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  1. ClassicGMR

    Clever SSID Thread

    4 in my immediate area: - Hidden Network - PEN15 - Why Not Zoidberg - I CAN HAZ LAN
  2. This is a 3-trip minimum when I go to New Hampshire. I own 2 weeks of timeshare in Ashland so I get to go a lot. It is really something to see. EDIT : Here's one of my 2015 trips!
  3. ClassicGMR

    Gaming friendships

    I've played EverQuest since 2001. I met some great people playing that game but by 2005 I was burnt out and quit (first of MANY times I have left and gone back). During that time I got very close to Knarra Warriorkitty. We talked a lot. I called her 2-3 times a week right up to last year. She got very sick and it changed her outlook. She - gently - disconnected from all her non-physical friends, her Facebook list dropped by 300+ people and she stopped posting to forums. I do not judge her decision since I know how she thinks. This is just something she had to do. My wife and I still exchange emails with her on occasion - maybe once a month and birthday/Christmas - and I will always consider her a close friend. But wow... 15 years of close friendship from a bunch of pixels is something special. You never know when or where or how it'll happen in your life so treasure it.
  4. ClassicGMR

    Any Talisman Boardgame Fans?

    Preface: I already have it so not me. Talisman is an awesome board game as is Ticket to Ride. Like Ticket to Ride this is MUCH better as a video game. Too many pieces to play with, pick up and track. This is a nice giveaway the person who gets it will love to have.
  5. ClassicGMR

    Do you see what I see?

    It took me a minute to see it how you're seeing it. I mentally blanked out his right leg and then his left arm fell into place as his body, feet and "other" appendage.
  6. ClassicGMR

    Emulated Nintendo 64 Games On Switch

    WIP actually
  7. ClassicGMR

    déjà vu

    I love the Intellivision. The biggest downside - for me - is that most of the early-midlife games are 2 player. I could fire up my ColecoVision or Atari and play when I was by myself but Mattel insisted on too many multiplayer games early on. Some of my favorites to play: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons©: Treasure of Tarmin, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons©: Cloudy Mountain, Microsurgeon, Space Battle or Space Spartans.
  8. As stated - Unreal Gold is free on GoG.com. So at 12:00 EST on 5/24/2018 this goes away.
  9. ClassicGMR

    Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    Sorry... should have said Best. Controller. Ever.... for $20. I wish I had the $90 to buy a pair of the PRO controllers.
  10. ClassicGMR

    Pinball Arcade Loses All Bally And Williams Tables

    Yeah all I know is one day I might wake up and find my system updated because Williams suddenly decided to release their own collection and had the Williams Legal Goon Squad force Pinball Arcade to remove their property that's no longer under contract. I'll leave it blocked.
  11. ClassicGMR

    Pinball Arcade Loses All Bally And Williams Tables

    I read that article and immediately made sure the pinball executable is blocked in my firewall. They're not "down-dating" my Pinball Arcade.
  12. ClassicGMR

    Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    Best. Controller. Ever. Beats my PS3 controller hands down.
  13. ClassicGMR

    Pet Peeves

  14. ClassicGMR

    Pet Peeves

  15. ClassicGMR

    Pet Peeves

    1) The gum-chewing bastard that snaps it. I have a guy at work that snaps his gum EVERY SINGLE TIME. I want to shove a rope down his throat, pull the other end out of his anus and tie him to the rafters that way. 2) Being late. I got into the habit of telling my wife to be ready by 6:30 when I want to leave by 7:00. Most of the time we make it... 3) People that don't silence their phones in obvious situations. We play bingo at the casino. It's not like playing at church (HEY! Another place to silence your damn phone) - you need to hear what's going on or you could miss a win. Right in the middle of a number call this dink's phone makes the most obnoxious noise. Then again... and AGAIN because he's in a texting match with someone. Then HE gets mad at ME for asking him to silence his phone. Vibrate works just as well and doesn't disturb anyone. 4) "No offense but..." how can that sentence end in any other way except being offensive? "No offense Bob but you stink like last week's fish catch rolled around in High Karate then fell into a litter box." "Gee... thanks for caring Tom. And not being offensive..."