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  1. I also have FX2 installed as a few tables were not ported over to FX3 like southpark and butters pinball.
  2. Big Thanks to @joyrider3774 who provided media for FX3 vol 5. Many Thanks. Ian.
  3. @scutters lovely always needed this option, and i 2 have mine on the bottom the DMD.
  4. simbamame

    new fx3tables

    hi guys just update to the latest fx3 vol 5 tables from Zen, Is anybody working on any media for these tables or shall i stat the ball rolling ( no pun intended ), probably just the mega docklets to start as im still all flu`d up :=( ian
  5. have you tried adding the -offline option to the exe ?
  6. simbamame


    ITs working on my system but to be honest havent updated for a few weeks so maybe are you using a newer version if your error is via PBX.
  7. nice plug in great to run on 3rd screen ( DMD ) Thanks for this, Ian
  8. First, please attach (no copy and paste) copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files.
  9. @axl input settings 1st option is alpha paging on default is YES make sure its enabled.
  10. @bau42 What a cool looking arcade cab m8, did you build it yourself?
  11. Sounds like a good idea but i dont have a microphone in my cabinet as i guess not many people would. I guess it would work on a laptop to say play "adams family" ( a bit like Alexa. ) but i guess you would need to be in the correct system 1st if you have multiple versions of a table.
  12. In my XML file i use the <alternateexe>VPinballX.exe</alternateexe> as i have several version of Visual Pinball ( VP9 and VPX ) on my system. It then runs the correct version of VPinball.
  13. @MItshiba If you havent already can you please add these to the FTP so easier for people to download :-)
  14. Have you got Future pinball set as "Run as administrator"
  15. easy click view file and then click download button!
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