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  1. Having finally got a lot of table to work i fired up over 300+ tables in the visual pinball menu, ok great, but what happens if i want a table that starts with say an M takes ages to scroll threw the wheel any chance of putting a skip letter like in gameEx or maybe like me i have double flipper buttons so have it so in the config the 2nd flipper button skips letters ??? [edit] sorry for my ignorance didnt realise page up meant skip letter lol. all good now.
  2. PinballX

    The greatest pinball front end just gets better with each release.
  3. ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    Short for Graphical Device Interface, GDI is a Microsoft Windows function for Windows and Windows applications to use graphic devices such as monitors, printers, and other output devices.
  4. Pinball Arcade Official Cab Support

    well i finally de installed TPA after i realised all the table were available in VPT / VPX. There loss.
  5. [RESOLVED] what s the correct path ?

    all sorted now thanks to pc tecknic Who altered the visual pinball XML database to point to the correct version using the ALTERNATIVEEXE command, so marking as resolved, but thanks mike. Ian
  6. Pinball Arcade Official Cab Support

    It's a shame as the tables r descent but with lack of cab support makes it a downer for me. I can't even get back glass on a separate screen so having 2 black screens while playing doesnt really do it for me.
  7. [RESOLVED] what s the correct path ?

    hi what you said above is exactly what i have done, i've even added the extra executable to the XML files but it still refuses to load the tables.
  8. [RESOLVED] what s the correct path ?

    I now have pinballx set up with all mp visual pinball tables in separate areas with in pinballx and set up separate emulators for these vpx tables vp99 tables vpm5 tables The problem is when i select a table in pinballx the table will not load i have set up separate emulators for the separate visual pinball versions but they refuse to load ( they work outside of pinballx ) do you know what the correct file,path and executable etc.. are for each 1 ? Thanks in advance..Ian.
  9. [RESOLVED]A bit of HELP please with menus

    Thanks Outhere , that did the trick strange how it doesn't mention making a duplicate in the manual tho.:-)
  10. [RESOLVED]A bit of HELP please with menus

    i didnt no as i would not expect to have to double up the media or alter the entire XML to the new location of the media ? BUT...if it works i may have to, i`ll try with a few tables 1st as its a massive job to manual transfer nearly 300 tables of media., thanks. [ EDIT ] i tried this and it doesn't work as it should it says that its a future pinball table and doesn't load but the art work did.
  11. [RESOLVED]A bit of HELP please with menus

    hi Yes ive downloaded it and followed the instructions but it still doesnt work as it should. I can get all the different visual pinball versions by putting them in to the selected under visuall pinball but can get a separate option for showing fx2 or future tables, they all list together. on another foot note if i put the fx2 xml into visual pinball database i get an fx2 list but with no art work at all ( odd ).
  12. hi guys Im basically tearing what little hair i have left out over this problem, i've looked through the forum, utube and downloaded the pinballx guide but it still wont do as i need, and as i have 500+ tables the following is what i would like to have. I have the database.xlm`s set up i tried creating groups etc but i think i making it worse......hence my cry for HELP| What i want is for pinballx to load ( it does ) and when it shows the tables i hit menu to get to a custom menu that i would like to have PLAY THIS GAME INFORMATION FLYER SAM TABLES VPM5 TABLES VPX TABLES VP99 TABLES ALL OTHER VISUAL TABLES FUTURE PINBALL TABLES PINBALL FX2 TABLES THE PINBALL ARCADE SHOW ALL TABLES RETURN i have looked and played around for hours and cant get it to do this can somebody please help ( a file with it set up would be awesome ) Thanks very much in Advance.
  13. [RESOLVED] visual problem

    Hi Mike, If you right click properties on pinballx then in compatibility there is disable desktop composition. i must have unknowingly ticked this. Ian
  14. [RESOLVED] visual problem

    SOLVED The desktop composition feature was ticked which fundamentally changed the way applications display pixels on the screen. When desktop composition is enabled, individual windows no longer draw directly to the screen or primary display device as they did in previous versions of Windows.
  15. [RESOLVED] visual problem

    Hi all, ok so i have set up pinballx after a re-install all works except visual pinball Select table...b2b loads.dmd loads, loading screen comes up, then dmd says enter coins i can do that and start the game but...the playfield screen still shows the loading screen, if i do a ctlr alt del pinballx is not responding if i then close pinballx i get the table appearing on screen 1 and i can then play the game but its not in pbx but visual pinball. attached log and setting. as always thanks in advance. Ian. log.txt PinballX.ini