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  1. simbamame

    backglass refuses to show

    @scutters thanks thats what i hoping for as i know FP is a bit old but the knowledge here is Vast.
  2. simbamame

    Updated FX3 XML

    hmmm yes @BrandonLaw ive just checked my FX3 and i too have 85 tables! ... EDIT I have checked i had some unticked in Game Manager so my PBX only showed 81. Sorted now tho.
  3. simbamame

    setting joysticks arcade machine

    @Draco1962 Agreed looks like a double post and he cant be bothered to say if this issue is resolved.
  4. simbamame

    Updated FX3 XML

    Updated Pinball FX3 XML all 85 tables includes the new yet to be release Attack from Mars, Black Rose and Party Zone. Pinball FX3.xml
  5. simbamame

    backglass refuses to show

    UPDATE i tried all that @scutters suggested and thanks to him i reset my windows screens to 1,3,2 and now all works fine except for 1- Future Pinball In PBX back glass and DMD show as they should on screens 2 and 3 but When Future pinball loads the back glass is on the DMD ( screen3 ) how do i make it appear on the Back Glass? ( Screen 2 ) Doesn't make any difference alter back-glass display in FP i can set it to either 2 or 3 and it still shows on 3.!
  6. simbamame

    backglass refuses to show

    hi guys, Problems getting the back glass to show in PBX on screen 2, installed the latest version as i upgraded to win10 64bit ... back-glass ( screen 2 ) now shows on screen 3 even tho set in PBX to screen 2, Play-field ( screen 1 ) and DMD ( screen 3 ) work fine. tried the 32 bit version same no back-glass on screen 2 only screen 3. When i run the game tho all 3 screens show as they should just no back-glass on screen 2 only on screen 3( dmd screen ) in pbx...ive tried altering the screen number and the positions still no joy. And tried running PBX as admin, still no joy. Any help appreciated..all files enclosed, shows no errors i can see. EDIT: ok this is wierd.... after seeing in other posts i set this : PF 1, BG 2, Topper 3, DMD 4....now they all show on screen ! ???!!!??? ( see pic ) PinballX.ini [SETTINGS].log log.txt
  7. simbamame

    FX3 Williams Megaballs

    lovely just downloaded these so very welcomed :-)
  8. simbamame

    How to set up control from the levers and buttons

    If your using a xarcade its pre set for mame. All other emulators usually have a menu to configure keys.
  9. simbamame

    [RESOLVED] Registry problem?

    Can u remind me how 2 do this...i dont think i have the original file Tom sent me hense using the GXKEY file from other PC. @Tom Speirs is it possible to E-mail me the file? Thanks
  10. simbamame

    [RESOLVED] Registry problem?

    Hi ive got gameex on a usb drive which works fine on my window7 pc ive installed win10 on another pc and imported the reg key into the registry but when i run gameex ( from the usb drive ) on the win10 pc i get the nag screen but not on the win7 pc do i need a different key for win10 or i doing summit wrong?.
  11. Well after about 2 months ( which included a week away on holiday in Benidorm ) my Mame Arcade Machine is finished ( more or less ). Obviously GameEx needs installing and maybe a fill in under the speaker panel but apart from that im pretty happy with it, especially as ive used no fancy tools and build it for less that a few Hundred Pounds. :-) You can watch all about it here ...
  12. simbamame

    Need to return to PinballX menu not PBFX2 menu

    Try adding administrative privledges to pinball X, and setting Steam so it didn't automatically open when windows starts-- so when u run a pbfx2 table from pinball X it logs on to steam and runs the table-- then, when u quit steam with a button on your cab, it exits out and back to pinball x ?. also you have to hold the exit button for about 6 seconds do you get the coundown to exit?.
  13. simbamame

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    True, i think more of us should show our true persona. +1 for the Friendship, i have made a lot on here and also learnt so much from you guys its like 1 big happy family :-) @Draco1962 Well Mike if im ever on holiday in your neck of the woods ill take you up on that. ATBH most Luche Libre masks arnt too bad so id happily wear one ( I hope you mean the WWF ones and some kinda Gimp mask lol !! )
  14. simbamame

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    Indeed it is m8. @Draco1962 doesn't bother me who knows me, the more the merrier, I look it at this way if you see me out and you recognise me you say "hi" and buy me a pint = Result! - lol mind you thou looking back at it i look smashed lol ! PS 20 min video at utube https://youtu.be/NGgOBogVAbY