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  1. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    @stigzler i met matt at a computer expo at london many many years ago there were a whole load of them including jeff minter, john Philips ( who wrote nebulous ) andrew braybrook to mention a few.
  2. simbamame

    [ UPDATE ] zxspin with ipac

    RIGHT I think i might have sussed this out, seems that the ipac2 does used some p2 commands as keys i think if i wire up 4 more buttons i might be able to map those to the most commonly used keys the speccy uses.. ie Z left X right Q for up and A for down enter works as fire/jump etc... i `ll give it a try and report back.
  3. simbamame

    cant get retroarch working

    Isnt retro arch a retropie add on dont know weather it would work within GameEx as its a front end?. TBH honest you would just add it as a you would any PC game as its just an exe.
  4. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    thanks for that @stigzler might try that if it comes back :-) BTW love your MinerWilly aviator :-) +1 for that.
  5. simbamame

    my pincab WIP

    WOW...I Actually did not realize you could run MAME and JUKEBOX via PINBALLX, i have GameEX installed on my PinCade. I`m gonna have to read up on this as i was contemplating on building a jukebox, now maybe i dont need to. THANKS!!
  6. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    Thanks dont know what ive done but it now seems to work..i dont loose the desktop, all i ve done is alter the colour depth to 16bit, wonder if it has summit to do with the theme?.
  7. simbamame

    [ UPDATE ] zxspin with ipac

    Thanks tom ive now tried Fuse and although has a good config still run into the same problems, i think i might have to read up how the advanced key configuration works in GameEx to map out the key controls, but thanks all the same. I agree ZX Spectrum was actually my 2nd Computer as i had a ZX81 prior to that and only got a spectrum when i said to my parents if i couldn't have a spectrum id get an Oric or an Atom?? i think it was, as id saved enough up...so they got the spectrum as it was more popular even if a little more expense lol. Ian
  8. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    hi mike, ive looked threw both any nothing shows im wondering if its a windows problem and not related to GameEX.
  9. simbamame

    [ UPDATE ] zxspin with ipac

    ive got an ipac and im using zxspin to run spectrum games via gameex ive run into key problems ive tried all controller configs and can get left, right and fire to work but not up /down for example in jetpac man moves left and right and enter to fire but cannot get him to go up Any thoughts?. ive never used the advanced key config program so id be lost there unless anyone has a preset config. Many thanks in advance.
  10. simbamame

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but couldn't trace it it so... GameEx is working fine, but when i exit to desktop all i get is a black screen. if i click show desktop i get the icons but with a black background my wall paper has gone i have to go to personalize and re-select my wallpaper. Any Ideas?.
  11. simbamame

    VP9 Rotation Issue

    i think this post would better suit VP forums as i dont think its a pinball X problem.
  12. simbamame

    How to use demul07_111117????

    Please provide copies of your gameex.ini, log.txt and the your emulator config.
  13. simbamame

    How to use demul07_111117????

    Please read the how to ask for help and post the required files for us to help with your problem.
  14. simbamame

    Can PC/Windows 10 startup be hidden with image/video?

    To disable the Windows splash screen that shows the process of Windows loading as it is starting, follow the steps below. Click the Start button and in the Run or Search for programs and files text box, type msconfig and press Enter. ... Click on the Boot tab. ... On the Boot tab, check the "No GUI boot" option. Click OK. hope that helps :-)
  15. @jdsabin1 please mark post as [ RESOLVED ]