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  1. megadocklets everywhere

    Agreed and it was nice to see as ive not noticed them in any other 3rd party apps, and just felt like was home when scrolling threw the supremacy menus :-)
  2. All i can say @TerryRed is that this is absobloodylootly gorgeous :-) This is a work of art and will be using in my pincade. thanks for sharing. Ian.
  3. megadocklets everywhere

    was surprised to find this.... i was using kodi and installed supremacy as an add on....TBH nice as it complements my pinball nicely :-)
  4. looks really good.The swirl effects look amazing.(see the ship at sea ).
  5. [ RESOLVED ] HELP from a GFX artist

    Thanks for the reply but i have now been taught how to use photoshop so i'm having a go my self but many thanks.
  6. Possible to add GameEX to PinballX?

    Take pinballx out of the startup sequence or use msconfig and remove pinballx from there, then you can choose pinballx or gameex.
  7. hI gUYs.... After a bit of help from PCTECH i have designed a few Future Pinball Dockets ( about 20 or so ) for some table that i couldn't find...Please take a look and see what you think...if they are ok and feel they may be useful please do so... ill grab some more reconstruction tables and do the dockets if people want them and i`ll upload : I've uploaded to the FTP at /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/simbamame
  8. How have you mapped your arcade controls with GameEx?

    If you download the software from Ultimarc there is a utility that allows you to program the I-Pac so you can have them to what ever you want. TBH the set up you have seems normal. I like TOM have a few buttons for page up/down volume up/down etc...
  9. i only have 1 copy and use the game manager to select the PBFX3 logo for table that i dont want a DMD for example the DOOM, SKYRIM and ELDER SCROoLLS DMD is way to big ( byte size 190+MB each 1) and stuters so i just point to your PXFX3 DMD i have in my DMD Media folder for PBFX3 and they work so i dont need 3 copies.....even tho, I still love the DMD and thank you for designing and sharing :-)
  10. Just a thought...Maybe the free version doesnt have full touch screen support?
  11. running MFME on 2 screens?

    Hi Guys Do you know if its possible to run MFME on 2 screens? ie have the reels on 1 monitor and have to playfield / backglass ( is it called where the action happens ) on a 2nd monitor ? so it looks like a reel machine...reason for asking is that im considering alter my set up to look like a conventional machine and it would be awesome if this could be done. Many thanks. IAn
  12. Thanks for this, but without seeming dim are these the same for each table??? surely you only need 1 and then use game manager to add it to each table? Ian.
  13. [ RESOLVED ] HELP from a GFX artist

    Hi Guys, I have a dilemma, i have my virtual cabinet working lovely but i'm missing a few mega docklet icons for Visual and Future pinball, i have tried for several weeks but failed miserably to make any think that's even 10% the quality of the docklets i find that you guys have question or shout for help is if i gave a list of docklets i need for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball would any body be willing to make them for me?...i recon there is about probably 40 or so that i'm missing. I would be eternally gratefully to anybody that could help out. As always many thanks in advance. Ian.
  14. winuaeloader - game config files

    i would advise changing to to FS-UAE as it has a database for each game built in so all the hard work is done for you.
  15. MAME System Pack Invalid ROM path

    According to the utility you are missing some files, namely This is what the utility checks for to validate a proper mame set and as RedDog said just create 1 in the folder.