st virtual screen ( 0 ) currently your backglass.
  2. My views is get an up to date PC one, that way any another emulators you add would be able to use the PC stick, i built a cabinet and added 2 joysticks so i just configure each emulator to use the sticks installed, i also run the Amiga software and play mostly galaga and Super-frog both work fine with the sticks i installed.
  3. Might be a silly answer but have you check your downloading the English version as a lot of ROMs / CHDs are very similar.
  4. @wingedarcher7 Might be best to message @Tom Speirs the admin as it might be a registered feature.
  5. Ive have done the same as you : in PBX settings GameEx online and entered details there User Id and Password it enables PBX download service and allows searching and downloading of media in the game list manager, just tested and it worked for me. VERIFY at the end should show if there is an error.
  6. knocked up quickly new docklets for the Pinball FX3 Williams Vol 3 as uploads are failing ive added them to the server /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/simbamame/fx3 EDIT : re uploaded as i forgot to put the transparency on and they all had black backgrounds - fixed now.
  7. i have different music that goes with the table ( for example knight rider players the night rider theme ) which continues to play if go to the menu and chances when i scroll to the next table so i guess so. TBH would it be a bit messy having ambient sound and table sound together ?
  8. just tried funhouse on my system no problems loads within a second but im using a Ryzen 7 with an SSD M2 , so maybe rig specs need upgrading.
  9. @wrd1972 mine does it with out any hacks. Says title of table while playing music from the table.
  10. @Tom Speirs all working fine for me now on version 3.30
  11. @Mike_da_Spike i dont use steam, never have and it works fine using the EXE. and its all working now :-)
  12. I Dont know how or why but for some reason my fx3.exe had renamed itself ??? from pinballFX3.exe to pbfx3.exe...... weather in a drunken state or lack of sleep id unwillingly altered it, who know but a least its working now , thanks to all.
  13. Added to post - i forgot that 1.
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