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  1. PINBALLX/MEDIA/VIDEOS/NODMD This is where the PINBALLX DMD is shown if you just replace NODMD with your own video that will be shown instead . Just make sure its called NODMD. As to how you create your own video obviously that is only something you can answer. IAn.
  2. :-) nice 1 that helped greatly, if you have any other ideas to help / tweek speed that will be much appreciated. Ian.
  3. Hi Mike, i downloaded latest version again but still had same problem, but i played around with settings for a while and all of a sudden it only issue is it seems to take a lot longer to load the front end and the menu system seems to struggle a bit when scrolling threw tables, but i will persevere, maybe a few settings i can tweek. Thanks any way for the help :-) ian.
  4. Hi ive downloaded and installed the latest pinball X all configured and its all verified as ok, but when it loads pops up the pinball x logo then just goes back to the home screen. I tried a system restore and now the previous version doesnt work either.....any body else had any problems? HELP PinballX.ini
  5. [FOLDER_SETTINGS] | | This section must be included,RootFolderIcon = cust1.ico | but is not important. Leave as is.SubFolderIcon = cust2.ico |[High Score Games] | This is the Title of your list as it will appear in GE. It can be anything you like! <--It's important to leave this gap!1944 |anteater |arkanoid | Your game list! Just list the roms you would likebankp | included in your list, one on each new line. The onlyblazstar | thing to remember here is use the ROM name - GameExbloodbro | will take care of formating it for you into nice Titlesbombjack | From DAZZELHP....... You can create your lists with Windows Notepad (or any decent text based editor) using the above format, BUT make sure you save it with the .ini extension and NOT .txt (ie: myubermamelist.ini). The filename can be anything you like but obviously it's good practice to give it a name that makes sense to you. Great! Now what? Now you need to tell GameEx where your lists are! You should put all your lists into one folder. I have a folder in my MAME directory called "customlists", but they can be anywhere you like. Just make sure they are all together in that one folder. Next, load the GE Setup Wizard> Custom> MAME Settings. Find Custom Lists Path, and browse to the folder containing all your lists:
  6. hiya. I believe so...there are 2 zip bios files in rom folder that relate to sony/capcom.
  7. hi can anybody advise what version of mame runs the game willow ?? Ive tryed several versions that keep saying missing rom or chd but i know it used to work on a previous install with a different version that i know longer have. ( i have the ROM). Any help appreciated
  8. I did, i had moved where mame.exe was located.
  9. hi ive just rebooted and on start up i only get Search Multimedia more Games & Programs news Exit/Shutdown ive lost the other menu like mame etc.... what have i done ??? HELP
  10. Can anybody direct me to where the controls are stored ( the one that shows the buttons and what it does ? ) as when i click view controls threw Gameex it shows the cabinet, i dont want the actual control panel picture but the one enclosed ( see file ) .
  11. sorted...but i get a screen message that i have to ecept how can i pass this ?
  12. cheers have downloaded your plug in ian
  13. hi guys, Ihave 2 monitor on my cab is it possble to have gamex running the game on bottom monitor and have screen shot,marquee controls etc.... on the top monitor would look cool to have different marquee for each game a bit like a back glass on the pinball machines? i tried setting gameex to use 2nd monitor but that just puts the main prog there. THANKS In advance. smz
  14. Yes custom kid is correct, it will remove the nag screen forever unless you update after the year is up.