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  1. totally appreciate that....were you able to recreate the issue?
  2. Thanks...its still happening in the latest release. Any ideas what might be causing this? a strange thing is that pcsxr works...it shows it ran for2 minutes. for the emulators that fail, it doesn't show what it attempts to run...i guess it only logs it if it runs? is there a debug mode i could try? i have noticed some issues with the runitgame.bat where something tries to edit it while its being used by another program.
  3. Ooo...I wish I could find an uber scart switch, that could handle 8 inputs. Glad I could find what I did. That said, the Q9FN is one of the brightest LCD displays I've ever seen. I did go for the curved display on my MAME/STEAM cabinet for 2 reasons...one, it's a 49" display at about 2'-3' from your face, and I wanted the outer players get a little more view of the further side of the display, and two, it was an homage to classic CRT displays, albeit, concave. I can't complain, though, and Street Fighter V and DBFZ looook amazing...especially with Black Frame Insertion enabled. I'm senstive to flicker, but some things just look so good with it on. Donkey Kong Country Returns on Dolphin comes alive with BFI. So, that's another reason for the interest in emulation. I love the flexibiity it affords between my classic and modern game. I'm hoping someone will come out with a lightweight, highly accurate LCD display that is a turnkey retro recreation.
  4. I've been meaning to get into Retroarch, due to those great creations, by John Merrit, I believe. But, I was fairly intimidated. This gives me more reason to get motivated. Thanks.
  5. That's really cool...I bet it sounds great. But, I totally get it regarding keeping old tech alive while you can. I'm fairly new to this, so not sure of the caveats, but, from your perspective, what aspects are most difficult to recreate?
  6. I have an excellent JVC 32" CRT, and a whole slew of SCART and Component converters and such...I have a backup CRT or two. I so wish someone would show up at California Extreme with a truckload of forgotten CRTs. But, either way, my partner is no longer entertaining the idea of picking up another beast of a CRT. But, she is okay with me indulging in 4K... I added a curved 49" Sammy KS8000, a couple of years ago, to my MAME cabinet, as I have a beast of a machine to power modern games. And we are getting to the point where LCDs, and perhaps OLED alternatives, are blowing away classic CRTs. Samsung's Q9FN does just that to the last two OLEDs I had, though I miss the 3D sorely. But with the OSSC, combined with a solid UHD display, we are getting so close. Though, I'm not sure what sort of Shadow Masks OSSC supports. So, Ready Player One has virtual recreations of an authentic Joust cabinet...but who's captured these intimate details like native screen type per game, and the recommended filters to make it authentic. It's super difficult to bring the 100% accurate controls to classic MAME titles, but at least getting the visuals right is a treat. And 4K makes it possible, along with HLSL and understanding the shadow masks. It's a leap from the authentic, but we've got to start thinking about how to digitize the analog parts of the arcade experience.
  7. What was the Shadow Mask that Robotron had? Was it Invar?
  8. Thanks, yes, my GameEx is registered. So, there is some good news, I have noticed that Dolphin games seem to work, both GC and Wii. Still, the rest are all sorts of not working. Touchscreen/Tablet is not enabled. As for the Favorites, I did put one game from each emulator and set it that way, so I could validate the different emulators, and it still wouldn't work. This was with NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. Thanks for your response...much appreciated.
  9. I was thinking about this: http://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/multiconfig.html I know the resolution of the monitor affects these settings, but it would be great to find something for 4k screens. Next year I'm taking close ups of all the different monitors, so I can try to recreate.
  10. So, I finally figured out what I was talking about, something fundamental to CRTs, that I never knew about...the Shadow Mask! Now, I just need to see if there is a good source of "accurate"/authentic shadow mask configs for different classic games.
  11. I just got back from California Extreme, which is always a great time...but one thing I continue to notice is that I have yet to see mame do anything other than scanline emulation, but if you look at a classic game like Robotron, it has distinct, diamond or chevron like pixels. Modern games and screens have straight scanlines, like neo geo and such. But, do any emulators provide accurate pixel shapes?
  12. First off, im thrilled that gameex is now showing videos in proper aspect ratio...been dealing with that for awhile. Now I'm having issues with nonmame games in attract mode. games work fine outside of attract mode, but i tested by adding only nonmame games to favs, and basically it kept attempting to go into attract mode but would kick out immediately....eventually crashing and resetting the pc. Attached are the log and conf files...thank you! log.txt GameEx.ini
  13. Thanks...it looks like using the proper Mame build fixed that issue, as I'm now getting the glsl configs in attract and normal usage. Is there a way to get the artwork to show when in attract mode? I have a 49" display on my cab, and HLSL looks great when the screens are smaller, sitting inside uncropped bezel, but at full screen HLSL looks far less nice. Thanks for the help...greatly appreciate it.
  14. I'm running the latest Gameex, and I'm trying to get HLSL working...but while it works when running MAME directly, when launching a MAME game from Gameex, it is not invoked. The HLSL configuration is currently in the /ini directory of the mame I have configured within gameex in the mame.ini file. I'm sure the issue is super basic, but not sure how gameex handles the mame.ini file. Thank you.
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