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  1. Group Policy: Custom User Interface

    Have thought about it but won't that limit my ability to run explorer for update
  2. Group Policy: Custom User Interface

    I don't want the Desktop to be seen at all. My computer boots in less than 5 seconds. I can hide bios screen. windows logo loading screen. I want the desktop hidden too. I want the button to click. and boom instant pinball. like it was all one piece. After PBX fails I can run it manually from run command like nothing happened. Some ideas on why would be great. I know this is an oddball thing but I want fluididy.
  3. So I have been trying to clean up my build and hide everything. When I set up a Group Policy to start PinballX I get the PinballX Load screen then crash. Log 20:00:32.6 6/3/2017: PinballX - Version 2.36 20:00:33.4 6/3/2017: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (15.9GB) 20:00:33.4 6/3/2017: Loading Settings 20:00:33.5 6/3/2017: Initialize Component 20:00:33.5 6/3/2017: Initialize Display 20:00:34.7 6/3/2017: Loading PlugIns 20:00:34.7 6/3/2017: Loaded Plugin:"PINemHi LeaderBoard" Version 1.0 By Dna Disturber 20:00:34.7 6/3/2017: PlugIn: "PINemHi LeaderBoard" Initialized OK 20:00:34.7 6/3/2017: Using Plugin System Version: 1 20:00:35.2 6/3/2017: Created DirectX BackGlass Window 20:00:35.3 6/3/2017: Hiding Cursor 20:00:35.3 6/3/2017: Hiding Taskbar
  4. DMD/PinDMD not closing after 2.13 update

    Dead thread I know. I am running a Pindmd1 and have the same issue
  5. Menu Select too fast

    Thats the plan is to replace. Just looking for a Temp solution. The menu skips 2 when i barely tap the button
  6. Menu Select too fast

    I use a GPwiz 40 for my buttons. My chip on my card is fried currently and the 1 button is permanently jammed. I changed the buttons up. But now in my menu the scroll and select is TOO fast. how can i slow it down.
  7. How do I get the DMD settings to stick?

    Clockwise? I use a real DMD but my guess again is rotate the DMD monitor so it's sideways. Other than. That it's a case by case basis in the table scripts. Look for. Controller and the setting. .rol =0 or 1. Rol is the rotate setting.
  8. How do I get the DMD settings to stick?

    I may be wrong but try changing this: [backGlass]monitor=2 (Was 1)x=0y=0width=1680height=1050[DMD]Enabled=Truemonitor=1 (Was 2)x=0y=0width=384height=96
  9. Ok that's a good option. Didn't see it in the xml. . So check that but I want that option in Game Manager so I can do it on the fly instead of opening the xml. . 1 new request.... I want a clock option in the text scroll. Free Play Yada yada. I want a clock in it that shows run time as well as actual time. .
  10. Error Report: Game Manager and Pinballx Installer

    I always Uninstalled first because if I didn't the little thing in the. Bottom would say I'm 3 build behind when I'm really not. Annoyed me terribly. It didn't erase ever before. This was a firat
  11. Settings: Support for multiple VP installs from one setup. When you setup VP in the wizard just have options for multiple setups. Run multiple xml's from the same directory but be able to use the same media folders if desired. I hate have multiplefolders of the same media for 2 installs for VP and VP pm5. It would be easier. Pretty sure thiswould be quite a bit of coding so idk if tis possible for you. thanks
  12. Requests for Game Manager: 1: Auto Rename: I have a lot of tables that don't have accurate names ie: My Description: IronMan, Game Manager Default: Iron Man (Stern 20xx). Add a button in list view (Mass Rename) to take everything matching My Description to either the game managers or a User Specified. I hate renaming png's across alot of folders and this would allow me to standardize it to the game managers quickly. This should be a fairly easy thing to implement as well. Heck I could do it for you. 2: Save Button on top next to xml selection. 3. Preassigned roms to game manager defaults. I just posted the error I found a few minutes ago. Have a button next to the ratings button for roms that will autoselect to match the game manager. If the first feature was implimented it would be easy to program this button as well.
  13. Ok, So I spent the better part of the day redoing my entire Visual Pinball and Future Pinball XML. This day kicked off with me installing the current pinball x to support DB2S. I was excited. Far as I know I was the original requester for this project. I uninstalled PinballX reinstall the new one. Same procedure as always. When I did this it erased all my XML's. I think this was my fault but unsure. then i dug up a backup thankfully. I redid all of it to get it all right and be pretty. After setting ALL the roms for every set I saved my xml. Then did a ratings import since I changed some names added stuff just to get it all pretty. When I imported the ratings it cleared EVERY rom that was listed. They are all blank now. This isn't suppose to be a rant. It was just an unhappy happening. THanks
  14. Jester what problem are you having with PM5? I run 4 forms of Vpinball with no issues. And Xml's are actually pretty easy to do.
  15. In the recent iterations you can have PinballX run VpinMame from the frontend. So when you are scrolling table to table the dmd does actual start the rom.