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  1. GameEx to Raspberry?

    hmmm having GameEx or Pinball X on a raspberry sounds a good idea, but i for one dont see the point if your just doing for example mame ( as i do ) as it runs on a cheap £50 laptop that i have built into a cocktail cabinet, but i do see where your coming from in point of ease of setting up / space etc...but still a valid question as a complete set up in a box.
  2. Pinballx stops in the middle of game

    On a computer that is running Windows you might use a multithreaded application that uses a heap. In this situation, the application might crash unexpectedly because of a race condition. Additionally, the following error is logged in the Application log: Event ID: 1000 Source: Application error Faulting application name: xxx Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, xxxException code: 0xc0000005 <<<<< Fault offset: xxxx Faulting process id: xxx Faulting application start time: xxxx Faulting application path: xxx Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll It appears to be a development issues better to ask somewhere on MSDN, possibly over here. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsdesktop/en-US/home?forum=windowsgeneraldevelopmentissues MICROSOFT do supply a hotfix for this...just google it.
  3. [ RESOLVED ] BAM issue

    Many thanks for the help but for some reason its just started to work i have no idea why.
  4. [ RESOLVED ] BAM issue

    i havent got it running in pbx yet so no point, im trying to get it working outside of pbx 1st.
  5. PinballX will not load. Hangs on DOF plugin

    An “initialization routine failed.” problem generally occurs because a) some dll that this dll referenced was not found or B something in the init method failed. The problem is that option B could really mean anything, such as the init routine making calls that require permissions that you don’t have, or for example that it interacts with the desktop which is not permitted from a service etc. The most common issue though is that the component was not properly installed, so that some of its dependencies are not available. Check out the following blog for possible solutions: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/tess/archive/2009/04/29/unable-to-load-dll-dllname-dll-a-dynamic-link-library-dll-initialization-routine-failed-0x8007045a.aspx
  6. Future Pinball backglass problem

    Sorry i miss read your post i though the back glass was not showing in future pinball, my mistake. Are you running windowed mode or full screen mode?
  7. [ RESOLVED ] BAM issue

    hi @Carny_Priest i downloaded BAM from the link you gave me and installed but i still get the same problem, except it just exits straight back to future pinball editor/loader, and says future pinball has stopped working. any assistance greatly appreciated.
  8. [ RESOLVED ] BAM issue

    ok so moving on from getting the shaker to work with dof in Visual pinball i now move on to future pinball to get this working with the shaker i need to install doflinx etc.... After reading through various sites it recommends to install BAM then DOFLINX 6.11. Ok so ive download BAMopen VR and installed in future pinball Dir but it doesn’t work. i run FPloader as admin and future pinball loads i load a table for example party-land as its a small file ( ideal for testing ) press f5 to run Its loads and then for about a milli second i see the table centered not quite full screen but thats not important then it goes massive on screen like about 1000 times bigger Pressing Q causes future pinball to freeze with the famous this program has stopped! Any help appreciated. Many thanks. IAN Logs attached. bam.cfg BAM_CRASH.log
  9. I cant believe i missed this it was so simple ... had screen colour depth set to 16bit instad of 32 !! what a spanner.
  10. Pin2DMD not working with PBX

    Try replacing the XDMD ddls with the ones that call the dmddevice.ddl (included in vpinmame Sam beta) and placing the dmddevice.ddl from dmdext in the pinballx folder.
  11. Fatal Error D3DERR

    Usually such error messages are because of DirectX. Download and install latest DirectX.
  12. Future Pinball backglass problem

    have you done the scroll lock and made sure the backglass is viewable?.
  13. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    nice 1 thanks and yes mine is a shaker from zeb boards, he is based in Canada but shipped to me ( UK ) via DHL which arrived in a few days. Very recommended. http://www.zebsboards.com Shaker/Gear Motor Driver SGD Shaker Motor - Please Select: without speed contro.. SHKR
  14. SHAKERS In FP And FX2 Advise\help

    OK So now that i finally have my shaker working in Visual Pinball i would like to try adding it to FP and FX2... as im stubborn who would like to point me in the right direction to get this to work...ive found your help invaluable to help me getting it to work and trust you over the millions of different set ups on the web. Ian
  15. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    YAY sorted !!!!!! i found i needed to manually alter the globalconfig location and add \config and also alter the output port to 3 and its working all i can say is a massive THANKS!!!! To everyone that has helped me get through this and get my shaker working in Visual Pinball :-). So onto to the next project getting it working in FP and FX2 and 3....any takers ?? Ian.