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  1. Level 257

    I WANT that cheeseburger!
  2. Hello and thanks so much...

    I have a cabinet with the X-Arcade Tankstick but I really love how the Xtension sticks look. I've been thinking about getting one more and more lately but 1) I have a great stick and 2) I can't justify the cost to my wife (yet). How do you like the feel of the Xtension stick? Love the cabinet and would buy that with it if I have the cash when the time comes! I have one of theirs and it has been nothing short of awesome.
  3. PC Games Preview Videos

    Went today! Will go again Wednesday.
  4. PC Games Preview Videos

    I'm actually on vacation right now - about 200 miles from my video cabinet - but I just downloaded a free editor. I can get you the exact name when I get home. It's quick and easy. It loads the video and you just move the sliders to where you want the vid to start and end, click process and voila! All cropped and ready for previews. That but Google is your friend!
  5. PC Games Preview Videos

    I usually steal a YouTube playthrough and chop it down to what I want.
  6. PAULINE?!?!

  7. Favorite Raspberry Pi cases

    Ooh Commodore64 build with a rebuilt keyboard so it works as a USB keyboard. I like it!
  8. Favorite Raspberry Pi cases

    Would love to see some pictures if you ever document them. I think someone here linked this project some time back and I REALLY want to try it with a Samsung GX (for maximum geek-ness!!) :
  9. Favorite Raspberry Pi cases

    Whaaaaa?? I like this one and the "woody" kit they sell as well! These N64 cases look really cool! Affordable too. Etsy TinyTendo N64 case
  10. Favorite Raspberry Pi cases

    This is still one of my favorite builds even though it is 4 years old. BenHeck of course.
  11. [RESOLVED] Trying to fix my Atari 2600 :/

    Bah... technical blah blah arf woof blah jargon... PLAY THE HEAVY SIXER. It's the best console ever. $5.00 to replace that difficulty switch if you're into it.
  12. [RESOLVED] Trying to fix my Atari 2600 :/

    This is actually why you could play Atari 2600 games on an Intellivision or ColecoVision. It's also why the Coleco Gemini first hit the market. The 2600 could easily be built using off the shelf parts from any Radio Shack at the time with the exception of the TIA chip. That was the only part that was proprietary and Coleco had Motorola engineers working on their clone that worked on the 2600. It was such a grey area that Atari and Coleco settled out of court because - in my opinion - neither company was on solid ground. Did Coleco infringe on the patent or did Atari build such a simple, basic machine that anyone could put it together by writing their own code to simulate the TIA chip? All academic as they settled the case, Coleco paid Atari some pittance royalties and both companies made a ton of cash for another year before everything crashed. Mattel went one step further and designed their own circuits - lawsuits threatened but nothing was even filed by Atari. No leg to stand on - again my opinion.
  13. [RESOLVED] Trying to fix my Atari 2600 :/

    *cough* *cough* Seriously though - Glad you got it figured out and, hey.... we all learned a few things along the way! This was a great ride. Sixers (whether Sunnyvale or light) are always preferred in my opinion. Seeing all the switches standing tall ready for use is just awesome. Also, try using a Space Shuttle overlay on a 4-switch - it sucks. Or - even worse - playing your Atari games on an *GASP* Intellivision!!! P.S. - Peter Cullen was the Morgan Freeman of the 80's wasn't he? His voice was everywhere!
  14. Saying Hi !

    All gamers are welcome here!
  15. [RESOLVED] Trying to fix my Atari 2600 :/

    We're talking 14 years ago here. I did own one of the Rev 5 series he made though yes. I got out of collecting for a while and sold it off. It was an awesome little piece of kit at the time. Had a built-in paddle as well at the D-Pad. The cart plugged in at the top and made a natural sun shade. Sounded great and ran off a rechargeable camera battery. I do miss that thing. I also miss PhillyClassic. =P AWESOME EDIT!: OOH OOH! I found a page that has PhillyClassic 2001 pictures! About 2/3 of the way down the page you'll see a picture of the VCSp Rev 3(blue handheld with Jr. Pac-Man in it). The geek wearing the black Atari shirt and 80's glasses behind the TV and in the next picture is me.